Priest's robbers jailed for 10 years

2012-08-15 11:46

Johannesburg - Two of the men who robbed slain Diepsloot priest Father Louis Blondel have been sentenced to, in effect, 10 years' imprisonment each by the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria, The Star reported on Tuesday.

The sentences were imposed on Kgaugelo Manzini and Freddy Mahlangu for housebreaking with intent to rob, culpable homicide, and the unlawful possession of ammunition and a firearm.

Another two men convicted of the same crimes, Thembalethu Sindane and Jabu Ndebele, were sentenced to in effect eight years' each, the newspaper reported.

Three of the men admitted to being in the Roman Catholic parish on the night in December 2009 that 70-year-old Blondel was shot dead, but denied they had anything to do with the killing.

They were apparently in search of a computer and money.

Sindane claimed he was not at the scene, but that he later agreed to hide a computer on behalf of the others.

According to the newspaper, Judge Natvarial Ranchod rejected Sindane's claims of innocence and described him as a pathetic witness.

He found that the four should have foreseen that someone could die during the robbery.

A fifth person, Nelson Malope, pleaded guilty to the murder and was sentenced last year to 18 years in jail. He testified for the State in the trial of the other four men.

  • brett.bruce.121 - 2012-08-15 12:14

    These pieces of evil trash should be burned at the stake.

      Junebugg - 2012-08-15 12:43

      If they given 10 years, when is their parole?? in 4 years??? Life is cheap in South Africa. I think it is time we outsource our judicial system to Texas or Georgia state in America..those people know how to sentence.

  • fredster.mania.5 - 2012-08-15 12:15

    10 years...and you ask why the crime is at the level that it is...

      watsongeorgejan - 2012-08-15 14:20

      That's the detriment of plea bargaining, the killer enters into a plea agreement for a lesser sentence thereby lessening the sentences of his/her accomplices or at worst exonerating them. But then sentencing alone is not the answer to the crime issue, if you look at Norway for e.g where the max for murder is 21yrs versus their crime stats for one you'll understand. What we need to focus on is our entire social

  • rinao - 2012-08-15 12:30

    You got to be kidding???????

  • amanda.felton.984 - 2012-08-15 12:30

    die swart vuilgatte kry net 10 jaar vir moord. that's y it's better to kill the rubbish yourself

  • Nnamdi - 2012-08-15 12:34

    I was in SA when this good priest was hacked down by people he took care of.I knew the priest as well,full of life and caring.I am sure that if he were alife,he would have pleaded for them to be pardoned.But the court has taken its course.The aim of punishment is for the offender to repent.If after ten years they repent,they could be useful to the public,if they dont will sure commit another crime that will definitely fetch them life imprisonement.R.I.P Fr

      brett.bruce.121 - 2012-08-15 13:35

      Rather plow them into the ground alive. They will be usefull as fertiliser.

  • douglas.reid.921 - 2012-08-15 14:03

    5 new passengers on the food train, new ones getting on board every day, hope it never runs out of taxpayers money for food.

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