Pretoria metro cops held for bribe

2012-08-08 17:10

Johannesburg - Five Tshwane metro police officers were arrested on Wednesday for allegedly taking a bribe from a driver.

Metro spokesperson Console Tleane said they were arrested after a joint operation by metro police and the SA Police Service, following allegations of corruption against them.

Tleane said a motorist alleged that six officers stopped him in Garsfontein on Friday.

They demanded he pay them money to avoid being arrested as he was driving under the influence of alcohol.

He did not deny being drunk, but told them he had no money with him.

"The officers allegedly told him that they would accompany him to the nearest ATM, where he allegedly gave them R1 000."

He then went to a police station to report the matter.

An identity parade was conducted on Wednesday, where the victim pointed out two officers.

They then revealed their three colleagues.

Tleane said the sixth officer had yet to be arrested.

Further details were not immediately available.

  • BulletProof. - 2012-08-09 17:28

    Great on you, you are a honest citizen and did not bend to the consequences of being drunk, well done, about the cops,what hell you guys think you are, above the law? Bandits playing cops, we pay you to serve, not to still from people,MAXIMUM SENTENCE PLEASE.

  • erich.goosen - 2012-08-10 08:45

    This kind of action by traffic police in Gauteng had been going on for quite a while and resulted in the death of one of their own (Bees Roux case). The image of the metro police will never improve as long as these bandits roam the streets. More traps should be set to eliminate this practice.

  • Johnson - 2012-09-29 08:53

    Bandits playing cops

  • seventhheavenproperties - 2012-11-26 12:15

    Rules to the game "cops and robbers" may change...

  • Justice Schwart - 2013-04-22 10:47

    That's good. To let a drunk guy drive after a bribe was paid is criminal, how many innocent people are killed by drunken drivers we were let of the hook after paying a bribe?.

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