Principal, teacher suspended for assault

2012-06-05 21:16

Johannesburg - The principal and a teacher at Meadowlands Secondary School in Johannesburg have been suspended for assaulting a student, the Gauteng education department said on Tuesday.

"They were given a sanction of two months' suspension without pay, as well as a final written warning.

"The educators did not appeal their conviction and sanction," said spokesperson Charles Phahlane.

He said the department concluded its disciplinary hearing of principal Moss Senye and teacher Fancy Phehle into the assault of a 17-year-old student in February last year, and that their suspension would be effective from 1 June until 31 July.

"The department wishes to make it clear that it will deal decisively with non-adherence to policy on corporal punishment.

"Learners who are assaulted at school should report to the school or district office, and inform their parents so that they can open a criminal case."

  • Lizette - 2012-06-05 21:58

    What about suspending or even firing the people who employed them? MEC must take ownership! Psychological testing should be done on an annual basis, for all people who work with the youth. SA should make a law, that no person is allowed to have or work with children, without a 'child handling license'!

      Faan - 2012-06-05 22:34

      I am so glad I am not a teacher - children shows no respect for teachers or any older people. It is about time to bring back corporal punishment to schools and teach children what dissipline and good manners means. This should be done in a contolled manner with a spesific teacher in charge of any punishment - with a child handling license ( with a cane as well )

  • Mike Purchase - 2012-06-05 22:16

    No corporal punishment but assault is ok this country and some of its people are seriously ill.Just lay charges against them.

  • Mike Purchase - 2012-06-05 22:21

    Lizette i like your idea.Government has failed so badly a guy has started a campaign on facebook whereby suggestions will be sent to government so that they can improve,its not a complaint site rather a positive input site.

  • Ditoa-re - 2012-06-05 22:22

    Come to Mzansi, disciplining a child is an assault

  • amos.simelane - 2012-06-05 22:54

    They were told of "Humam Rights" and Responsibilities were deliberately ignored. What if this future convict had taken "nyaupe" and was terrorising the whole school and educators too were threatened and the criminal in the making got beaten in defending the whole school. Nobody will tell us except bureaucrats telling the whole country how hard they can deal with teachers even with salary increaments when they will be adjusting theirs willy nilly so very soon.

  • Irene - 2012-06-06 01:36

    Absolutely nothing wrong with caning a defiant child. It's the only way they learn, especially the delinquent type of which the current Yoof Leak is full of. Kids have way too many 'rights' today which is a direct cause of their disgusting behaviour and total lack of respect.

  • Emmanuel - 2012-06-06 06:37

    Dear Teacher. I am allowed to speak my mind. I am allowed to pass your class with 30%. I am allowed to disrespect you. I am allowed to do what I want in your class. Lucky for you I have been told that you are allowed to do ONE thing: that is, You are allowed to do...NOTHING. Hahah Regards Your Students Pietie and Sannie

      Nico Smit - 2012-06-06 07:35

      Its a total disgrace that students have absolutely no respect for their teachers and also their parents. In my days when I was a student, we were giving a hiding, discipline was part of you're education!! That made you a decent and respectful individual. To say that you are allowed to disrespect you're teacher and the teacher may not do anything, you are indirectly dis-respecting yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emmanuel - 2012-06-06 09:32

    @Nico Smit. So true Nico. Thanks

  • Kimon - 2012-06-06 10:06

    We never spank our children.... Spanking is for playing.. We BEAT them!

      andre.cronje007 - 2012-07-02 10:49

      AMEN - I have three girls, and they get the hiding they deserve when they dont listen, we equal that out with a lot f love and attention - and I have to say, myself and my wife do things our way dishing out 2 portions love and one decent portion of beating when needed and we have the best mannered and behaved children of all of our families and company. They respect us and love us - even the Bible says punish those you love - it builds character and makes for decent people with moral values - I had moral values beaten into me and when I complained to my dad that I got a hiding at school, he also gave me one 'cos then I deserved it. The childen today needs to putt their mothers titty out of their mouths and learn to take you hiding like a man ....

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