Port Shepstone name change proposed

2012-06-08 11:25

Durban - Business leaders in Port Shepstone on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast say a proposal by the Hibiscus Coast Municipality to change the town's name will be an expensive and pointless exercise.

But if some in the ANC have their way, Port Shepstone's name could be included on a list of proposed name changes.

The issue of name changes came from the Speaker’s office and was tabled at an executive committee meeting this week.

A five-member renaming sub-committee has been formed, consisting of three councillors from the ANC and one each from the DA and IFP.


The ANC said on Thursday that it was happy to change names that did not reflect the heritage of South Africa.

Kenneth Dladla said: “If you look at the name Port Shepstone, it was given by our previous administrators under the apartheid regime.

“We don’t want names that reflect a bad history of our town or the country in general.

“Through the proper process and public consultation we want to have such names changed,” he said.

However, the South Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry remains unimpressed.

Its chairperson Peter Munns said: “From a chamber perspective we believe that our municipality should have learnt from other municipalities.

“This is an extremely expensive and pointless exercise which will cause established businesses to incur unnecessary costs.”

Munns said the South Coast did not enjoy a vibrant economy like other municipalities.

“The South Coast is a disaster area. There is a lot of poverty and unemployment. The business community, who are also the taxpayers and ratepayers, will be burdened with the expenses of having to change their contact details, business stationery and so forth.

“There is no future in the past. We need co-operation, open encouragement and commitment to our country to move forward. There are more important issues affecting the South Coast than names.”


HCM spokesperson Simon Soboyisa said: “It is worthwhile to mention that understanding the history that we are coming from as South Africa in general, it is important to re-look some of the names which may not be assisting society in terms of reconciliation as a result of their origin.”

The process would also include public participation after the sub-committee met and presented its recommendations to council.

“More detailed information on this matter can be expected at least once the sub-committee has had its first meeting. The issue of budget may form part of those details,” said Soboyisa.

The DA’s Doug Rawlins, who serves on the sub-committee, suggested the renaming may also be in keeping with the ANC’s centenary celebrations.

However, Soboyisa denied this, saying it was a council matter.

Rawlins told The Witness: “At this stage we really do not know what is going to be renamed. Whether it is streets, town or monuments. We have not received any documentation as yet and we will ensure that legislation is followed to the T.

The IFP’s Sifundo Ngwane said: “We are happy to be involved in the contributions and submissions of this project. It is important for representation so that we do not have issues like other municipalities where opposition councillors were left in the dark during the process.”

Ngwane said the IFP would scrutinise every proposed name.

  • Peter - 2012-06-08 11:31

    Address the poverty first. Dont scratch where it does not itch.

      Curry - 2012-06-08 11:47

      Why stop there? Let's also change the name of "South Africa" as the current name is a brutal reminder of our apartheid past. Give me a F@cking break!

      procold2 - 2012-06-08 11:57

      dadla you silly pri@k, the name was given long before there was even a word such as "apatheid" should you not worry about education and other public sevices that are in a shambles.

      adrien.mcguire - 2012-06-08 12:06

      "We don't want names that reflect a bad history of our town or the country in general." Well, Any name chosen by the ANC will do exactly the same . The last 18 years have hardly been stellar. The most murders in our history The worst service delivery The most road deaths The most rape of women and children The worst education The most corruption The most political murders The most nepotism The most political infighting The most dysfunctional parliament The worst crime statistics The most poverty The worst hospitals ETC ETC So who are they going to name the town after?

      terry.burne - 2012-06-08 12:18

      the ANC do not have the intellect to do anything other than "re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic". They are completely unable to do any of the things that would make a difference in the lives of the people - like fixing the infrastructure, education, health, etc. - so to try and justify why they earn such fat salaries, they try and convince the local population that they will feel better by changing place names, so that when they do change them they can say proudly (stomach out, chest in) "see how much we have done for you - now vote for us again". Useless, incompetent bunch of oxygen thieves!

      Jacqui - 2012-06-08 12:24

      Procold this fool doesn't know the British ruled here for a very long time. He is ANC what do you expect?.

      chris.debeer1 - 2012-06-08 12:43

      I find it so amusing these name changes but none of them no PLEASE DO NOT TELL them Dummies either SOWETO was and Apartheid name shortened for South Western Township for migrant black labor if their ever was a name that comes from apartheid that is it but the thick skulls do not know their own history and happy life on in the relic of APARTHEID hehe

      Warmonger - 2012-06-08 12:54

      The blacks is this country are like dogs urinating against poles to "mark" their 'teritory'. They CANNOT create their own poles, Oh No; they can only urinate...

      Buzz - 2012-06-08 15:31

      Peter, common sense can not be taught.

      Kala - 2012-06-08 15:39

      The ANC continue trying to persuade their constituants that name changes will bring them prosperity. HAHAHA. I wonder who is dumber. The ANC or those who vote for them.

      goyougoodthing - 2012-06-09 10:45

      It's been Port Shepstone for 150 years... so there was no Apartheid when it was named... dumb and ignorant

  • Stille - 2012-06-08 11:32

    Idiots. Education is in a shambles, people are homeless and hungry, crime is rampant, and you want to waste MY money on this useless bs? Typical african mentality.

      Rob - 2012-06-08 12:52

      @ bambanani...Typical black denialist.

      kayley.segal - 2012-06-08 14:07

      It's not racism, it's REALISM. You can't handle the truth.

  • Michael - 2012-06-08 11:33

    Whites built it so blacks could change it...yes go go evolution

      bambanani.mdzimba - 2012-06-08 12:47

      blacks never requested whites to build

      Rob - 2012-06-08 12:52

      Someone had to.

      Keith - 2012-06-08 16:58

      Bambanani, why then do blacks want Port Shepstone now if they didn't want it in the beginning? Why are so many blacks earning a living in this town?

  • Jacqueline - 2012-06-08 11:34

    Oh the irony! The ANC do not want names that reflect the past but they are the FIRST and LOUDEST to bring up the past time and time again!!

  • allcoveredinNinjas - 2012-06-08 11:36

    "Port Shepstone was founded in 1867 when marble was discovered nearby and is named after Sir Theophilus Shepstone of the Natal government of the 1880s. William Bazley built a harbour and the first coaster entered the harbour on the May 8, 1880. In 1882 a party of 246 Norwegian immigrants settled here and played a large part in the development of the area. After the opening of the railway to Durban in 1901 the harbour fell in disuse and eventually the river silted up again making it impossible to use. The 27,000 candela lighthouse still stands at the mouth of the Mzimkulu River." Thats the history which 'Kenneth Dladla said: “If you look at the name Port Shepstone, it was given by our previous administrators under the apartheid regime. “We don’t want names that reflect a bad history of our town or the country in general.' Maybe its me but i'm failing to connect the dots of the logic involved here.

      James - 2012-06-08 11:50

      Good points man, but you're applying logic to the ANC, something that doesn't co-exist. You see, it's not about the past, it's that it is a white sounding name. They want a black sounding name, no matter what the history is. No matter that they had no input in developing it, it is now theirs and they will do as they see fit, until it collapses and they move onto the next thing. Like a swarm of locusts.

      letlhogonolo.selebalo - 2012-06-08 11:52

      i do not know much about this place but one thing that i know is that some places had names before they were named in da past. Places lyk klersdorp were always matlosane and as a child i thought the other name is just a translation, Pretoria as well and potchestroom. If the immigrants found ppl there then i blv those ppl had a name already 4 tht place. I think the community will have a final say on this, if they wnna change the name then be it.

      Erna - 2012-06-08 12:06

      You're wasting precious time here. There's no-one listening to reason!

      Juan - 2012-06-08 12:14

      We all know it is the usual ANC worthless babble. Thanks for bringing a bit of sense to an otherwise moronic discussion

      jannie.beirowski - 2012-06-08 12:20

      This also raises the question of where would the development in this country in total be if no immigrants had ever settled here? If no contribution to education, medical, farming, housing etc were made by the immigrants? If everything was left for the then-residents of the country to develop?

      Jacqui - 2012-06-08 12:25

      Don't expect logic from idiots.

      Hugh - 2012-06-08 16:39

      Its the only way they can fool the local peasants that they are making a difference, even though they're staving; without a job, and the kids are out snorting tik and raping all the girls. See my king, the names changed, great job. Viva.

  • Tiaan Liebenberg - 2012-06-08 11:36

    Citizens of Port Shepstone, welcome to Tshwane/Pretoria/Tshwane/Pretoria/Tshwane . . . Until 'they' decide that the name WILL change and you do not have any say!

  • Joe - 2012-06-08 11:37

    change it to "No Jobs" those signs are up all over already Viva

      Stirrer - 2012-06-08 11:58

      Or "Potholes"

  • edwin.cloete - 2012-06-08 11:37


  • Nick - 2012-06-08 11:39

    dladla you undeducated idiot history good or bad is still part of this country's history and besides the history created under anc of rape murder corruption tender fraud 6 wives 23 kids as far as he knows etc etc is definitely something to be proud of

  • Andres - 2012-06-08 11:40

    I take issue that these name changes seldom come from the community, but come from council. Where are the communities marching for name-changes? Where are their proposed names? Oh wait, there are none, because they want job-opportunities, economic growth and service-delivery, not names! You can't eat a name, a name does not improve your life, a name does not give your children a better education! Port Shepstone with prosperity is better than "Some-other-name" with poverty.

  • Bryan - 2012-06-08 11:40

    If it ain't broke, why try to fix it?? Get a frikkin life ANC!!!

      bambanani.mdzimba - 2012-06-08 12:49

      your great grand fathers fixed our names and they were not broken.lets fix them back to their real origin.

      Liam - 2012-06-08 13:03

      @Bambanani How far back would you like to go in the history books? Or do we just stop where it is relevant for your argument. Go read a book. You're in for a surprise when you find that not even your ancestors can claim to be the "original" South Africans.

      Norman - 2012-06-08 13:17

      @Bambanani Our great grandfathers built from nothing the very thing yours have decided was always theirs yet are unable to even maintain, nevermind expand even with imbalanced assistance. If you hate our grandfathers' creations so much, why the obsession with AMG Mercs, Sandton houses and Breitling watches? Can't we all just get along, the boat may be rocking, but the ocean is a swirling tempest at the moment and if the global economy crashes while we have our pants down screwing each other over we'll ALL be in the same sinking flotsam!!!

  • Raymond - 2012-06-08 11:40

    "Kenneth Dladla said: “If you look at the name Port Shepstone, it was given by our previous administrators under the apartheid regime." "Port Shepstone was founded in 1867 when marble was discovered nearby and is named after Sir Theophilus Shepstone of the Natal government of the 1880s." What the fvc has this got to do with apartheid? When will it end?

      Steve - 2012-06-08 13:44

      The cANCer will blame every ill this country has on apartheid. They have very little to be proud of.

      tony.angel.3975 - 2012-10-08 15:25

      It will never end.Any excuse for a little attention!

  • Michael - 2012-06-08 11:41

    You are wasting the tax payers money. This money could be spent on education and upliftment. The name 'Port Shepstone' was used way before the 'Apartheid regime' - poor reasoning!!

      bambanani.mdzimba - 2012-06-08 12:51

      when whites change this names to suit them i guess they never thought of fixing roads etc why complain now.

      Henk - 2012-06-08 13:00

      Bambanani we only had to destroy two mud huts to start construction of the town called Port Shepstone....

  • Nick - 2012-06-08 11:41

    the anc has no clue how to run things everything if it sounds white must change cause it was the np yet some of these towns existed in the late 1800's long before verwoerd apartheid np etc etc no wonder the anc was listed as terrorist organization globally not so long ago

  • Stephen - 2012-06-08 11:44

    The ANC's Prime Directives to all its Cadre's : Lie, Cheat, Steal, Corrupt all things, Do nothing, Don't Care and Waste Wantonly...................bottom line.

  • Johann - 2012-06-08 11:47

    Kenneth Dladla, Port Shepstone is part of heritage of South Africa. Apartheid is history it is part of heritage, go do something for poor community’s that need the money more than name changes.

  • Jawa - 2012-06-08 11:48

    Port Shepstone was founded in 1867 when marble was discovered nearby and is named after Sir Theophilus Shepstone of the Natal government of the 1880s. Long before the apartheid era. I am not against name changes, but for the right reasons. There are more important issues at hand that require your urgent attention, Mr Dladla

      bambanani.mdzimba - 2012-06-08 12:52

      this is not about apartheid.this is about 400 years of white domination.

      Big_guy - 2012-06-08 13:02

      @bambibanana. Your ministeh said apartheid. I guess this proves he has an iq of small snail, and that the fact that you support him shows your iq is the same or less. I wonder how you have enough brain power to survive from day to day.

  • Jawa - 2012-06-08 11:51

    "We don’t want names that reflect a bad history of our town or the country in general." Which means that the name will be changed again as soon as the ANC have inevitably lost power.

  • Nkutist - 2012-06-08 11:53

    Yeah this is a real waste of time wow.... Use the money for something alot more beneficial like housing, education or food. We haven't heard people complaining of the name, we've wasted enough money on that!!

  • TrueTenacity - 2012-06-08 11:54

    They will spend out tax billions on freaking anything but bettering the lives of the people... FFS... use the money spent on this pointless exercise to pay of the SANRAL debt idiots!!!

  • mart.botha - 2012-06-08 11:55

    Call it Port Jacob and you'll really see it 'go to the dogs'.

  • maseratifittipaldi - 2012-06-08 11:57

    We should replace the tyres and shock absorbers on this wagon. And I think the springs should be uprated.

  • Ingeborgh Botha - 2012-06-08 12:01

    History can't be changed or erased, we can only prevent it from happening again, you don't see the USA changing names and they also went through apartheid! Maybe they have brains and we don't! Forgive and forget!

  • wesley.bischoff - 2012-06-08 12:04

    There are countless people living in disgusting conditions, and all the ANC morons care about is some painting, and the changing of names. They really are a pathetic bunch

  • connor.sember - 2012-06-08 12:04

    Yes, put up pretty new signs and change the names. It's not like the poverty stricken need houses and food or anything. What a joke

  • grant.bullimore - 2012-06-08 12:06

    Changing the name of a town will not improve service delivery or the perception there of. The rate payer is not that stupid ANC. Put your efforts in to schools and other real problems and earn the respect of the rate payer. Dont just demand it by putting your stamp on something that does not need to be fixed...

  • Juan - 2012-06-08 12:09

    It's about the only thing the ANCestors are good at. Changing names, wasting time & money

      bambanani.mdzimba - 2012-06-08 12:56

      the ANC learn this from your forefathers.when they came here they change names to suit them.

  • julian.booyens - 2012-06-08 12:10

    'The ANC said on Thursday that it was happy to change names that did not reflect the heritage of South Africa. ' So how did you come to change Moore road to Che Guevara... I did not know we had Argentian heritage

      julian.booyens - 2012-06-08 12:21

      My bad spelling-'Argentinian' heritage

      Jacqui - 2012-06-08 12:28

      Julian, they love Che's baret. Bloody bunch of fools.

      bambanani.mdzimba - 2012-06-08 12:57

      may you read about che before you make fool of yourself.

      Norman - 2012-06-08 13:22

      @Bambanani Ah yes, Che Guevara, a man who 'freed' his people into generations of poverty, dictatorship and violence. May you read about the aftermath of his 'martyrdom'.

  • mark.haupt.31 - 2012-06-08 12:12

    Expensive & pointless expenditure has never been a problem for the ANC, after all that's why us taxpayers exist. Besides, anything to deliver the sheeple from Apartheid & colonialism to the promised land where all will be free to eat sand, drink mine water and squat wherever they want. Viva ANC

  • mkgatla3 - 2012-06-08 12:12

    Changing of Apartheit names is a good move despite of the costs related to the process...And its obvious that whites wont like it but...GO FOR IT GUYZ...BIG UP TO ANC AND ITS ALIENCES

      wesley.bischoff - 2012-06-08 12:21

      This has nothing to do with race moron. It's about using taxpayers money for a completely useless cause, when there are how many more important things to be done. If the name of a town or city makes you insecure about your skin colour, then i feel really sad for you.

      James - 2012-06-08 12:21

      What does the name have to do with apartheid? You have no idea do you? Nope.

      Stephen - 2012-06-08 12:23

      Just a simple Question? Does not housing the poor also a good idea. Does destroying the town of Port Shepstone also a Good Idea. Does not eating every day also a good idea. The current ANC is disregrading the real needs and playing politics. Is this a good idea?

      Jacqui - 2012-06-08 12:29

      Mkgatla, you don't know anything about history either. Another off cut produced by ANC education.

      wesley.bischoff - 2012-06-08 12:45

      Racist c*nt

      Rob - 2012-06-08 12:55

      Times up !

      bambanani.mdzimba - 2012-06-08 13:00

      racist wont like it and they can shout until the son come NAME SHALL BE CHANGE.we dont want to remind them that they are in minority and there is nothing they can do

      wesley.bischoff - 2012-06-08 13:20

      Bambanani, it's people like you that stifle the progress of this country, and prevents OUR nation from becoming truly great.

  • Jacqui - 2012-06-08 12:22

    We want a black name, preferably one no one can understand or pronounce and that belonged to someone's late uncle. Zumalite comes to mind.

  • donovan.porter - 2012-06-08 12:24

    bunch of idiots , change every name of every city in SA why not

  • julian.booyens - 2012-06-08 12:25

    Lets place bets now that the new name will be prefixed with either UM, UN or a name that we will batle to pronounce

  • keith.ngobeni - 2012-06-08 12:26

    ANC bunch of stupid wankers, people want to see creations of jobs,good service delivery,better healthcare,high standard of education,crime reductions and houses for all people. not wasting money on useless things like streets name changes or cities/towns name changes that's so pathetic it's not a priority at the moment.

  • jannie.beirowski - 2012-06-08 12:27

    You better keep watch as to who gets the contract to change all these name-boards! Maybe the ANC is trying to create jobs...No, I don't think so, sorry I mentioned it as the ANC may now grab this as a reaon to do it.

  • Craig - 2012-06-08 12:34

    i think they should have a cANCer road

  • Ryno - 2012-06-08 12:39

    why not just change south africa's name to Banana Republic and our capital city should be name Dysfunctional with Fraud, Corruption and Murder and Rape for the other 4 big cities. there, done.

  • Henry - 2012-06-08 12:40

    What's the bet Kenneth Dladla is connected to the signage company that will do the changes.Whatch this space

  • Louis - 2012-06-08 12:43

    The ANC legacy = most incompetent party ever to rule South Africa and most corrupt party ever in South Africa, but hey, at least they managed to waste millions on street name changes when millions are left without homes, toilets and jobs!

      mkgatla3 - 2012-06-08 12:55

      Do u thing NP had evr been competent??????????????? Moron

      jannie.beirowski - 2012-06-08 13:03

      @mkgatla3. The NP must have been competent to have left so much for the ANC to destroy. If they were as incompetent as the ANC, nobody would have laid complaints against the ANC for their behaviour as everything would have stayed the same. Do you not agree it may have been bad under the NP, but it is even worse now?

  • Henk - 2012-06-08 12:58

    Change it Please. The new names must represent what has become of these towns under ANC rule.

  • Hermann - 2012-06-08 12:58

    Can't govern so change names using the money left over after embezzlement has been completed. Critical question is who and what founded Port Shepstone? Good heavens where is Shaka's city, Dingaan's city with streets and boulevards, all named and never mind lasting buildings as opposed to temporary grass huts. Makes one wonder how far the name change theft will go. These guys live in the world of the spirits of the forefathers and will never come home to earth unless they become honest - become honest? I think I am dreaming.

  • Kevin - 2012-06-08 13:05

    remember a name is more important than education and health and creating jobs and above all i suspect that Comrade Simon's wifes brother has the signage company...!

  • PimpYoda - 2012-06-08 13:08

    F!&*%^ck me - I'm leaving the UK to come back to this. Why dwell in the past? You cannot change it! There's so much hatred! What happened to the rainbow nation and a future for all. Now it's tit for tat. You suppressed us and now its time to suppress you attitude will not create jobs. Good God have mercy on South Africa!

  • Malusi - 2012-06-08 13:08

    These names should change whether some people disagree or not. Each time our government wants to do something, we are reminded about poverty. Poverty was there during apartheid n the government at that time cared more about whites than everybody. CHANGE THAT NAME!

  • candice.govender.18 - 2012-06-08 13:14

    There is alot of history behind the name and you also need to consider the effect on its inhabitants. Really guys - do something more constructive with the money. Changing a name will not delete a country, province or towns history.

  • Karen - 2012-06-08 13:16

    It is amazing that such negativity and outright racism has to emerge in the comments regarding name changes...why can't we be more positive and look for opportunities in nation building or engaging in constructive dialogue re priorities

  • rowan.maulson - 2012-06-08 13:21

    Ummmm Kenneth my son. You are a moron. The Apartheid regime as you so kindly put it, existed from 1948 - 1994... Port Shepstone was founded in 1967 and named after Sir Theophilus Shepstone. Ergo, the name has sweet stuff all to do with Apartheid you bloody idiot.

      wesley.bischoff - 2012-06-08 13:22

      *1867 :)

  • Shirley Van Heerden - 2012-06-08 13:28

    I read these stupid remarks about race and I realised: Only people who are unable to formulate a good argument plays the joker card called race.

  • paulgerber969 - 2012-06-08 13:35

    when is this sh"t going too???? use the money for worthwhile causes

  • aphiwe.bulo - 2012-06-08 13:54

    Mnxim! SA politics are a joke! How's changing road nameS gonna feeD and secure us? What are we learning besides allowing theSe bafoons to geT away with spending moneY of the hard working freeDom fighters who have helpeD get SA to where it is today!