Police probe family farm murder

2012-04-12 17:40

Bloemfontein - The investigation into the murder of members of a Griekwastad family on their farm during the Easter weekend was continuing, Northern Cape police said on Thursday.

Captain Cherelle Ehlers said the post mortems on the victims in Bloemfontein were completed.

Deon Steenkamp, 44, his wife, Christel, 43, and their daughter Mathella, 14, were shot on their farm Naauwhoek at about 18:30 on Good Friday.

The Steenkamp’s son, Don, 15, heard shots fired while he was busy in an outside storeroom, police said.

The teenager discovered the bodies in the living room and drove to the police station in town to report the incident. Police said he handed two firearms over to them in town, which he had found at the scene.

Ehlers said the post mortem reports were now part of the investigation into the incident. A team of forensic investigators from Pretoria were also at the farm this week to do investigations.

A memorial service for the Steenkamp family was held in Griekwastad on Thursday.

Ehlers said police had not arrested anyone in connection with the matter.

  • Shirley - 2012-04-12 17:50

    Oh Please dont screw up this investigation!!! Find these murdering scum and hang them! My heart aches for the poor son who is left behind!! I can only try to imagine how he must be feeling! I hope he is surrounder with lots of kind supportive people!

      william 2012 - 2012-04-12 19:23

      i smell a Rat here...the gun's taken to the police, why did he not phone them instead of driving all that way...( strange ) why did the so called murderer leave the guns behind??????...( very strange )

      Ditiro - 2012-04-12 21:23

      William i smell a hamster here too, something doesn't add up if this article is anything to go by

      Lorain - 2012-04-13 07:40

      @ william I'm glad you said it and not me, cause everybody on this forum is dying to believe this was another farm murder perpetrated by blacks,but only time will reveal the truth. Good question though,why did he touch the evidence?

  • Bobo - 2012-04-12 18:39

    I tend to agree with chris.debeer1 on this one. Media comments were suddenly closed shortly after the first report. Other newspapers reported certain things (Not going to elaborate) that just doesn`t add up.

  • Saffa - 2012-04-12 18:40

    Sorry folk - on hearing this story, and reading what info was available, it all points to the son. If I'm wrong, give me a kick. I just don't think I am sadly.

      Rob - 2012-04-13 08:52

      I hope we both end up getting kicked Saffa, but I doubt it.

  • africanwolf - 2012-04-12 18:43

    Investigate the 15 year old he might know more his fingerprints are on the guns i would investigate in that direction

      Lorain - 2012-04-13 07:44

      If he did it you gotta admit he's smart though, fisrtly he took advantage of the out of hand farm murder situation that is happening currently and by touching the guns when he took thm to the police station,when his finger prints are found on the weapons (whic is a given) then obviously he can just say he only wanted to take the evidence to the police.

  • Charl - 2012-04-12 18:52

    the boy did it! looks like all the kids of today r sick !

      Eugene Walters - 2012-04-12 19:49

      there is something mysterious about this murder

      Rodney - 2012-04-13 01:39

      WTF????!! My comment was deleted? pretty much saying exactly this, the kid looks good for it. News24. please tell me why my comment was deleted?!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mesulie Vince' Ntombela - 2012-04-12 19:03

    Honestly, I suspect this ey

  • Tony - 2012-04-12 19:29

    Same to you Dumbwit

  • Mike Purchase - 2012-04-12 19:30

    I reckon the agents got hold of the boy and made him take his own family out.

  • Refiloe - 2012-04-12 20:00

    the kid did it dmn. why did he take the guns was he not in shocked. he was so fine he can even drive to the police station. yo al be paralised by shock.

      haneke.louw - 2012-08-23 14:50

      And why did he not take his sister to town? why wait for her to die in his arms and then drive to town?

  • sally.lewitt - 2012-04-12 22:32

    Shame on MOST of you to insinuate and already accuse a 15 year old boy of murdering his family.. This is not Hollywood, this is real life where truth is stranger than fiction.. So hold your horses and hear the whole story.. \r\nHave we come to be so de-sensitized to farm murders etc than we make assumptions before all facts are laid out... Ag Nee Man!!!

      Rodney - 2012-04-13 02:11

      and you have already made yours, that he is innocent. ag nee man! but you are right, wait until all the evidence is in before making a judgement.

      Lorain - 2012-04-13 07:57

      @ Sally "This is not Hollywood, this is real life where truth is stranger than fiction." Your words not mine.

  • sechaba.molete1 - 2012-04-13 07:11

    something does not make sense, who is so stupid to leave evidence behind, the son is involve.

  • - 2012-04-13 07:47

    this is a political tactic that has been fueled by malema and his cronies. the usual story just take what you didn't work for it's much easier than actually working for it and earning it. Steal, Rape, Plunder at all costs and then lie to cover your ass. Deceive the people they don't know better in any case. Every week you hear of another incident where someone was killed on a farm. This must STOP!!

      SirSlothXCI - 2012-04-13 14:26


  • florrie.wessels - 2012-04-13 11:50

    The teenager aged 15 drives to the Police station? Gives them the firearms? Age does not diferentiate a killer or organised crime.

  • Alda - 2012-04-13 23:53

    Ek dink dit is die pa wat die ma en dogter geskiet het en toe homself geskiet het. Vroeëre berigte het gesê dat die ma en dogter langs mekaar gelê het en die pa 'n entjie weg. Die kluis was oopgesluit, geen geforseerde ingang tot die huis en die seun wat buite was het niemand gesien weghardloop nie. Ek vermoed verder dat die seun so getraumatiseer was dat hy nie duidelik kon sê waar hy die wapens opgetel het nie - oppad by die hek kan enige plek van die moordtoneel tot die polisiestasie wees. Ons oordeel te gou.

  • Pauline - 2012-04-16 15:09

    A very suspicious case. I just really hope the boy is not found guilty. How come he wasn't shot and killed and why did he drive to the police station. If he did kill his family he is one sick little puppy. However, if he is innocent I apoligize for this statement. Hopefully the forensic team does their job and the true killer/s are caught.

  • anel.fourie - 2012-04-20 11:11

    Another story: Later statement by SAPS spokesman Blackie Zwart added that 'they were not looking for any suspects'. A relative, Anneke Oberholzer, wrote that her nephew was the only one to survive the farm attack. "The family were sitting on the porch, chatting. the dad, mom and daughter wanted to view the Sewende Laan TV programme so the three went inside while Don, 16, walked to the barn. While there he heard shots and his little sister screaming hysterically. The poor brave boy realised it was a farm attack and hid until he heard things fall silent. He went into the homestead and found his parents murdered. His little sister died in his arms. He then drove off in the bakkie to find help. He is currently under trauma-treatment (medication) and in the care of his uncle.'

  • nichol.lamprecht - 2012-04-20 11:56

    really you guys ?? a 15 year old boy did it? let me tell you i live on a farm , and they have broken in ovr 20 time ! With firearms! 2 farms down from my farm , 2 ladies was abused and raped on there farm ! you never hear this stuff but its true people dont even care anymore and the "robbers an murders" are from zimbabwe or some where els!!!

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