Prospective Tshwane cop's death probed

2012-02-01 16:48

Johannesburg - An inquest docket has been opened into the death of a man during a training run for prospective Tshwane metro police recruits, a spokesperson said on Wednesday.

Console Tleane said in a statement that Tatho Mosia collapsed on Tuesday before reaching the gates of the Tshwane metro police academy where the 2.4km track ended.

He was taken to Pretoria West Hospital, but died shortly afterwards.

On Wednesday afternoon, metro police management met his family at the academy to express their condolences.

"We continue to support the family with processes related to the inquest docket that has been opened to investigate what the actual causes of death are," Tleane said.

The physical evaluation of aspiring recruits - of which the run formed part - would continue, he said.

  • Warwick - 2012-02-02 09:36

    I have often said by looking at the girths of most of these 'officers", the only arrest they will ever have is a cardiac arest.

  • Oskidooo - 2012-02-02 10:42

    They must also mention the time they want ppl to run under.i wonder if there is no other way they can use for selection.One is already past away,more has feinted and they are still continue with this phisical what ever they call.One more thing, check PTA condolences to the family, hope this was a lesson to our govmt to check weather other things are done in a reasonable manner.we didnt vote to run,we voted for better jobs and fair reasonable selections.(more than 60000 aplicants and you only need 500.)i passed there on sunday on my way to TUT,it was so painfull to see what was happenning there.if you were weighing abt 80 to 90 kg and you make it to the gates,oviously inside you woudnt jump the slipping wooden wall they got in there.once again "Modimo o mogolo ba ga mosia,are se latlheng tshepo.)LSG

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