Police chopper crashes in Pretoria

2011-01-21 08:57

Cape Town - A police helicopter with two officers on board crashed in a Pretoria nature reserve on Friday morning.  

According to national police spokesperson Brigadier Sally de Beer there were no fatalities.

The crash happened at the Wonderboom Nature Reserve in Capital Park.

Netcare911 paramedics were at the scene in Wonderboom Nature Reserve in Capital Park but said that they would not be commenting further “as it pertains to the South African Police Force”.

- Are you there? Send us your eyewitness accounts and photos

  • The-truth - 2011-01-21 09:19

    New South Africa busy training?

      only.fools.fall.for.419 - 2011-01-21 09:46

      old South Africa busy racist hate mongering on the internet? Pathetic little man?

      The-truth - 2011-01-21 09:52

      We all know the mentality of the new workers of government... "lets drife this gov. vehicle as hard as we can so it breaks sooner than later so we can get a new one, for if we dont we will end up with the same policevan/clinic mazda/helicopter for 10 years, and everybody else has got new bakkies." This brainsurgeon Nkobani Ndai has crashed his copter just slightly enough to sit at home for 3 months waiting for a new one.

      Wesley Maritz - 2011-01-21 11:01

      @The-Truth : you are an idiot - you dont even know the race of anyone involved. So hows about you take your generalisations and enjoy them with a nice cup of SHUT THE F#*%K UP. Maybe one day when u grow up you will understand how a real South African would act.

  • Wimpyburger - 2011-01-21 09:22

    Does the police still have any helicopters left. So many have crashed lately. Pilot error or what????

      watalife - 2011-01-21 10:01

      that was the last one now its also a pile of scrap metal just wating to be sold

      bilaal - 2011-01-21 10:31

      nice question bay,ask RAY is BEKI big choome,soo he got the answer

      ray.romans - 2011-01-21 11:29

      bilaal, what are you trying to say?

      Kaaskoek - 2011-01-21 12:56

      I think the only chopper the police have left over, is the one that was used by the task force to flush out those 2 old wrinkled hippies.

  • goyougoodthing - 2011-01-21 09:23

    Copter crashes are never a good thing

      sean - 2011-01-21 09:28

      You think do you ?

      4daluvofSA - 2011-01-21 09:58


  • HadEnuf - 2011-01-21 09:25

    Glad no fatalities. What is going on with SAPS choppers ? This is the second one to crash in about six months ? Perhaps indicative of poor maintenance ?

      Picasso - 2011-01-21 09:41

      Well, if the police don't have money to service their vehicles, what is the chances that they'll have enough funding to service their choppers. Two choppers in less than a year, must costs the tax payer millions.

  • watalife - 2011-01-21 09:26

    I just wonder who are the chopper technicians and who are the pilots? This is the second chopper to fall out of the sky within a year. can anybody please tell me what was the cause of the 1st chopper falling out the sky??

      Greg - 2011-01-21 09:36

      Why not just let your rascism out, clearly that's where you're going?

      4daluvofSA - 2011-01-21 09:59

      @Greg, exactly, he should stop beating around the bush and get to the point. We are all used to it by now.

      watalife - 2011-01-21 10:04

      @ Greg You idiot can you tell if they are black/white form the article or my comment? when you have a moment take a look into a mirror and see what a asshole looks like.

      Chewbacca - 2011-01-21 10:20

      @Greg - No race was specified but it is clearly on your mind that the technicians & pilots are black and insufficiently trained as that is the norm these days. This of course may not be true but you were thinking it.

      Greg - 2011-01-21 10:30

      I did look, and there you were! Idiot? Bitter pills working well?

      anonSA - 2011-01-21 10:33

      Just for your information the pilot was white and possibly one of the most experienced helicopter pilots in SA. it was engine failure, and could have happened to ANYONE, black or white, so stop all this racist CRAP!!

      bilaal - 2011-01-21 10:35

      answer the 1st it was a petrol,poor calculation.

      watalife - 2011-01-21 10:38

      @ Greg shame you are a lost sole. try and drum up support at the local tavern and convince yourself that you are not racist. Yawn...

  • Eduard_Khil - 2011-01-21 09:35

    It’s a well known fact amongst the authorities that the airport is a centre for drug distribution and that local residents are covering up the whole matter due to kickbacks whilst law enforcement continue to look the other way, in Australia this would have been sorted out years ago

      4daluvofSA - 2011-01-21 10:03

      @varedero, are you trying to be funny? Why dont you go sleep with your sister, that would be more fun for you or have you ran out of family members to sleep with?

      4daluvofSA - 2011-01-21 10:05

      oops sorry...

      GrantJ17 - 2011-01-21 10:10

      So why don't you pack your bags and leave then??? You clearly think that country is much better than the country of your birth where you have an obligation to make it a better place to live for all. Why do you think Australia is better? Because they have patriotism and don't leave on a whim when things aren't working out...

      Dnt8 - 2011-01-21 10:14


      bilaal - 2011-01-21 10:38

      why dont you go to australia cause you trust them

  • Doug - 2011-01-21 09:36

    Pigs can't fly

  • varedero - 2011-01-21 09:44

    BEE aircraft mechs ??? Eish

      4daluvofSA - 2011-01-21 10:04

      @varadero, are you trying to be funny? Why dont you go sleep with your sister, that would be more fun for you or have you ran out of family members to sleep with?

      watalife - 2011-01-21 10:41

      @4daluvoffuckedSA no he is not funny ask your friend Greg, Greg seems to think they are black.

      Wesley Maritz - 2011-01-21 10:50

      @ 4daluvofSA - Ur an idiot just shutup. Come back when you have summing more intellectual to say and can actually read and comprehend a conversation (rather than share ur fantasies with us)

  • Zanu - 2011-01-21 09:48

    hope they ok :(

  • Zebedi - 2011-01-21 09:55

    Perhaps they were chasing Rhino poachers, and got shot down?

      ray.romans - 2011-01-21 10:17

      Yes Zebedi, Wonderboom Reserve is well known for it's rhino population as well as their rare selection of unicorns.

      Chewbacca - 2011-01-21 10:22

      Perhaps they were the rhino poachers

      Greg - 2011-01-21 10:31

      Now that ray, was funny lmao.....

      Wesley Maritz - 2011-01-21 10:44

      I agree Ray- u see now u can be funny. Make jokes about people and not about tradgedy.

      ray.romans - 2011-01-21 10:51

      Greg: Truce?

  • alexander.lombard - 2011-01-21 10:13

    Is this not the second one in the past 12 months in PTA. Hmmm

  • Dnt8 - 2011-01-21 10:13

    Is it a bird, is it plane , no its a falling SANDF

      ray.romans - 2011-01-21 10:29

      SAPS helicopter.

  • andrew.flynn.c - 2011-01-21 10:15

    Thanks for the giggle Ray. You made my Friday. :D

  • Chibuli - 2011-01-21 10:20

    It's good to see that, among the many sad and dreary little wimps in our society, there are a few people with a sense of humour. Keep it up guys and maybe all the mother-grundies will leave the forum and go play with themselves elsewhere.

      Wesley Maritz - 2011-01-21 11:36

      There is a difference between sense of humor and a warped comment. Lets rather say that maybe those with your "sense of humor" will maybe one day grow up and get an education and realize some things just arent funny. Put your family in that situation. Not so nice then is it, and what do they do it for? to Protect assholes like you!!!!! people like you are the reason this country doesnt move forward. I would say go play with yourself but obviously u dont have the right tools!!!

      ray.romans - 2011-01-21 12:44

      Point taken Wesley. I tried to remove the post after I had read your last comment. Too slow. As I said before, I never meant any harm towards the people involved, rather, I was just making light of the situation. I really am glad that the pilots survived. I would never have passed a comment like that had it been the alternative. Peace.

      Wesley Maritz - 2011-01-21 12:48

      No worry Ray - Water under the bridge!!!

  • Richard Winterton - 2011-01-21 10:20

    The truth of the matter is, with the new government they don't so called waste money on servicing the choppers. So they’re failing in flight and now costing more having to buy new ones and putting the police flying the choppers lives in danger. It’s the mentality of the government we all paying for. It’s the voters smoking Wonderoom who can’t see what is happening and or don’t care!

  • ray.romans - 2011-01-21 10:23

    Andrew.flynne, it makes a change from all the racist comments that are regularly posted on here, doesn't it?

  • Marinda - 2011-01-21 10:23

    And you all know for a fact theye are BEE Pilots. The Police Officers also have families at home worrying about them, no matter there color. Just pray that your family never gets the phone call.See the humor in that. Idiots

      ray.romans - 2011-01-21 11:15

      Are you asking or telling?

  • WiseOwl2 - 2011-01-21 10:26

    Africa - we dont do the maintenance thing !!!!!

      watalife - 2011-01-21 10:44

      we dont do the maintenance thing !!!!! we just dont do anything in africa

  • Wesley Maritz - 2011-01-21 10:41

    @ray;@janaman;@Matt;4daluvofSA (ironic name for ur comments)- - Serious injury is very funny im sure (well to you maybe). But karma's a bitch. u guys prob the first to complain when police aren't there when u need them.....

      ray.romans - 2011-01-21 10:58

      Is karma a relative of yours?

      Wesley Maritz - 2011-01-21 11:31

      No Ray but might be your boyfriend soon though. See what u say then!!!

      ray.romans - 2011-01-21 11:36

      Wesley, lighten up please. No malice intended. You need to drink more coffee on the N12.

      Chewbacca - 2011-01-21 11:48

      No, it's karma chameleon. Ray's last name is romans (like the pizza)

      Wesley Maritz - 2011-01-21 11:51

      Ray - truce? - i have close family in the JHB airwing and the pilot is a friend. Its just a case of people actually dont understand fully what these guys and their families go through on a daily basis. No worries though.

  • roughneck - 2011-01-21 11:10

    Ja, they were High when they smoked the wonderboom. "Feels like we flying bru...," "No thats just the boom talking..." Crash!!!! "Ja I think we were flying bru" :)

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