Probe after cops in uniform rob store

2012-02-03 07:22

Johannesburg - Limpopo police have launched an internal investigation into the robbery of a Tohoyandou grocery shop by men in police uniform, they said on Thursday.

Brigadier Lindela Mashigo said closed circuit television footage obtained by SABC television news showed armed robbers who appeared to be wearing police uniforms robbing the local Cash and Carry on January 27.

"We take this very seriously and will be obtaining a copy of that CCTV footage so we can enlarge faces and see if we can identify any of the robbers," he said.

Stills taken from the footage would be circulated to all police stations in the region.

If the men were not policemen they would be identified by the local community, said Mashigo.

"We have had cases where police officers have become involved in crime," he said. "We will root them out and the law must take its course."

  • Perfume5 - 2012-02-03 07:36

    I watched this on the news last night, and the guy that was being interviewed said "I am not saying they are cops, neither am I saying they are not cops, and I am not saying the store was robbed, neither am I saying the store was not robbed. If these are cops we will investigate, if they are not cops we will investigate as to how these robbers are wearing cop uniforms" I was like "huh"

      TheWatcher - 2012-02-03 07:59

      Such clarity

      Yaseen - 2012-02-03 08:15

      I,m like huh about your name

      Perfume5 - 2012-02-03 08:28

      @Yaseen lol..."Perfume" is not my name

      Jymiro - 2012-02-03 08:35

      Please don't lie we watch the clip as well "I am not saying the store was robbed, neither ........not robbed" This is your own created version

      Ian - 2012-02-03 09:40

      What do you call men dressed in a police uniform? POLICEMEN, of course!!!!You picking up what Im'e putting down?

  • Andre - 2012-02-03 07:46

    Many wannabe criminals join the police force in order to "ply their trade" from within a protected area.

  • william - 2012-02-03 08:00


  • Wimpie.Haefele - 2012-02-03 08:13

    Was Zuma's grocery list

  • Kumeshen - 2012-02-03 08:20

    LIMPOPO is Julius Malema 'country',That explains everything!!!!!!!!!

  • Erich - 2012-02-03 08:27

    One can only hope that their uniforms were clean, shirts ironed and their boots polished. We cannot afford that the SAP's image be tarnished by shabby looking people.

  • JC - 2012-02-03 08:37

    Better still, build a dam (high wall)all round and fill it up

  • Conrad - 2012-02-03 08:38

    Those weren't real cops. They're too thin.

  • Jymiro - 2012-02-03 08:38

    This is the most scary thing, We expect police to protect us and nor to rob us. I hope this investigation will receive high priority to put our fears at rest

  • Jeffrey - 2012-02-03 08:49

    Don't you love the way the SABC got the footage, but the police didn't? Such efficient investigating by our new police 'force'.

  • John - 2012-02-03 08:51

    Yep, you keep the investigation internal..... Will we ever really know??

  • lindz.kok - 2012-02-03 10:37

    we need an isrealy policing system in south africa, strong strict and mercyless. thats all south african criminals understand.

  • Barry - 2012-02-03 10:37

    Hey Conrad - I like that - "they were too thin !!!

  • ludlowdj - 2012-02-03 10:48

    Nothing amazes me in the "New South Africa" anymore.

  • Gail - 2012-02-03 15:46

    The law will take its course in the same way it has with Cele and the other civil servants mentioned today who have now had their criminal charges dropped in favour of an internal inquest. But people like Derby Lewis and Wouter Basson are still being pursued or serving time 20 years down the line for something that was done under orders of the State.

  • annie.kalahari - 2012-02-15 10:52

    It's been noticed in other areas such as Edenvale that the cops themselves apparently can no longer tell the difference between 'bogus- or criminal cops' and 'real cops' any longer. And even fingerprints apparently do not help. Which begs the question: how good is the fingerprint register of the SAPS REALLY?

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