Pregnant woman falls into manhole

2012-04-13 20:44

Johannesburg - A pregnant woman was slightly injured when she fell into a manhole covered with a piece of metal, in Potchefstroom on Friday, paramedics said.

The woman, about five months pregnant, saw a piece of metal, rather than a proper cover, over the manhole and assumed it was safe to walk on, ER24 spokesperson Derrick Banks said.

"The weight of her caused the metal to fold in and caused the patient to fall into the hole."

Bystanders pulled the woman out. She suffered minor abrasions and was taken to Potchefstroom rovincial hospital to make sure her baby was unharmed.

  • seanpresherhughes_1 - 2012-04-14 07:49

    Another manhole cover stolen, when are the authorities going to clamp down on the industry that purchases these items. It must be made illegal to be found in possession of any such items like scrap metal dealers as welk as those walkingbaround at night removing these covers - a really harsh penalty must be given to these perpetrators! Often manhole covers are in the middle of some roads and many vehicles have already fallen prey to these situations and it does'nt only cost the rate-payers to replace the covers, people's lives are alkso at stake and vehicke owners have to foit the bill of therir highly damaged vehicles, nit to mention the peak-traffic chaos that weould ensue in such incidents. Babies/children are also at risk! If it were a taxi that drove on the sidewalk as usually is the case, and got stuck in a situation like this, they would get absolutely no sympathy from me, that's for sure!

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