Pupils forced to 'mock-rape' bus seat

2012-02-07 09:43

Johannesburg - Senior pupils at a top Johannesburg private school are being probed for allegedly forcing younger boys to “mock-rape” a bus seat while on school outings, The Star reported on Tuesday.

St David’s Marist Inanda in Sandton launched the investigation after a parent approached LeadSA’s Terry Volkwyn at a function and raised concern over the so-called initiation. EyeWitness News first broke the story on Monday.

According to The Star, the incident occurred last Friday when the pupils were returning from a swimming gala. A similar incident happened while the pupils were going camping.

The school’s CEO, Mike Greeff, who referred to the incident as “stupidity that took place at the back of the bus”, said it was not clear at this stage how many pupils had been involved.

The school said in a statement it condemned “any behaviour that intimidates, humiliates or frightens any other person. We are shocked and disappointed that any of our boys would be involved in behaviour which may cause distress or humiliation. Such incidents violate our code of conduct and anti-bullying policy”.

Initiations are also prohibited by the SA Schools Act.

 “We can’t rule out the possibility that there might be other incidents, but I can assure you that this will not happen again,” Greeff said.

Greeff said the school did allow for new pupils to undergo orientation but that the seniors “pushed the envelope with this”.

Gauteng Education MEC Barbara Creecy was alerted to the incident by LeadSA and had a meeting with the school’s management at the weekend but could not be directly involved as it was a private school.

  • Kacee - 2012-02-07 09:46

    My goodness, we are making South Africa full of wimps

      Bokfan - 2012-02-07 10:51

      How does mock raping a bus seat prevent you from being a wimp? Initiation is a crude social device for enforcing the pecking order. It is brutal and it is often inhumane. Sadly because human beings are still primitive in behaviour it will never be eradicated but can at best bemanaged to cause minimal harm.

      mystae - 2012-02-07 10:57

      What is wrong with you people? If it's an enactment of rape (and there's a big difference between rape and just plain humping), this sort of behaviour could make it seem okay to other more impressionable boys, one of whom could take it too far. Don't you think that sort of thing is possible in SA? Don't we read about it enough everyday? Or maybe you don't think it's a problem?

      FlowingRivers - 2012-02-07 11:20

      Send those youngsters to jail !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Ryan - 2012-02-07 11:24

      Mystae, I agree. Bus seats the world over will be in great danger.

      John - 2012-02-07 11:46

      Agreed. If my son didnt do things like this I would get woried and think there is something wrong with him. #ratherodd #getalife

      Ryan - 2012-02-07 11:59

      Seriously Mystae? Is that what you really believe? I doubt very much that the boys that were made to do this were imagining anything else but the embarrassment associated with initiation. You have been duped by the headline, the sensationalist reporting style used here and the probable misinterpretation of the incident by a paranoid parent into believing these kids were "raping" a bus seat. As a schoolboy I was made to "surf" a bus seat balanced on the metal rails behind the good old Putco seats. Never did I imagine the rush of waves or the wind in my face while standing there. To be honest my mind was on balancing alone! I "surfed" until the older boys said "OK cool. Who's next?". I agree though absolutely, there is nothing funny about the sick disgusting violation of rape. However I truly don't think imaginary rape played a part in this story at all, at most it was a humping act. Anyway, that's my take on this. I had no intention to offend.

      Bigwolf - 2012-02-07 12:10

      I feel there should be a line, but initiation has been around for years and we called it hell week, lots of fun was had and when finished became part of a brotherhood and you were now part of the school, this helped many a yong nervious child fit in. maybe help those in power realise what is funny and what is just wrong.

      mystae - 2012-02-07 12:16

      Ryan: I don't see what I said as right or wrong. The article may be sensationalist hype, or it could be what actually happened. My point is the irresponsible commentary on this page in light of the fact that we don't know. You also have to keep in mind that times have changed; some forms of music (like gangsta rap) encourage violence, etc. There are also video games where characters can rape one another. Wasn't there 10 years ago. People aren't equally impressionable either - some more, some less. You might be a good parent (if you are a parent), but you can't expect everyone else to be good parents too - and you have to take that into account when you have kids (well, I assume you have to).

      Ja - 2012-02-07 12:19

      I just hope they were wearing condoms .. you never know whose been riding those seats ..

      Schmee - 2012-02-07 12:26

      The problem I have with this is that sex is not treated as a private matter between CONSENTING ADULTS. Why do the older kids have to pick something of a sexual nature for an initiation? Why do we bother teaching kids that nobody should touch them inappropriately if this is the kind of reaction people have when kids are not happy about enacting a sexual movement with a buss seat. If this is normal bonding between males then no wonder we live in such a screwed up society where so many men think that no means yes.

      charl4e - 2012-02-07 12:44

      I just want to know how you can 'rape' a bus seat?? I mean, did the bus seat scream "NO! Stop it! I don't like it!"? If they mean hump the bus seat, then I fail to see what the problem is, I'm sure they who had to do it was laughing their asses off while doing it. Man the f*ck up please.

      Kacee - 2012-02-07 12:49

      Schmee, listen to yourself, the seat couldn't say no. I guess You would like to be married to a man that cant stand up for himself, and have to call others to protect him or fight his battles for him. This is a process that has been around for many years and has made may people stronger.

      Schmee - 2012-02-07 13:07

      Aish you clearly didn't understand what I'm saying. The problem is the sexual act. Yes you can't rape a stupid bus seat. And I don't have anything against initiations unless someone lands up in hospital. But why pick something sexual when we teach our children that sex is something that takes place between consenting adults in order to protect them from paedophiles.

      Merven - 2012-02-07 13:12

      @Charl4e: I just want to know how you can 'rape' a bus seat?? I mean, did the bus seat scream "NO! Stop it! I don't like it!"? So according to your amazing observation a mute girl, or drunk, passed out girl can not be raped?

      Bryan - 2012-02-07 13:18

      Looking at some of the responses here, I believe a lot of them come from people who are either to 'verkramped' or those who live in lala land. For crying out loud people, this kind of thing has been happening in schools since John the baptist fell of his donkey. Has no-one got a sense of humour left in them? It's a natural form of behaviour in the pecking order of growing up....Clearly some of us have become to sensitive and politically correct to understand that Sh*t like this just happens and it's time mothers and fathers stopped wiping their little boys noses and backsides and just face the realities of school life.. Anyone read Spud? Get a frikkin life..!!!

      Ashley - 2012-02-07 13:19

      Name and Shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Kacee - 2012-02-07 13:22

      At that age your hormonal instinct takes over, this is when teens dry hump more than you pets do... I get what you saying, its good to bring your children up with good morals, however this kind of thing will continue to happen, it happened when I was at school (a long long time ago) and personally neither me or any of my friends have ever raped a women.

      charl4e - 2012-02-07 13:41

      @Merven Taking things literally are we now! What I said about the bus seat was only to point out how bizarre it sounds that they 'raped' a bus seat.. Come on, think about it. YOU CAN NOT RAPE A BUS SEAT! But since I can't state things like that, here's a dictionary explanation of rape for you: 1. the unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse. 2. any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person. hope that'll help you trying to understand what i meant.

      Nina - 2012-02-07 15:39

      Send them to mock jail...

      Jay - 2012-02-07 16:54

      I had my fair share of embarrassing initiations at school! and believe me this was a case of "hey you pretend you are shagging the bus seat" not "hey you imagine raping the bus seat" they find the most embarrassing thing they can for you to do. The beauty is that one day, you are a senior and you get your turn to pimp out a bus seat! Kids have been doing it at schools for centuries. if you want to point fingers at someone, then point fingers at the group trying to ban hidings! they are the real ones messing up our kids! Do you really think child abuse will stop because of a law????? nope!!! but good discipline will stop!

  • Brett - 2012-02-07 09:56

    Are they calling it rape because the bus seat said no?

      Ryan - 2012-02-07 10:25

      Must have. They mock-paid taxi money too. I heard a bus seat say "sit on my face" once.... these bus seats are immoral.

      galef - 2012-02-07 13:03


  • Gerhard - 2012-02-07 09:57

    What a Joke!!

  • Tuskal - 2012-02-07 09:58

    CAn someone share with me, what is "Mock rape"?

      Vusi - 2012-02-07 10:04

      This is gutter reporting at its worst! If anything of a sexual nature happens then it has now become rape. Soon the headlines will read "Boy found RAPING himself in toilet"

      Tuskal - 2012-02-07 10:27

      Ha ha ha uthini na ngoku Vusi??? Grand grand, benzeni ababafana?

      Lorenzo - 2012-02-07 17:00

      @ Vusi ... hahahhah you are right!!!! If that is the case I should serve a life sentence in jail for repeatedly raping myself for years… and so should every other guy in this country! Haha!

  • Hallo - 2012-02-07 10:00

    More click grabbing headlines

  • E=MC2 - 2012-02-07 10:12

    "rape a bus seat"... so it wasnt something like "make love to a bus seat" thats been blown out of context by our attention seeking, panic inducing, sensationalistic reporters???

      Wimpie.Haefele - 2012-02-07 10:35

      Or hump the bus seat, I mean really, the stuff we had to do makes this sound like nothing. I had to hump like a meerkat from the second story of the school in front of assembly as well as in front of the whole Girls Hostel, mom and dad would have told me to grow up if I ran to them, they even saw the dance and cracked themself.

      E=MC2 - 2012-02-07 12:40

      lol! for sure... the youth now days is evidence in itself of what happens when certain values stop being instilled in them, like "respect" for one! Children now days are brought up in a world where they're made to beleive that they can do what they want, when they want without fear of consequence! Stopping corporal punishment was the worst thing government could’ve done. Next up - Parents, no more spanking your children when they've been disobedient!! That'll help things even more!

  • Scouter - 2012-02-07 10:29

    "Senior pupils at a top Johannesburg private school are being probed for allegedly forcing younger boys to “mock-rape” a bus seat..." A somewhat alarming comment given the nature of the article, I would have thought!

      Gerhard - 2012-02-07 10:39

      HAHAHAHA!!! I totally missed that one!! Well spotted!!

      E=MC2 - 2012-02-07 12:43

      LOL, so first the seat gets probed then the pupils :)

  • MissGremlin - 2012-02-07 10:38

    I am vaguely concerned that the bulk of the comments so far, seem to indicate that none of the commentors seem to have a problem with larger children forcing younger children, to perform sexual parody. Are we not slightly(?) worried about the overt sexual nature of the complaint, and the raising of premature sexual awareness of young children? Until all South Africans teach their children, that sex is not a toy, or a fun way to pass time or force on each other, we (ALL South Africans) will continue to have revoltingly disproportionate rape and sexual abuse statistics. Now, would be a good time, to remind all commentor, that behind every statistic, is a real life person.

      MissGremlin - 2012-02-07 10:39

      *commentors* typo, apologies.

      Wimpie.Haefele - 2012-02-07 10:46

      "Premature sexual awareness" these kids are aware from a very young age. The newspaper probably said "RAPE" to get a more striking headline that will attrack readers.

      MissGremlin - 2012-02-07 10:59

      Wimpie. Take the word rape out of the story. Even once I have moved past the inflamatory nature of the headline, I am still APALLED at the overt sexual nature of the incident. I would be as made as a f***ing snake, if my 13 year old came home having been made to "dry-hump" a bus seat. 13 year old's should not be receiving lessons on sexual behaviour from larger kids who seem to think that sex is a weapon, or a joke, or a casual past-time.

      MissGremlin - 2012-02-07 11:00

      *mad* not "made". Am clearly annoyed enough, that I seem to have forgotten how to spell.

      Marion - 2012-02-07 11:09

      @MissGremlinSays... well said.

      Demetrius.Syriopoulos - 2012-02-07 11:31

      there may be some merit to what you say MsG, but if the younger boys knew what to do and then complained about having to do it, rather that complain about having to do something that did not know how to do, they are already sexually aware. if on the other hand there were gilrs on the bus as well and these boys were told to "mock-rape" a girl, that would have a different story. would you be as F mad if your 13 year old came home and told you that he was made to swim acress the pool naked? if at 13 a child has no clue about sex and what is right and wrong, there is another problem here.

      Dinky - 2012-02-07 11:51

      I read and just shake my head in pity and sympathy. Males do not rationalise with their brains, dearie. (Too high up) Why do you think we are smarter and faster in comprehension than they are ? Why are they so easy to manipulate ? Ask your grannie for update on today's young men and why you do not argue against their logic - USE IT against them.

      E=MC2 - 2012-02-07 12:46

      @Dinky - FEMANIST ALERT! You're being the exact opposite of the men you're degrading. Go shave your armpits or something

      Evan - 2012-02-07 13:10

      Ah, there is hope another champion for what is right, thank you for your comment, I agree. I am equally as alarmed by all the brainless one liners here, many trying to make a joke out of it. I sense a lack of maturity concerning this matter in general. I imagine that if any of these jokers had their son come home upset by a similar event having happened to them, that it might not be quite so funny or amusing... I agree with MissGremlinSays 100%

  • tyron.price - 2012-02-07 10:42

    Does anyone beside the mother care? This sounds mild compared to what im sure 90% of us went thru in school, it seems like we truing into a sensationalist country that just follows the hype the media try's to create to sell papers ect, its getting worse every day. STOP blowing stories out of proportion and report on real issues objectively. Or are the public in SA really That easy to draw in and follow what the person in front of them says blindly. The news says this is an issue so it must be an issue, lets all be up in arms about it!! Stop Fueling the medias TRASH!!

      Marion - 2012-02-07 11:16

      @TyronPrice, just as an example if I was raped would it be fair to say that because violence wasn't employed it was 'mild compared to what i'm sure 90% of other rape victims went through'? Wrongs done to you don't make it right for similar things, although possibly less demeaning than what you experienced, to be done in this day and age where we at least try to act more civilised.

      Demetrius.Syriopoulos - 2012-02-07 13:28

      Marion, please teach me how to rape witout violence :)

      Schmee - 2012-02-07 13:57

      Demetrius stop being so pedantic. You get what Marion is saying don't you?

  • Dale - 2012-02-07 10:46

    I treat objects like women....

  • Yui - 2012-02-07 10:48

    i think you people are all morons and your comments are so stupid, whether the seniors asked them to mock rape, make love ore pretend you having sex is indecent and traumatic for boys in grade 8, if you have a son you will know that 13.14 year old boys are immature and are not sexually active or even perhaps interested in girls, I would prefer my children to stay as innocent as long as possible so for some grade 12 boys to teach younger boys about rape,sex or whatever is disgusting, and if it was my son who came home and told me what happened I would have gone to the school and demanded action. initition is one thing but this behaviour lacks intergrity and teaches children early promiscuity, children do not even watch movies that are rated age 16 at this age, some children get shy at this age when they see kissing on tv. what happened to good old fashion manners. yes, the senios will not be rapist maybe but they most certainly will not be allowed to date my daughter and will probably make lousy husbands one day

      Wimpie.Haefele - 2012-02-07 10:54

      Actually I think you are one of the problems, this initiation have been happening for many years and has not negatively affected anyone, the only difference is now that the boys can't handle it anymore because moms try to wrap them in cotton wool and clinging to her dress. This is creation boys that will never become men.

      Mildly_Amused - 2012-02-07 11:01

      hahahahaahahahahahahahaha. ha. ha. ha. REALLY?

      MissGremlin - 2012-02-07 11:07

      Wimpie. Initiation has indeed been happening for years. In my day, we dragged a brick around (a pet) or were made to name and dress a potato. The leap from gentle fun, to dry humping a bus seat is insane, and socially unacceptable.

      Allan - 2012-02-07 11:08

      "if you have a son you will know that 13.14 year old boys are immature and are not sexually active" Oh boy! are you living in a dream world! Ask most 13 - 14 year old if you can talk to them about the "birds and the bees" and they will ask you what it is you don't understand ;-)

      Marion - 2012-02-07 11:18

      @Wimpie.Haefele... I have to disagree with your comment 'has not negatively affected anyone'. That is your opinion but all the insensitive comments on this page reflect just how negatively some of you have been affected by your initiations. Now you think it is okay to do unto others what was done unto you. Oh, wait, it probably is nothing compared to what was done unto you.

      David - 2012-02-07 11:25

      Oh for pete's sake! Your mollycoddled precious ones see far worse in a single episode of the Bold & Beautiful! If the young kids are reasonably well brought up they would feel embarrassed, and know that the actions are wrong. They are not suddenly going to turn into rapists. I am not condoning the incident, but get real!

      Demetrius.Syriopoulos - 2012-02-07 11:43

      i think the plot has been lost. MsG. you had a pet brick and dressed potatoes. do you still think briks are pets and potatoes are your friend you go out with or date? if not, i think that did not affect you too much. Yui. if your son or daughter is as inocent as you think they are at 13, the problem lies with you. if however you only believe, or would like to believe they are inocent, then go look in their rooms, you may be shocked. i would also like my child to stay inocent as long as possible, maybe till 40, but you know life does not work like that. finaly if your child at 13 has not been told by you, at least the basics, then the problem lies with you.

      DuToitCoetzee - 2012-02-07 12:31

      @Yui. You warm my heart with what you said and you try to maintain the noble. I really welcome this effort and I praise you for that. I can't speak on your household, but may i inform the re the reality that is currently rules. Knowing/working/be involved with children that reveal the same innocence like yours I/we learned with shock that it is some of them that are the most informed. They tend to explore their need to know when visiting other friends and places, but they isolate them from the urges when being in their solid/family environment. I once again say that I can't speak for your children, but it is a known fact that one prefer them to show more there real interest, when in there save environment, to enable a senior/parent to guide them. Unfortunately that stats show a 100% of children, at that age, knows more than you made us believe yours know or what you think they know. Saying all this, I still applaud you for your effort of believing to protect their innocents and giving them a descend upbringing as far as possible. Just be careful for possible ignorance that can eventually bit you on the bum.

      E=MC2 - 2012-02-07 12:48

      Dude... read what you wrote one more time... "13.14 year old boys are immature and are not sexually active or even perhaps interested in girls," What isolated part of the world are you from?

      Dominique - 2012-02-07 13:10

      Totally agree with you, it is embarrassing for a 13/14 year old whether it is a boy or girl. I am astonished that the comments made by most of the men that they are in favour of this happening (really mature). There is a reason why the SA Schools Act is in place about initiation. Pupils have a right to be free of being humiliated and degraded. It is absurd that older testosterones (grade 12) see it fit to show that they have the power to do whatever pleases them. If my son came home and told me that this happened to him, believe you me I would take it further. This is not a joke, what are we teaching youngster today, that it is okay to behave like this. @Wimpie - there is something wrong with you. You were probably one of those kids in your time at school who thought it great to treat 13/14 year olds like this. I'm sure if you have/had a son you would want him to be just like these retards. Maybe it does not negatively affect the perpetrator because he is in control, but what about the child it is happening to (does he not have feelings) or is that not important because he is only 13? Is that what we base kids on to become men? By your idiotic comments you must have been a bully at school that is why you think it sooooooo funny!

      Schmee - 2012-02-07 14:02

      Okay Wimpie I dare you next time you go shopping to go hump a loaf of bread in the bakery department. You don't think that 99% of people would find it to be inappropriate behaviour? Compare that to taking all the loaves off the shelf and putting them in someones trolley. Which one do you think will get more laughs? Which one will probably get you arrested?

      Wimpie.Haefele - 2012-02-07 14:12

      @Dominique actually you don't know me so do not make assumptions. I have never been a bully now or ever, my point is just that most boys are pampered so much that they can not do anything for themself. Rape is not a laughing matter I just believe that this story were dragged out of context. People read way to much into this. Are you now aiming for a personal attack instead of addressing the issue?

      Dominique - 2012-02-08 09:34

      @Wimpie - just like you have a right to voice your opinion so do I. I think it is embarrassing for a 13 year old to have to go through something like this. Is this type of behaviour what makes you a man, I think not. If it were rape would that also be considered manly and funny? As a parent of a 13 year old who is not wrapped up in cotton wool and clinging to my dress but knows his rights and what is considered right or wrong behaviour, I think it is disgusting that most men are agreeing with what happened here. I'm sure your opinion would be very different if it happened to your child or maybe not because you seem to be all for it, just my opinion.

  • Karabo - 2012-02-07 11:03


  • Yui - 2012-02-07 11:08

    shame wimpie i can imagine how you clinged to mommie you must have been teased whith a name like that you were pobably a real 'wimp' why dont you go get yourself a wimpie burger and be a real man and if you had any brains you will not display all your info on facebook for the world to see.....i find it amusing that it is mostly men who making these insane comments and justifying this behaviour, get a life

      David - 2012-02-07 12:01

      I would submit that Wimpie is of a generation where boys were far less pampered and were subjected to higher standards of discipline than todays crop.

      Wimpie.Haefele - 2012-02-07 12:52

      Yui well atleast i am not ashamed of my name, resorting to name calling very mature.

      Jay - 2012-02-07 17:18

      I come from a past when boys were boys and bloody knees were a given! Bringing up your kids is as much about preparing them for the world as it is protecting them! I lost my Virginity at the age of 14, as did most of my friends. All of whom are good hard working members of society! 13 and 14 years old know a hell of alot more than you think. A little hazing on a bus is the least of a parents concerns. Bring back conscription i say!

  • Grimett - 2012-02-07 11:09

    are they repeatedly "raping" one bus seat ? what colour is the bus seat ?why single out that bus seat? Next Headline- Bus seat abducted and forced into slavery!

  • Mlungisi - 2012-02-07 11:11

    If it cant speak = Rape That's how things are......really wtf?

      Demetrius.Syriopoulos - 2012-02-07 11:47

      you have another point here. this was abuse as well as rape. the seat could not speak so it had a disability as well. this is getting more serious.

      Schmee - 2012-02-07 14:06

      You don't have a point there. Or is that why so many patients are being raped in hospitals now? They can't speak because they are on medication that puts them to sleep so it's not rape.

  • DuToitCoetzee - 2012-02-07 11:18

    Boys are doing "stuff" since the begin of time, but there was a social structure that keep them to order, educate them between wrong and right and balance them for life to prevent these "actions" to become reality. I suggest the teachers, parents and the people commenting in "dislike" should ask what are they doing to upkeep the social standards/structure that prevent play to go over to reality. People, sometimes, react with shock, disbelieve and rejection to happenings like this, but they also not do anything to ensure the social standards are uplifted and maintain to prevent "boy-play" from becoming reality. My question is why was this never an issue when social standards were higher? A community only fears something when they know they failed to install/maintain systems/standards that address these fears.

  • nadia.chotu - 2012-02-07 11:22

    OMG.... the comments here are astounding to say the least! Really? a prank is one thing - but seriously what kind of juvenile delinquints go to this school? Everyday we see and hear about the sexual depravity that exists in our society. How can anybody encourage that?The article states that the orientation is targeted at younger boys... How can anybody say that this is okay or normal?. Sorry guys.... but we live in an age where we must take all steps necessary to protect our kids. I am not a mum.... but I have an 11 year old nephew and god help any boy/person that thinks he can play a prank of that nature on my nephew!!

      Marion - 2012-02-07 11:34

      My understanding of orientation in a school, or anywhere else for that matter, is that you would be shown/told about all the places you need to know about in the school or the company you work for. One of them is, surely, not your penis in relation to a bus seat.

      Demetrius.Syriopoulos - 2012-02-07 11:49

      Marion, what about if you start to work as sex worker?

      Demetrius.Syriopoulos - 2012-02-07 11:54

      MsC, the solution to all this lies in the state. pass a law that does not allow children under the age of 40 to leave the confinds of the house. noone said this was Normal, we are saying that this was a joke that a boy that cannot say Hello without mommy's permision took exeption to. he so, because probubly he has been tought to be weak and never to stand up to anyone, and we all know where attitude like that gets us. in 1948 1 moron said do and all did and so apartheid was created. teach your kids to think, and speak about right and wrong, not nag and wine and run to mommy

      Marion - 2012-02-07 12:07

      @Demetrius.Syriopoulos... lol... you got me on that one... Guess you would need to know where the bed and/or other suitable places are and where the tools for the job are... therefore orientation. Think even the sex workers on the street go through orientation when other sex workers tell them where they will be safe, what they should and shouldn't do to stay safe. Mmmmm???

      nadia.chotu - 2012-02-07 12:23

      @Demetruis... Really? It is a "joke" to mock rape a bus seat... I did not know. Sorry - my bad! oh yes and teach a kid to think and speak not nag and run to mommy... I guess that those girls that were set on fire in Kempton Park should have adopted the same principle because its all just in the name of fun right??? Grow up and see what's happening all around you. Everybody wants to have fun...but one has to draws the line between fun and good morals.I'm sorry but I cannot see how "mock raping" or "mock humping" is a joke or fun for that matter. If teenage boys or whomever wants to engage in that, that is their choice but absolutely no one should force anybody else in partaking in this kind of behaviour. And in case you could not read, these younger boys were forced (coerced) into doing something that they did not want to partake in. How is bullying ever justified. I'll bet your answer is to "make a man out of them".... Really? tell that to the mother of the young girl that committed suicide because she was bullied at school. Yes bullying does happen.... but we are a sick society if we condone it!

      Demetrius.Syriopoulos - 2012-02-07 13:20

      oh MsC to have fun you need to remove your drawers, not your draws as you typed :) next thing, the girls that were set alight was a Satanic ritual and a form of fun. by the way it was in Lynmeyer in the south not in Kempton on the east :) bulling is such a wide open word, commonly know as PC, or politicaly correct. i was bullied once by an older boy at school when he forced me to let him walk through the doorway first. i wonder if it too late to lay criminal charges now? i wonder if you, as a boy, ask a girl out and she says no the first, is it bulling if you ask her a second time? are forcing her i wonder to go out with you and is it maybe rape? no-one is condoning violence and bulling and anything that takes away dignity, but just immagine how wonderful the world may be if males and females never ever make contact with each other and if all humans live a life of complete and total isolation from other humans. i wonder in this wonderful country of ours (not sarcastically), how many boys have played with toy guns? are all these boys murderers? how many girls have played with dolls and pulled the heads, arms and legs off those dolls? are all these girls doing the same to their kids?

      nadia.chotu - 2012-02-07 14:21

      Demetruis: You miss the point my dear.... no child should be bullied (which is what this is)at at all. And fyi, a child pulling of the leg of a doll or playing with a toy gun is much much different from some adolescant boy deriving some sort of pleasure/fun in forcing a younger child to simulate a sexual act. Sorry but your laborious arguement has no merit. Let me me remind you that forcing a younger child to similuate sex is not a game that should be condoned by anyone!

  • Vivian - 2012-02-07 11:23

    No corporal punishment means that these pupils, sorry learners can do what they want, they can be glad they were not at school when with us cause they would never have handled it, sorry state of affairs this

  • Leoni - 2012-02-07 11:34

    I think the problem is the public display of sex. I agree: teenagers know a lot about sex and many are sexually active. But the problem is making sex banal by public display. Sex is something that should be an expression of commitment and love between people. Sadly, because we frequently reduce the love-making act to a purely physical sexual act, we, as a society, are losing sight of the fact that the sexual act is deeply connected to our deepest human feelings of love. I think this is what bothers most people - that we are forced to observe the initimacy of others, even in a mock-act, and in doing this, we make a mockery of something that is suppose to be beautiful.

      David - 2012-02-07 11:54

      I largely agree with what you have said, but those feelings of intimacy only grow out of proper relationships. Keep in mind that teenage boys are intensely curious about sex, the opposite sex and sexuality (despite what some parents convince themselves). Adults acting in this fashion would be far worse (imho) that a bunch of kids with raging hormones. This is where proper education should come into the story.

      DuToitCoetzee - 2012-02-07 11:59

      I agree with you Leoni, but we, as boys were doing things much worst.(and there was no tv yet, but I admit it now plays a big role) We, however, know what was wrong and right. We had a social structure that kept us in place. A boy does not know what close commitment and intimacy is. They are born hunters that experiment with there purpose on life to spread there genes(softly put) We are not borne with that fineness in us. It is the parents and community/rules that shape us. When we get borne with it we mostly become gay and is not a threat. My point is that making us sussies will not be good for "mankind". Keeping the structures and standards up and practicing it is what is forming us. When we learned this "lovemaking" method too early we never commit again. It became too much fun(remember the hunter) There are too many mothers bringing up boys without the full involvement of dads and or are divorced. Than we also have these "dads" who already came out of the same circumstances and now need to up-bring a boy? A mother and a father must be a child's role-model and route indicator and when losing that, they will wander to the obvious.

  • Linda - 2012-02-07 11:42

    'Future rapists in transit'. New slogan for the school bus.

  • Noelle - 2012-02-07 11:51

    I think this is rather disgusting! If they are exposing younger boys to this now - it's no wonder they do the things they do when they're older. What is happening to the youth - it makes me sick. They should be talking about cars, sport, ja sure girls on the way home not "raping" bus seats.

  • Mhlophe - 2012-02-07 12:05

    Boys will be boys, get over it. Hope the chair is ok.

      Evan - 2012-02-07 13:16

      So, when your son rapes, some girl, you gonna pat him on the back and say, " eish" boys will be boys... That does not make it right!

  • nadine.hayward13 - 2012-02-07 12:16

    Yeah once again news24 reporters is pulling out words out of there asses... i also believe the older boys told them to hump the seat... And typical someone has to go and make a mountain out of a "HUMP"

      jowza1 - 2012-02-07 13:28

      What do you call a person with a seat fetish?

  • Susan - 2012-02-07 12:17

    so this is what our education system has come to!!!

  • Cary - 2012-02-07 12:22

    If anyone commenting here believes for one second that their precious 13 year olds (sons, daughters, nieces or nephews) aren't aware sexually then you are naive beyond help. This was a harmless prank and the boy suffered humiliation infront of his peers at worst. Not a mind altering click in his brain that will now send into the dark abyss that is molestation and serial rape! Grow up people!!

  • Linda - 2012-02-07 12:23

    I wonder what the comments would be had this happened in a bus carrying learners from KwaMashu township. Wait, dont answer that.

      jowza1 - 2012-02-07 13:37

      wont happen.buses there dont have seats

  • illse.nieuwoudt - 2012-02-07 12:31

    How do you rape a chair? how can the chair resist? I agree that this was humiliating for the pupils and that sort of thing should not be allowed, but why call it rape? I dont understand?

  • dave.j.colquhoun - 2012-02-07 12:32

    Forced to simulate a rape on a bus seat. I have never heard anything so funny in all my life. Sensationalist headlines catch fools every day. It's what sells the papers. These wimps were probably told to "simulate humping the seat" and that wouldn't have been nearly as sensational as "raping the seat"!! You cannot rape an inanimate object so what we actually have here is a pathetic case of a wimp feeling humiliated about being told to simulate the humping of the seat of a bus. Then he runs home to mommy and daddy and falls down crying about how cruel his class mates are and Mommy and Daddy go rushing off to the school to expose this heinous crime. I'm glad my mommy and daddy didn't interfere with my school initiation as it probably made me a better person for not ever having to live with the stigma of being the class wimp. Next thing we'll hear is Mommy and Daddy taking the school to court for their children having been traumatised by getting homework!

      Jay - 2012-02-07 17:31

      First trip home from boarding school I was getting dressed in my room. My mom saw 3 blue black stripes across my ass and walked over and clotted me twice across the head demanding to know what i did wrong to get a hiding, it took all my skills of persuasion to explain to her that the whole hostel got woken up and caned the night before term break in what was called "Hostel Hoden" spelling sucks.

  • Blip - 2012-02-07 12:49

    "Orientation" = initiation = mass bullying. Sack the principal and press charges.

  • Preshen - 2012-02-07 12:50

    The seat is scared for life now

      Leoni - 2012-02-09 21:56

      hie hie hie. Scared? or Scarred?

  • E=MC2 - 2012-02-07 12:51

    You know what; as shocking as some of the comments relating to this are... remember, these kids are who they are because of who THEIR PARENTS have raised them to be. PARENTS need to take some damn responsibility for how children are behaving now days!

      Wimpie.Haefele - 2012-02-07 13:49

      Easier to blame it on somebody else

      Schmee - 2012-02-07 15:01

      Children need to take responsiblity for their own stupid behaviour.

  • brenda.stewartgarden - 2012-02-07 12:56

    The term "rape" implies a lack of consent. As a chair cannot consent it cannot withhold consent and cannot be the subject of rape. The victims in this instance are the boys humiliated by having to simulate a sex act in front of their school mates. Use of the word "rape" pertaining to a chair (even if the activity was violent) is offensive to me and belittles the actual violent act of RAPE. The editor allowing publishing of such an inappropriately sensationalist article should be disciplined formally. While issues of this nature should be public (any parent considering the option of school is entitiled to transparency) the matter should be more properly handled. Any parent who believes this doesn't happen at all schools is naive.

  • Evan - 2012-02-07 12:59

    Many are missing the point, so, you are all okay with seniors instructing your sons to "rape a chair"? You consider it a healthy activity that builds confidence, team spirit or whatever? I think not, something like this could be particularly embarrassing to your son, that is, if he has any say! I too would raise hell if I found out that this sort of thing was happening, particularly at a private school where one would think, they would have more discipline. For those who derive some pleasure at the prospect of seeing their sons humiliated in this way, perhaps you ought to ask your teenage sons if that's what they would enjoy, if they say yes, your next step is counselling, it's abnormal and not remotely funny when you're forced against your will.

      Jay - 2012-02-07 17:41

      It happens more at private schools, where tradition and team spirit and right of passage are all things that are taken seriously. You miss the point. RAPE is a news 24 word, embarrassing a couple of Std 6's on a bus is just normal boys being boys.

  • Yui - 2012-02-07 13:10

    demetrius you are a clown listen to what you said if it had to be taken further then you would sing a different song but that is eaxctly the point this is a boys school what next time some who is gay decides to take it further and release his sexual fantasies in the bathroom then what you gonna say

  • Tammy - 2012-02-07 13:22

    the seat needs to go for trauma counceling - shame, poor thing

      jowza1 - 2012-02-07 13:35

      the seat now thinks its a mattress

      Leoni - 2012-02-09 21:57

      Picture it: seat entering psychologist's room. Shrink says: please have a seat ...

  • chibase - 2012-02-07 13:41

    Sis, where do you draw the line Aish and Gerhard?

      jowza1 - 2012-02-07 13:43

      depends on what your fetish is

  • samantha.maybery - 2012-02-07 13:49

    If you were going to mock-rape something, I guess a bus seat would be the best choice. Pathetic story.

  • Moi - 2012-02-07 14:25

    My personal opinion: mocking sexual acts should not be a part of orientation. It's demeaning. That's not what orientation is for.

  • Jacqui Fichardt Millin - 2012-02-07 14:28

    We are raising a generation of idiots and loosers.

  • purpl3moon - 2012-02-07 14:47

    all these people who say it should have been "hump a backseat" how do you know what was said, how it was done...and quite honestly FORCING boys to perform a sexual type act is NOT OKAY!!!!!!!!

  • Scouter - 2012-02-07 15:05

    One thing is for sure, this thread has certainly taken the heat off the ANC,Malema and God - although the latter two might be seen to be one and the same thing by some. In fact on reflection, make that all three.

  • aardvarkie - 2012-02-07 15:15

    That's what happens when you can't give the little brats a pakslaan!

  • shanon.hepburn - 2012-02-07 15:34

    Confession Beginning of high school, grade 8, 13 years old, my first water polo tour, I had to dry hump a water polo ball, in front of my entire team. I have never been the same; I find any sport with a ball arousing. Soccer, rugby, tennis, cricket countless hours watching those stupid balls... Grow up people, we learn about sex and humping from a young age, it’s just how you’re taught to react and deal with it. Letting a young kid hump a seat won’t exactly do any harm. Besides make him blush, if he even knows what he is doing.

      jowza1 - 2012-02-07 16:26 head is shaped like a ball

      Dominique - 2012-02-08 09:39

      So because of your experience at your waterpolo tournament you are now aroused by any sport with a ball. What a stupid thing to say.

  • Eric - 2012-02-07 16:00

    Making the new kids at school to be part of the school does not require a kid to rub their Penis against the seat to possible make it stiff or even ejaculate.There are other ways to bring the new kids on board. The worrying issue for me is that these seniors are most probably the ones that will see how many girls they can bed at the Prom etc. Is this the first teachings to the new kids to take their right full places one day. Time to get your morals in order and even although Barbara Creecy "cannot" get involved directly the human rights groups can as well as the Social workers dealing with kids rights. The seniors doieng this has to go in front of the whole school and apologise.And lets stop using silly words to describe sex. It is sexual activity not humping. A camel has a hump.

  • bafana.skosana - 2012-02-07 16:26

    ha ha ha ha as long as you have a penis you are a rapist !!

  • Mark - 2012-02-07 16:52

    get a life people... We are already so over regulated in our day to day lives and a bit of HARMLESS fun brings out the mother Grundys in you.. Initiation DOES create a pecking order which continues throughout our lives,

  • Brent - 2012-02-07 17:15

    ohhh no theyre going to get expelled! oh no! they're might go to jail or at least have a criminal record! Our government is so wise and clever in doing away with corporal punishment and parents that parent. Who knows maybe these bus seat mock-rapers are going to be presidents on day.... oh what fun a future world will be that has more respect for plants and animals than it does for people and morality. yahooo for a clean,green amoral world

  • Kilroy - 2012-02-07 18:28

    Senior pupils at a top Johannesburg private school are being probed. Looks like they got the wost of it. The bus seat only got a "mock rape" (new word) hey they all got probed LOL. Next thing aliens will be blamed. By the way you can't rape a bus seat as it has no virtue to take against its will or not. Any way now we know why the SA bus seats have these strange holes all over them.

  • emmatjie - 2012-02-07 19:05

    Sensationalist reporting at its worst. Rape is a real issue, and associating it with a bunch of teenage boys performing stupid antics trivialises the huge, real rape crisis in SA. If the parents of this boy were worried about their son, they could have spoken to the school after the first incident. Instead, they waited several weeks and complained to the head of Primedia, without so much as informing anyone at the school of the problem. Clearly, media attention is more important than working with the school to ensure that their son is not bullied by other students.

  • janet.mcdonaldbelstead - 2012-02-07 21:19

    My school initiation still haunts me and that was 23 years ago! Nothing wrong with a little bit of harmless innocent "fun", but I'm totally against anything that instills a lifelong fear or bad memory.