Plane lands on highway

2010-06-27 12:17

Johannesburg - Commuters on the N1 highway between Winburg and Bloemfontein were surprised to see an aircraft preparing to land on the road in front of them on Sunday morning.

ER24 spokesperson Werner Vermaak said the Piper aircraft made an emergency landing on the highway at about 11:30 after experiencing technical difficulty.

Eye-witnesses explained how they immediately started to slow down and some even pulled over as soon as they saw the plane.

Emergency services were called by numerous commuters after the plane touched down on the highway.

When paramedics from ER24 arrived on the scene, they found the aircraft parked slightly off the highway facing traffic.

Paramedics quickly investigated if anyone sustained any injuries, but fortunately no one was injured, only in shock. It is believed that the aircraft had six occupants on board at the time.

A man, believed to be the pilot, explained to paramedics on the scene that he experienced a technical difficulty and had to make an emergency landing. He also explained that the highway was fairly quiet and motorists starting making space for him to land.

Fortunately the aircraft made a successful landing on the highway and the pilot then managed to park it towards the side.

The N1 highway between Winburg and Bloemfontein was closed down while emergency services were still on the scene.