Police murder rate down 61% - SAIRR

2011-08-03 13:32

Johannesburg - The number of murdered police officers has declined by 61.9% since 1994, the SA Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) said on Wednesday.

"The trend in the number of police officials murdered in South Africa is definitely sharply downward," SAIRR said in a statement.

"This is contrary to some sentiment expressed in the past week that South Africa’s police officers are being murdered at an ever greater rate."

Fifty-eight police officers were murdered since January this year.

A police captain was shot dead and a station commissioner was wounded when a police clerk opened fire at the Rosebank police station in Johannesburg on Monday.

The clerk committed suicide.

"While every murder of a police officer is a tragedy, it is necessary to point out that considerable progress has been made in reducing the number of killings," SAIRR said.

The SAIRR report said that 265 officers were murdered in 1994. The number remained above 200 until it began to fall down in the early 2000s.

In 2004 it fell to under 100 and then averaged between 100 and 110 a year between 2006 to 2010.

"However, these later figures were still over 50% lower than... at the time of South Africa’s political transition."

  • peter the gr - 2011-08-03 13:38

    . . . but still 61% to high!!

      ZotBot - 2011-08-03 13:41

      EXACTLY !!! Shocking

      MandlaSithole - 2011-08-03 13:44

      They are failing citizens so dismally that the littlest, insignificant change is viewed as success.

      Currie_Mafia - 2011-08-03 14:12

      .....has declined by 61.9%.....

      WiseOwl2 - 2011-08-03 14:14

      I notice this article is by the institute for race relations,,, WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO RACE RELATIONS POST MANDELA ??????? - 2011-08-03 14:24

      Its only down because the policemen are involved with most of the criminals therefore there is no confrontation between police and criminals therefore no deaths.. They didnt try beating the criminals - they just decided to join them.

      John - 2011-08-03 16:06


      maseratifitt - 2011-08-03 19:32


  • Muzi - 2011-08-03 13:39

    No comments on this one????

      LBS - 2011-08-03 16:01

      It's awful.

  • ZotBot - 2011-08-03 13:39

    I'm sorry, but is this supposed to pass at good news? An 'improvement' ??? One police officer killed by a disrespeting thug, is ONE TOO MANY !!! Police murders down while farm murders are increasing ??? This is not good news, it's SHOCKING !!! SA needs to do something about our violent crime.

  • saabnut - 2011-08-03 13:41

    Someone tell me what on earth the institute of "Race Relations" is doing providing this source of information. The killing of SAPS members has nothing to do with race, but rather with the fact that there is no fear of retribution. The law is non- existent in many instances. The death penalty WILL help, whether the ANC agrees or not. At least it will rid society of some of the murderous filth.

      Muzi - 2011-08-03 13:49

      They read your racist comments and decided to get involved...

      ZotBot - 2011-08-03 13:53

      @Muzi, what is 'racist' about what saabnut just said? You are so blinded by your own hatred. You play the old race card whenever you have no argument to make. Pathetic!

      Grant - 2011-08-03 13:58

      So Muzi, you got tired of waiting (10 whole minutes)for someone else to make a rascist comment and just thought you would get the ball rolling!

      Albo - 2011-08-03 14:05

      @Grant - you can talk about the weather and !diots like Muzi will think it`s racist.

      gabba_gabba - 2011-08-03 15:28

      The SAIRR has been around since 1929 and every year releases a voluminous report called the South Africa Survey, which is a very exhaustive list on literally every macro indicator in SA. The Institute, despite the name, is not the race police, its an independent policy think tank.

      apie - 2011-08-03 20:31

      Why does this mickey mouse institute not rebuke juliarse for his racist comments? Another anc controlled organisation.

  • jeremy - 2011-08-03 13:42

    One policeman murdered is one too many. However, it's my belief that two factors are contributing to police murders/shootings. The first is the decision to militarise police ranks, the second is the decision to allow cops to shoot first and ask questions later. Did nobody think that criminals might decide to do the same? Police should be professional, accessible and friendly. Unfortunately too many are unprofessional, inaccessible and behave like bullies. Not a good recipe for a user-friendly police service.....

  • ilollipop - 2011-08-03 13:43

    How about the percentage of civilians killed? We have the state wanting to amend the CPA, yet the number of police killed has gone down.

      Grant - 2011-08-03 13:47

      Yes please, the focus has shifted from murdering policeman to murdering farmers.

  • ZA_R - 2011-08-03 13:54

    Apparently the figures are rigged, I heard that Cele needs an increase

  • 1gascan - 2011-08-03 14:02

    Obviously didn't take 2011 stats into account... over 50 officers killed this year alone! What about civilians?

  • Joachim Bernstein - 2011-08-03 14:08

    of course it declined by 61.9% percent since 1994, there is almost no one left to shoot....

  • legens - 2011-08-03 14:15

    Simply because they do not leave the police stations or turn up for duty .The incompetent lot.

  • WiseOwl2 - 2011-08-03 14:15

    I notice this article is by the institute for race relations,,, WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO RACE RELATIONS POST MANDELA ???????

  • McDaNife - 2011-08-03 14:18

    OMG where did you get this figure from. Do you maths again china when this is a every week thing.

  • MoZaHo - 2011-08-03 14:27

    Thats cause there are no more cops alive for them to kill...

      Wayne - 2011-08-03 17:19

      The really dedicated cops already left the Force. That's sad.

  • toleranne - 2011-08-03 14:35

    Ten people hear one crime story over the dinner table. Next day, do a survey, result: ten crime incidents reported. Perceptions matter. That is what the Institute of Race relations does - it separates verifiable fact from rumour, perceptions and media hype. Every death, whether farmer, police officer or ordinary civilian, is one too many. But let us not be stampeded into overreaction by emotion.

  • Wayne - 2011-08-03 17:17

    What a shocking arbitary headline.

  • braamc - 2011-08-03 17:31

    Good to hear, however so is there productivity rate also down 61%, almost at 0%, too busy committing tender fraud etc. Feels nothing for them, we terrorists in our own country.

  • braamc - 2011-08-03 17:33

    Good to hear, however so is there productivity rate also down 61%, almost at 0%, too busy committing tender fraud etc. Feels nothing for them, we terrorists in our own country.

  • werner.smidt - 2011-08-03 18:58

    You need to be on the job to get shot. . .

  • apie - 2011-08-03 20:28

    Who wortked out those figures? A BEE deployee? And some people still believe it. Gullible.

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