Principal faces charges over assault

2011-03-11 17:03

Johannesburg - The SA Democratic Teachers Union's Gauteng chairperson, Moss Senye, was due to appear in the Meadowlands Magistrate's court in Soweto on Monday to face criminal charges.

The Meadowlands school principal, Senye, and teacher Ofentse Phehle were accused of assaulting a 17-year-old pupil.

The education ministry suspended Senye in February pending the outcome of the court case.

At the last appearance, more than 100 teachers protested outside the court demanding he be reinstated.

At a mass rally on Thursday, the union proposed security allowances for its members saying teachers, like police officers, deserved a danger allowance.

It said the safety of teachers was a concern because some children came to school with weapons.

On Friday he was caught up in a row over comments suggesting that Gauteng education MEC Barbara Creecy hates black people, but he remained optimistic ahead of his appearance.

"By the way, I'm appearing in court on Monday. You must come," he said, adding that there would be a huge crowd outside court.

Earlier, he called on Creecy to step down.

At the rally, he allegedly labelled Creecy a "satanist" and urged members not to align themselves with white people as they would be tainted with satanism.

His comments were condemned by the ANC in Gauteng who labelled them "irresponsible" and "reckless."

The secretary of his union body also distanced the union from his comments.

"If such a statement was made, it is indeed, highly regrettable," Mugwena Maluleke said.

  • ASDEB - 2011-03-11 17:14

    Senye is clearly a racist and not fit for public office. Not only that, he assaults children ans should not be considered for any post that involves children!

      Jayjay001 - 2011-03-11 17:31

      Senye should be taken down for more than just the above, where the hell are our lawyers to start suing such figures who state such racist things? The only way outta this racist mess is a legal fight all the way. The Freedom Charter and our Constitution clearly speaks against what Senye has done, we need an army of Lawyers to bring about a true Rainbow Nation.

  • Shadoz - 2011-03-11 17:30

    this is just karma for you. I hope he goes to jail.

  • Mundu - 2011-03-11 18:11

    Another ANC racist pig.

  • Monica - 2011-03-11 18:37

    Why do parents allow their children to go to school with weapons. It is not easy to control a bunch of irresponsible teenagers. There is no dicipline in schools. A problem child comes from a problem parent!!!!

  • YasButIDunno - 2011-03-11 18:43

    Astonishing level of stupidity from a so-called educationist.

  • Eric West - 2011-03-11 18:54

    The sole purpose of SADTU is to keep incompetent black teachers in their jobs!

      Tshepo - 2011-03-11 20:46

      SADTU = South African Dumb Teachers' Union

  • Firebird - 2011-03-11 19:59


  • theelderz - 2011-03-11 20:00

    this edu system is bs.these drugs addicts r actualy mking the skul a war do u effect any discipline without getting one unfortunate psychopath who promises u a knife nxt tym u meet.had my friend use his legs for dear life two weeks ago.hw do will really do this.

  • darkwing - 2011-03-12 13:06

    A sangoma cursed you, Senye.

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