Protesters block roads in Gauteng

2014-04-15 11:16

Johannesburg - Gauteng saw two protest actions in Olievenhoutbosch in Centurion and in Soweto as residents protested and blocked roads on Tuesday, Gauteng traffic police said.

"Burning tyres, stones and rubble are being used by protesters to block the roads."

"Motorists are advised to avoid Olievenhoutbosch and Kliptown due to protest action," said spokesperson Obed Sibasa.

The R55 was closed to traffic between Centurion and Kyalami.

Sibasa advised road users to use the N1, the old Johannesburg Road or N14.

Police monitoring protests

Earlier, police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Lungelo Dlamini said it was not yet clear why Olivienhoutbosch residents were protesting when they started gathering on the road and blocked the route.

"They did not use anything to block the road, they just gathered in the middle of the road."

"Police are monitoring the protest, so far no violence was reported."

Further afield, protesting residents in Kliptown, Soweto blocked the Union Road.

The road between Pimville Golf Course and the Kliptown Flats has also been closed, Sibasa said.

"Motorists are advised to use Klipspruit Valley Road from Chris Hani Road, and if travelling from Eldorado use the N1/N12 or the Golden Highway," he said.

  • Barend Kruger - 2014-04-15 11:28

    Its like the '80s. Just a matter of time before the necklacings starts again.

      goyougoodthing - 2014-04-15 11:49

      Finally someone who can use an apostrophe properly, must be as old as me :-)

      Wehr Wulf - 2014-04-15 11:59

      Note to self: invent a rifle that shoots chicken nuggets.

  • Dave May - 2014-04-15 11:38

    "Police are monitoring the protest". Like that helps. Get them out of the road so people can go to work! Is becoming so bad that those breaking the law have more rights than those trying to get to work!

  • Dirk Engelbrecht - 2014-04-15 11:52

    More bad publicity for the ANC before the elections... Just shows you that no amount of KFC, food parcels, money or t-shirts will substitute for proper service delivery... Time to vote the cANCer out and get new and proper government in place...

      Wehr Wulf - 2014-04-15 12:04

      That's the problem though. These same protesters will be voting ANC come May 7.

  • Paljas Paljassie - 2014-04-15 12:01

    I always wonder why the anc goes out of their way to change names but leave names like Olievenhoutbosch and Diepsloot? Actually sickening funny.

  • Psalm Proverb - 2014-04-15 12:03

    Question: Will the ANC pay the e-toll bills for those motorists who were forced to use the N1 due to these protests??? Afterall, ANC incompetence is the cause of these protests.

  • Oamis Lacad Ariedlac - 2014-04-15 12:12


      mark.k.davidson - 2014-04-15 13:52

      The ANC gave you low quality education, bad health care and no housing or jobs. Most white people didn't inherit property or shares from the apartheid era. We all just worked and worked and worked until we found a job and then carried on working. Stop blaming everyone but yourself. It is hard but inaction will not get you a job.

  • Asseblief Tog - 2014-04-15 12:38

    Come voting time they will vote for the same party again and a year down the line we will see this same sh*t happening again. These people are brain-dead and cannot be helped because they cannot even help themselves.

  • Sean Lock - 2014-04-15 13:26

    Can the cANCer not see that the people of SA are f*#king tiered of them. Jz you need Jesus you are not Jesus !!!!! Get jz out out OUT. OUT.

  • Missmizz Sabath - 2014-04-15 13:39

    Do protesters EVER know why they are protesting? Maybe it is just to give idle people something to do.

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