Protector to probe E Cape book shortage

2012-08-14 19:59

Johannesburg - Public Protector Thuli Madonsela will investigate shortages of workbooks at schools in the Eastern Cape, the Democratic Alliance said on Tuesday.

The DA complained to Madonsela last week about workbook shortages in the Port Elizabeth and Queenstown districts.

"We trust that the public protector’s investigation will get to the bottom of why children in the Eastern Cape still do not have workbooks one month into the third term of the year," DA Eastern Cape spokesperson Edmund van Vuuren said in a statement.

"The majority of schools contacted by the DA in both districts were either experiencing major shortages or had received the incorrect books."

However, the party believed it was a province-wide problem caused by the education department's botched ordering and delivering process.

"In the PE district, isiXhosa speaking learners had received books in seSotho," he said.

"We also witnessed thousands of books being returned to the PE warehouse due to these incorrect deliveries."

One primary school in Queenstown was short 2 300 books, he said.

Madonsela's office could not be reached to confirm the investigation.

  • lacrimose.wolf - 2012-08-14 20:31

    I hope this will incl an investigation as to why there are different models for different provinces and schools within provinces. From what I understand, it is only those schools who had the likes of the Edu-Solutions model forced on them, that are suffering.

      squeegee.pilot - 2012-08-14 21:31

      Here we go again... Another generation of learners that are being disadvantaged by the ruling party....

  • sean.mkhize.1 - 2012-08-14 21:14

    I have serious concerns about some issues in our beloved country. One is the perceive poor government services in the Eastern Cape. Two is the perceived alignment or association of our Public protector with a political party called the DA. Both these doesn't agars well with our objective as a country.

      djmain1 - 2012-08-14 21:38

      To me it's a serious concern that these issues have to be raised by the DA - the government should be insisting on these investigations.

      lacrimose.wolf - 2012-08-14 21:42

      Govt foot-dragging at national and provincial level resulted in 3 really lucrative and long-term deals being abandoned in the E. Cape. That's money just waved bye bye. Did they get a fright? Learn a lesson? Nope, 8yrs on and things are worse there than ever before. Nothing scares this govt except losing votes. So people need to understand all the stuff going on. They feel it in lack of jobs and roads and schools but they seldom understand the true reason why. The people at the very end of the chain pay the highest price and don't even know why. Unless we change the cause, we are destined to get the same effect.

  • mzwandile.dlamanzi - 2012-08-14 21:59

    Some recommendations on August 9 gathering!

  • sharon.erwin.96 - 2012-08-14 22:18

    The ANC's incompetence is certainly keeping Thuli busy!! As it is the public protector is under funded, and I would be very surprised if she will get increased funding in the near future, as the majority of her work involves corrupt, ignorant and corrupt ANC officials. Thuli for president!

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