R80k for ANC councillor's funeral slammed

2012-09-05 11:05

Bloemfontein - Opposition parties in the Mangaung metro have heavily criticised the ANC after R80 000 of taxpayers’ money was approved for the funeral of a local ANC councillor, Volksblad reported on Wednesday.

The approval was given at a special council meeting despite opposition from the Democratic Alliance, Cope and the Freedom Front Plus.

The parties said it was unfair to use money of already heavily burdened ratepayers for the purpose, while the councillor’s pension fund gives R20 000 for the purpose, according to the report.

The opposition parties told the newspaper the R80 000 was not only excessive, but went against a ban by the minister of finance.

DA councillor Hendrik Minnie said regulations from the minister prohibit councils from using public funds for funerals, with the exception of a maximum of R1 250 for a pauper funeral.

The opposition felt family and friends of deceased ANC councillor Zwelitsha Sekoi could pay for the food at the funeral and not the taxpayers.

ANC councillor Zolile Mancotywa told the newspaper the R80 000 for Sekoi’s funeral was less that the R100 000 given for the funeral of another ANC councillor Kedibone Choene, who was a former mayor.

“Therefore we ask in a responsible manner that only R80 000 should be made available,” the report quoted Mancotywa.

ANC deputy mayor Mxolisi Siyonzana said the ANC would like a policy on council funerals but the finalisation of the policy was hampered by the minister’s guidelines.

  • Badger - 2012-09-05 11:13

    Well Johnny Black is NOT cheap you know.

      michael.vanrheenen.9 - 2012-09-05 11:21

      We should stop paying taxes to fill the personal pockets of the ANC members! This is outrages!!! Do the ANC not see that tax payers money is supposed to go to the country and not their own pockets? Who authorized this? Send the f$%cker to jail for fraud and corruption and ban him from ever being a government employee again!

      hermann.hanekom - 2012-09-05 11:50

      You have wrong mate it will be Johnny Blue. Nice to spend other people's money and give yourself a bonus at Christmas form the same kitty. Blame lack of service delivery on colonialism and apartheid the two traitors that left the country.

      rbphiri - 2012-09-05 11:51

      R80 000 of taxpayers’ money! The government might as well make that two coffins; for the local ANC councillor and one for the taxpayers' pockets; which is being killed by the government. I won't be suprised if there is a tender for this funeral.

      mlucejko - 2012-09-05 11:51

      R80,000 for a Funeral ?? More like R20,000 for the Funeral and R60,000 in the pockets of the crooks organising the Funeral !!

      alan.gernet - 2012-09-05 11:56

      And I was thinking that 80K was a bargain!... He must have been a very lowly Carde

      rbphiri - 2012-09-05 12:07

      Someone wants to have a wonderful christmas in December at Manguang.

      Desilusionada - 2012-09-05 12:47

      @Badger "ANC councillor Zolile Mancotywa told the newspaper the R80 000 for Sekoi’s funeral was less that the R100 000 given for the funeral of another ANC councillor Kedibone Choene, who was a former mayor." This is the type of reasoning that these mobile excuses for half a brain cell offers. We should be lucky it was not 100K!!! I have been pretty sharp at times with people, but in this instance, I have first to wipe the vomit off my mouth, try and clean the flag, repair the hole in the door, bandage and stitch my hand and then start thinking of using alternative words (so that the N24 modueratoor does not delete my post), to describe this [lot]. I cannot reconcile any cultural considerations with, or moral justification for, putting some inanimate DNA into the ground (which should already be with the ancestors), while children are going to sleep with an empty stomach. The stones will cry out........... An apt quote from the bible I think.

      glen.e.huysamer - 2012-09-05 12:55

      And the funeral services company is owned by some family member..

  • pierrefrewd.juice - 2012-09-05 11:14

    Jeez, no end to this lot. Spend, spend, spend. But I guess that is what happens when people dont work for a living, dont know where the money comes from. Cadres, I dare say.

  • lulama - 2012-09-05 11:16

    They issued a tender for a funeral...hahahaha! these guys are hopeless.

  • themba.mkhize.5494 - 2012-09-05 11:16

    Julius is coming

      desertratbkf - 2012-09-05 11:19

      Go back to your kaya! Troll!

      pierrefrewd.juice - 2012-09-05 11:22

      Themba dude, that what the prison wardens sing these days?

      Essy1945 - 2012-09-05 12:04

      oh you troll... and it's him that war calling Malema who will cause the blood shed and businesses to close and mines to close and 1000's of people to sit without work and go hungry - oh no but wait he promises you the world, just where do you think his going to get the money from 'Robert' the neighbour or his tender rigging friends!!!

      kelvin.rams - 2012-09-05 12:50

      Ya he is cumin after 30 yrs myb that tym he wil b given parole

      kala.bafazi - 2012-09-05 16:35

      I think Themba is a prisoner.

  • desertratbkf - 2012-09-05 11:18

    These MF's HAVE to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Filthy scum of the earth!!!!

  • sarah.bouttell - 2012-09-05 11:19

    Why are his family not burying him? I can (and have) arrange the cremation and small gathering for less than R10 000 - coffin included. No busses, no cows slaughtered, no wa-benzi's - just dignified mourning family and friends.

      pierrefrewd.juice - 2012-09-05 11:24

      Doesnt sound like a whole day of fun filled activity though, does it sarah?

      sarah.bouttell - 2012-09-05 11:31

      @ Pierre - for a small additional fee, I would be willing to add the following fun items to the agenda: 1) dancing on the grave, if the family member is not liked, 2) drowning your sorrows, and when sufficiently drunk, drowning the aunt who always criticises you, 3) throwing of self on floor with loud wailing for dramatic effect, 4) arranging for mystery mistress to attend and lay claim to the estate. give me some time, I can add a few more to the list. (Shall now sit quietly at desk and wait to be struck by lighning for being a horrible person) ;-)

      pierrefrewd.juice - 2012-09-05 11:38

      Sarah, Its always a sad day when some lazy councillor that did nothing, and received in excess of 30K a month dies, the family must be really torn to pieces. On the brighter side, the Gravy Train has just had a seat open up, and some overweight middle aged lazy cadre will now get his or her time in the sun. Life is gooooood.

      gerrit.vanpletzen - 2012-09-05 13:33

      Because you did not organise a political gathering as well as a funeral.

      xoli.xuma - 2012-09-05 14:21

      @sarah , so you're making fun of african funeral,( I also do not condone usage of public for funeral)

      sarah.bouttell - 2012-09-05 15:10

      @ Xoli - nope, just family gatherings in general. I made no mention of race colour or creed, 'cos I don't roll that way...

  • itcrackpot - 2012-09-05 11:33

    DA councillor Hendrik Minnie said regulations from the minister prohibit councils from using public funds for funerals, with the exception of a maximum of R1 250 for a pauper funeral. R80000 = 4000 feedings (Macdonalds R20 meals), 12 pit toilets, one or half an economic shelter, 64 paw paw burials, or more than some miners annual salaries.

      Andre van der Walt - 2012-09-05 11:46

      why doen't this ANC fat cats start and emty there pockets.All they do is take ,every one must give and they get rich!!!!!!!

  • phathuchicos - 2012-09-05 11:48

    And NSFAS rejected a student finance loan to a promising matriculant due to lack of funds but ANC managed to have 80K to bury under the ground ... When will Jesus come back down to earth so that ANC can shift for others.

      pierrefrewd.juice - 2012-09-05 11:52

      Dont know when Jesus will come, but apparently the ANC will rule until at least then. And I hope hes black, otherwise he wont be able to take the moral high ground.

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-09-05 11:58

      Te-Azanian. I don't think even Jesus could get rid of these self enriching bunch of crooks. We the voters will have to do that.

      rgiko - 2012-09-05 12:36

      Never put your trust to any able bodied man my brother, brace yourself , its still goin to get worse, if nothin is done about it.

  • mario.dippenaar - 2012-09-05 11:49

    I used the News24 search function to see how many times the word "slam", "slams" and "slammed" comes up, and it seems News24 uses it at least 3 times a day. Come on guys, use a Thesaurus next time

  • Essy1945 - 2012-09-05 11:54

    Sick!!! I would be ashamed in essence they're just stealing money from the old, hungry, homeless and destitute... BUT wait that's why I do everything in my power NOT to contribute towards any form of tax any more - sadly the VAT I can't escape. Oh and if you dare say I'm selfish, let it be known, I take care of my own, my dad and my mom because this useless govevernment and its thieving employees never will and won't!

  • jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-09-05 11:54

    I don't know why any one is surprised, we all know that the tax payers of this country belong to the ANC.

  • anri.tredoux - 2012-09-05 12:00

    Hold up... Don't these so called government people have their own Funeral plans.. Leave our tax money alone, it is meant to fix what is broken in our country. Not for the rich government officials to use as they please.. #angry

  • bomb.technician.5 - 2012-09-05 12:02

    There is a lot of similarities between locusts and..uhhh....these people.

      Jaap - 2012-09-14 16:55

      Most of these people have the same kind of decease, namely: U. I. U. = Unconscious incompetent, Irresponsible, unaccountable & untouchable

  • sandy.langenstrass - 2012-09-05 12:05

    One wonders how many SHACK DWELLERS might have been give a RDP home for that amount of money..80K.. These people are like Kindergarden children....but then what can you expect from uneducated Dodo's

  • trevor.pietersen.3 - 2012-09-05 12:06

    ..THEY buried the whole ANC goverment..IN ONE big hole????

  • Gershwyn.M.Gopaul - 2012-09-05 12:09

    I think we need to have a re-evaluation of our government ... I am all for a government that wants to move forward and help the people, not use R80 k for the use of a funeral of a minister who was never mentioned ... Seriously now ... the rich get richer!

  • mikesenhall - 2012-09-05 12:09

    F%&**+)(+*&%$$#ing is time to start a revolution.Juju come sort these outjies out. ANC 'ANOTHER NATIONAL CRISIS" This ANC government is so flawed corruptioh/whatever fraudulent can happen the ANC are 'MASTERS" in/as ro why they are wasting taxpayers money.they always have a reason. So pathetic

  • Sedeshan Naidoo - 2012-09-05 12:11

    let's just be grateful that it wasn't R2m with Johnny Blue being served by the bottle.

  • Krishna - 2012-09-05 12:17


  • Maria - 2012-09-05 12:20

    Since when the Government/ANC has become a Burial Society - 80K pho!!! anyway AFTERPARTY darlings AFTERPARTYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

  • mantothieve.missingman - 2012-09-05 12:38

    10 000 for funeral and 70 000 for KFC VIVA

  • ahenriquesfernandes - 2012-09-05 12:39

    I am shocked. They are going ahead even when there was reasonable objection made??? No respect for tax payers or the system AT ALL! I bet that the companies that are working on the funeral are connected to the gov fat cats

  • ArlsBlondie - 2012-09-05 13:10

    Very backwards this. It is more important to spend excessive money on changing street & area names, funerals of officials, events than to ensure to provide the nation with education, basic housing that was promised approx 15 years ago (there are Gogo's who applied back then yet die of old age still not receiving what was promised). Yes there has been positive changes but quite frankly there is still a lot more to be done that is more important than this! But hey you will continue to blind yourself of this because you are warm, educated, stomach full, decently clothed (to name a few). You are not in their shoes, so why worry!

  • mkhindana.peter - 2012-09-05 13:15

    If its not the Zulu King demanding money for his queens,then its Zuma building a fancy town just to please his wives...Now this..I think we should strike against ANC. This bulls**t cant carry on like this.

  • KCorsar - 2012-09-05 13:23

    excuse me, a funeral is a personal matter, regardless of the role of a Councillor, so does this largely volunteer role now make him a public martyr...................................................................

  • gerrit.vanpletzen - 2012-09-05 13:29

    Ratepayers, take the council to court and claim from each member in their personal capacity, not only for the R80,000 funeral, but also for the one costing R100,000. That will teach them to blow your money out of their asses, the fat pigs.

  • anton.henke.39 - 2012-09-05 13:42

    who the fu989=- is he anyway

  • Erna - 2012-09-05 13:50

    I wonder if this councillor was one of those popular ones whose house they wanted to burn to the ground?

  • tony.naidoo - 2012-09-05 13:52

    2 bob for the coffin, R50 for the undertaker and the balance for post-bereavement drinks! I'll toast to that!

  • ro.jhb.1 - 2012-09-06 07:34

    Absolute crooks - stop paying taxes

  • irma.white.9 - 2012-09-14 16:09

    Why should the funerals be paid from our taxes anyway? My boss won't pay for my funeral cover. This is a personal expense- these people are making more than enough money to pay Avbob a couple of hundred bucks a month for decent funeral cover.

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