Predator breeders win 'canned lion' appeal

2010-11-29 19:08

Bloemfontein - The SA Predator Breeders' Association on Monday partly won a Supreme Court of Appeal case regarding the trophy hunting of captive lions - commonly called "canned hunting".

The SCA held the minister of environmental affairs at the time did not take a "rational decision" when he determined that captive-bred lions had to fend for themselves in an extensive wildlife system for 24 month before they could be hunted.

In the high court the predator breeders challenged the inclusion of lions as a listed large predator in the threatened or protected species regulations and the 24-month period in which captive-bred lions had to fend for themselves before they could be hunted.

The SCA said there was no doubt the minister was entitled to take into account "strong opposition" and "revulsion" in public opinion to the hunting of captive lions. Nevertheless, his 24-month decision should have been based on a rational foundation.

"The evidence proves that he did not do so."

The judgment also held that on the premise upon which the application and the appeal were argued, the association had achieved substantial success.

Relief sought by the predator breeders on other aspects of the regulations in their appeal were refused.

Department spokesperson Roopa Singh said they received the judgment and were in the process of studying it and discussing the matter internally before deciding on how to proceed.

  • Zambabwean - 2010-11-29 23:40

    Lions (Panthera Leo) are listed as Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) Appendix II and are regarded as vulnerable by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List [Version 3.1 2001]. The news article suggests the Breeders are challenging the courts as to the inclusion of Lions in the CITES list, for which the court is not responsible for. However, the inclusion in the endangered list is one of several alarming releases which prompted numerous captive breeding programs throughout South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia, most under the guise of Lion rehabilitation and release into the wild. These programs are mostly fronts for the supply of lion for canned hunting operations and/or animal products to the Far East. These operations are funded directly by this trade but also by hundreds of brainwashed foreign volunteers conned into believing they are part of securing the future of these wonderful creatures. They are further sponsored by “conservatourism” with “interactive safaris” offered to tourists. But the breeders seem to argue they are no longer endangered, so we can starting shut down the breeding programs then!

      tvhsa2 - 2010-11-30 10:53

      CITES is an International trade agreement between countries. It has got nothing to do with lion hunting or any hunting as per se that occurs within a country. You need a CITES permit if you want to move a CITES listed species - dead or alive, - animal or plant over international borders. It is not a list of endangered species per se. I see this Lion debate in the same light as the politics in South Africa and Zimbabwe. There is a lot of people not having the faintest idea what this is actually all about, so they side by the green side out of personal believe and not reality. By the same token we have people who vote for the ruling political parties every time out of personal believe and not on the grounds of hard core reality.

  • Arno-f - 2010-11-30 05:49

    I am so glad. Now there is no reason to go and shoot wild lions (of which we have almost none left). Nobody cares about the lion, not even the bunny huggers. Being hungry and chased for two days before being shot and then tracked for another day before bleeding to death is not fitting for the king of beasts. I would prefer the lions to be fed well, drugged and driven to the airport on a trailer and shot in the parking lot with a silenced firearm. Lion hunting is about as ethical as hunting sheep in a pen but some people will still do it. We will never stop lion hunting but this way we are in control. Rather kill the lion at close range as humanely as possible then. If that means driving up to him, calling him or drugging him I dont care. If you were going to shoot me, give me a good meal, numb my mind a bit and shoot me at close range with one shot. We should do the same for Simba.

      nonduplume - 2010-11-30 11:38

      Are you for real or just a useless excsue for a human skin?

  • StJohn - 2010-11-30 07:13

    This is disgusting! And to Arno-f - there are a lot of "bunny huggers" that care. When is man going to stop his cruelty. Another question is what kind of sick mind gets pleasure from killing something? There is something perverted about that. Killing in order to eat is one thing, but for PLEASURE??

  • Natasha - 2010-11-30 07:14

    The lions should be left alone we struggle to breed them for the wild but yet these idiots are left to this? shooting them for fun oh wow i shot a stoned lion in a cage whoop die doo talk about small penis syndrome

  • Annie - 2010-11-30 07:17

    Really and truly- What is wrong with these people!? Agreed with Carolyn- cage and shoot them all!

  • AGENT - 2010-11-30 07:43

    Anyone who does this is a sick basterd, with no backbone, no morals, no pride and is truely a piece of shit.

      DB - 2010-11-30 15:57

      bold statement.........have we met?

  • Viv - 2010-11-30 08:07

    Wow what a big man you must feel like when you shoot a captive lion. Big man with a big gun. So powerful and so amazing. Wow, can I be just like you! Every single person involved in canned lion hunting deserves to be locked in a cage with some hungry lions and left to fend for themselves. How I wish we could have canned human hunting sometimes.

      Barry - 2010-11-30 09:35

      Viv, he might feel like a big man with a big gun but his brain is made of cow dung and his willy is the size of my little finger

  • Karen - 2010-11-30 08:21

    Does anyone know whether we as the public can do something about stopping canned lion hunting? Will it mean anything to draw up a petition and send it to the Minister of Environmental affairs or whoever? Is there already such an organization working on stopping this? If so - please advise - I want to sign up!

  • Joy - 2010-11-30 08:29

    I don't like the idea of hunting at all, captive or wild ! Why can we not accept these animals as a marvel of nature instead of hunting them to the brink of extinction or just for sport.... Release them and leave them alone.

      Don - 2010-11-30 10:20

      Amazing how narrow minded the public can be about hunting, although I disagree with canned hunting, dont underestimate the importance of hunting. In many cases it has been the hunter who has brought back a species from the brink of extinction. Case in point, the sable. Dont tar all hunting with canned hunting! It is also fair to understand that humans have removed animal habitat, hence the formation of farms and game parks, a certain head of game can only be sustained on the limited land and hunting therefore is a necessary function to maintain sustainability and mainintaining a particular species "health" (reduce in-breeding and better gene pool). Hunting generates a substantial annual income to SA which goes further to maintaining our game population. Many game reservations in Africa were created by dedicated professional hunters to preserve for the next generation, including selous, kruger park and etc.

      tvhsa2 - 2010-11-30 18:09

      Dear Joy, in a perfect world without humans and their possessions this will be a brilliant idea. Then the predators will kill their prey and prey numbers will plummet and the predators will starve to death until the pray numbers are up again and the predator numbers will sistematically increase and the predators will kill their prey and prey numbers will plummet and.... ps. hunting gives a value to animals and that is the main reason why some farmers prefer to have wild animals on their land than genetic manipulated livestock. This creates the space you like to give wild animals to thrive in exchange for a financial reward. Did you Know?... that vegetable farmers kill more wild animals (that threaten their crops - read income) more indiscriminately than game farmers hunting selective animals.

      Herbad - 2013-02-18 12:05

      It’s ALL about INCOME and the GREED that drives the Train. The new SUV and holiday funded by murdering another sentient being, some human's are so dis-connected its frightening!

  • Janna - 2010-11-30 09:50

    These people should be shot.

  • Worshond - 2010-11-30 10:08

    If Julius Malema changed the words of his song to "kill the predator breeders" I would support his song. The court should protect our wildlife but the money speaks more than our legacy to future generations. I am glad every time that I see a lion or other animal killed a "hunter".

  • Stefanus - 2010-11-30 10:20

    Ja where are all the pro hunters now? How do you justify killing big cats?! I'm so sick and tired of the bastard hunters. The only reason they do it is for money. They don't give a sh#t about the animals. The worst is the idiots that shoot the lions often have to shoot the animal a few times to kill it. Or they are bow hunters... Canned hunters are the biggest cowards on this planet. I HATE THEM!

      Don - 2010-11-30 11:51

      Again Stefanus, how narrow minded are you? Read my reply to Joy. Dont mix canned hunting with professional hunting on a fair play field. What has hunting done for game conservation in this country? The answer is a hell-of-a-lot! If it were not for the hunting profession, many MORE species would be extinct today including Rhoane, Sable and Black Wildebees. I'm asking you to think before making an uneducated comment. PS I am not a hunter but understand the roll they have played in conservation!

      Heldkay - 2010-11-30 14:16

      SO Stefanus, here I am, PH and Outfitter. Your pathetic statement is so well described by Don ( Thanks Don). Let me give you soem facts, in the days of the Groot trek, the animal numbers were large, nobody can tell, then YOUR great Great Grandfather and his family had to kill the Lion just to be able to farm with Cattle, goats and sheep withou LOSING MONEY ( Keyword - Money). Now since then the numbers really started to go down drastically, BUT Nature Conservation does a head count of "free roaming Game only" and Farmers supply their numbers according to the "Fencing Permit" issued by Nature conservation.... Guess what boetie.... There are more Wild animals(including Lion, Leopard, Cheetah and Bengal Tiger) alive than what there were 30 years ago, so take off you hat and say thank you Farmers and PH Outfitters

      DB - 2010-11-30 15:41

      Don & Heldkay, Thank you....I find it incredible how uninformed so many of these "greenies" are! As Heldkay says, if it wasnt for game farming - and the hunting which sustains it (Please read that carefully...............sustains......not decimates!) game numbers would be vastly different. I certainly do not support unethical (there are many ways that hunting takes place unethically - canned hunting is merely one of these) hunting, but as Don and Heldkay say, dont tar all hunters with the same brush................ most of us eat meat.........and I would guess you probably are one of us Stefanus..........lets not throw uneducated stones!

  • tvhsa2 - 2010-11-30 11:07

    Just to put things straight. The lions are not shot in a cage. They are bread in captivity, released in a large area as prescribed by the directorate Nature Conservation, tracked and shot.

      Keighley-Ann - 2010-11-30 11:31

      And that makes it better?!? Your mentality, along with these 'breeders' astounds me! These people are not breeders...they are manipulating a system and playing god...nobody has the right to kill animals in exchange for money! There is no logic in this!

      Don - 2010-11-30 11:55

      So Keighley-Ann, if you feel soooo strongly about captive breeding, do you eat chicken, beef, lamb or pork? Are you not killing animals in exchange for money? I guarantee you that captive game breeding programmes 90% of the time give animals a better quality of like that the chicken you buy at your local supermarket or the beef you braai on a sunday....There is really no logic in your comment.

      tvhsa2 - 2010-11-30 17:44

      Need I say more...

  • AJ - 2010-11-30 11:49

    It would be refreshing if the comments section was limited to those who understand the hunting/conservation industry and not extended to the emotional rabble who have absolutely no frame of reference (and ironically who would do immeasurable damage and kill a lot more animals in even worse circumstances if their crackpot ideas were ever implemented)

      Don - 2010-11-30 13:14

      Well done AJ, I'm with you on this one.

      DB - 2010-11-30 15:44

      AJ, couldnt agree more....... the very sad bit, is they have noble intentions, without any understanding of the impact of their suggestions............stop hunting........yeah right.......wave goodbye to 1000's of hectares of conservation land and hence game numbers...........GREAT idea for helping animal populations!! NOT!!!

      The Spear - 2010-11-30 16:18

      What you say is correct...unfortunately. I'm not a lover hunting but the hunting / conservation industry go hand in hand.

  • Chomp - 2010-11-30 12:23

    well done minister!!

  • Chomp - 2010-11-30 12:24

    that lazy useless minister should be shot in a can

  • Chomp - 2010-11-30 12:27

    how on earth can it be legal for any so called hunter to shoot a lion??!! on carte blance it was clear that these lions suffer big time. Wonder what the Creator will say when these guys explain their actions!! same goes for poachers and big poluters

      Don - 2010-11-30 13:22

      What is the difference between shooting a lion or any wild game over slaughtering live-stock for human consumption? Domestic livestock farming is no different to captive breeding, Carte Blanche reported on isolated abuse by the hands of certain individuals, you will find the same abuse happening on our lovely farms throughout the country.The end of the day all humans are painted with the same blood on their hands directly or indirectly.

      Heldkay - 2010-11-30 14:03

      Hey Chomp, go be concerned about the Lions that die off due to iads contracted from eating Mozambicans infiltrating SA through Kruger National Park, the Lion population's decrease are being kept a secret, because the Parks are buying Lions from Private breeders to UP their quantities, get your bunny huggers to moan and groan about that, maybe then you are contributing to National Conservation, get them to keep out the infiltrators, then pay a Hunting Operator a visit and get the facts about Lion Hunting, then you can dare open your mouth.

      Dr B - 2010-11-30 16:04

      Dear Heldkay. Do you have any idea about FIV virus in lions? It has nothing to do with eating humans - Mozambicans or otherwise.

  • Gemstone - 2010-11-30 13:13

    I prefer that hunters rather shoot the canned lions than the lions in the wild. International hunters are prepared to pay thousands and thousands to shoot a lion. Canned lions are not kept in a cage (like the zoo lions) but are kept in a huge fenced area where the hunter can track the lion. If you stop canned lions, they will go after the wild lions, if youtotally stop hunting lions, it will turn to the black market and we will have another rhino-saga.

      kappie - 2010-11-30 20:12

      Wow very well said

  • Lesley - 2010-11-30 14:02

    Hunters are serial killers.

      conradza - 2010-11-30 14:24

      Are you a vegetarian?

  • W0LF - 2010-11-30 15:18

    Okay…. So now they wanna make poaching legal ? Surely the animal cruelty league as something to say ? This is so wrong on so many levels. Maybe a few of these hunters need to become the prey for a while before they learn. Killing should never be a sport. Our sick society has taken, being the top of the food chain, to being a virus on this planet. We move to an area, kill all the existing vegetation, animals and use up all the resources and then move on. Ergo…virus! Every other animal on the planet knows its place and respects the balance.

      DB - 2010-11-30 16:16

      Once again..........Wolf, your intentions are clearly honourable, but please think about what you say before you shout it out..........have a read of Don, Heldkay and my comments above.........if you greenies did your homework - oh but you do and just find the answers dont tie in with your agenda so they are never accepted - you would know that game populations have increased dramatically since the advent of commercial game farming. VIRUS huh? Please ladies and gents with supposed conservation sentiments, think about alternative ways of providing millions of hectares of conservation land, populated by millions of game animals of all species........without someone paying for it.....if you have that answer.........I for one am all ears!!!!

  • grootes - 2010-11-30 18:05

    I am all for the hunting industry but I disagree completely with canned lion hunting. How can you consider yourself a hunter when you drive around and shoot,at point blank range, an animal that has been either socialised to be comfortable with humans or confined in an area to avoid any chance of escape. No, you area a bully, a coward and a murderer if you do this. Lions are a threatened species, who are NOT dying off because they got 'aids from the infitrators(sic) from Mozambique' as pointed out by Heldkay. Unfortunately we do not have a proper idea why they are dying off. Further, breeding lions for the purpose of hunting dilutes the gene pool because the characteristics that hunters look for tend to be found in recessive genes. This means that the lions that are bred tend to be more prone to illness, disease and genetic abnormalities. Hunting lions can be beneficial to the economy, but we should ensure that they are wild, not comfortable with human presence, able to escape if need be, and also bred for the survival of the species and NOT for the appeal of the hunters.

      durbsviking - 2010-11-30 23:36

      Is one of the big culprits not Bovine Tuberculosis.

  • durbsviking - 2010-11-30 23:32

    I have only 2 words for the hunters. FAIR CHASE. Canned lion hunting is NOT Fair Chase and should be shunned by all legitimate outfitters and PHs. It's twaddle and decent outfitters know it. To those who disagree with hunting in all forms, you should inform yourselves. The vast majority of hunters are completely ethical people and are at the forefront of conservation - they have to be - it is their livelyhood. Naturally I exclude the likes of Karel and Marisa Toet, Manie du Plessis and their gang of rhino killers. For them a special hell.

  • StJohn - 2010-12-01 07:30

    To all the "pro-hunters" - whilst I understand the gist of what you are saying - sadly its true due to human greed that we need hunters to fund conservation - please explain to me the type of person who gets pleasure from killing something. This is where my major issue comes into being - what type of sick, sad, perverted human being are you to derive pleasure from the pain and death of an animal? All in order to hang its skin on your wall or have it stuffed for display on your home! (eeuw) Yes, I totally agree - traditional farm animals (cows, sheep etc) are treated even worse - hence the reason I am a vegan (as they say, if slaughterhouses had glass walls...). But we need to start somewhere and lets be honest, to try and turn everyone vegetarian or vegan is only wishful thinking - BUT to stop canned hunting is doable and its baby steps baby steps.

  • Cupcake - 2010-12-01 07:50

    I will never understand why some people think it is in any way appealing or acceptable to have a dead animal head mounted on a wall. Why aren't all people truly disgusted by the thought of that? It honestly makes no sense to me. It is absolutely barbaric.

  • Olivia McKie - 2015-08-06 21:27

    Next you will shoot your dogs... same thing. Captive breeds and small enclosure. Sick humans

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