Protesters appear for public violence

2012-06-01 20:21

Johannesburg - Twenty-seven people arrested during a protest appeared in the Barberton Magistrate's Court on Friday, Mpumalanga police said.

They were arrested earlier in the day and were charged with public violence, said spokesperson Gerald Sedibe.

He said three of them were released on bail of R750 and the rest on warnings.

Eighteen other people arrested were released after police discovered they were minors.

The protesters barricaded roads with stones and burning tyres.

Police used teargas when they looted shops belonging to foreigners.

They were demanding that the proposed Mpumalanga University, which was rumoured to be built in White River, be instead be constructed in Barberton.

They believed that this would alleviate unemployment in the area.

  • yolanda.bezuidenhoutfraser - 2012-06-01 20:43

    There is a 3rd force behind this. People of town who is thinking with their ego instigated this and created the perception under the workless and poor. I'm very sad that they used children in their fight and that it resulted in those children being affected in a negative light. The culprits behind this unprotected strike action should be the 1st to be charged...

  • Nyameko - 2012-06-01 20:48

    Public violence doesn't help it wil cost us as tax payers, thy shud go 2 th public offices nd submit their complain assertively.

  • yusuf.mahomed.39 - 2012-06-01 22:17

    my beautiful barberton!how i long for thee!born there,schooled there,roots still there,man if the place could just become more economically attractive,i would go back there with my young family immediately and enjoy living there!i dont blame those protesters,violence no, but the university for barbs!!!thumbs up all the way,it will go along way to make barbs economically sound and sustainable for the next 100 years!!!

  • carol.sisi - 2012-06-01 23:16

    It not fair that us children have to stay at home an not go 2 skul because of this,and we have started 2 write exams and we can't pass those people cos thy promise to hit us. Yes thy have the right to strike but not stopping us from going 2 skul,and a new primer must take place coz D.D mabuza is not doing his job. The roads are not fixed, some people dnt have houses, we need more skuls for the kids who can afford skul fEes. People who finished metric dnt have jobs. Escom is not giving enough electricity!! WE NEED A NEW PRIMER!!!!

  • Gerald Jordaan - 2012-06-02 07:12 the Uni and then burn it down when you don't get your way !!!! Klomp NARRE!!

  • mphofejack.sebela - 2012-06-02 07:47

    Perhaps they are considering certain facts i do not know of,but how can they arrest them isn't it that's what protesters do in mzanzi,vandalizing puplic property and infrustructure..its a norm

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