Police shoot Cape Town man in the back

2012-09-25 10:07

Cape Town - A Cape Town man was shot dead, allegedly by police, following a domestic violence complaint, it was reported on Tuesday.

The Cape Argus
reported that Denzil Daniels, aged 27, was shot in the back in Kalkfontein on Saturday afternoon.

Independent Police Investigative Directorate spokesperson Moses Dlamini said a constable allegedly "shot the deceased in the back after he was fleeing and resisting arrest".

"There was also a knife on the scene, which the police claimed belonged to the deceased, as he wanted to stab the [police] member."

Dlamini said Daniels had been wanted in connection with a case of domestic violence and malicious damage to property.

Abigail Daniels told the newspaper her brother started arguing with her at their home in Delft that morning when she said he could not use her toothbrush.

Infuriated, he used a knife to slash the couch's cushions, and smashed the television on the floor.

Their mother went to the Delft police station to seek help, hoping he would be locked up.

Denzil went to visit a cousin in Kalkfontein and was shot en-route.

  • hudayfah.newman - 2012-09-25 10:15

    Never have I seen such passion for dental hygiene.

      wt.echoridgetimes - 2012-09-25 10:20

      @ hudayfah.newman HAHAHAHA....well said. ironic though, he wont ever be visiting the dentist’s office very soon.

      nick.vuletic - 2012-09-25 10:25

      Bwahahahahahaa!!! @ Huday...brilliant!

      martin.gardner.923 - 2012-09-26 17:36

      Now shoot him again, in the head!

  • robert.cerff - 2012-09-25 10:17

    Shot in the back for essentially a non violent crime? Shoot to kill still sound good?

      stavious.mamatepa - 2012-09-25 10:31

      @robert smashing a tv on the floor is violent chief...

      Dave - 2012-09-25 10:50

      if SABC channels were on, good reason to smash the tv

      songezo.kilani - 2012-09-25 10:57

      @dave lol

      sean.murphy.165 - 2012-09-25 11:20

      The article mentions he wanted to stab the police member. Is that not violent?

      gerrit.vanpletzen - 2012-09-27 08:03

      Legacy of another fool called Cele, Robert.

  • mshiniboys - 2012-09-25 10:20

    cowards! where was the pepper spray and rubber bullets? Runing away does not justify the shooting.he was not armed with a gun.but maybe that is one of the pieces of the constitution that do not appear in the constitution.

      sean.murphy.165 - 2012-09-25 11:22

      The article mentions he wanted to stab the police member. But no, lets rather protect the criminal scum. We need more of them in society.

      deon.louw.7505 - 2012-09-25 11:48

      This policeman is in trouble unless the man attacked him with a knife running backwards (unlikely).

      sean.murphy.165 - 2012-09-25 13:34

      @Deon. Section 49 of the Criminal Proceedure Act allows for the use of force to effect an arrest of a criminal who has committed a crime using force or violence. If he attacked the policeman with a knife and then tried to flee the policeman is allowed to use force to prevent his escape.

  • Karel du Toit - 2012-09-25 10:21

    and the only witness stabbed himself in the back 4 times and threw himself of a bridge ne?

  • mantothieve.missingman - 2012-09-25 10:30

    gotta keep the gril clean

  • ndumiso.mncwango - 2012-09-25 10:34

    Only in South Africa

  • steveroodt - 2012-09-25 10:56

    All i can say is the cop was most probably too Fat to give chase. To much KFC bought with bribe money

  • songezo.kilani - 2012-09-25 11:00

    Its so ironic that the law abiding citizens of this country are at mercy of justice, while reckless criminals roam free

  • cheslyn.francis - 2012-09-25 11:11

    Mental Dental patient! Yes, why don't you also just use her tampons you COWARD!~PRICK!

      John - 2012-09-25 11:29

      He got the death sentence! Aren't you satisfied with that?

  • nasiefa.jacksonlazarus - 2012-09-25 11:16


      gerrit.vanpletzen - 2012-09-27 08:04

      TIK, who, the policeman?

  • John - 2012-09-25 11:20

    Convenient!! A knife was on the scene? Who brings a knife to a gun fight? Shot in the back? Resisting arrest? The usual cop bull when they have overstepped their authority! Tell us another one!! COVER UP! COVER UP!!

  • hannah.p.mostert - 2012-09-25 20:15

    This is Tik at its finest..

      gerrit.vanpletzen - 2012-09-27 08:05

      And the SAP at it's finest!

  • gerrit.vanpletzen - 2012-09-27 08:01

    I shot him in the back as he was running away because at the time he was also trying to stab me with a knife. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, your honor. WTF!

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