Prostitute abused, killed husband

2012-01-31 22:47

Pietermaritzburg - An alleged prostitute abused the man she married and eventually arranged for his murder, the KwaZulu-Natal High Court Pietermaritzburg heard on Tuesday.

Before he was murdered Richards Bay pensioner Allan Griffiths, 60, was angry when his attorney told him his wife, Thenjiwe Ignatia, would inherit half his estate as they were married in community of property

The attorney, Connie Marais, said his client had been angry because Ignatia allegedly assaulted and abused him so much he had to obtain a protection order against her.

Sometimes she locked him out of the house and once allegedly hurt his arm so badly it had to be treated by a doctor.

Griffiths wanted his entire estate to go to his three children, but he and Ignatia were married in community of property. Marais said Griffiths had told him Ignatia was a prostitute. She has pleaded not guilty to the murder.

He said he paid her R1 300 a night to stay at his house until the morning before they were married.

They met in Richards Bay in 2005 at De Caprio Bar, which was frequented by visiting sailors, some of whom met women there. Within a week of their marriage, she moved out of his bedroom.

A few months later, in January 2006, Griffiths was strangled while they were driving from Johannesburg to Richards Bay. The State alleges Ignatia arranged for men who pretended to be hitch-hikers to kill him.

The couple picked them up en route to Richards Bay.

Near Colenso, her accomplices allegedly attacked and strangled Griffiths and left his body at the side of the road.

Ignatia's accomplices dropped her off and left in Griffiths's car, which they later abandoned. She made her way to Estcourt, where she told police she and Griffiths had been hijacked. Griffiths had died of asphyxia and had chest injuries.

Defence advocate Shane Matthews said much of the State's evidence was hearsay and he had not been given copies of it timeously. Prosecutor Dorian Paver said the evidence should be admitted by the court as it was relevant to the case.

  • Kekeletso Nakeli - 2012-02-01 07:37

    You just cannot turn a hoe into a housewife... Its not just a song, is waar.

  • The-third - 2012-02-01 08:16

    Bitch. Well at least his kids will now inherit the lot.

  • Seja - 2012-02-01 08:18

    .. Maybe the old man was feeling lonely ... eish but did he really have to go for a prostitute?? couldnt he at least hire a nice maid to help around the house and maybe get cosy with her instead?? Im sure that would have been a much better union. Prostitutes can be as bad as drug dealers - street life makes them single minded,ruthless and calculating!!

  • Makatikamusona - 2012-02-01 09:02

    My question is how dump do you have to marry a prostitute. You knew a leopard never changes its spot or like they say the are in that business because they can't tolerate cabbage everyday

      Michelle - 2012-02-01 10:46

      Makatika - How "dump" are you with your delicious English???? Who are you to judge?

      Lauren - 2012-02-01 11:15

      Michelle hmmm quick too judge hey? Nothing wrong with makatika's english....stop judging people on their language skills! (see? you are doing exactly the same!)

      RockChick - 2012-02-01 11:33

      I like your comment to Michelle Lauren! Well said!

      rhodeneabigale - 2012-02-01 11:59

      Michelle this is not a grammar class. Dont make "dumb" comments whena!

      Makatikamusona - 2012-02-01 15:04

      @Michelle nice play the man if you can't play the ball

  • Thokozane - 2012-02-01 10:57

    The old man should have just divorced this lady, rather lose half your estate than your life.

      Oscar - 2012-02-01 11:55


  • ivan.coetzee2 - 2012-02-01 11:04

    Tragic for the old man, but what was he doing with her in the 1st place, she was probably many years his junior, sad for the family I am sure. Now, we have a whole new "whodunnit" for SABC TV

  • paulmandlankosi - 2012-02-01 11:33

    Before he was murdered Richards Bay pensioner Allan Griffiths, 60, was angry when his attorney told him his wife, Thenjiwe Ignatia, would inherit half his estate as they were married in community of property. OH! At sixty he should have known that, was he drunk in love with a prostitute?

  • bafana.skosana - 2012-02-01 12:20

    Yoh this world, at the age of 60 you marry a prostitute, where was this guy all his time, aish sorry dude RIP, wena prosti u must come here i will teach u a lesson.

  • Schalk - 2012-02-01 12:22

    Meng jou met die semels dan vreet die varke jou...

  • tony.delucchi - 2012-02-01 13:09

    ...there is just no fool like an old fool!

  • Audrey - 2012-02-01 13:37

    Stop judging him now cause he will have to answer to God, at the mean time his wife should pay for what she has done here the court will judge that.

  • Chane - 2012-02-01 14:39

    haha funny and then again after reading a sad story about another person murdered - u guys just got to get to each other again! really people its not about who or what the person is, the person is murdered end of story - and really what if the guys kids are reading this and you guys leave ugly comments like this for them to read after going through such trauma!! Absolutely NO respect for someone else's loss!!!

  • Moi - 2012-02-01 14:45

    So sad. How lonely must you be when you are willing to marry a prostitute for company/love? Rest in Peace Mr. Griffiths

  • Eric - 2012-02-01 15:26

    You reap what you sow and it has not yet been proven that she arranged to have her husband killed. The court still has to have an outcome to the case. Many woman are prostitutes to put food om the table so we cannot judge what type of person she is.

  • blackjew69 - 2012-02-02 10:44

    I am not a scientist or pyschologist of some sort, but for a man to pay R1300.00 per night he must have been a sick bastard, SEEMS this old man had sick fantasies that a normal woman couldnt take, hest he got a prostitute, wonder what he did to the poor prostitute for her to decide to kill her casg cow......

  • Buti - 2012-03-25 23:47

    This woman will never feel remorse for what she did(killing.Poor old man why do you allowed the devil deceived you.I feel sorry for the 3kids bcz @ last they're left alone without father.

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