R13.6m land claim payouts start

2011-01-19 21:06

Cape Town - The Land Claims Commission has begun paying out a total of R13.6m to beneficiaries in the Emavundleni community claim, regional commissioner Beverly Jansen said on Wednesday.

She said 249 claimant households would each receive R54 650 which they would use mainly to upgrade their current houses and dwellings.

Jansen said the families lived originally in the Langa Barracks on the Cape Flats. They were moved to Emavundleni, an area adjacent to Old Crossroads, where they built shacks.

In 1980 the Langa Bantu Administration Board deported the families to Qumrha in the Eastern Cape.

Jansen also said payments began on Monday to the so-called South Peninsula 44 claimants.

The claimants and their forefathers were dispossessed of land in areas including Salt River, Lansdowne, Mowbray, Woodstock and Newlands in the 1950s in terms of the Group Areas Act.

An amount of R1.8m was being paid to 29 ex-owners and 15 ex-tenants.

  • Tom - 2011-01-19 21:55

    A nice ploy to aquer votes.

  • Gazza Boy - 2011-01-20 08:08

    A rather expensive way to "aquire" votes, but what do they care it's not their money.

  • wattalotokak - 2011-01-20 08:26

    hahahahahaha! DO you know how QUICK was to spend the R69mil for that stupid youth shit??? And this is taking YEARS hahahahahaha!!!! DEEPSHITS!!!!

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