Pretoria power restored on rotation

2011-03-24 10:21

Pretoria - Technical teams have restored power on a rotation basis to most affected Pretoria consumers, the City of Tshwane said on Thursday.

"The city's technical teams have rerouted the power supply on the 11kV network and power to most of the consumers has been restored," spokesperson Console Tleane said.

Electrical supply would be restored on a load rotation basis until cables had been installed.

The outage was caused by a cable fault on the 132kV electrical network, Tleane said.

On Wednesday the power failure affected the central business area and Pretoria West Industrial - the same areas that had been without electricity for over four days last week.

Residents were requested to switch off non-essential appliances and to treat all electrical equipment as live.

  • jiamalunga - 2011-03-24 11:10

    this is the cable that was stolen last week?

      mabatu - 2011-03-24 11:27

      No this is because no maintenance is being done on any electrical equipment. We are going to be seeing much more of this. 16 years with no maintenance and the equipment will start failing one after each other. Get used to it City Power went the same way.

      Willem - 2011-03-24 12:27

      You meant to say: "Shitty" Power went the same way...

  • JOHN - 2011-03-24 11:26

    I it is fine to tell residence to switch off power to save electricity but street lights in Eldoreign , Clubview and Wierda Park have been burning day and night for the last six weeks or more.

  • j.malemmer - 2011-03-25 01:15

    This is an undercover loadshedding operation. It works like this: Eskom top brass has performance bonusses that do not pay if there is official loadshedding. So, if I pay the puppet at shitty power to switch the power off I can still get my bonus as it is not an official loadshedding event. Get it? That smell is not fresh air.

  • Fernando - 2011-03-25 10:38

    132Kv lines arnt easy to be stolen and take a while to replace, they are the ones on the large power lines with in the city

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