Protector probing Shabangu, Vukela

2011-12-07 10:07

Johannesburg - The public protector is investigating the relationship between businessman Roux Shabangu and suspended acting public works director-general Sam Vukela.

"We are investigating your relationship with Mr Vukela," Thuli Madonsela told Shabangu during a debate on SAfm on Wednesday morning.

This was after "information has come to us from other sources" that the relationship "may or may not be improper", Madonsela said.

Asked for comment, Shabangu said: "You know, I'm not even gonna go into that."

194 lease agreements

Madonsela and Shabangu were being interviewed after he had sent the public protector a letter in which he claimed that 194 lease agreements with the public works department were concluded without a tender process.

In October, Madonsela found that the procurement of two leases for new police headquarters in Pretoria and Durban, involving Shabangu, were unlawful and that they amounted to maladministration. The leases were worth R1.6bn.

Following the report, President Jacob Zuma suspended national police commissioner Bheki Cele and dismissed public works minister Gwen Mahlangu-Nkabinde.

Vukela is currently on special leave pending an internal investigation into allegations of tender irregularities.

  • Larry - 2011-12-07 10:13

    Hop she makes it a deep probe.

      procold2 - 2011-12-07 11:08

      shouldnt have to, these guys are rotten from surface to core,will be easy to find punishable dirt on the scum.

      Ann - 2011-12-07 12:38

      About time - he really seems to believe he is way above the law! Take him down Thuli!!!

      Spyker - 2011-12-07 14:01

      ANOTHER RED HERRING..! The question remains - WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH HER INVESTIGATION OF JULIUS MALEMA..? On the first occasion she supposedly could not find anything. Then there was supposedly no money.., Then suddenly she could not do anything to him because there "would be serious legal ramifications" Now the 'investigation' has just gone cold - eg the attention is perpetually diverted in the hope that it will fade in people's short memories... While the rest of you are welcome to trust her 'cloak' - I fear the dagger she hides, makes her an evil as great as Winnie Madikizela Mandela...

  • Piet - 2011-12-07 10:18

    And the thieving continues.......

  • Jason - 2011-12-07 10:20

    Oooooh nice, I knew they'd eventually find something on this Roux character, just like the rest in Parliament, corrupt to the core, 194 lease agreements which were never managed via the correct tender process, nice one!! Roux maybe Jackie and you can bunk up in prison soon mate!!

  • Deon - 2011-12-07 10:25

    This should not take too long. It might be easier to see how many tenders were done correctly.

  • bretton.eveleigh - 2011-12-07 10:33

    It's good to know though that they "are and they aren't" investigating it!

  • Cuthbert - 2011-12-07 10:38

    In a bid to justify his illegal dealing this fool has got himself into deeper trouble.

  • Andre - 2011-12-07 10:42

    Nail the arrogant corrupt bastards!

  • Mashudu - 2011-12-07 10:53

    No Stone will be left unturned. Good JOB Public Protector!

      Bob - 2011-12-07 11:02

      Not sure that no stone will be left unturned, sack the whole lot and get the DA into power would be my answer.

      Iceberg - 2011-12-07 12:28

      Bob I'm afraid you're right. Just imagine, the way the DA runs the WC can be duplicated in all the other provinces. It would be the country we all dream about.

      Bob - 2011-12-07 13:18

      Iceberg, they manage that with all the obstacles the government put in their way and still do a fair job here in the Cape, if, I mean when they are voted in, this country will take off, imagine all that money that is wasted everyday and all that corruption that costs the people of this country untold billions being used to uplift the poor and to give us a good education and health system, the lifting of the racist laws against companies, the introduction of proper incentives to give the less priveledged a better opportunity to succeed, the list goes on and on. We would be living in comparative paradise, all the people of this potentially stunning country.

  • Marion - 2011-12-07 11:11

    And how did he know that 194 leases had been concluded without a tender process?

      Marion - 2011-12-07 11:13

      Just FYI he has friends in extremely elevated places according to a biography I read a little while ago. The higher the top, the longer the drop.

  • Deeteem - 2011-12-07 11:21

    Give Thuli a Bells !!

  • RSole - 2011-12-07 11:30

    If I were Roux I would sneak off into the shadows and live to bribe and corrupt another day. He is fighting out of his weight class and he will get hurt.

  • Garth - 2011-12-07 11:43

    Geez new24, your headline reads like a cross between something out of the inquisition in medieval Europe and a gay porno. Hope that shabangu is using a good lube and that the protector is protected.

      Iceberg - 2011-12-07 12:30

      That was very funny Garth :D

  • Heinrich - 2011-12-07 17:35

    Protector probing Shabangu, Vukela This is definitely improper. Sies, man!

  • Joseph - 2011-12-08 00:07

    Who is giving you instruction the ANC or the DA,it sounds like you are being used by opposition parties to further their interest.Your office will soon be irrelevent.

  • Jp van der Wath - 2013-10-21 16:06

    Zuma is well aware of what is happening, if you do not seek, you do not find, so, Thuli must probe as deep as possible.

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