Premier spends R50k on fast food

2013-09-15 14:39

Upington - Northern Cape premier Sylvia Lucas used her official credit card to spend R53 159 on fast food during her first 10 weeks in office, the Sunday Times reported.

Lucas spent R26 565 on food in one month, according to the report.

She was inaugurated as premier on 30 May.

According to the Sunday Times, she spent R11 956 on food in Kimberley, where she lives in the official premier's residence, in August.

Treasury guidelines stipulated that official credit cards were for "when the executive authorities are away on official duties outside the province".

Between 16 July and 2 August, Lucas spent more than R2 000 at her local SuperSpar, the Sunday Times reported.

Lucas reportedly told the newspaper the shop was conveniently "close to her home".

"When we go out of Kimberley, we go to the SuperSpar and we buy water and Powerade and cool drinks. We need Powerade for the energy, you know," she was quoted as saying.

"How would we have eaten if we didn't use taxpayers' money?"

When asked about using taxpayers' money on fast food, Lucas referred questions to Ramona Grewan, her chief of staff.

She said Grewan and the PA in the office Nondzame Matika were in possession of the credit cards and signed off on all the spending.

She reportedly told the Sunday Times it was impossible for her to spend the money in Kimberley when she was mostly out of town.

According to the newspaper, Grewan said there were two credit cards, the one Matika had and the one Lucas had. She said she did had not given authorisation for the spending.

  • Letlotlo Sephapo Malope - 2013-09-15 14:41

    ''Queen of the Kalahari''

      Chris Whittaker - 2013-09-15 14:45

      Her Majesty and her court are going to lose NC to Cope and the DA next year. The people deserve better. By the way spending so much on KFC is really playing into the stereotype.

      Alwyn van der Merwe - 2013-09-15 15:11

      They say you are what you eat. She is fast, cheap (per pop, not in the long run) and very easy. Keep on with this ANC. You will lose this country. Poeple are only so stupid. Eventually they come to

      Andrew Selous - 2013-09-15 15:32

      The problem is that she thinks it is a right and not a privilege.This gravy really needs to be watered down.

      SharonE - 2013-09-15 16:01

      She must be one of the 'heavies' the ANC sent to Tlokwe recently.

      Thandekile Mava - 2013-09-15 20:39

      @Ayanda, that would mean I have to u use taxpayers money when I'm at work for tea and supper. It means her salary would be used when she is fired- otherwise she must live on our hard waned cash.

      Daniel Swanepoel - 2013-09-15 23:00

      Hahahahaha! Ayanda... Again.

      PhilMemon - 2013-09-16 04:39

      I have this image of her in a bikini rubbing KFC all over herself and stuffing it in her face, throwing half of it one the floor and rolling all over it while the people in her province starve. "Let them eat cake!"

      PhilMemon - 2013-09-16 04:41

      ANC Election Poster: "How would we have eaten if we didn't use taxpayers' money?" with a picture of pigs at the trough!

      Michael Kleber - 2013-09-16 07:10

      Thats a R1000 a day for ten weeks in take aways , 1 person cant consume that , clearly feeding friends and family with tax payers money , nice when its not yours .Family must love kind auntie Sylvia so kind buying food for everybody

      jerhone - 2013-09-16 08:40

      can't believe that people argue with Ayanda or even give a thumbs down, they must all be more stupid than her, she does it just to get a reaction from the gullable souls out there

      Matthew Jones - 2013-09-16 09:01

      I hope she explodes one day like the fat man from the Restaurant scene from Monthy Python - Meaning of Life (the talking fish "morning" etc) "Here Madam Lucas, Have a mint. !*BOOM*!"

      Aborted News - 2013-09-16 09:29

      "How would we have eaten if we didn't use taxpayers' money?" Ok Little Miss Piggy we understand your plight. "We need Powerade for the energy, you know" F* that! With your mammoth weight you need the entire sun to power you

      Poktuoh Yrrelb - 2013-09-16 10:22

      You can see she's eating nicely..She looks like a battleship

      Badger - 2013-09-16 10:36

      "How would we have eaten if we didn't use taxpayers' money?" WTF, use your OWN money like the rest of us you fat slob. You sure as hell earn enough. Looking at her picture, it looks like she has eaten a lot more than R50 000 of KFC and thats the truth.

      Eric Jansen Van Vuuren - 2013-09-16 11:17

      And this? Remind me again just how is the ANC better than the DA? They might be mudslingers but, common; with these guys we need all the mudslinger and whistle blowers the country has to offer. I'll vote for the one that can look past the perceived position of power. The one that would look past the money and be happy with gratitude. The organisation that scraps government payroll. That does not allow its members to engage in any form of business. The one who does not allow its members to profit at the expense of toughs he is meant to represents. While you serve the people the people should look after you. That leaves you free to not take advantage of our trust. The one that would give us viable public transport, free medical aid, free education. The one that lets us live instead of follow some ideology that is only meant to further subvert us.

  • Ryno Peters - 2013-09-15 14:44

    Wtf,is it even possible?

      Mc Apple - 2013-09-15 15:48

      I knew I should have become a chicken farmer. Damn that a lot of chickens.

      George Webb - 2013-09-15 20:31

      Ryno it is possible she is buying food parcels so that the anc can at least have a few votes next year. watch the credit card expenditure in Tlokwe at the moment. Did you expect anything else. The Anc has lost the grip and they know it the people of SA will tell next year.

  • Kevin Swazi - 2013-09-15 14:46

    Well at least tax payers money is doing something positive- killing greedy piggies.

      Hlanganani Ndlovu - 2013-09-15 15:08

      lol what a laugh, u made my day ! i wonder what illness she is having already

      Rocky Bell - 2013-09-15 15:48

      Cardio Vascular Infarction of the left Ovium of Langerhans. Only spells one thing: D E A T H!!!!

  • Winifred Watson - 2013-09-15 14:46

    She gets such a good salary and probably big bonus yet she has to use her credit card to stay alive. Somebody should tell her all that fast food can cut short her life. This type of thing has got to stop, these arrogant officials have no shame dont feel embarrassed and believe because of their position they are entitled. It is really now time to stop them in their tracks by culling their votes. While our country bleeds these officials are living the life of kings and queens.

  • Cyril Neilson - 2013-09-15 14:47

    macdonalds doing platinum burgers?

  • Bernadette Dutton - 2013-09-15 14:47

    let her eat a lot and die early!!!

  • Feik Mc Heither - 2013-09-15 14:48


  • Mammone Tau - 2013-09-15 14:49

    Then we wonder why thy are so FAT!! Mxm

      Nico de Jongh - 2013-09-15 16:13

      Slobbish is a fat faking mix of rubbish with robbish.

  • Kortbroek Du Plessis - 2013-09-15 14:52

    Didnt know its actually physically possible to eat that much, not even for a Sumo wrestler

  • Sergio Fernandes - 2013-09-15 15:01

    The next thing we hear is that she will be the host for The Biggest Loser S.A.

  • Whan Zulu - 2013-09-15 15:02

    The ANC is an embarrassment to Black people everywhere.

      Celeste Richarte - 2013-09-15 15:23

      Yet they keep voting ANC in, why ???

      Lulama Makopo - 2013-09-15 15:26

      u can SEE weaknesses, what about the better side of ANC.what did u see

      Ben Tonkin - 2013-09-15 16:14

      Politician's like this one are destroying the country, fat greedy parasites. In it for themselves, not for their people. Bloody thief belongs in jail, but so do many more. Embarrassment to this country.

      nevergrowupgirl - 2013-09-15 16:24

      Wow, it must be really tough living on the gravy train... NOT! Rules for a better society: 1. Public Servants and Politicians should be paid minimum salary with extras only allowed when the public are satisfied that they are delivering a decent service to their communities. 2. All credit cards owned by officials should be cancelled with immediate effect. Let them spend their own money with rebates being paid once the public is satisfied it was a needed expense. 3. All government officials must wear uniforms (like the Army, Navy, Air Force...) It will make them stand out in public and also cut back on lavish spending when clothes are bought. 4. (And on another note) Prisoners should be given the amount that Pensioners are struggling to survive on, and Pensioners should get the R10 000-00+ that government spends on Prisoners. Many more ideas. Just a pity that the gravy train is overloaded with fat piggies who only suck the tax payers money dry, and are not concerned at all with what the people of this country really need. Very sad.

      Patricia Dewet - 2013-09-15 21:42

      Why do they give them credit cards, pay first and clay back later. This women will double her size in less than a year, the way she is eating at the moment.

      Patricia Dewet - 2013-09-15 21:44

      sorry claim back later.

      PhilMemon - 2013-09-16 04:43

      @Patricia: She'll probably have a heart-attack & die before then. But this is probably tax payers money going into campaigning for ANC for next year.

      Patricia Dewet - 2013-09-16 10:01

      She even has 4 bodyguards. Did not know of anyone that want to steel her, she is to heavy to pick up. Can you see them all in a car with a driver.

  • kermitcanion.duplessis - 2013-09-15 15:02

    Dus nou wat jy noem uitgevreet. Sies. Wonder weet sy ooreet is n sonde. Hart aanval is jou naam

  • Shaun Cousins - 2013-09-15 15:04

    obesity starts with.....the gravy train

  • Clive Dale - 2013-09-15 15:05

    Yet another fat gov official being fed at the trough at the expense of the tax payer

  • Elizabeth Strydom-van Niekerk - 2013-09-15 15:07

    No wonder she is so fat !!!!

  • Mthetheleli Ntshobololo - 2013-09-15 15:09

    "When we go out of Kimberley, we go to the SuperSpar and we buy water and Powerade and cool drinks. We need Powerade for the energy, you know," she was quoted as saying. "How would we have eaten if we didn't use taxpayers' money?" _________________________________________________________________________ She's eating herself to the grave

      SharonE - 2013-09-15 16:10

      Do you know how physically exhausting it is to keep lifting your arm all the way to your mouth? Well at least that explains the powerade...

  • Draadsitter - 2013-09-15 15:11

    When is this K*K ever going to end. The ANC has millions of voters living below the bread-line and their officials behave like it's their right to waste the Tax Payers money. I really think it's time for the poor of this country to target their own elected Fat Cats before crying fowl against business which is tying to create employment opportunities.

  • Sizwe Beyi - 2013-09-15 15:12

    Wow look at this fat creepy woman who can not afford to buy burgers out of her pocket squanders the public purse on junk food sies wish she choke while eating.

  • Nelani Don Myeni - 2013-09-15 15:17

    The south african media needs to be checked seriously not only is that report inaccurate, its sensesional...if they were seriouse about reporting the matter they should have leaned on the flaunting of the regulations, not make fun of people and their eating habbits.

      Mc Apple - 2013-09-15 15:55

      Now imagine what the chickens must feel like.

      Ferdi Turdburglar - 2013-09-15 16:46

      You really are dumb, aren't you.

      Marco Maurizio Costa - 2013-09-16 09:54

      Typical of the mentality that is exactly why this country is like it is...

  • Johan D du Toit - 2013-09-15 15:19

    "How would we have eaten if we didn't use taxpayers' money?" Jou eie natuurlik net soos al die ander mense wat vir 'n salaris WERK!

      Albert Fourie - 2013-09-15 15:26

      Johan,werk,nee gits man, wanneer vreet sy dan

      Ferdi Turdburglar - 2013-09-15 16:47

      The salary is what gets paid in order to get them to show up for work every day. If you want them to work, you pay extra.

  • Brett M Rowe - 2013-09-15 15:19

    The equivalent of 12.6 fully loaded box meals a day, every day, for 10 weeks.

  • Jan Grimbeek - 2013-09-15 15:19

    Just think how much she saved, she spent it all on specials, so nothing wrong. They got to gain weight to motivate their need for 4X4 vehichles !

  • Ntanganedzeni Matsila - 2013-09-15 15:20

    look at her...not suprised

  • Pierre van Niekerk - 2013-09-15 15:21

    The one thing the ANC did successfully promoted when they speak about woman and woman rights, is the group of woman that represents the ugly face of woman. Those whom you hate to admit you cannot respect them at all!

  • Albert Fourie - 2013-09-15 15:23

    Just a pitty they don't sell brains in a bottle."Cause we need brains you know"

  • Adrian Strooberg - 2013-09-15 15:26

    She must repay that dept out of her own pocket. Thats the only way she will learn. The ANC cant let her get awaywith this. It is her responsibility to keep her credit cards safe, she camt try and blame other people.

  • Ali Motaung - 2013-09-15 15:28

    Quoting from her responses ... "The president chose me. The ANC chose me. I am proud to tell you that I am one of the hard-working comrades" To me it should have sounded like - " ... I am one of the too-much eating comrades"

  • Phoenixx - 2013-09-15 15:30

    How about paying for your food with you own salary like the rest of us???

  • Charmaine Rowlands - 2013-09-15 15:30

    aside for all the obvious stuff, i'm dumbfounded as to HOW you could spend 53THOUSAND ZAR+ on food, let alone fast food in TEN weeks??!! Please somebody tell me how that's possible. Then there's this: "When we go out of Kimberley, we go to the SuperSpar and we buy water and Powerade and cool drinks. We need Powerade for the energy, you know," she was quoted as saying. "How would we have eaten if we didn't use taxpayers' money?" [sic] WHAAAAAAAT???

  • Guy Mugabe - 2013-09-15 15:33

    Well done wht ever wht A F**k,typical of the ANC people I like it she just proven the Organisation she,belong too.This is the norms n values of hw things are done by this bunch of idiots,and after tht they will buy the voters food parcels foods.

  • Quintin Bezuidenhout - 2013-09-15 15:37

    You can cheat and lie about corruption and get away from it, but you can not lie and cheat cholesterol and a heart attack.

  • Denis Edward Peens - 2013-09-15 15:37

    Gov wants to ban fast food ads. When they have a BMI of 20 they can talk.

  • John Lonsdale - 2013-09-15 15:39

    That's a lot of Chicken Licken

  • Sipho Simon Mogale - 2013-09-15 15:42

    Buy me Nandos u will do the swipe

  • nkosikhonorman.ludidi - 2013-09-15 15:43

    Lol lol lol

  • Lunetic Mental - 2013-09-15 15:43

    looking at her picture one can believe the story

  • Guy Mugabe - 2013-09-15 15:43

    whr are the poo protest so thy prostest for their turn to eat.You got to love this Organisation nev a dull moment always on the wrong side.more special this women so stupid.

  • Thembinkosi Jozie - 2013-09-15 15:46

    That's too little The auditor general is still not allowed to audit that department of the presidency. Billions are being spent on food in this department and the Nkandla compound.Why is the AG allowed to audit all the other departments but the presidency. Do u have something to hide kangaman?

  • Adair Victoria Cross - 2013-09-15 15:46

    She should cut down on her eating *seriously plump* :-)

      Mc Apple - 2013-09-15 15:53

      Would you believe that there was an actual study done about why the Africans are gaining so much weight? The governmental study found that it was the availability of food. Yeah, the food got the blame. Laughed so hard when I read that I almost peed myself.

  • Phillip Marchant - 2013-09-15 15:48

    Why is everyone being so horrible to this hero of the struggle? When we vote for a party that says the elite few hierarchy are going to get rich at the expense of the poor, why do we then complain when they live up to their election promises? The ANC government has demonstrated their desire to steal the money that is garnered by the taxpayer ostensibly for the poor, so that they can become exceedingly wealthy. They have become so adebt at this over the years, that the once 'astronomical' figures quoted in the 'Arms Deal', now seem like Monopoly money. Unemployment soars, the poor become poorer and their numbers increase, infant death rates are back to ice-age levels. Rural clinic and hospital are forced close down one after the other, because the brave comrade leader hasn't stolen enough from the poor yet. All of which is nothing new, and we have voted the ANC precept of rule and governance over us with relish. So why complain when the ANC murder our children, when we have willingly given them the mandate to do so? And of course the premier needs lots of Powerade - can you imagine the energy required to power those beautiful jowells through a daily dose of R1 000,00 worth of the poor's money spent on MacFats Brain-Burgers? Shame on you, people, for treating your premier so badly. Amaaandla - where to?

      Mc Apple - 2013-09-15 15:51

      Yeah I can see her struggle... struggle to get that drumstick out of her throat.

      Mc Apple - 2013-09-15 15:51

      P.S. Amaaandla - where to? KFC!

  • Mashavha - 2013-09-15 15:50

    Hmmm this gravy train does not want to stop ne or will it stop after 2014 elections,rude awakening I guess

  • Ferdi Turdburglar - 2013-09-15 15:51

    and that innate stupidity that is necessary to be a member of the ruling regime once again kicks in when a numpty is asked a reasonable question regarding the squandering of taxpayer money.

  • James Chronic - 2013-09-15 15:54

    this is hilarious man! Bloddy hell imagine how much she spent on toothpicks. All aboard the gravy train wooo woooo!

      MrTinyiko Matsambu - 2013-09-15 16:03

      Blacks and their love for Soul Food.

  • Rogan Twort - 2013-09-15 15:58

    She makes Khulubuse look skraal...

  • Malesela William-Forbes Thubakgale - 2013-09-15 16:02

    No wonder shes so fat

  • Stephanus Venter - 2013-09-15 16:02

    Hulle vreet so lekker want hulle steel so lekker....... They eat so much cause they steal so much......

      Naome Mokeki - 2013-09-15 16:40


  • Elethu Nkala - 2013-09-15 16:03

    Realy hot chips and milkshake, Im sure you donated R530000, such a sweet lady

  • Kobus Le Roux - 2013-09-15 16:11


  • Werner Nagel - 2013-09-15 16:19

    Absolutely disgusting, what a waist of OUR money. If it where anywhere else she would have to step down. Guess its apartheids fault "niks gewoond nie"

      Reginald Jeeves - 2013-09-16 07:21

      She will not understand that it is, as you say, OUR money. Most of them who get (illegitimately) put into these positions are so stupid they are blissfully ignorant of the fact that they get paid with taxpayers' money.

  • Christopher Mark V Lowe - 2013-09-15 16:19

    Another fat ANC pig with her snout deep in the trough. I hope Karma works so that she gets diabetes and excessive blood pressure from stuffing her fat face with all that junk food.

      WE Werner - 2013-09-15 16:26

      Quick death , otherwise she will be in a private hospital ,more tax payer money