Quad-biker dies in crash

2011-04-10 14:42

Johannesburg - A man was killed and another injured in a quad-bike accident along Chamdor Road, near the Main Reef Road junction in Lewisham on Sunday, Krugersdorp paramedics said.

The man on a quad-bike had attempted to cross Chambdor Road, moving from one track to another and in the course of doing so moved into the path of a light motor vehicle, Netcare 911 spokesperson Jeff Wicks said.

The man was struck by the vehicle and the force of impact threw him from the quad-bike.

He was found lying nearly 10m from the initial point of impact, Wicks said.

The man had sustained multi-system traumatic injuries and died at the scene.

The driver of the vehicle sustained serious facial trauma.

He was treated at the scene.

  • darkwing - 2011-04-10 14:56

    My neighbour's child drives up and down our street with his little quad, sometimes even without helmet. The father gets aggressive when confronted. I hope he reads this.

      GT - 2011-04-10 15:05

      Darkwing - nothing can fix stupid except a cliff or a bullet. So many people are just thick. Call the cops next time. - 2011-04-10 15:35

      GT, cops don't respond to call's like this believe me I've tried many times. While it's not nice that somebody dies in an accident, I have no time for quaders as very few of them have respect for privacy.

      darkwing - 2011-04-10 16:54

      GT, the cops were here, because some of the other neighbours complained. It was the cops who warned me to be careful of his aggression. I thought it was illegal to drive a quad in a residential area, but I clearly don't know the laws.

      bladeboy - 2011-04-10 17:20

      Darkwing- view it more as nature selection for the stupid masses

  • corro51 - 2011-04-10 15:11

    Should read Chamdor.

  • brannawyn meester - 2011-04-10 15:19

    well you are by law not allowed on any public road with a quad, this is why. Like I say if you don`t want to listen you must feel....Hope all the idiots out there take note as they let there children ride their quads in the streets!!!

  • BigMoose - 2011-04-10 16:40

    Quadbikes are dangerous, even off-road.

  • Mike - 2011-04-10 17:45

    This is widespread and as usual the JMPD is too busy photographing old ladies doing 71 in a 60 zone and sending the fine a month after the incident. Useless.

  • Yoni - 2011-04-10 20:25

    Quad-bikers are a menace and these idiots together with off-road bikers should stay off streets or any veld or park within municipal boundaries except for a designated Moto-X track. I can't be bothered when I hear one of them removed themselves from the gene pool, I rank them together with taxi drivers. Hope the motorist is not in trouble.

      edvermaak - 2011-04-10 22:22

      Yoni - as harsh and insensitive you may seem to be, what you say is true. They are a menace. There are many other menaces that need to be removed from the gene pool. Like people who think that the white line at an intersection is for the rear wheels to be on and not the front ones to be behind.

      ruffled - 2011-04-11 08:11

      Totally agree with you ! ... but add to the same catagory ... the dooms dooms and the fog light brigade !! ... dooms dooms being the idiots with the boom boxes that drive us mad with the base, and the fog lights on when there is no fog !

      Corrie Theron - 2011-04-11 08:46

      Everybody has their mouths full of our friend Malema and his hate speech, but what is this comment of yours different from that? So seeing that you can't be bothered if one of them is killed, maybe you should start singing "kill the bikers" and see if you can't get people activated to get more of them removed from society? I do hope for your sake that one of your loved ones don't get taken from you for wishing someone else dead. I am also one of the people you are wishing dead. Some people are more dangerous behind the wheel of a car.. You can't judge everyone by the ignorance or lack of thought of one person. By the way, most tracks are within Municipal boundaries. Catch a wake up! I ride big pieces of veld without being a menace. Maybe you should rather complain about the illegal immigrants staying in those areas, that are the real menace ;) Maybe according to someone else's judgment, you are the one that needs to be removed for having a passion for something they don't like? Who decides? :) Peace

      Werner - 2011-04-11 10:13

      your a box! o and ur name proves it...yoni is the Sanskrit word for female genitalia

      FastJan - 2011-04-11 14:35

      Have the decency to exclude those of us who travel far away to keep ourselves out the public way. Neither quads or off-road bikes belong in any urban area - agreed, but off-road is as far removed from Moto-X as is running marathons from the 100M sprint. It comprises long distance riding and racing - hence the distances traveled to ride. 99% of off-road bike and quad riders behave properly. Don't condemn us all.

  • leeupan - 2011-04-11 08:28

    Yes off-road and quad-bikers are really a problem driving on public roads.The only solution is that they should be delt with, with no mercy!!

  • Michael - 2011-04-11 09:18

    to all of you condemming the off road quad bikers to die, 90% of quas bikers are respectful people that go about doing what they do without trying to upset the world around them. this goes for offroad bikers as well. the 10% are a bunch of loud arrogant drunken idiots that ruin the sport for everyone involved. some body died and he was probably just trying to cross a road and misjudged the situation. well i hope that was the case. yet you guys are saying that we should all die and be removed from the gene pool. i promise you something, we serious dedicated offroaders do more interms of helping the poor communities we ride through in one month than most of you will do in a lifetime. we are athletes, we train, we ride and we enjoy ourselves. you people that sit at home drinking your beer and brandy on a saturday and swear at the TV because you teams is losing... get up, get out and experience the wonderful land of SA.

      Corrie Theron - 2011-04-11 09:40


  • My Name is.. - 2011-04-11 09:29

    Yoni & Leeupan, you are both idiots! Go back to your little conservatory and carry on with your knitting but please be careful that you don't stab yourselves with your knitting needles or choke on the noxious gases coming out of your asses! It is an unfortunate accident and condolences go out to the guy's family as well as the injured motorist! More people are killed in car accidents caused by the non roadworthy taxis on the roads! Rather focus on more important and worthy problems in this country! The article doesn't mention what happened, you don't know if the car was driving at 160kms and the guy on the quad misjudged the cars speed and was caught off guard as is most of the cases on our roads.

  • Oz - 2011-04-11 09:44

    To all of you that have nothing but negative things to say about off roaders, how narrow minded you are! Someone has been killed and you turn around and say good riddance!!! Shame one you! Do you know the exact story behind the story? No you dont! There is a griefing family left behind, my condolences to them. People get killed doing all kinds of activities. Now it's the off roads fault!? Come on man! Get real! Bunch of idiots!!!!

  • jannie.swem16 - 2011-04-11 13:51

    ok.. so whats the difference by walking across the road and getting hit by a car? or on a bicyle? This happens every day... no a guy on a quad crossed the road and gets hit... no its sensationalist headlines RIP and my condolences to the family...

  • FastJan - 2011-04-11 14:28

    Don't condemn the entire off road community to being removed from the gene pool. You are not aware of 99% of us or our whereabouts as we ride our bikes and quads far from civilisation on the limited land available to us. The few that irritate you, irritate us as well as they drag down our sport. Those of us who are licensed and race off-road have to sign and adhere to a code of conduct and an environmental code that specifically includes decibel levels limited to 95dB - and we're regularly tested. As posted before, we're a healthy, sporting bunch from all sections of society - not a wayward bunch of hooligans that a very small minority suggest we might be. Condolences to the rider's family.

  • Bikerdude - 2011-04-11 15:32

    I personally new the rider that passed away yesterday and the guys that was driving with him it’s a shame that there are people out there that wish death on someone he left behind a wife and 3 kinds same on all of you that has bad things to say about our bikers we drove that road every weekend and it is possible that he was in the wrong but it’s no need to wish death on him.

  • Yoni - 2011-04-11 19:20

    The debate is about quad-bikers (and also offroad-bikers) who drive where they should not (public roads, parks and veld not designated for that) and who are a selfish menace to society. For those who are enjoying it as a sport in a responsible way, have a good time. For those who speed around town in a careless fashion, or alter your exhausts to make more noise - we look forward to see your names in the obituaries.

  • ruffled - 2011-04-13 10:46

    yip ! ... a wheel(tyre on rim) rolled down the drive at the right moment works great ! ... if an obstinate case ... blue wire strung across the road between trees/lamp posts is "end of story ! ... and yes ! I crack a carling when the asrehole biker that tears around the neighbourhood without "baffles" at 03:00, pitches up in the news paper wrapped around a tree or gone through a wall !!!

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