Ramaphosa wanted 'concomitant action'

2012-10-23 12:24

Rustenburg - ANC heavyweight and businessman Cyril Ramaphosa’s name was prominent on the second day of hearings, at the Rustenburg Civic Centre, into the Marikana shootings.

Advocate Dali Mpofu, representing the miners injured and arrested after the shooting on August 16, said there was an e-mail in which Ramaphosa strongly condemned the protests, described them as criminal acts and suggested "concomitant action".

"This [e-mail] was on 15 August at 14:58, exactly 24 hours before the people were mowed down on that mountain," said Mpofu.

"We have e-mails that were being exchanged between Lonmin management, government ministers [of mineral resources and the police] and at the centre is a gentleman called Cyril Ramaphosa," he said.

"He advanced that what was taking place were criminal acts and must be characterised as such. In line with this characterisation [Ramaphosa said] there needs to be concomitant action to address the situation," said Mpofu.

‘We will go to the ICC’

He said the e-mail was addressed to a certain "dear Albert of Lonmin".

Mpofu said Ramaphosa had called for action to deal with the "criminals, whose crime was to seek a wage increase".

Mpofu pledged that his team would find justice for his clients.

"We are going to get justice, either here or at any other forum, even the ICC [International Criminal Court], where we will lay charges against the police who shot our people," he said.

Mpofu said evidence would be led to discredit claims that the shootings were spontaneous acts committed in self-defence by police officers.

"What happened was premeditated murder of defenceless people. It had been agreed at a police meeting held on August 16 that ‘stage 3’ of their plan was going to be executed and those discussions had gone as far as [the] police commissioner and the minister," he said.

‘Police, Lonmin the main causes of massacre’

Mpofu said that on August 16, the North West police provincial commissioner had called journalists and told them that "today is the day".

He said among the cause of the Marikana tragedy was a "toxic collusion between the state and capital".
"The main causes of the massacre are the SA Police Service [SAPS], other agencies of government, and Lonmin. The people I represent here seek the truth for themselves and their colleagues who passed away," he said.

Mpofu described the actions of the police as "murder and extra-judicial killings".

He claimed people who had fled were caught by the police, that they surrendered and were shot, some in the face.

‘Ridiculous’ allegations

Allegations that the protesters were under a “muti spell” and believed that they were invincible were "nonsense".

"I hope that this commission will not degenerate to those levels. If these people thought they were invisible, why did they run away? Those suggestions are baseless and ridiculous," he said.

The police opened fire while trying to disperse a group encamped on a hill in Nkaneng, killing 34 mineworkers and wounding 78 on August 16.

The workers had been carrying knobkerries, pangas, sticks and iron rods.

Workers at the mine went on strike on August 10, demanding a monthly salary of R12 500. Within four days, 10 people had been killed, two of them policemen and two of them security guards.

  • johann.enslin.9 - 2012-10-23 12:40

    Ramaphosa is right.

      derek.bredenkamp.3 - 2012-10-23 12:51

      Right to order the slaughter of people striking for a living wage?? What's right is that those reponsible for giving the orders be charged and jailed.

      peter.jefferies.90 - 2012-10-23 13:06

      @Derek you are really naive if you think that someone gave orders to shoot to kill!!!! Please wake up dude! Rhamaphosa was 100% correct in saying it was illegal and it should end! If a few thousand people were charging at you with weapons and you had a gun would you stand there and wait for them to kill you or would you open fire? Anyone who thinks this was predetermind should be locked up in jail along with all the miners who should be in jail!!!!

      wesley.bischoff - 2012-10-23 13:08

      How did he order the slaughter of them? Is this another conspiracy theory?

      danie.strydom.7 - 2012-10-23 13:09

      Any illegal and criminal activity should be met by appropriate actions. The video before the police opened fire clearly showed miners (with knobkieries and pangas) open fire on the police. If you have ever been in a position where someone is shooting at you, you don't pause for reflection. You duck, and shoot back. REACTION. It would be the responsibility of the striking miners to ensure that no one would shoot at the police. They failed to do this. hence, when one started shooting, and the police returned fire, they were caught in the middle. The strike was illegal. The procedures available to employees under SA law weren't followed. Illegal strike, with people shooting at the police. My GrandPa (RIP) always said that if you stand under the chicken hatches long enough, eventually some chickens will sh*t on you. So when the sh*t did eventually hit the fan, I fail to see what excuse anyone can have that was in a crowd (illegal) where some people were shooting at the police. One of the firearms found on the scene was that of a policeman murdered by these poor miners. How is the investigation into this police officials' murder getting along? Lost in the investigation about the poor miners being murdered? So Derek, stop being so judgmental. Join the police, and wait till someone shoots at you. Then sit back and do nothing, in fear of protecting yourself.

      merven.halo - 2012-10-23 13:13

      @ derek.bredenkamp.3 - the moment the miners murdered the Police and security officers they lost all sympathy.

      Kalari - 2012-10-23 13:19

      Johan. I read Ramaphosa is running a labour broking company that employ all the miners. Before the shooting and killing these miners were not payed R4,500 but almost double that. The money went from Lonmin to the broker company and when it finally get to the miners the amount was half of the original. Ramaphosa knew that the increase would mean that the broker company would have to take less profits because of the financial problems facing Lonmin. They strikers eventually got R750.00 more. Ramaphosa is on the board of directors and are not supposed to get involved in operational issues, so why did he? This story will have to come out sometime.

      francois.smith.7 - 2012-10-23 13:21

      Did Ramaphosa order anybody? Is he part of the command structure of the police?

      lsfreak - 2012-10-23 13:41

      Hmmm... Was he now, OK the people that comment here are sad people. The man was only looking to protect he own gain. If he owned the labour broker firm and had ties in the Lonmin then it looks very suspicious. He had lots to loose there. Mr Ramaphosa is a cANCer heavyweight so the lesser members, ministers of mineral resources and the police, would have no choice but to do he's billing or else loose thier positions. It's just politics people and thats how we do it in SA hey ZOOMS :/

      Wally - 2012-10-23 14:04

      Johan, I urge you to first research Mr Ramaphosa's interest in LONMIN, Government's knowledge thereof, Mr R's influence on NUM (hence NUM's non-involvement in the strike...but being present), the lies about who owns what in the mining industry and who receives what. Once you have researched this and got the answers, you will understand that your comment cannot stand. If possible, get the info wrt Mr R and his companies' involvement in recruitment and why the discrepancy that the miners were in fact and in theory earning R12 500-00, but in practise received a salary of R4 500-00. Then you ask why LONMIN suddenly caved in and had to pay. The CEO disappeared and is probably back in England by now, but I stand to be corrected. Ppl are suffering while ANC big-wigs are coining it at the workers' expense and Govt turns a blind eye. If all of this is false, then so be it. I can only hope that the Commission will come forth with the truth, although, most of that will definitely be hidden from the public. And, there are ppl so indoctrinated and inflamed by the illness of hipocracy and corruption that they would help protect these billionaires and politicians regardless of the price they pay or their colleagues had to pay. For once, I hope Adv Mpofu takes it all the way, and I mean all the way.

  • xololwabantu.madikizela - 2012-10-23 12:46

    Justice needs to be served

      damien.bako - 2012-10-23 13:14

      Justice was served, you live by the gun you die by the gun. Poor defenseless panga carrying miners

  • tumisang.kolobe - 2012-10-23 12:46

    Ramaphosa made a big mistake against Juju, now she wishes he was never involved.

      brian.robertson.16940 - 2012-10-23 12:51

      "She" wishes, I don,t think so.

      john.kirkwood.9619 - 2012-10-23 12:53

      trying to get a reaction kalobe

  • bulelani.koko - 2012-10-23 12:47

    For the first time i agree with a racist I agree with johann.

      magnus.j.vanvuuren - 2012-10-23 13:00

      why is Johan a racist

      johann.enslin.9 - 2012-10-23 13:09

      Not sure myself.

      wesley.bischoff - 2012-10-23 13:09

      I suppose he is racist because he isn't as tanned as you?

      setshubane.ashley - 2012-10-23 13:46

      If you want to see the reaction of white people talk about Malema.

      craig.vanstade - 2012-10-23 14:04

      not your land bulelani

  • Michele - 2012-10-23 12:48

    Just 1 question from my side. While I agree that Lonmin and the police handled the situation poorly. If the strike had been handled without murdering people prior to the police incident and the law followed with regards to strike action would this have happened at all ? Poor striking miners my foot.

  • zolisa.dlokovu - 2012-10-23 12:55

    Ramaphosa is now a capitalist not the champion of the poor

  • kaapse.snaai - 2012-10-23 12:56

    So MAlema was right afterall...hehehe..but how did he know?

  • shane.asselbergs - 2012-10-23 12:56

    I'm no lawyer but I've seen a lot of episodes of Law and Order and this all sounds 'circumstantial'. Ramaphosa MOST probably wanted them fired; the police referred to 'today is the day [that we break up the strike]'. Where in any of what Mpofu said is anything saying 'today is the day we are going to shoot striking workers'? Opportunists looking for a hand-out from court.

      dofeatsdog - 2012-10-23 17:43


  • bulelani.koko - 2012-10-23 12:58

    They were not strikers there were killers but the time they were short they were already killed 2 police and security if i was a police i would kill 40 alone.

      merven.halo - 2012-10-23 13:15

      For once I'll agree with the racist bulelani.

      Grant Wykerd - 2012-10-23 13:32

      We mention 2 policemen murdered and forget the other 6 innocent lives lost. I have said it before and here again I will agree with you, until they identify the killers of the first 10 lives, Marikana strikers are all guilty of murder in the worst degree and any Platinum mined now out of Marikana is, to me, tainted in Blood! To elaborate for some of the ignorant morsels out there, what would you do if you were entering a danger zone where 10 have already lost their lives? Look for a peaceful way to defend yourself, like pepper spray (LOL), OR would you come prepared? I bet that if pepper spray was used instead of deadly force, we would all be asking ourselves how could 40 or more trained policemen have managed to loose their lives on that day as that would have been the outcome!!!! Think before you judge... I would rather kill than be killed and so would you! This was not Sharpville, so get over it and start judging the killers of Marikana before judging the police who have the mandate to protect not only SA citizens but also themselves.... Peace out!!!

  • peter.jefferies.90 - 2012-10-23 13:00

    FFS!!!!!!!!! Ramaphosa is 100% correct! If these miners get a ruling in their favour it is the begining of the end for South Africa as it will show that South Africa is 100% behind savage and illegal actions to get what you want!!

      lesetedi - 2012-10-23 17:45

      this is ignorance of the worst kind. man, remember when the Zimbabwean government when for Matebeles in Matebeleland, some foolish white farmers were saying "The government is doing a good Job". When the same government turned on them, it was not doing a good job anymore! Think man think and stop being bitter. People lost their lives, you cannot confidently say the dead miners where a threat, the gathering was illegal but they wanted to be heard, they wanted descent salaries. They were met with a deadly force! What is happening to humanity? Why cant we feel the pain that others are feeling? Are we going to feel pain only if our direct relatives are involved? sad we have less compassionate people still breathing.

  • lvhukeya1 - 2012-10-23 13:00

    if we're all equal b4 de law mr Ramaphosa must have his day in court of law to clear his name.

      khwibi.s.aphane - 2012-10-23 13:34

      100% Vhukeya, and it shall be proven if he is wrong on not. i dont believe in such coincidenece, that he suggested "concomitant action", the provincial commissioner calls the media saying today its "the day" and ppl die. you should have seen how those power-trigger-happy matriculants were overjoyed. Some never had the opportunity to shoot at a person and they found one. But knowing what I know with rich ppl. Ramaphosa will get away with murder.

      lvhukeya1 - 2012-10-23 14:50

      true i don't c him going to court anytime soon his money will protect him.

  • darryl.maze.5 - 2012-10-23 13:03

    WHO CARES!!!!! These savage miners were armed with spears and clubs and they had already hacked two policemen. These miners got what was coming to them. They caused this trouble and now they go crying to the unions and the lawyers. Well BOOHOOO!!!

      setshubane.ashley - 2012-10-23 13:39

      We are talking about human life here,you need to be careful of what you say,two wrongs doesn't make right.those miners where frustrated by their leaving conditions,do you think R4000 is enough to fit the whole family.think out of box and look to the roots of the problem,you have never being exploited that is why is easy to talk like that,think smart,we blamed aparthaid now is 18 years of democracy as they say,we are still slaves under the ANC,now both black and white are affected.the likes of Ramaphosa are fitting their stomuch at the expense of our people.

  • napolita.kio - 2012-10-23 13:05

    Can't wait to see all the comments from the guys out in Pretoria. Just watch...this page will have the most comments ever. And yes, News24 won't close the comments, not that they have to!

      johann.enslin.9 - 2012-10-23 13:10

      Kio, how does that play out?

  • nhlapop - 2012-10-23 13:08

    Let us not forget that Ramaphosa is owing some shares at Lonmin. All that hes doing now is to protect his shares. Hes not intrested about what is going to happen when commision is done with there job. This whole process must speed up to allow those who lost there beloved ones to heal because it seems like this commission is causing more pains to them.

  • aspruyt - 2012-10-23 13:09

    There is nothing to investigate here. Unprotected strike, violence and killing of police officers and security staff. These miners threw away all their rights by deciding to strike with violence. They were very lucky not to be criminally charged and locked up altogether. Not being fired goes beyond me.

  • Phindile Manganyi - 2012-10-23 13:13

    Mpofu,RIGHT person for the job,just like Bizo is

      esrom.sandy - 2012-10-24 09:03

      Dis Mpofu is not gud remember what he did 2 our former 1st lady or u were not born by det time u lost sheep

  • Michael - 2012-10-23 13:15

    Mr Ramaphosa, you are the man, indeed what those miners were doing is criminality and i am happy that you view it as it is, and also we are very happy with police action there after, we can not afford to live in a lawlessness country. Ramaphosa for PRESIDENT!

      jola.jose.7 - 2012-10-23 13:18

      I wonder what are you going to say when the same ramaphosa kill the farmer

      Michael - 2012-10-23 13:46

      I am yet to see farmers hacking people to death with pangas, well if that happens, then police must do their work as they did in Marikana, and we will support them as they will be restoring order in this Country.

      maduvha.mukusha - 2012-10-23 18:45

      True farmers don't use Pangas they use guns and latter say they thought it was animal.

  • foreignem - 2012-10-23 13:20

    Let the truth come out and may justice prevail! Remember Albie Sachs's remarks? "There is no guarantee that somebody who is a freedom fighter, who is willing to sacrifice his life for freedom, will not violate the rights of others when he takes over power." (A Sachs ‘The politics of accommodation: Constitution-making in South Africa’ Occasional Paper 3 (National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, July 1998) at 13). I would therefore not be surprised by alleged "comcomitant action" remarks by liberation struggle veteran, and heavy weight, CR.

  • Loyiso Jamani - 2012-10-23 13:20

    call me insensitive, but i don't give a f*#ck! Who had better died on that day? the cops??? why is it so acceptable when cops are killed by criminals and they are seen as trigger happy when they (cops) are defending themselves from being hacked to death! Give this marikana nonsense a rest already, sick of it!!!

  • simon.mwando - 2012-10-23 13:20

    For the frst tym I agreed with you ramaphosa!

      moremane.tumisang - 2012-10-23 14:14

      Ga o na pelo ya botho.

  • sthembiso.jali.50 - 2012-10-23 13:21

    At the end of this saga- power will prevail over poverty. It always does. Lot of people will get away with murder.

  • - 2012-10-23 13:23

    This bafoon is the labour broken for the miners that's why he wanted action taken against them...kept them silent...

  • tolo.maano - 2012-10-23 13:32

    Juju male ma once said ...I cout I ramaphosa have money this is jst a show dat I could kill u ke be ke le boloka ka moka ga lena.....

  • mawande.mnqayi - 2012-10-23 13:34

    The state or government is a tool of the ruling class to ensure it remains in control of the working class and sustains its interests. The government of verwoed was in its view justified when it tortured and killed black people, as they (black people) were criminals and terrorists.\r\n\r\nThe gorvernment of the ANC, because of the unfortunate fact that it too is a state and will behave and work as a state, will not differ that much with its predecessor...marikana is indicative of this must also protect the interests of the ruling class under the guise of law and order, the same law and order verwoed wanted.\r\n\r\nThis email shows how the relationship between the state or government and capital is that of user and used, a relationship that many will not be able to understand if they do not concientise themselves about the contradictions in society.....the struggle is a working class one, and in africa, its the african people who suffer at the hands of their neo-colonised leaders....

  • daniel.machet - 2012-10-23 13:48

    Alert the authorities that miners killing policemen, security guards and other miners is illegal and requires urgent action... maybe a bit redundant but a far cry from what is being claimed by Mpofu. There is no link in his argument that Ramaphosa's e-mail directly incited the police to shoot workers the following day, it is coincident that the one event followed the other but there would need to be far more circumstantial evidence before this argument could be taken seriously by any court(i.e. admission from individual officers that they had been instructed to use live ammunition, admission from commanding officers that they were answerable to Ramaphosa in some way, possibly links from payments in the police officers' bank accounts that coincided with the time of the incident). @Kalari, I look forward to what you've mentioned coming to light - it is unthinkable that Ramaphosa could sit on the board and act as Labour broker for the miners, I hope they question him on this in the hearing and he is penalised accordingly if that is indeed the case. However, as others have pointed out, he is not part of the police chain of command and unless he has corrupted (paid off) a commanding officer/s to carry this out then he can't be held responsible. I've heard claims from a few human rights activists that miners were hunted down and murdered (i.e. while hiding), I think the most telling part of this investigation will centre around that.

  • mrtinyiko.matsambu - 2012-10-23 13:53

    So, the donation to the funeral arrangement was actually a toast for the job well done? Unbelievable, coming from the man who was once a General Secretary of NUM.

  • oliphant.mzolisi - 2012-10-23 13:58

    Why ar u all protecting Ramaphosa what do u have to gain 4 somebody who does not care or even know u,he was in the struggle he knows the pains of the workers as a shareholder and a leader of the movement in Marikana did he not c workers ar working 4 peanuts while he gets millions out of workers sweart,thats what he faurght 4 better wage 4 workers,if he was a real leader of the movement he would have avoided the killing of workers intant he waited until there was bloodshed,how do u people deffent such person,im very worried about yur narrow thinking just becze u want to shine with yur stupid comments.

  • don.mug.3 - 2012-10-23 14:08

    BEE elites are greedy.

  • andy4real - 2012-10-23 14:13

    Ramaphosa sold out,,,,

  • thembinkosi.jozie - 2012-10-23 14:17

    So Malima was right allalong they were killed to protect Ramaposa\s shares

      patrickmpanyana.mogwaneng - 2012-10-23 15:55

      Malema was 100% correct(ANC bigwigs have shares in Mines).They don't care about people.Ramaphosa kicked Malema out of ANC to make sure that the issue of Nationalisation is never realised.Hypocrite....

  • hendriek.woede - 2012-10-23 14:25

    The workers had already committed criminal offence of killing the two policemen, intimidation and carrying dangerous weapons. ICC? Some people are clowns or maybe lack of legal practice.

      bhekathina.memela - 2012-10-23 17:09

      What is your point exactly?

      sibusiso.mkoko - 2012-10-23 17:13

      Can you prove that Thousands of miners, esp the 34 that dies, killed those 10 ppl u speak of?

  • labole.sethokga - 2012-10-23 14:27

    first of all police went to the koppie to get strikers which i thnk it was not important as the miners posed no threats to the mine property,after that they put barberd wire on both sides of the miners and open fire so that the miners will run to the only opening that was available which was at the face of the police and those who managed to escape where still followed and shot but still its called self defence,and of what kind tht is?therefore we simply under apartheid of a black man the sooner we all see the better,because during the apartheid u hold different view to that of the state its either u were killd or jailed.Aim of marikana killings was to be used as intimidation on the strikes

  • lulama - 2012-10-23 14:42

    Is this Mpofu not the one who was bedding Winnie years back?

      phalo.mjikwa - 2012-10-23 14:52

      What does that have to with Ramaphosa ordering a masacre?

      moko.brian - 2012-10-23 15:31

      You should be reading magazines (Drum). Your post is out of context.

      snethemba.biyela - 2012-10-23 19:24

      Your question its dead

      esrom.sandy - 2012-10-24 08:48

      Its him lulama Winnies ben 10,if Cyril wearing a skirt ha ha ha

      clive.kihn - 2012-10-24 17:28

      You are right Lulama. And Phalo, I hope you are going to tell the commission that Ramaphosa ordered the massacre.

  • jakobus.thulasizwe - 2012-10-23 14:52

    The matter is very serious and it should be taken up to the ICC in Hague. We know South African authorities can not prosecute Ramaphosa and his cohorts. I believe Nathi Mthethwa is also involved. The killings of Marikana miners is what is described by UN as autrocity against humanity. Ramaphosa, Nathi Mthethwa and Mangwash Piega should follow Kenyan thugs who are lining up for prosecution at Hague. This should sent astrong messeage to all those in power to refrain from abusing state apparatus to advance their political battles. " Today is the day", the North West Commissioner told journalist what does the statement mean. The killings were well orchestrated and are politically linked. Num should also be investigated. The statement made by President Zuma whilst in SADC meeting after the shooting proved that he is also not immune. Zuma was quoted as saying just hours after gunsmoke was begining to clear, but boodies still lying in a pool of blood, he said police should ensure that order is maintained. Given this statement he seemed to have no mercy and sympathy towards the fallen miners and their families. As for Cosatu, miners should disassociate themselves with it, Cosatu was siding with the mine owners. So it is opportunistic for VAvi and his friends to pretend as if they are representing mine workers. They noticed that workers were leaving NUm in droves and that their luxary life style would come to an end.

  • chris.braum - 2012-10-23 14:52

    The police opened fire while trying to disperse a group encamped on a hill in Nkaneng, killing 34 mineworkers and wounding 78 on August 16. Fellow readers, do you think, as I do, that this is unethical reporting. Am I wrong in understanding that the "reporter" is conveying the message that the heavily armed strikers were peacefully sitting on the top of their hill when the police, without cause or provocation, shot them. Understand that I am not condoning either the police or the strikers; I shall await the result of the inquiry before placing blame. Instead I bemoan the fact that we cannot rely on the media to report the facts truthfully and without their obvious bias. Shame on the media for debasing such a noble profession.

      kenny.bianco.7 - 2012-10-24 07:14

      Sensationalised reporting, it's not 1st time

  • tshepo.maganedisa - 2012-10-23 14:57

    Let the head roll from the minister to the commisioner and up to the bull man (Ramaphosa) we are sick and tired of people who are sitting cosily at Luthuli house at the expense of the people, today he can say people are criminals while the very same people that voted for them were exploited.This ANC business Luthuli thing at the expense of the masses must be tackled, 1st by cutting the water supply to the showerhead and slowly taking the auction hammer to the likes of Cyril and so forth

  • sihlangu.hokweni - 2012-10-23 15:10

    I've said longtime that this (Mulemba) Cyril Ramaphosa is the \de facto President\ of the ANC

      sihlangu.hokweni - 2012-10-23 15:34

      Devide all his shares amongst all thos victims who have been accounted for-the families of the dead,injured

  • sibusiso.mkoko - 2012-10-23 17:08

    \Today is the day\..... Ya ne.

  • sefako.mokgalaka - 2012-10-23 18:29

    Typical Elite. A buffalo bull is more important than a life of an exploited miner?

      esrom.sandy - 2012-10-24 08:30

      Sound like ur papa juju u lost sheep

  • Zahir - 2012-10-23 20:41

    Like the rest of the anc elite who love their money and mansions they do anything to protect there wealth from poor and voters

  • sonkitla.sonki - 2012-10-23 22:23

    Mr Ramaphosa please just say it is not true,your name is all over for the wrong reasons,you are now completely compromised.

  • precious.yumyum - 2012-10-24 04:41

    i hope to see justice done at the Hague. i do not trust that we have the capability to bring justice to the massacred miners. not yet uhuru! aluta continua!

  • vuyani.zondi - 2012-10-24 05:36

    Again this exposes zuma,s weak leadership I don,t know whay his supporters are pussing for 2nd for him, anyway those who are pushing his re-election are corrupt they are abusing state resources they no zuma is a puppet.

      esrom.sandy - 2012-10-24 08:27

      Vuyani u r pressing penic button what's rong wit u we stil got one month full gwala ndini

  • lucky.ncube.5 - 2012-10-24 08:06

    Pple wil do anythng 4 money

  • amogelang.molwana - 2012-10-24 08:25

    This man has just tarnished his image. He was a key influencial guy in drafting our constitution. If its true those were his orders let him answer n kiss good bye to being deputy president of RSA. Its so disappointing. Money corrupts

  • jmasha3 - 2012-10-24 08:33

    Let's wait and see

  • andy.mku.9 - 2012-10-24 08:56

    Malema told us about this ramaphosa that he is corrupt bt we ddnt want to believe him

  • dvmabina - 2012-10-24 11:14

    Remember what Steve Bantu Biko siad... Black man you are on your own.

  • clive.kihn - 2012-10-24 14:30

    So, if a bunch of armed thugs is kicking up mayhem on my property and threatening murder to those who don't support them, and I call the cops who, because of poor training and worse leadership, open fire and kill a few, I have blood on my hands and am the enemy of the poor? Give me a break! Ramaphosa did what he had to do, but it was not he who gave the order to open fire. Like many of his ilk, the flamboyant Mpofu was on a sensation-seeking offensive.

  • karlu.unos - 2012-10-24 16:44

    Is ther any case that Adv.BoyfriendWinnieMpofu ever won!!! How did he become a an Adv..???