Presidency: Mandela steadily improving

2013-07-18 08:03

Johannesburg - The health of former president Nelson Mandela, who turns 95 on Thursday, is "steadily improving", the presidency said.

"Madiba remains in hospital in Pretoria, but his doctors have confirmed that his health is steadily improving," spokesperson Mac Maharaj said in a statement.

Mandela was admitted into a Pretoria hospital on 8 June with a recurrent lung infection.

Until now, his condition has been described as critical but stable.

President Jacob Zuma said: "On behalf of government and all the people of South Africa, we wish Madiba a joyous 95th birthday.

"We are proud to call this international icon our own as South Africans and wish him good health."

In 2009, 18 July was declared as Mandela Day to honour the former statesman, with people encouraged to dedicate 67 minutes of their time to nation-building and charity in recognition of his service towards securing democracy and restoring human dignity.

"We thank all our people for supporting Madiba throughout the hospitalisation with undying love and compassion," said Zuma.

"We also thank all for responding to the call to give Madiba the biggest birthday celebration ever this year."

  • Arthur Salvado - 2013-07-18 08:12

    Happy Birthday Madiba

  • Poloyatonki Kgosi - 2013-07-18 08:16

    When he wakes up tell him what his kids have been up to...

      Bheki Dladla - 2013-07-18 08:27

      i really doubt he would regard them as such. those ppl are just a shame

      procold2 - 2013-07-18 10:12

      one of the first times i have to agree with you donkey, i dont believe this story and as much as i would like it to be true i think we will get bad news in the next few days, all the best madiba

  • Sello Mnisi - 2013-07-18 08:18

    Happy bday Tata

  • Fortunate Netty - 2013-07-18 08:18

    Only God who is in control...

  • Sello Mnisi - 2013-07-18 08:18

    Happy bday Tata

  • AndreS - 2013-07-18 08:18

    Happy birthday Madiba. May God bless you and be with you always.

  • Marlon Engledoe - 2013-07-18 08:24

    Happy Birthday dude, party like you 21

  • Nomitso Yello Nandipha - 2013-07-18 08:24

    Happy birth day Tata ... wishing u a big smile today #ilove u Tatu Mandela

  • Twopac Amaru Shakur - 2013-07-18 08:25

    Die Hard

  • Elizabeth Remba - 2013-07-18 08:39

    a very happy birthday Madiba and get well soon..

  • Kanyisa Rozani - 2013-07-18 08:40

    Happy birthday tata!

  • Simon James Tatt - 2013-07-18 08:41

    "The presidency says" ....... why are we not getting updates from the hospital`s director or Mr Mandela`s chief physician? Who believes the presidency these days?

  • Mandy Pepler - 2013-07-18 08:47

    Happy birthday Madiba, we are thinking of you today. May God Bless you.

  • Meyiwa Mafusini - 2013-07-18 08:48

    happy birthday MADIBA. now u free to go and put all the suffering aside don't worry about ur kids they will stop fighting when they get what they want...

  • Solethu Solethu Matrose - 2013-07-18 08:49

    happy birthday madiba its only you and fw de clerk left then we doomed.

  • David Madisha - 2013-07-18 08:57

    Happy birthday "tata Madiba"

  • Mbalo Bulelani - 2013-07-18 08:57

    i qoute, " i stand here before you not as a prophet but as a servant of you,the people. your tireless and heroic sacrifices have made it possible for me to be here today. i therefore place the remainings years of my life into your hands. 1990 feb in capetown buy Nelson Mandela.Long live Tata long live.

  • somandla - 2013-07-18 08:58


  • Banele Jay Jay - 2013-07-18 09:03

    I wonder at who's expenses are these Madiba's birthday events funded because it will be very wrong to utilise the states funds. If its applicable to utilise states funds, the why shouldn't it be the same with Mbeki & De Clerk's birthday parties coz they're also former presidents & also fought apartheid. We all love Mandela but that should not make us to turn a blind eye to the poor who are in real need of those funds to utilise them in a meaningful manner. A democratic state should be leaded by a people's choice that puts the people before 'emselves. The likes of President Thomas Sankara who died with only a brokern fridge, a bicycle & a bed in his apartment yet left the country in a far better state, the likes of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi who promised to house the entire coutry before his own parents & on keeping that promise, he had his father dying without a habitat. Anyway, happy birthday to the old man & thanks to the almighty for keeping him this long

  • SJ Manjate Ndlanzi - 2013-07-18 09:04

    happy birthday Tata Madiba, god bless u always. we love u.

  • Melissa Van Heerden - 2013-07-18 09:04

    What an amazing vibe outside today!!! People singing in the street for TATA! You have really brought this country together like no other ever could!!!! Bless your soul!!!!!

  • Nick - 2013-07-18 09:11

    Happy birthday Madiba! From a white admirer.

  • Denise Papas - 2013-07-18 09:14

    Happy Birthday Mr Mandela. Have a Blessed Day

  • Richard - 2013-07-18 09:14

    We are getting such conflicting reports from making decisions to switch off machines to he is getting better and will be released from hospital soon as per Mbeki 2 days ago. Clearly we are being lied to again. Surely we have the right to know the truth.

  • Bt Muthwa - 2013-07-18 09:16

    news 24 you full of it ! why not give full details : 18 july was declared by the united nations as the international mandela day. , are you trying to make the day look like it is sigficant only in sa ? hhay kanjalo .

  • Junior Pillay - 2013-07-18 09:19

    Happy Birthday Big Chief.Many Happy Returns.

  • Zakazarurwa Vuma - 2013-07-18 09:23

    happy birth day Dalibunga we love ,wish you speed recovery

  • Thabo Shado Galeboe - 2013-07-18 09:37

    If only we could be allowed to see his recent video we would be relieved,God be with u TaTa we love u*

  • EyesEars HandsFeet - 2013-07-18 09:49

    So his health has improved to the extend that he will be able to breath normally once of the ventilation system and go "home"?

  • Joe Kot - 2013-07-18 10:53

    happy birthday African father

  • Ricky Singh - 2013-07-18 11:05

    Tata Madiba,Happy Bday to you.We will always salute your greatness,humbleness,diplomacy and your strife to deliver us from the evil that was apartheid.Your Gandhian qualities and explosive addictive personality has also laid you amongst the greatest leaders of all time.Forever, your bravery and patriotism, will be remembered by generations of South Africans to come,so today we raise our glasses to a man whom we love dearly Tata Madiba.We Love You!

  • Edward Radingoana - 2013-07-18 11:06

    Can Madiba family appoint a Spokesperson to save everyone from being lied to by the Government? For the sake of the nation

  • Dumile Dwe - 2013-07-18 11:20

    Tata can rest in peace now. Ugqatso ulufezile.

  • Sontshatsha Kwezi - 2013-07-18 12:28

    If this info is coming from the spin doctor Mac Maharaj, then I'm not buying this...Enjoy your day Madiba.

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