Rain causes Dbn floods

2008-03-12 09:03

Durban - Heavy overnight rains flooded the Durban Merebank area near the racecourse, KwaZulu-Natal police said on Wednesday morning.

"The area near the racecourse was completely submerged. The rains started at about 23:00 last night (Wednesday). It was due to poor drainage of the sewers in the area," said Inspector Deveneran Pillay, a resident in the area.

"People were helping each other - breaking walls to get people out of houses. The water levels were up to 1.8m. Cars were floating and completely submerged" he said.

Pillay said despite numerous efforts emergency services could not be reached.

"No one picked up their phone lines - we tried to contact emergency services and disaster management and no one came out."

Pillay said people were awake in the early hours of Wednesday assisting one another.

"Its a disaster - a total disaster...pre-cast walls have fallen down and there is no one official to help these people."

Pillay said they had tried to contact the ward councillor for the area, but no one was available.