Rain keeps Malema away from Marikana

2012-09-06 15:22

Johannesburg - Expelled ANC Youth League president Julius Malema's visit to Lonmin's Marikana mine in the North West on Thursday was postponed due to rain, Friends of the Youth League said.

"We will make further announcements on when else he will address the Lonmin mineworkers in Marikana," it said in a statement.

"We send our most sincere apologies to all members of the media who'd planned to come for the coverage of the address."

Malema was due to speak to the miners at Wonderkop and welcome the rest of the miners released from prison on Thursday.

The worsening weather conditions saw the last a small group of protesting miners - gathered in a field opposite the Marikana mine - retreat to their homes by noon. The field was iced-over and roads around the mine were flooded.

Earlier, less than 200 miners huddled under umbrellas to try and keep dry.

They were waiting to discuss with their representatives the implications of refusing to sign a peace accord.

'Peace accord won't help workers'

The accord was signed at 01:00 on Thursday between Lonmin management and unions, but not the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (Amcu), and the mine workers' representatives.

Worker representative Zolisa Bodlwana, who was going to be part of the group addressing miners at Wonderkop, said workers were concerned about wage increase negotiations.

"A peace accord will not help us workers in any way. We are not party to that," he said.

Workers at the world's third-largest platinum producer have been on strike for more than three weeks, demanding a monthly salary of R12 500.

On August 16, police fired on a group of protesting workers near the mine, killing 34 and wounding 78. Another 10 people were killed before that, including two policemen and two security guards.

On Wednesday, striking marchers carrying knobkerries, sticks, and iron rods, pushed their way through police barricades as they marched more than 5km through Marikana to the Karee mine.

The marchers threatened to kill Lonmin management unless it stopped operations at the K3 shaft, where most of the mine's operations take place.

While they marched, they sang: "We died because of [President Jacob] Zuma. [UDM leader Bantu] Holomisa please come and rescue us."

They also carried placards bearing pictures of their dead colleagues.

  • dudley.futcher - 2012-09-06 15:27

    Devil send rain to keep his newly addition to hell away

      nhamo.dzenyika - 2012-09-06 15:32

      This guy is giving you guys sleepless nights neh?

      themba.mkhize.5494 - 2012-09-06 15:37

      bummer, talk about wrong timing, it would have been good for malema to appear, he is our deliverer. Juju for President

      gavin.lott.9 - 2012-09-06 15:38

      You know Nhamo, I sleep like a baby! Because whatever happens with Malema, will effect you more than me. You may not know what I mean but I promise you, you will find out!

      phumlani.q.shongwe - 2012-09-06 15:45

      @nhamo I couldn't agree more. Y do some ppl fear this guy so much

      boltonbarry - 2012-09-06 15:47

      This guy cant even get out of his car to get wet and adress the workers and you want him to have genuine sympathy for the workers. Tell you what. Offer him safety boots a hard hat and a mining light and ask him to go underground to see the condition that you guys are working under.. The we'ss see where ihs true sympathy lies. With his sexpensive cloths or with your cause?

      gavin.lott.9 - 2012-09-06 15:54

      Exactly Andre!

      johan.vanhoff - 2012-09-06 16:12


      barry.ahern.3 - 2012-09-06 16:15

      @Nhamo....That doesnt even make sense. What sort of rhetorical intelligence were we supposed to derive from that? Clearly why you side with malema..more mouth than sense. Enjoy your own holocaust of your own making.

      jackie.stone.501 - 2012-09-06 16:25

      @nhamo don't worry about Gavin and Andre. They are in-denial, but they got internet access and everyone is allowed to comments here even thought that comments is bull

      Rabbler.Rouser - 2012-09-06 16:25

      We need more rain.

      spartanx93 - 2012-09-06 16:26

      shame... the fat pedi scared of a little rain! worried your gucci suit will might get ruined??

      tim.gildenhuys - 2012-09-06 16:29

      @nhamo.dzenyika\r\n\r\nWhy don't you comment on problems facing your own country, instead of trying to get involved with issues facing a nation that has an actual GDP?\r\n\r\nYour profile says your Zimbabwean yet you always comment on a host of things that have no relevance to you.\r\n\r\nWhy not use you time better and try and increase the number of friends you have on Facebook? By stopping to write stupid comments on News24 you might get that 40 up to 50.\r\n\r\nGood luck!

      gavin.lott.9 - 2012-09-06 16:36

      Jackie's back embarrassing herself again! You juju lovers sure do stick together.

      tshepoya.bamagoro - 2012-09-06 16:43

      I dont why white dudes are so obsessed with Malema been present at Marikana! Juju is representing black masses at Marikana and i have neva seen white masses at Marikana. Leave Juju alone

      rbphiri - 2012-09-06 16:48

      Well what did you expect! A fat man of his mammoth weight can't swim if it floods. Or maybe he couldn't make it because he was one of the animals that Noah collected onto his ark, during this period of floods.

      oageng.lekete.7 - 2012-09-06 17:54

      One of my cultural belief is that, when an important leader, chosen to represent the people comes, you will see by the big rain. which is a sign of good luck and natural cleansing of the evilness posing a threat to the people. Now I'm starting to think twice about who Malema is? I know your money is on the same basket as mine:)hahahahahaha!

      gavin.lott.9 - 2012-09-06 18:03

      No Phuti it's us who can swim it's you who will drown!

      desertratbkf - 2012-09-06 18:19

      This sub species cant face what it's up for! It's a coward and will use any excuse! It's really! YAWN!

      lynn.syme.1 - 2012-09-06 22:07

      He cant get that Dior suit wet now can he?

  • kala.bafazi - 2012-09-06 15:29

    LOL Fat boy can't swim so he is terrified of water. I commented earlier that he wouldn't pitch. He would be suffering to much to address the down trodden not to mention that his Gucci suit is not weather proof. The Marikinan miners must carry on without their minor.

      fussed.anderson - 2012-09-06 15:38

      The miners shed ther blood, but fatboy wont get wet. How is he looking after you

      kolobe.mzansi.9 - 2012-09-06 15:42

      malema is white south africans biggest apartheid threat

      shirley.steenkamp - 2012-09-06 15:43

      He neednt worry,$hi% dont float away that easy! It needs aproper flush!

      morokwe.malatji - 2012-09-06 15:55

      enough said kolobe, i can't igree with you more

      kala.bafazi - 2012-09-06 16:05

      @ George - Hahahahahahahahahahah. Love your style of writing. It's so future South African.

      fourhundredkg.bobbejaan - 2012-09-06 16:58

      Did you hear about when Julius had diarrhoea? The poor bloke panicked and called an ambulance. He thought he was melting!!

      nicolaas.baker - 2012-09-07 20:53

      @KALA, I just wondered, if this sub human called DOM JULIAAS is afraid of rain, does it means he do not wash himself? I mean rain water and wash water is the same thing?

  • annelise.venter.77 - 2012-09-06 15:29

    If rain scares him I think the shower waiting for him in jail terrifies him.

      phillip.vercueil - 2012-09-06 15:36

      The jail shower should be no problem...........they have Lifebuoy soap to help!!!

      annelise.venter.77 - 2012-09-06 15:39

      @Nhamo- I see you work at News24.

      hennie.vanderberg.5 - 2012-09-06 15:54

      yes he works for a white company ... that's the way my boy ... the WHITE company .. eish

      kala.bafazi - 2012-09-06 15:54

      Nhamo - is it you who deletes my posts???

      rat.thinker - 2012-09-06 16:26

      Nhamo is not even a SA citizen. He graduated from Kwenda Secondary - as school 150km from Harare. He has run away from Mad Bob to SA and now wants the same thing that happened there in SA.

  • chris.debeer1 - 2012-09-06 15:32

    Just close the mine! Then they don't get anything at all !!!

      abram.spamers - 2012-09-06 16:55

      I don't know why but that just feels like giving up to me... it will create the idea that they can bring any business to its knees by just being barbarians if they don't get what they want

  • hermann.hanekom - 2012-09-06 15:32

    What a fair weather devotee. His Breitling wrist watch is probably not waterproof.

      kala.bafazi - 2012-09-06 15:36

      Fakes normally aren't Hermann

      rbphiri - 2012-09-06 17:09

      JuliARSE can run away from the rain, but his still wet behind the ears

  • michelle.blackie - 2012-09-06 15:36

    Scared of Queen Modjadji, are we?

      george.mshangani - 2012-09-06 16:20

      This is not about queen modjadji this is about the of u and me and our future meaning our childrens the youth why I say this is bcs those on top there they free 4 now they have everything of which is money so have nothing stress is what ruling ur life as of now .so don't be like that open ur mind look at what happened at the mine that is not democracy is apartheid regime of verwoed ina democratic society u won't c or dream of people being killed pigs that have swineflu.u need look at the security of the country on how relaxed they

      kala.bafazi - 2012-09-06 16:36

      Keep going George. I need a good laugh. I can't wait to read more of your colourful comments. Love it!!!

  • kosmonooit - 2012-09-06 15:36

    If only there was something that would keep him away from every thing, forever.

      george.mshangani - 2012-09-06 16:10

      Nothing will keep him away bcs our grandfather worked at the mine what did they benefit nothing so now is our brothers watch what is happenning just shot with guns being innocent in a democratic country and what the top bras of the ruling say nothing so just bcs julias speaks the truth open miners mind and eyes he is wrong he is not he want to show where we are and where are going from here .he has been expelled from the party 4what .now who is corrupt in the rulling party.let us have a say in this country bcs with him we will end being stupid as like what happened to our grandfathers.juju shall never ever go to jail . If so what we a civil war will happen in this democratic sa

      kala.bafazi - 2012-09-06 16:37

      Keep going George! I am having a wonderful laugh.

      renny.meere - 2012-09-06 16:40

      @george.mshangani. Are you like 5-years old cos my 5-year old son makes more sense than you do. This is where the grown ups come and voice their opinions, this is not for you my son.

      mfana.sobukwe - 2012-09-06 17:53

      @ geroge - yes my brother. i like what you are saiyng. I have many pangas and I am reddy for a faight for BRA JUJU. Viva BRA JUJU! I will have my oun land so i can grow meelis and childrens. SA was only black ppl in da beginig and so it will be at da end.

      nicolaas.baker - 2012-09-07 21:43

      @DOMGEORGE. Please do not come and display your non educated DOMPOPO education here on a platform for people with brains! You clearly lack a good education. Now take a hike and go play in the ruh hour traffic. We do not need your stupid breed of sub humans in a democracy!

      nicolaas.baker - 2012-09-07 21:45

      @DOM MFANA, Hmm, I am ready and waiting for you to storm me with your panga! You will look like a strainer when I am finish with you, and my dogs will see to the rest of what is left over of you. Cannot wait to get rid of stupid sub human idiots like you. You are a disgrace to the dom donners genepool!

      maureen.churchill.9 - 2012-09-08 13:58

      Yeah kosmonooit there is something which will keep him away from everything... The hawkes are coming...

  • jan.human - 2012-09-06 15:37

    Slapgat for a freedom fighter!

      clive.wannenburg - 2012-09-06 15:59

      a freedom fighter ass he could not even walk from Jhb to Pta then got on a plane to friends wedding in mauritius to recover from his hard work lol.

      attie.gerber.1 - 2012-09-06 16:11

      what freedom fighter ? i don't even think he knows how to handling a water pistol never mind a real gun

  • blou.bul.94 - 2012-09-06 15:38

    So the poor guy does not like to get out of his comfort zone and get wet. So much for understanding the conditions the miners have to live under...

  • trevor.pietersen.3 - 2012-09-06 15:38 THEY hate getting

  • beryl.knipe - 2012-09-06 15:41

    Shame! Did he think he'd melt?

  • henk.tredoux.7 - 2012-09-06 15:41

    Love to have seen the little piggies playing in the mud. Oink oink!

  • Michael - 2012-09-06 15:41

    AMCU refused to sign peace agreement, Malema is to address them, what is the role of goverment IMT? Why is Malema being allowed to fuel tensions in Mzrikana? Do we have leadership in this country? Zuma must not make some of us who believe in his leadership to start doubting our stand point.

      tshepoya.bamagoro - 2012-09-06 16:58

      Mr Michael, juju is not in anyway fueling the marikana situation. Let me break it down to you nicely> Apartheid has taught us that when black peeps negotiate peacefully, no one wants to listen....

      thembisile.jiyane - 2012-09-08 15:47


  • Matthew.and.Denise - 2012-09-06 15:42

    Give that man an umbrella!

      shirley.steenkamp - 2012-09-06 16:09

      Then he can make like Mary Poppins and fly away!!!

      thembisile.jiyane - 2012-09-08 15:47

      lol ur sick

  • mkhindana.peter - 2012-09-06 15:42

    If I didn't know any better,I'd say that Malema isn't expelled.He has the country in his hands than when he was still the ANCYL President.

  • dewalds3 - 2012-09-06 15:49

    The revolutian will go ahead after the rain.. hahahaha!

  • markallenrsa - 2012-09-06 15:49

    What commitment, maybe the watch aint't waterproof, cause there's no hair to mess up or brain to get cold

  • dnxumalo2 - 2012-09-06 15:50

    When days are rainy friends are few.

  • dewalds3 - 2012-09-06 15:50

    We want ecological freedom!

      david.questioner - 2012-09-06 15:58

      Bwhaaahaaahaaa! We DEMAND!

  • deon.louw.7505 - 2012-09-06 15:50

    Malema is leading the youth and miners into poverty and despair.

      mfana.sobukwe - 2012-09-06 18:01

      No. you lyke an africaanir. I know dat you want BRA JUJU to fayl coz u ar scard. hahaha look at da scarred man. how beeg is ur house. im looking for 1.

  • JayJohnsonS - 2012-09-06 15:50

    Rain keeps Malema away from Marikana LOL

  • will.glibbery - 2012-09-06 15:57

    WTH? IS he scared the water will wash the black paint off?

      shirley.steenkamp - 2012-09-06 16:16

      No,all the $h!t he speaks!

  • anakin.skyvader - 2012-09-06 15:58

    Yes yes bring on more rain...and watch out for lightning on that koppie - if you kill another rabbit you will get struck by lightning. Ha ha ha ha ha rain is best news of the day, just pity though the roads always turned into a big mess.

  • mathew.grimbeek - 2012-09-06 15:59

    A spokesperson for Friends of the Youth League had this to say: " Unfortunatley Mr Malema failed PE in High School and as such did not learn how to swim. That being so and due to the high level of rain fall, Comrade Malema will be staying indoors today"

  • mkhindana.peter - 2012-09-06 16:00

    I thought he has a range rover? Its a big car afterall.

  • wendy.schneider3 - 2012-09-06 16:00

    rain drops keep faling on his head, now the brain id dead.

      Notrax123 - 2012-09-07 19:47

      When the rain drops hit his head it sounded like someone beating a drum because the empty cavity amplified the sound.

  • larabiance - 2012-09-06 16:06

    Divine intervention, I'd say

  • michael.rampatla - 2012-09-06 16:10

    People suffering from ant-malema phobia they can't wait for his arrest.majority of them the capitalists who believe in exploitation of poor to accumulate wealth for themselves what so called \investors\

      Stlouis Heidtmann - 2012-09-06 16:20

      idiot thou are

      shirley.steenkamp - 2012-09-06 16:32

      So tell me Michael-what exactly HAS your boy wonder done to IMPROVE the lives of ANY citizen of this country? Starting with the youth-all I see isd a bunch of tsotsis waiting for a handout because they are too lazy to get a job. The ones that have jobs expect huge salaries because wonder boy has shown them the "light" of how to live in grandeur,off ill gotten tnders,trust funds and the likes. No where do I see the lives of 1single black person uplifted by him! He fills their heads with pipe dreams,so he can profit on the fallout of their manic actions. Aurora mines wasnt run by capitalists,but by blacks and those poor guys are STILL waiting for their wages 3 years+ down the line!!!

  • garth.oelofse.5 - 2012-09-06 16:12

    Where is ur famous leader now cozy in his hotel room warm having some johnny blue while you have to brave the the cold and wet no money for food no moneym just plain poor but its teh white mans fault come on open your eyes u voted for them you did this to yourself fools one day when you wake up it will be to late your government plundering u just deeper and deeper into a dark abiss!!!!!VIVA ANC VIVA ANCYL VIVA!!!!!!

  • byron.jay.37 - 2012-09-06 16:12

    What real revolution was postponed by rain...?! Malema's, a sign that he really is not the revolutionist he claims to be. His dream is a far'fetchd reality that exist in the mind of just a dreamer...just a dreamer!

  • Notrax123 - 2012-09-06 16:12

    Let it rain, let it rain. Peace accord signed, it could not have been done without pussy foot being scared to get his feet wet, now pussy foot must now stay the f'ing hell away from mines.

  • damonsb - 2012-09-06 16:13

    not expelled ,Fired!!!

  • bretton.eveleigh - 2012-09-06 16:14

    "Rain keeps Malema away from Marikana" You see people... I told you God exists!

      tinotenda.panashe - 2012-09-06 16:16


      michael.rampatla - 2012-09-06 16:25

      God exists that is why we got Malema, who is not afraid of anyone to raise the sensitive issues,the only one left to defend the Freedom Charter

      mzukisijola.jose1 - 2012-09-06 16:48

      You are talking about the same god you and your father use during the apartheid,the God that I know we never allow inequality what God are you talking about

      frankflower - 2012-09-06 16:53

      Granted, Malema is one of God's children... but that is where it stops...

  • nico.prinsloo - 2012-09-06 16:16

    Well, going there in the rain for only 200 people would be too much of an effort and not enough media exposure, wouldn't it?

      elizabethann.auld - 2012-09-06 16:21

      If everybody stopped getting worked up about him, he would not be getting attention - ignore him, wont go away but will have less publicity

  • motho.batho.98 - 2012-09-06 16:21

    Thanks to the rain!

      mzukisijola.jose1 - 2012-09-06 17:06

      You think white people care about you

  • henk.tredoux.7 - 2012-09-06 16:23

    George take a leap and become a CEO of a big mining house.....then go to an international mining conference about any topic, make it s neutral topic, say "The impact of mining on the environment", deliver your speech, hand out copies of your speech and invite questions from the floor?! I think you might get a pleasant surprise!!!

  • mzukisijola.jose1 - 2012-09-06 16:25

    All those who against malema are the beneficial of apartheid and the shower head,at least malema is there to support the poor people .the economic freedom is going to happen in this country we will never be the slave for in our own country

      my10cent - 2012-09-06 16:48

      Then fight your own battles and stop expecting the whites to do it for you, fool.

      mzukisijola.jose1 - 2012-09-06 16:59

      @my10cent they never fight for before why must I expect the white fight for me ,we fought for this country without them.what happen in marikana will spread the whole country sooner than later

      elgh.elgh - 2012-09-06 17:10

      Seriously, if you do not realise by now that malema is only doing what he is doing for his own gain, then you will never wake up and smell the coffee. Have anyone seen him actually helping someone, giving anything away like a loaf of bread or something. Everything this bastard say is just hearsay. The only way you can achieve economic freedom is to get off your ar@se and work for it.

      shirley.steenkamp - 2012-09-06 17:17

      You mean you will continue to want everything for mahala!Do you think you evoke fear when you say "the happenings at Marikana will spread"?? Blacks will suffer the most. They will be worse off than apartheid. So bring it on,dig your own grave-as you will die by your own ignorance.

      Notrax123 - 2012-09-07 19:36

      Economic freedom will come when when people realise they must get a good education (not boycot and burn schools), so that they can get good jobs (that they are qualified for), they will then get good wages. The old gaurd in the ANC managed to get a good education and good qualifications - even during the apartheid years. There is no excuse for laziness and having a attitude of entitlement.

  • FinalJustice - 2012-09-06 16:27

    Not apartheid's fault again ... Damn!

  • jurgen.eksteen - 2012-09-06 16:27

    That was easy!

  • michael.rampatla - 2012-09-06 16:35

    Economic apartheid must end.

      Muffin_man_can - 2012-09-06 16:48

      Absolutely, you should get an education and start working, stop sponging on the tax payer with your social grants and free houses, then economic apartheid will end.

      michael.rampatla - 2012-09-06 17:00

      As if your accumulate your wealth through education, your white still enjoy the inheritants of apaitheid and for record I'm studying and working not enjoy anything from government excempt using public road

  • Blackpoison - 2012-09-06 16:37

    Guess he'll be launching an investigation into the agent tendencies of the rain drops...

  • edwardsch - 2012-09-06 16:39

    Must be scared that he will melt (we can only hope). Little bit of rain and he can't be bothered. Wonder if the miners realise !!!!

  • Eterni80 - 2012-09-06 16:46

    Julius Enema = global catastrophe in the making. If he only knew how much good his mouth could do for SA. Instead he chooses to shoot from the hip in an effort to keep the spotlight on him and his BS. He is another mugabe in the making, let's spin the voters a story about how I can improve your lives by nationalising the whole country, and put all that money, in MY bank account. So one day when the masses sit there poor and starving, just before they shuffle off the mortal coil, they'll finally understand what it means why you don't feel your pocket being picked as he spins you a story about how great he is. ALL POLITICIANS ARE LIARS.

  • elgh.elgh - 2012-09-06 16:48

    I actually think some miners phoned him and asked if he can come back later. It is bad enough to listen to him on a bright and sunny day, imagine what it should be like in a storm, dreadful

  • judith.taylor.56 - 2012-09-06 16:54

    What no Burberry? Shame poor Julius

  • mkhindana.peter - 2012-09-06 16:55

    There will never be peace and unity in S.A.Many white people still hate blacks and the proof is based on the comments I see on News24.I can live with a black corrupt government than to be downtrodden by a white government.We blacks we must sure that DA doesn't ever take over.

      elgh.elgh - 2012-09-06 16:59

      We do not hate black people peter. We hate your government. Your government fuels racism and your government is the biggest racist of them all.

      willem.pelser.9 - 2012-09-06 17:10

      Peter its a case of what is happening in sa white people see things differently to black people and from my point of view I see malema as a trouble maker a good leader will unite the people of this county black white coloured etc not devide them they way malema is , and from what I read in these comments most black people think malema is the answer the truth is he is not the only way for us to have peace is for all races to come together to solve the countrys problems but we not we all seam to be fighting each other and melema is making thing worse with his comments these comment will lead to more fighting as a white man I can't help but feel the rainbow nation is gona burn I personally don't want to see this as I love my country but at the rate we going we will soon be worse off than the people of zim

      shirley.steenkamp - 2012-09-06 17:40

      You are still judging by skin colour-not by what the party is doing to improve the country. Be careful what you wish for.....

      Themba Patric Sibande - 2012-09-06 17:48

      you do hate blacks and I witnessed it here in news24 and even Malema speaks sense you do not see it simply because you are being blinded by hate for us blacks

  • lenette.visser - 2012-09-06 16:56

    Give him the Marikama koppie as stage. And then pray very hard for an electric storm.

  • godfrey.chauke2 - 2012-09-06 17:19

    Don't mind Malema, he is getting paid for making himself a joke outside ANC.

      nsizwazonkezuluboy.ndlela - 2012-09-06 19:46

      He is a moron

  • logical007 - 2012-09-06 17:23

    Damn, Here's hoping SA will enter Malema in the next olympics canoe singles race!

  • winifred.watson.9 - 2012-09-06 17:29

    What about a simple umbrella, bet you these poor miners stood in the rain and waited in vain. Maybe now they will realize the messiah only pitches in good sunny warm weather.