Protector to probe Mbalula flights

2012-09-06 11:36

Johannesburg - Public Protector Thuli Madonsela is to investigate allegations of wasteful spending of R2.6m on flights by Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula and his deputy Gert Oosthuizen, The Star reported on Thursday.

In a written reply to a parliamentary question from the Democratic Alliance, Mbalula said he had taken 240 flights, including 16 international flights, since 1 April 2010, costing R1 539 196, according to the newspaper.

In the same period, Oosthuizen had spent R1.1 million on 105 flights, including 29 international flights.

This was 186 more flights than both the international relations minister and two deputy international relations ministers took combined, for the same period.

After Madonsela received a request to investigate the expenditure from DA sports spokesperson Winston Rabotapi in March, the public protector announced in July that the allegations warranted an investigation.

Madonsela has since assigned an investigator to the case, and the preliminary investigations had begun, Madonsela's spokesperson Kgalalelo Masibi told the newspaper.

  • osmaseko - 2012-09-06 11:43

    What wasteful expenditure are you talking about? This is Minister of Sports you morons

      deon.rossouw.56 - 2012-09-06 11:48

      And a moron is speaking

      alan.gernet - 2012-09-06 12:03

      I have to say - I have a huge amount of respect for Thuli, and she is the one person I have the utmost faith in!.SHe has the thing that lacks in so many public servants - INTEGRITY!

      renny.meere - 2012-09-06 12:06

      Take Fikile to the cleaners, cant stand this racist minister.

      rbphiri - 2012-09-06 12:09

      So what if his the Minister of Sports??? does that grant him immunity from being brought to book for wasteful expenditure!

      zambezi.river - 2012-09-06 12:15

      She mus 'moer' him!

      alan.jerrold - 2012-09-06 12:37

      Omaseko, please catch a wake-up. Millions ofpeople don't have proper housing, sanitation or decent service delivery, yet ANC head honchos live like kings on other peoples' money, making all manner of unnecessary flights in first class luxury. This is what you do when you have an inferiority complex, and want to look like a big deal. Pathetic, really.

      harold.parsons.37 - 2012-09-06 12:41

      Ministers of sport is a brain dead appointment and the job of these two people is to travel around South Africa to see what is being done for local sport. the guy is dishonest in his travel plans.

      dries.appelgryn - 2012-09-06 13:29

      Minister of Sports, yes, but the portfolio is Minister of Sport.

  • rbphiri - 2012-09-06 11:44

    What about a probe into Zuma's affairs too, two jet planes??? so unnecessary. Wasteful expenditure too!

  • sanda.mnyazi - 2012-09-06 11:50

    The DA, shame

      Tony Lapson - 2012-09-06 11:56

      Yeah it's a big shame that the country needs an opposition to point out the flaws. Just imagine how much money officials could spend if there was no DA, of course, you wouldn't care...

      john.turner.58760608 - 2012-09-06 12:03

      So sanda.mnyazi, you actually enjoy the bozos we have in power wasting taxpayers money. 240 flights in 2 years equals 10 flights a month, with the international flights being every 6 weeks. There are pilots in SAA who do not fly that much.

      mantothieve.missingman - 2012-09-06 12:03

      Well the anc supporters doesnt know the difference between chaulk and cheese so someone has to point this out.

      sanda.mnyazi - 2012-09-06 12:11

      Do you guys know Zahara?

      alan.jerrold - 2012-09-06 12:39

      Khumalo, you spew racist hatred, yet you accuse other people of being 'racist'? Take your blindfold off, chum. The ANC are busy destroying SA, and the poor are paying big time.

      kyle.buitendag - 2012-09-06 12:42

      @beki.khumalo, you are a truly prized idiot, freaking clown, dunno what you on about.......................but i think you are a ID 10 T

      blignault.michaele - 2012-09-06 12:51

      @ beki Shame on you for you inability to think straight. 1. It's not about gunning black people, it's about gunning a corrupt government 2. Show some proof that the National Party were as corrupt as this government [eg. service delivery on school books, arms deal .....] 3. What about the trampling on the minority post 1994 [BEE, BBEEE, AA...all a form of segregation and racism] 4. Hatred, you have just expressed the highest level of hated and racism in you comment you posted I feel terrible pity for you if you cannot read what is being reported daily in the news, killings, rape, murder, theft. all anyone in this country would like to experience is government honesty and transparency. Any government official, if the job calls for it, is welcome to travel, welcome to use a credit card, welcome to a home and a car, but my goodness don't abuse the postion of power to the extent that the poor suffer the brunt of their greedy actions. And we all love the green, black and gold, believe it or not. We would even vote ANC if the party was HONEST. Only my sentiments, but what the hell, times have changed.

      beki.khumalo - 2012-09-06 13:19

      @Michaele, I'm NOT racist, I hate racists! Don't misunderstand my HATE for racism and being racist! I have friends and business partners that are white, how possibly be racist? When a person complains about racism they get labelled as racist, you people miss the point!\r\nNow, here, read(search for the ISS report and read yourself)::::: \r\nThe apartheid government was not free of\r\ncorruption, but it was hidden from the public eye, says a\r\nreport into grand corruption under the Nationalist Party\r\ngovernment.\r\n\In closed societies, which are highly militarised under\r\ndictatorial rule, the truth is hidden from public view by\r\ndesign,\ report author Hennie van Vuuren of the Institute for\r\nSecurity Studies said in the introduction.\r\nThe report gives a chilling insight into corruption and\r\ncorrupt officials under the former regime.\r\nVan Vuuren said that the issue of grand corruption under\r\napartheid had not been publicly debated much.\r\n\Since the advent of democratic rule, scant attention has been\r\npaid to the possibility that leading apartheid-era functionaries\r\n(in government and business) may have used the cover of\r\nauthoritarian rule to illegally acquire vast sums of wealth in\r\ndefiance even of the legal 'norms' of that time,\ Van Vuuren\r\nwrote.\r\n'Brutal, but honest'\r\nHe said public perception that the new democratic South\r\nAfrica was more corrupt than the old system dominated for a\r\ncouple of years after 1994.\r\nThis was also reinforced by the opinions of former leaders,\r\nsuch as former president FW de Klerk.\r\nThis, Van Vuuren said, created a situation where the old\r\ngovernment was remembered as \brutal\ in the way that it\r\ngoverned, but \honest\ in the way it managed its finances.\r\n\In such a scenario the politics of apartheid is trivialised as\r\nmisguided idealism and the role of the business community in\r\nsuch a system was primarily about legitimate shareholder\r\nprofit.\\r\nThis, however, was not the case, according to the report.\r\nThe apartheid government was a corrupt system of\r\ngovernance.\r\n\A near monopoly on money, power and influence were in the\r\nhands of a minority and they used this to either violently\r\nsuppress the majority or, at best, transfer resources in order to\r\nstave off the inevitable revolution.\\r\nThe report focused on instances of corruption that took place\r\nbetween 1976 and 1994.\r\nSensitive issue\r\nIt relied on interviews with 20 people, including researchers,\r\njournalists, liberation struggle activists, politicians from the\r\nprevious government, business people and security personnel.\r\nNot all of them, Van Vuuren stated, were willing to be\r\nidentified.\r\n\It is worth noting that a number of interviewees requested\r\nthat comments not be attributed to them... This reflects the\r\nfact that the nature of this research is still considered sensitive\r\nby many.\\r\nInformation was also collected from various private and public\r\narchival collections.\r\n\It is worth noting that little exists in the way of official records\r\nof corruption under apartheid.\r\n\Many of the official records that were not destroyed prior to\r\n1994 are either accommodated by disparate departments, the\r\nnational archive or are held in private collections by officials...\

      mzukisijola.jose1 - 2012-09-06 13:52

      @sanda its true what you are saying but your party (anc)it sold us out to this racist ppl ,we had a chance to take our country by force in late 80s but what happen ,anc come with reconciliation,now we are called stupid

      luke.dekoker - 2012-09-06 14:21

      beki.khumalo,you can continue campaigning for your anc, the anc of your people, your fathers (sounds like you don't know who your father is??) as much as you like. In many right-minded peoples' eyes your anc only supports *socialism, *racism and *corruption that fuels inequality..get rid of the anc.

  • ingrid.oberholzer - 2012-09-06 11:51

    And there is no Moneeeeeeeey!!!!!!!! for our dedicated sports men and women. Now uncover the R400K restaurant Bill that was spent London during the Olympics.

      alan.gernet - 2012-09-06 12:04

      you have to be kidding! R400K?

  • brionyl.french - 2012-09-06 12:00


  • sarel.brits - 2012-09-06 12:01

    Neee daar is nie geld vir Paie reg maak nie die ANC bliksims party dit uit en ek moet my gat af werk om na TAX als by te bring en dan nog my kar lat stukkend ry oor “potholes”

  • mzukisijola.jose1 - 2012-09-06 12:02

    Shame mbalula,we are going to mangaung zuma will do anything to stay in power

      alan.gernet - 2012-09-06 12:08

      not gonna happen though

      rbphiri - 2012-09-06 12:28

      OOh! mzukisijola.jose1 you just made a huge withdraw from the big bank of dumb.

  • mht.xpress.9 - 2012-09-06 12:11

    this forum is full of racists

  • gerda.vanrensburg - 2012-09-06 12:19

    Its amazing both can still work. For the times not flying they should be on sick leave............ jet lag!

  • kelly.dini - 2012-09-06 12:26

    They certainly didnt fly economy...

  • robert.burnett.108 - 2012-09-06 12:33

    Thuli should be given a medal for the work she dose. at least she has the guts to stand up against these asss holes. she must work around the clock. she is a very competent LADY.

  • kyle.buitendag - 2012-09-06 12:37

    fikile you little turd!!!!! i hope they nail you!!!

  • tshepo.maganedisa - 2012-09-06 12:42

    Wooooooo everyone stop,stop,stop with the name calling - it is still under investigation and this is still allegations, stop putting pressure on Thuli and her office and most importantly until proven you can make your comment for now lets hope the investigation will be conducted fairly and will prove DA's case or Fikile's case

  • edgar.mooi - 2012-09-06 13:22

    My hands are clean, compared to the oldman man he said: im not J Silebi this hands are clean so Madonzela stop waiting money to do investigation de man hand means all. Proof her wrong or proof him wrong .

  • mkhindana.peter - 2012-09-06 13:36

    The government is sitting on their filthy corrupt a*#es enjoying taxpayer's monies.Where as we the taxpayers we are the ones workin hard for that money but not benefitin anythin. Sometimes ANC disgusts me.

  • mzukisijola.jose1 - 2012-09-06 13:40

    If we don't change this constitution after mangaung the african child will never be free,this fake freedom that we were lead to ,is a joke there will never be a reconciliation in this country

      Tony Lapson - 2012-09-06 13:49

      Lol, blaming the constitution.... Have you read it? What parts of it do you oppose? That's what I thought.

  • phillys.winterbottom - 2012-09-06 13:42

    So osmasende, you are saying that R6413 per day, every day for two years, just for flights is not wasteful? put another way: 240 flights in 730 days( 1 x flight every 3 days)??? does that sound right to you? If it does, then you are a ANC troll who most probably hasn't even flown yet!!! Another thought: ........... I will be prepared to bet you R10000 of my HARD EARNED money that if you check the vehicle logs for this scumbag, that miles/fuel has been claimed for even the times he was away!!! . .less

  • vincent.vinsaint - 2012-09-06 14:43

    Probing R1,5m flights??? Thuli stop beating about the bush. What do u want??? Probe Zuma's family!!!

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