Presidency wants Zim report kept secret

2011-05-17 12:36

Johannesburg - The Presidency tried to convince the Constitutional Court in Johannesburg on Tuesday that it should not be compelled to release a report on the 2002 presidential elections in Zimbabwe to the Mail & Guardian newspaper.

“The disclosure of the record would reveal information supplied in confidence by or on behalf of another state,” said Marumo Moerane, representing the president.

He also argued the report was “essentially... obtained or prepared for the purpose of assisting to formulate policy”.


The Presidency was not obliged to release the report because the two judges who compiled it were special envoys whose function was to inform then president Thabo Mbeki about constitutional and legal challenges in Zimbabwe.

The information contained in their report was confidential, argued Moerane.

The Mail & Guardian weekly newspaper won attempts in the High Court and Supreme Court of Appeal to have the report made public under the Promotion of Access to Information Act (Paia).

The newspaper requested the report in June 2008, but the president refused to release it on the grounds that it would reveal information supplied by Zimbabwean government officials in confidence.

Public interest

However, the Mail & Guardian argued the release of the report was in the public interest because it would throw light on whether President Robert Mugabe legitimately remained in office after the elections.

Both the North Gauteng High Court and the Supreme Court of Appeal agreed with the newspaper.

The Presidency had now turned to the Constitutional Court in an attempt to keep the report secret.

The two judges who compiled the document, Sisi Khampepe and Dikgang Moseneke, are both Constitutional Court judges. They recused themselves from Tuesday's hearing.

  • edmead - 2011-05-17 12:41


      saabnut - 2011-05-17 12:46

      They certainly wouldn't want Malema's blueprints being brodcast before tomorrow's poll- might cost them votes...

      clark - 2011-05-17 12:56

      - The Anc's lack of tranparency exposed once again - much like the audit reports on municipalities - Again we say to the Anc - if there is nothing to hide ,why are you so determined to protect the contents ? The people do not trust you anymore - we should be the judges of those reports - not a deceptive , deceitful body like the Anc.

      World Traveler - 2011-05-17 13:01

      I agree. Power to the people, the President is a public servant. Servant I command you, release that report!

      Mnr. Smith - 2011-05-17 13:09

      No wonder Nelson Mandela decided to vote for the DA yesterday.

      Jelly - 2011-05-17 13:10

      Government doesn't care what our money is being used for, as long as they get to spend it! Nxa!!! Again, lack of transparency and obviously they have inside info and the cheating and collusion on the part of their brother in crime Bob! Shame on you!

      Tooth Fairie - 2011-05-17 13:19

      Dear Prez, It is concerning the things you fight for at the courts with OUR money - on whose behalf? the voters and taxpayers or your own behalf? The danger to South Africa is not Jacob Zuma but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a Zuma presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Zuma, who is a mere symptom of what ails South Africa. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Jacob Zuma, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their President.

      p123 - 2011-05-17 13:22

      ANC (Together, we can do more CORRUPTION) want to protect that evil Dictator. The mere fact that the ANC are 100% supportive of this tyrant says a lot about the ANC and what it really feels about democracy.

      myancmyfutur - 2011-05-17 13:58

      Why are you so concerned about Zim all of a sudden?

      Awakener - 2011-05-17 14:14

      @myancmyfuturl: we are worried as the evident ties the ANC and ANCYL has with Zim are very worrying. The fact that S.A even opens its ears to Zim shows what lack of democratic savy they have

      Rob Gunning - 2011-05-17 14:35

      Exactly - This is the reason the freedom of access to information act was passed in the first place.

  • AJ - 2011-05-17 12:44

    And why would they want to hide the contents, considering they called it free and fair in the first place?

      RobertKay - 2011-05-17 13:06

      Unfortunat6ely the words"Free and Fair" do not exist in Zimbabwe. I wouldn't be surprised if they disappear from S.A. dictionaries as well some time in the future!

      World Traveler - 2011-05-17 13:10

      This could get interesting! A cover-up? Embarrassing info? Are they ashamed of something? You bet!

      AJ - 2011-05-17 13:25

      I happened to be in Zim after we called it 'free and fair' and every local I spoke to wanted Mbeki's head on a stick. They pretty much blamed him for subjecting them to Mugabe for more years - they were right.

      Barry - 2011-05-17 13:30

      @AJ When it is released it could lead to the downfall of the cANCer led government. A lot of juicy info in there. Why are they fighting so vociferously to keep it secret ?

  • Maki - 2011-05-17 12:44

    There is sensitive information in the report given over in trust by the Zimbabwean people. Revealing it will be a betrayal of that trust. Rather than arguing, wait for the courts to decide.

      Worldwise - 2011-05-17 12:51

      Well then Maki, why on earth would the government want a report on elections they themselves declared free and fair to be secret? Why would they not want transparency as enshrined in the SA constitution if they have nothing to hide?

      DW - 2011-05-17 12:51

      Depends on which Zimbabwean people they are trying to protect - If they are trying trying to cover up an illegitimate declaration of a "free and fair" election we should know about it, especially right now just before our own elections. If there was substantial evidence that it was not free and fair and our government decided to declare that it was, then that should tell you how much they respect the democratic process - all the more reason NOT to vote them back into power. Vote them out NOW before they dig themselves in even deeper and then do exactly what Mugabe did.

      tut - 2011-05-17 12:53

      And you believe the crap you have just written? Your ANC helped rig the cover up of the ZANU-PF hijacking of power from the MDC! This is the truth and we all know it fool!

      Together - 2011-05-17 12:53

      Withhold the security sections and release the rest. Secrets kill.

      DeonL - 2011-05-17 12:54

      Two courts already voted in favour of the paper. This is not a constitutional case.

      Thor - 2011-05-17 12:57

      The courts have decided. Twice. Also the Zimbabwean people trust that their neighbours and fellow African countries do the right thing. SA has failed in this respect. This only because the ANC is more interested in supporting corruption and fellow dictators.

      jeremy - 2011-05-17 12:57

      Well, two courts have already decided in the Mail and Guardian's favour. I'm sure the Concourt will make the same decision. By the way, the info came from the Zim government, which has since been widely discredited. I'm sure the people of Zimbabwe will be delighted if the report is made public....

      Colin - 2011-05-17 13:04

      Oh balls Maki! Thats like saying covering up Human Rights abuses is fine if the information was supplied to you in confidence by the perpetrators. This was not given by the Zimbabwean people, it was given by the Zimbabwean Government, who could quite possible be an illegitimate Government. You blind support of a political party is to say the least disconcerting.

      KPActivities - 2011-05-17 13:05

      Maki, maybe you did not read this well, "Both the North Gauteng High Court and the Supreme Court of Appeal agreed with the newspaper." This is just another method of the corrupted anc to withhold information from us. Why go to the constitutional court as well waisting more tax payers money, your money.

      Werner - 2011-05-17 13:16

      Maki you and your equally devious comrades are arguing like children. What you're essentially saying is that the Zimbabwean and SA governments are exchanging information that is not fit for the general public - what kind of a rulership is THAT? It's essentially about a RIGHT to know what information is being kept secret. You're so keen on your RIGHTS you should have no problem understanding such a simple concept.

      Realist - 2011-05-17 13:19

      What do you suppose any of you are going to do shoudl teh report be released? You will sit and whine on news 24, nothing dont bother asking

      jwill - 2011-05-17 13:20

      Getting sooooo sick and tired of blind sheep that doesn't have the ability to construct any argument of their own...but rather suck up the drivel from their masters. Seriously Maki, get your own opinion about something in this life.

      CamsComment - 2011-05-17 13:22

      Maki - you come up with some strange comments.

      p123 - 2011-05-17 13:26

      Answer just one question Maki - Do you or do you not support that evil dictator Mugabe? The whole world (other than your useless,racist and corrupt ANC) can see Mugabe to be the Tyrant that he is who has brought this country down to it's knees.

      Barry - 2011-05-17 13:32

      @ Maki you again Maki Maki Maki troll alert

      7thFloor - 2011-05-17 13:32

      In a democratic society a government report is never kept confidential forever. Come on ConCourt! show us you have balls to release that report to the Mail&Guardian.

      Realist - 2011-05-17 13:42

      You guys can dislike the comment all you want to, get thsi right, I think Mugabe is blithering idiot that should be hanged for what he has done to his people, but lets face teh facts here people, all you woudl do about it, is talk, nobody is going to Zim to do something, nobody is gonna get off their @ss and help...that does not make me a Mugabe supporter, all I am saying is dont ask for what you are not prepared to handle in teh first place.

      Colin - 2011-05-17 13:42

      Odd, no one mentioned anything about the colour of the people trying to suppress the report. You condemn Colonialism, yet you are quite happy with suppression and exploitation of a Nation of people by a Dictatorial Regime? Would this mean that it was ok for the Nationalist Government to suppress the Nation and that the world should not question?? Does this mean it would have been ok for the world to stand back and watch the continued existence of Apartheid?? Because THIS is the ethos you are a proponent of. This has NOTHING to do with color or Colonialism. This has to do with the right to Freedom of information. This has to do with tyranny and oppression. Your failure to discern the difference and your insistence on trying to divert attention from the issue here is a travesty and an insult to those whose rights have been forcibly removed in Zimbabwe. So forgive me is I DO take the moral high ground!

      Grant - 2011-05-17 13:43

      Maki, you are a racist idiot! You pop up on every article that has anything to do with the ANC and back them regardless of the argument. You were probably backing Zuma when he raped that girl too, hey? You really are nothing more than slime...

      Stinkhout - 2011-05-17 13:49


      Carl Muller - 2011-05-17 13:53

      Our tax money paid for it....

      jwill - 2011-05-17 13:57

      thanx Maki, you just proved my point. Instead of actually having your own just resort back to the trusted rhetoric of colonialism etc etc etc etc. Answer me this: A farmer bought (yes, you read correctly: bought) a farm from the Zim government in 1993.....only to be taken (yes: taken) from him 9 years later. No compensation at all. Tell me this: how is it colonialism/Apartheid/White Man's fault that the Zim government decided to sell the farm in the first place????? Get your own opinion you blind troll............

      umlaut - 2011-05-17 14:01

      "LITTLE IRRATED" MAKI.... The countries that used to be colonies did very well until they were handed over or the colonialists were chased out.

      myancmyfutur - 2011-05-17 14:02

      Its amazing that the Zim people are not as worried as the white comrades are. I wonder if their concern is genuine and I doubt if the report was commissioned for public consumption. The Presidency must address issues on the report than releasing for gossip

      KPActivities - 2011-05-17 14:05

      @ Maki, You are irritating everyday all those places you just mentioned got F;***ed after power were given to the local people. Look at ZIM, huge exports in food, now the people is starving of hunger.

      MontyP69 - 2011-05-17 14:10

      Sorry Maki On your Comments " Do you realise that just about every country colonised is in a shambles today?? Look at Congo - Belgium, Moz -Portugul, Angola, Rwanda, Zimbabwe,Somalia...the list goes on and on" What about USA, Canada,Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia,Brasil,Argentina and the list goes on and on and on, they were also Colonies

      mufasa - 2011-05-17 14:10

      @ Maki dear Maki If there were no colonials there would be no economy, no technology. So my dear neanderthal if you so want to blame educated people by all means we will leave and take all the technology with us and leave you back in the cave's and huts where you were... and another thing all the countries you mentioned are run by people FROM that country not the colonials, those countries were paradises when the "colonials" were still governing ... no wonder they don't flourish..they need real brains to govern them. for many of those countries it has been more than 17 years of independence, yet for some strange reason its still the colonial's fault that they are currently struggling with the current leaders; yet when the colonials were the leaders you did not have a struggle... fact vs fiction. Go do your research before you start blabbing about things you have no idea about. you are way to young to understand anything about politics.

      Awakener - 2011-05-17 14:18

      Ah Maki....every wrtten word that gets splurted through your keyboard amounts to absolute crap, get your head out of the whole my dear friend and wake up. Any dealing with a internationaly reck state of corruption and self degrading practices should be made public. At first insult came to mind but then I realised that I realy pitty you and your narrow views. Good luck. I wish you the best

      Nuff_Said - 2011-05-17 14:20

      Look Maki, what the majority are saying is correct, besides, why trust Zim, that country went down the tubes a while ago, even with Morgan T trying in vain to oppose a coalition which undermines and stabs him in the back? The government is just drawing this case out as long as possible so that the citizens of our country dont get to evaluate and share our view of the "Free-ness and Fairness" of it.

      Felix - 2011-05-17 15:49

      This thesis is going have alot of input - Can't wait for kolobe, polio, prev-Dis, mycancerfuture etc to admit they're also full of kuk. Have a great voting day guys n girls

      Alibaba - 2011-05-18 04:16

      I see somebody called "Alibaba" posted here. Who are you? Get your own nick. Webmaster, please investigate. Re the case at hand: The ANC will not release that report regardless of what the constitutional court rules - and it will not be the first time they will ignore the courts.

  • tut - 2011-05-17 12:45

    "Crisis what crisis?" Remember those famous words! Another smelly ANC coverup! Offcourse they want the report to be kept secret! Dont want to look like fools in the eyes of the world - again.

      Felix - 2011-05-17 14:06

      I think they are more scared of being found to be dubious criminals, the whole world already sees them as fools - all the time.

  • enragedcitizen - 2011-05-17 12:45

    the presidency is more afraid that the report would show that they have been supporting mugabe (which we all knew in anycase) in rigging his so called "free and fair" elections

  • Grayman - 2011-05-17 12:45

    I look forward to reading the report - when it is eventually made public (Wikileaks are you listening???). A very informative book is on the market right now covering the happenings in Zim over that time. The Fear by Peter Godwin is worth a read. Interestingly Godwin mentioned in his book that the ANC government had some disparaging things to say about his findings in Zimbabwe.

  • Gorilla - 2011-05-17 12:52

    How stupid is that? Conclusion: Something stinks.

  • Nathan Loftie-Eaton - 2011-05-17 12:56

    Why? Have they got something to hide?

      watalife - 2011-05-17 13:32

      Smell a Rat...

  • mhaga.sabe - 2011-05-17 12:56

    This report had nothing to do with the ANC, its was a report of Judges, prepared for govt. Why should every negative comment be linked to the ANC?? Does the DA respect the sovereignty of Zimbabwe or do they see Zimbabwe as a province of SA?? Our taxes paid for the covert activities which saw the killings of many liberation activists, the courts must rule on the release of those reports!!

      Colin - 2011-05-17 13:06

      Because the ANC are trying to suppress the release thereof, and have therefore made it about the ANC. Which YES, our taxes paid for. - 2011-05-17 13:06

      "his report had nothing to do with the ANC, its was a report of Judges, prepared for govt" Last time I checked the ANC was the goverment.

      Judgmental - 2011-05-17 13:11

      @mhaga.sabe - Of course the courts should release the documents relating to the killing of many liberation activists as it should rule that the report should be released. It just happens to be the ANC that is defending the release of the documents which should be made public...use a bit of your savvy

      World Traveler - 2011-05-17 13:16

      So if it is a report by judges let the judges decide! Hey! The have decided! Release the report.

      Rapier - 2011-05-17 13:20

      The ANC is preventing M&G from access to the information @mhaga.sabe - where did the DA come into the equation here? You seem to be playing the old stuck record now with what has become terribly boring. Is is it not time we ALL moved on? The issue of Zimbabwe is very important to ALL of us...they have come across our borders in many thousands, primarily due the rule of secrecy and fear which Mugabe has institutionalised. People are thrown into prison there on a daily basis....and you and I never hear about them, due to just the type of secrecy Zuma and his cronies now want to mimic here. Neither the courts nor the government are the "Rulers" - true democracy is transparent, and is by the people, for the people and of the people. What happened in the liberation struggle was not good, but is it not time now to deal with the real issues in our daily lives? We need to work together with a strong Government who has YOU and I at heart, and not hellbent on status, enrichment and power - unless of course you want them to emulate those Apartheid mongrels again?

      AJ - 2011-05-17 13:29

      @mhaga.sage - didn't read the article at ALL didja? It HAS something to do with the ANC because THEY are TRYING to SUPPRESS it. Jaysus, does it HAVE to be so hard all the time......

      p123 - 2011-05-17 13:33

      How can anyone respect the sovereignty of Zimbabwe when the ZANU-PF dictatorship has rigged the last 3 elections? In fact they lost the lost election, which were over 2 years ago and that evil tyrant still clings onto power. Tell me why do you support Dictatorships that oppress their very own people? I suppose you support Gadaffi too?

      Clever1 - 2011-05-17 13:54

      The report has everything to do with Govt, and in turn, as the ANC are the Govt (note how decisions are taken at Luthuli House!), this has everything to do with the ANC! The DA do not regard Zimbabwe as a province of SA. If they did, and they were in Govt in SA, then the Zimbabweans may actually live in a truly democratic and functional country, with decent levels of service delivery, less corruption, a free press and other benefits. Our taxes, and our covert support of ZANU-PF has resulted in the killing, maiming and torturing of thousands of Zimbabweans over the last twelve years. Now, on the last point we can agree - two of the courts have ruled already in favour of a free press, freedom of information, and the third will finally decide this issue once and for all. I sincerely hope that our Constitutional Court makes the CORRECT decision!

      Gorilla - 2011-05-17 13:55

      You're not too bright are you? What do you understand "the Presidency" to mean?

      Point Blank - 2011-05-17 15:26

      Er mhaga, you complain that the ANC are being attacked for everything yet you blame the DA for it???

      Lauren - 2011-05-17 19:35

      Anthro, you are clearly an ignorant child. Can't even be bothered to get into your disgusting post. Will simply report it.

  • kuruption88 - 2011-05-17 12:56

    What is in those damn files?!?!?!?!?!?!....the only time you don't want to open your closet is if you have skeletons in it.

      Point Blank - 2011-05-17 15:27

      Gross human rights violations and the ANC lack of doing anything about it...

  • Shorts1 - 2011-05-17 13:06

    Obviously something else that the ANC are looking to hide from public viewing. This proves yet again that they can never be trusted.

      Barry - 2011-05-17 13:36

      or govern

  • Slapper - 2011-05-17 13:08

    Dont worry, it will all come out. Zuma can keep his pecker in his trousers longer than he can keep anything secret.

      Smaal - 2011-05-17 13:24

      AAAAawwwwwwww CRAP! Please don’t tell me he left some of his DNA in Zim as well!

  • willieman - 2011-05-17 13:12

    Are you protecting another dictator at the expense of the people of Zimbabwe.Next time you will be saying african problem african solution.Stop promoting dictatorships in the contintent like the useless defunct OAU and now highly incompetent organisation of dictators AU

  • Werner - 2011-05-17 13:12

    "obtained or prepared for the purpose of assisting to formulate policy". Wtf does that even mean. These politicians and their overly complex and intricate use of fancy words to disguise the truth. Sigh.

  • simcard1506 - 2011-05-17 13:13

    Mr President u are a servant of the people of the South Africa and the continent of Africa....What happens in Zimbabwe affects our country and Zimbabweans and Africa....Release the report...the policy that results from report also impacts on the people....POWER TO THE PEOPLE...

  • World Traveler - 2011-05-17 13:17

    I just love skeletons in the anc cupboards! There are soooo many of them to!

  • paul.v.d.merwe - 2011-05-17 13:19

    If they don't want to show it, then they are hiding something. Typical.

  • Henry - 2011-05-17 13:21

    The world should know. Libia is a good example

  • Jou - 2011-05-17 13:23


      Werner - 2011-05-17 13:38

      Makes me think of that novel 'Animal Farm'. You know, the one that says 'all animals are equal, some are just more equal than others.' This kind of news article makes me feel like a stupid horse in the shed being fed scraps while the pigs in the house feast on chicken.

  • neo_acheron - 2011-05-17 13:23

    Someone should just post it to Wikileaks...

  • Gido - 2011-05-17 13:25

    And even when falsehood thinks it has overpowered truth, truth will gather new strength and cast off falsehood. - Nelson Mandela

  • sefeddt - 2011-05-17 13:27

    So much for openess and tranparency, which the ANC claims to be.

  • Cuba12 - 2011-05-17 13:28

    What happened to the transparency in government that the ANC is always harping on about? Put your money where your mouth is

  • World Traveler - 2011-05-17 13:31

    Why I will vote for the DA I am a ships captain and usually sail on big bulk carriers, which trade worldwide. My crews have mostly been Ukrainian or Polish for the last eleven years and before that were mainly South African and Philipino. At last count I have been to about 55 countries, although I have really visited maybe half of those well enough to say that “I have seen that country”. Some of those countries are well run and some not but the bad ones are mostly getting better. Like Ecuador or Kenya. Some are getting worse, like Sierra Leone. People are proud to be citizens of their country. And then I sail into a South African port and the crew just laugh at the shambles! Very embarrassing when a Ukrainian crew, whose country is a shambles laugh at South Africa! During the world’s biggest economic boom in history Richards Bay did not extend their facilities at all, berths were vacant while ships were at anchor waiting for their cargoes of coal that could not be delivered to the port due to “technical” problems. It used to be the worlds biggest coal exporting port, now its productivity is an international joke. We went to Saldanha Bay to load 120 000 tonnes iron ore for Japan, had to wait ten days because of derailments and other “technical” delays. What a joke! I had told the Ukrainian crew that it was a well-run port with a well-run rail system. Very embarrassing. I was in China a few weeks ago and the taxi driver taking me to the airport was laughing at Zuma who had been on TV news. Whatever Zuma had said, something about buying electric bicycles, made him into a joke to the Chinese! They knew all about him and his fleet of wives. Ships crews used to visit Durban (or Port Elizabeth or East London) and have a great time at the beaches or shopping or night-clubbing. They spent a lot of foreign money. Now it is not safe to go up the road. Every sailor in the world knows that! They like Cape Town though; they go to the Waterfront or up the mountain if they have time. The Canal Walk Mall blows their minds! The Dad’s Toys shop is their favourite spot. I want my country to be well run and good enough to stand up to any international scrutiny. It is not. I want the Ukrainian crew to tell me that they will be visiting South Africa. They do not. I want a country to be proud of! All citizens must be proud of their country! Our present bunch of anc “leaders” is the cause of the national embarrassment. South Africa has been destroyed by the anc, they cannot be trusted to fix it. Here are just a few catastrophes that the anc are directly responsible for…. 1/ Education – destroyed by the anc! 2/ Industrial productivity – destroyed by the anc! 3/ Medical care – destroyed by the anc! 4/ Defense force – destroyed by the anc! 5/ Employment – destroyed by the anc! 6/ Police force –destroyed by the anc! 7/ Roads, rail and ports infrastructure – destroyed by the anc! 8/ Farm productivity and safety – destroyed by the anc! 9/ Crime – rampant! 10/ Corruption and cronyism – rampant! What country in the world puts the Minister of Housing in charge of all the country’s toilets! Ha! Ha! The anc are useless, the anc must go! And the sooner the better and we can all agree on that! The only political party that has the vision to get things going and to get things right is the DA. Other smaller parties may have some good points but they are just diluting the vote and in some cases even maintaining the status quo. South Africa does not need the status quo, it needs change! Now! Vote DA! Only the DA can do it! South Africa needs the DA to take charge and fix the country. For poorer people, for richer people and all of us in between people, for your children, for all of us! Act now! Act decisively! Vote DA! Vote Zille!

      Caligurl - 2011-05-17 14:21

      I know exactly how you feel WT; I have lived in 5 countries and 3 continents, first and third world ones, including the US, England and Mexico. It is undeiable the natural beauty of SA, the huge and vast richness of its natural resources, hands down it should be able to geberate and produce enough jobs, tourism, and money to keep the wheels tourning; sadly a goverment that seeks only to fill up their own pockets overlooking and ignoring the cries and voices of the ppl will never succeed in provinding for them. Even Mexico where crime and cartel druglords r outocontrol does not stop the gov officials from attending the citizens, service delivery and burocracy seem amazing compared to the SA ones. Then transparency and freedom of speech are common denomitator in first world countries, and why are they there? because they work!!! because it stops (or at least makes it more difficult) corruption and dirty deals... wake ppl, tomorrow vote right, vote smart, VOTE DA!!!!

      MontyP69 - 2011-05-17 14:25

      Yes Captain Went to a lot of these places as well, and you are right we are now worse than a lot of them. PE and Durban were great fun to go up the road in but i wouldn't go into town anymore.

      Vicker - 2011-05-17 14:40

      Very well said World Traveller!

  • El Cid - 2011-05-17 13:31

    Another ANC coverup. Swines!!!

      Fanie - 2011-05-17 15:20

      Eina!! dont insult swines - THEY at least are inteligent

  • JewelZA - 2011-05-17 13:37

    Seems every Presidency we've had since '94 has something they do not want the world at large to know about their dealings with Bob. Must be pretty diabolical considering the lengths they go to to keep Bob in power.

  • CHIPPER_CHAP - 2011-05-17 13:44

    and whilst we are at it, can we also have the full report re the arms deal also? we paid for that also or did the money to straight to Mbeki and his chommies?

  • Marius Rossouw - 2011-05-17 13:48

    I suppose the ANC doesn't want to make it public as it may cotain schemes how to rig an election. Can anyone still trust these skunks.

  • Carl Muller - 2011-05-17 13:52

    If the judges and report was paid for by our money we should know.... By the way, how much did it cost...

  • JustinD - 2011-05-17 13:56

    It obviously shows how corrupt Mugabe is and Zuma is close behind.

  • myancmyfutur - 2011-05-17 13:57


      Werner - 2011-05-17 14:00

      You don't deserve the comments from an intellectual.

      DeonL - 2011-05-17 14:06

      The buyer is not willing to pay - Go to Zimbabwe.

      Felix - 2011-05-17 14:17

      Why don't you go get a farm in zim? They are all just sitting there doing nothing.

      myancmyfutur - 2011-05-17 14:25

      If the seller is not willing to sell then they must move for free, the land issue is the only issue that I think the ANC has moved slowly with. However we are hopeful that there will be a new resolution on it during the ANC conference in Mangaung which should be implemented in 3 yrs.@ Felix, South Africa is my home, maybe you should move to emigrate before its too late.

      Rapier - 2011-05-17 14:31

      Capitals = SHOUTING = no culture. Empty cans make the most noise.

      Felix - 2011-05-17 14:32

      How exactly do you expect to move them? You will never get away with this plan of yours. SA is my home too and I will fight to the death if some little mk wannabe tries to take my land without an agreement for compensation.

      myancmyfutur - 2011-05-17 14:40

      How else do we expect that the Land issue be addressed and what should be done considering that more than 80% of our land is in the hands of a nearly 15% greedy minority

      arendsoog - 2011-05-17 14:48

      Poor idiot, it is like hijacking a car but you can't drive!

      Point Blank - 2011-05-17 15:30

      myanblahblahblah, what land, all land that was "stolen" has been returned or the ORIGINAL owners compensated.. There is no land owing to anyone, Malema has you fooled because you are ignorant and stupid.

      myancmyfutur - 2011-05-17 15:51

      @ Point, how stupid are you? or you think we're all fooled by your English smile, you're not suggesting that all the land your fellow racists possess wss brought here by Jan Van riebeck's ship and Comrade Julius is also your hero dont you dare insult Him WE WILL BEAT THE DOG TILL THE OWNER COMES OUT. @ Arendsoog, then we need to take the car with the driver.

      Felix - 2011-05-17 15:51

      Suck mycancerousfuture, Maki's thesis is going to be way better than yours.

      GLY - 2011-05-17 16:29

      myancmyfutur do a detailed stduy on the Zim economy objectively. Second highest inflation ever. It all started with the land grab. Having lived through all of this and with first hand experience, the Zim landgrab only benefited those with connections. To see inexperienced farmers trying to grow a maize crop where the land was only suitable for ranching is really sad. Zim lost 100 years of farming experience and it will take 100 years to get it back. Please think objectively and examine what happend in Zim. I regret to say that your policies look like they are purely selfish. Look at the amount of food that is being exported to Zim now from SA. We used to be an exporter. Zim land grab was a failure. Accept this and learn by these mistakes.

      Bad1hq - 2011-05-17 16:37

      You do realise that most of the land in our country belongs to government? It is the commercial land that you want to steal! Commercial land belonging to white and black business people. You are proposing taking land which has been worked and formed to be a productive enterprise for nothing! I would like to see you walk into your nearest Shoprite chekkers and telling the owner that the shop and everything in it is now yours and you're not going to give them a cent for it. My bet is you'll be laughed at or get arrested. The ANC will have a big fight on their hands if they push farmers into a corner...

      whatashame - 2011-05-17 17:41

      Go buy your own farm and work for something for a change and then see how you feel when someone tries to take it from you. I don't have a house perhaps I should come and hijack your shack.!!! Follow Zims example and hopefully when there is no food because your farms fail then you can all duck off over the border to Zim where they will give you an ID to vote Zanu PF. The Zims then can have pay back time and practice the same xenophobia on you. Lovely when the wheel turns. You obviously couldn't see from the 80's already how Zim was going down the tubes and won't see it here either till its too late. Where have the 100000 SA farmers gone. The state owns about 60% of SA's land - go ask them for a farm. Don't take what you didn't pay for or didn't your mother teach you that. Maki you are obviously not for real. Can't understand your logic.

      Boerseun - 2011-05-17 17:56

      Idiots like you deserve the future you create for yourselves.

      Lauren - 2011-05-17 20:16

      I would like to know. If the land belonged to “you” (whoever that may be at that time), are you saying that the particular land that has been “stolen” was being utlised productively for any kind of means? Were their people farming or practising any other kind of sustainable enterprise on this land? I need to understand where it is that you are coming from when you say that the land was stolen from you. Do you understand that the world was explored and divided and worked for many, many centuries. This has happened all over the world. If you can explain who the people were on all these pieces of land that were stolen, it would go a long way to explain your view. I do however fear that the case is that people came here, set up shop, got on with it; then did some nasty things in the south of Africa and it now all hinges on that. As for stealing land from anybody else...I'm not sure it's applicable. As we all know, if you are not Khoi San, then you are technically not really entitled to bleat on about anything. It is also a well known fact that the Zulus and Xhosas raped and pillaged their way through a large part of Africa. In life, friend, there are winners and losers. Your people too took and killed. Do not sit here today and play the victim, trying to erase history and proclaiming to be so hard done by. It's not befitting anybody with pride and self respect. Do most of hate what happened in terms of Apartheid? Yes, of course. Are we oblivious to history and everything that went before? No. Stop being the victim. Stop thinking that a black skin automatically gives you right to land anywhere in Africa. You can go try that in any other African state and you will get the serious boot. So, I suggest that you man up and accept that history took its course in Africa, the same way it did all over the world and no amount of trying to sit on a heap and point at stuff, bleating “it's mine, it's mine” is going to help you. People came here. They occupied land, they started farming. That's it. I bet if you go ask your ancestors about how they went about things, they will tell you it was par for the course in the day. They, after all, did exactly the same thing. Just less effectively. In stead of crying over spilt milk and looking for perpetrators long dead, I suggest that you get on with nation building for the good of everybody in this land. Anything else is going to leave you severely disappointed, possibly for the rest of your life. Is that how you want to spend your days?

      Makhanyane - 2011-05-17 20:31

      So you can starve like your neighbours up North get in your car go to Zimbabwe yourself,on second thoughts you dont deserve any further comment from me..IDIOT

      Makhanyane - 2011-05-17 20:35


      Fred - 2011-05-18 12:43

      From your comments you are either one of the most ignorant people to walk the earth, or you are being paid by Malema. Land grabs simply do not work, and they will even adversely affect you, yourself. Sorry, adversely means badly. You probably didn't know that. Also take your caps lock off.

  • tiotudg - 2011-05-17 14:00

    Wat anders kan mens van Zuma en sy trawante verwag? Foeitog

  • Lambchop63 - 2011-05-17 14:04

    Aha And Im sure they have NOTHING to hide.... WTF EVER!!!!

  • kilo39 - 2011-05-17 14:06

    The Brotherhood of Africa's Geriatric Wannabe Despots will stick together no matter what this may mean for the welfare of the very people they have sworn to serve. If they had any conscience they would be ashamed at what they are doing to this continent. It is time for younger black democratically minded African leaders to stand up and lead this continent to achieve it's full potential

      croix - 2011-05-17 21:21

      "younger black democratically minded African leaders" I sincerely hoped to see some of those in my lifetime .......... HOPE springs eternal? Let them please stand up and take charge of our collective future, and prove that Africa is, well ...... NOT just Africa!

  • Michael - 2011-05-17 14:14

    I am not a supporter of Bob, but really what would you do (M&G) if you find out that Bob remained in power ilegitemately? You like the dog that often chase the car but do nothing when the car stops!

      Lauren - 2011-05-17 20:22

      It's their job to report, not to actually do something about it. That is why it's called “reporting”. It is there to keep us informed.

  • ExRecce - 2011-05-17 14:15

    You are all quite correct in saying that the colonialists created the mess. The colonialists created a working civilization wherever they went. The problem started when the lazy citizenry wanted to sit back, do nothing and receive benefits. The problem escalated when the citizenry elected their corrupt prez and his cronies to dish out all the spoils. Problem is the prez took all the spoils for himself and kept on lying to everyone........ Grab the farms, businesses, banks, mines and whatever you want boys. Starvation is soon to follow and there is f@#$all left on the rest of this Continent!!! Better you start swimming lessons......

      tryanything - 2011-05-17 17:28

      When all of us have cut down all the trees what are we going to use for shade? Colonialist Umbrellas?

      tryanything - 2011-05-17 17:33

      What are we going to use for shade when all the trees are gone? Colonialist umbrellas?

  • vambozha mutemi - 2011-05-17 14:22

    It is obvious when A = B then B = A. If ZANU PF = ANC then ANC = ZANU PF simple maths, lets say given C not equal to B then A is also not equal to C, so if MDC/DA is not equal to ZANUPF then MDC/DA is also not equal to ANC. The 2 will support each other until donkeys grow horns? I dont think so coz the donkeys are scratching their foreheads coz the horns are starting to grow

      Rapier - 2011-05-17 14:44

      As a Maths teacher @Vambozha I salute you - trouble is this "President" cannot even spell and his speeches are written phonetically......what does THAT tell you. As a Handwriting Analyst I have had access to his signature, and THAT is really scary - most significant of all my observations form this source is that he is a very slippery character, and changes his modus operandi to suit his audience - none of which is sincere. His handshake too, gives him away. Watch it next time: The overhand, covering, squeezing handshake: Used by men to show their strength and power. It can mean covering up feelings of insecurity. Always bear in mind that secrecy may show DEEP insecurity.

  • mufasa - 2011-05-17 14:26

    why not to vote ANC Crime Corruption Bad governance Moral degeneration Cadre deployment Nepotism The " ederkashun" system The health system Jacob Zuma Foolius Malema

  • Broloks - 2011-05-17 14:31

    ANC intelligence report - a contadiction in terms!!

  • cgtours - 2011-05-17 14:36

    Yes we have a right to Know- half of Mugabe s population is already here in South Africa and we are supporting them with out Tax Money, our facilities our clinics/our water/our electricity, our jobs,,our transport services, accommodation..and THEY PAY NOTHING!!!! our services of Dr Zuma and the corrupt department of home affairs we are now even giving them south African Documents and Work Permits.zIMBABWE musty BE SORTED OUT NOW AND mugabe must go AND HIS PEOPLE MUST RETURN TO THEIR OWN Country and go and establish their own clinics/jobs/houses/tran sport/water/electricity/food/ and start taking responsibility for THemsELVES and THEIR WIVES AND CHILDREN.! iF TGHEY GO BACK, DO ALL OF YOU REALISE HOW MANY MILLION WILL BE LEAVING ANFD how much MONEY THERE WILL BE SAVED AND USED FOR OUR OWN POOR AND HOMELESS. They have a VERY BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY that was once MORE WEALTHIER than South Africa. Their President and their Government in POWER destroyed it!- THEY MUST NOW GO!! There is NO EXCUSE that they should not go and rebuild that beautiful place as they will be getting a LOT OF MONEY IN aid/SANCTIONS LIFTED/ and MILLIONS POURING IN IN INVESTMENT FROM everyHERE. They will get MORE INVESTMENT THAN SOUTH AFRICA - BECAUSE THEY HAVE less crime!!tHE ONLY THING THAT MUST HAPPEN IS ZANU AND THE WHOLE mugabe LOT MUST GO, CONFISCATE ALL THE MONEY THEY HAVE STOLEN AND STASHED IN OVERSEAS BANKS AND GIVE IT BACK TO THE PEOPLE!THEN Zimbabwe will be better than South Africa and more Investment

      mouce - 2011-05-17 22:22

      cgtours I agree with your sentiments, but really what can the Zimbabweans go back to. The Chinese have taken everything.

  • Ben - 2011-05-17 14:54

    Show the report so that the Zimbabwean people can revolt and our presidant can stop being friends with that dictator!

  • Ion James - 2011-05-17 15:00

    who cares ? no really , we've been holding the Zim people down while Bob has his way with them since Mandela! Honestly , if they every help a truly fair election I think the first order of business is to declare war on us . between the NP regime and the ANC regime we've pretty much declared war on them..

  • Hopeforall - 2011-05-17 15:11

    Come now, Comrades! Let's be sensible about this! Do you not trust your ANC fathers to protect you from all the lies the unscrupulous M&G wants to write about them? Why, this is exactly why we voted ANC into power - to filter out the rubbish promoted by the counter revolutionaries who want to overthrow this government by force and subject us to apartheid rule again. Do not worry if we can't see the report - if there was anything in it that the people should know, our trustworthy masters would tell us. After all, it is only heresay that it contains damming evidence of murder and election fraud on behalf of ZanuPF. Do you really think that comrade Thabo or his predecessor would side with anyone who did not uphold the very basics of democracy? Certainly not, comrades - the ANC's track record of upholding the truth is impeccable, and you should know that democracy is at the very heart of communism. It is only when you listen to other voices, when you fail to see the truth in these matters. It is treasonous to think that our beloved ANC should be held responsible for the innocent blood of countless thousands who have lost their lives, because the ANC alone have ensured that our good uncle Bob has remained in power. It is folly to think their plan is to hold us too in a tight grip of oppression, whilst they steal from us and grow fat. Think for yourselves, comrades - is there any similarity between ZanuPF and ANC ideology? Precisely! So do not worry - vote ANC, and go to heaven!

      Bad1hq - 2011-05-17 16:45


      Bad1hq - 2011-05-17 16:52

      Read three words at a time with a pause and it would sound exactly like a Zuma speech! lol

  • Naraku - 2011-05-17 15:21

    Wikileaks, we need you!!

  • Colin - 2011-05-17 15:53

    Welcome to Africa's free and fair elections and or reports, there is no such thing as "free and fair". Enough said.

  • jenny.presto1 - 2011-05-17 16:39

    A N C ....A N t i C's....!

  • wilbureddings - 2011-05-17 19:50

    Those with nothing to hide, hide nothing.

  • Makhanyane - 2011-05-17 20:25

    Hell what happened to "Batho Pele" and our bill of rights...No wonder no foreign investment is rolling uncle legacy and supporters here will mirror your fine governance, example and leadership..Mr Zuma sies...

  • mouce - 2011-05-17 22:18

    If there is nothing to hide print the report. It is our right to know the contents. We need to be educated on election fraud.

  • Tassenberg - 2011-05-17 22:56

    Here is a point to ponder why did Mugabe cancel the land grab in 1994, but in 2000 started with it? Spoke to a Zimbabwean the other and he told me that the ANC told Mugabe not to start just yet as the police force and SADF was still in control of the whites. Only story that I could find online referencing that is in the archives of the Washington post. ( ) so not really accessible. as I would like to get more info on this as would be interesting.