Probe councillor's death at Marikana: NGO

2012-09-20 12:30

Johannesburg - Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa must investigate the killing of ANC councillor Pauline Masutlhe in Marikana, allegedly by a rubber bullet, the Marikana Solidarity Campaign said on Thursday.

"We call on the minister of police to immediately initiate an urgent investigation into Pauline Masutlhe's death, and for the immediate identification and suspension of the police officers involved in her murder," spokesperson Mark Heywood said in a statement.

"Given what is known of the time and place of this attack, this should not be difficult. Witnesses are available and willing to provide evidence if their safety can be guaranteed."

Masutlhe died at Job Shimankane Tabane Hospital, in Rustenburg, on Wednesday after being operated on to remove a rubber bullet fired by the police.

Heywood said Masutlhe was shopping in Nkaneng informal settlement near Wonderkop at 09:00.

At the time, police were conducting a raid to disarm striking mine workers.

"As far as we can ascertain from other people present at the time, Pauline sustained rubber bullet wounds to her right knee and abdomen. Several other women were also injured."

'Police brutality'

The Marikana Solidarity Campaign would organise a women's demonstration against police brutality on Saturday at 11:00 in Marikana.

The inter-ministerial committee (IMC) and the office of the North West premier conveyed their condolences on the death of Masutlhe.

"We are deeply saddened to lose a dedicated person of Councillor Masutlhe's calibre, said Minister in the Presidency Collins Chabane, who heads the IMC.

"She was very instrumental in providing support to the IMC while it was discharging its responsibilities in Marikana. Our hearts are with the Masutlhe family at this time," he said.

Masutlhe was part of the team that worked with the IMC to resolve the Marikana matter, and provided support to the families of the deceased, the IMC said.

She was a proportional representation councillor in the Madibeng Local Municipality and served at Bonjanala District Municipality, representing the African National Congress.

Lesiba Kgwele, spokesperson for the North West provincial government, said Premier Thandi Modise had appealed for calm and urged the relevant authorities to investigate, if it was found that Masutlhe had not died of natural causes.

"The premier conveys her condolences to the family and said the provincial government will do anything possible to show them support," Kgwele said.

The cause of death had not be established, as a post mortem still had to be conducted.

  • irvin.mkhari - 2012-09-20 13:05

    the police who were involved they must be suspended because they killed ANC memeber,but the police who killed the miners last month they were not suspended or invastigated.shame on SA govt.

  • lvhukeya1 - 2012-09-20 13:16

    i don't think anything will ever happen to those cops bcos to me it seems police have a licence to kill .

  • djmarcosa - 2012-09-20 13:41

    these people here are so stupid.. cause he is from the ANC now we must all jump and do our work.. what about the cops and people that got hacked to death.. what about all the other people that are getting killed on a daily bases.. nothing happens about that.. other then oh i'm sorry i lost the file or not enough evidence.. you guys are useless at everything other then for yourselves...

  • robbie.crouch - 2012-09-20 13:46

    What was an ANC councillor doing at a mine riot? That is the real question.

  • Terry Charl Marks - 2012-09-20 14:08

    the miner's shot at the police first. rules of engagement

  • mphomirtam.motsepe - 2012-09-22 15:53

    These police murders seem a continous act. How can a poor woman be shot on her way to the shops. This is another form of police brutality in South Africa. Is that a way forward? A re people,s lives so cheap that police are so inconsiderate\r\nWhere is the moral thread of Mzanzi-cut off? \r\n We have been happy that miners the cheap laboures of South Africa are back to work to feed the fat cats and boost the economy.with resultant improvement in the Rand in the market- now this.\r\nThe police are valued with respect by the mine and SA government beacuse they are a killing machine of our country. The chief police officer said it was good to kill.\r\nTha poor woman might have bled actively and no first aid given timeosly and she was then sentenced to die

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