Poacher critically hurt in shoot-out

2012-04-11 13:16

Durban - A rhino poacher was critically wounded in a shoot-out in Ndumo on Wednesday morning, Ezemvelo KwaZulu-Natal Wildlife said.

He was taken to hospital by ambulance, said spokesperson Musa Mntambo.

He said the Ezemvelo anti-poaching unit was attempting to foil a rhino poaching attempt by three people at 05:00. One of them was carrying a firearm.

"When these poachers were intercepted, the shooting ensued."

The armed poacher and his accomplice escaped.

  • spartanx93 - 2012-04-11 13:29

    Should of left him for the Hyena's.

      Kala - 2012-04-11 13:50

      Yip. Now we have to pay for his hospital stay.

  • joey.leroux2 - 2012-04-11 13:36

    he should die... kill a poacher not a rhino!!

  • David - 2012-04-11 13:36

    why take him to hospital. Leave him where he fell just like they do to the Rhino. Pitty the others got away.

  • celeste.rsa - 2012-04-11 13:37

    Only wounded? What a pity!

  • Neill - 2012-04-11 13:38

    dis reg, skiet hulle almal moer toe!!!

  • joey.leroux2 - 2012-04-11 13:38

    pity they didn't kill the poacher so unfair...

      IcemanGP - 2012-04-12 09:23

      Seems the Ezemvelo anti-poaching unit needs to spend more time on a firing range, they missed the kill shot.

  • Howling - 2012-04-11 13:40

    the only thing that needs to be poached is an EGG!

  • Gloria - 2012-04-11 13:40

    Which Hospital??? Would love to know. I want to apply for a temp nursing job in that ward

      spartanx93 - 2012-04-11 14:02

      Don't forget to inject tetrodotoxin into the drip.

      Kala - 2012-04-11 14:16

      or Strichnine

      Jean - 2012-04-11 14:25

      Give that Gloria a Bell's

      Gloria - 2012-04-12 12:54

      I injected something called "waketheFup" and some "whykillrhino" Seemed to have worked. Need that Bells. ")

  • siyadyosiba - 2012-04-11 13:42

    Cut his horn.

  • Rowan Cranston - 2012-04-11 13:43

    Off with his "Horn" !!!

  • Bronwyn - 2012-04-11 13:48

    Leave him to suffer!!

  • Vernon - 2012-04-11 13:53

    can't these anti poachers shoot this thing will get bail and continue the slaughter.

  • Bobo - 2012-04-11 13:53

    What the hell ??? He`s getting medical treatment with my tax money !! Let that scum die already.

  • Carla - 2012-04-11 13:59

    Fantastic! Maybe if this happens more often, it'll scare them off.

  • Antipoaching - 2012-04-11 13:59

    should have chopped his achilles tendons and nose with a panga and told him to walk to the nearest hospital!

  • Jean - 2012-04-11 14:23


  • nikita.clayton1 - 2012-04-11 14:50

    Why did the ambulance even fetch him? I would have left him there to die a sad and lonely death just like they do to the innocent rhino's. No pity for you. I hope you stay alive only long to tell us the names of the other poachers.

  • Elsabe - 2012-04-11 15:30


  • Jay - 2012-04-11 17:11

    dont take him to hospital. let him die. what amazes me is that other people had similar sentiment. there were 100's of likes about these comments and not one person protecting the poacher. the government would have our support. shoot poachers on sight. that will reduce poaching!

  • Brad.Kopping - 2012-04-11 17:38

    why did they take him to the hospital?? they should have let that poacher die!!!!!

  • pthukgwi1 - 2012-04-12 00:06

    GOD created man in his image,in the image of GOD created he him,male and a female created he them, and satan created a poacher from hell,so if you leave him to die it won't be your sin,If he die we may spare one or two rhinos life,and his team will have a shortage of one,and rhinos will have extra days.

  • Len - 2012-04-12 03:05

    There is an Australian in Zambia who is an Ex Army Officer and has Shoot to Kill Orders, so maybe South Africa needs to adopt the same theory, after they Shoot the first 10 or 20 the future poachers might think twice about earning a living from this method.

  • Phillip - 2012-04-12 06:09

    Hope they took him to be "DEHORNED"

  • IcemanGP - 2012-04-12 09:21

    Ag shame, my heart bleeds custard for the rhino poacher.

  • rory.n.price - 2012-04-12 10:20

    Hope he suffered scumbag, they dont deserve arrest, shoot the bloody lot

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