Rape survivor hands parole board petition

2012-08-13 10:41

Bloemfontein - Rape survivor Alison Botha has handed a petition containing 11 000 signatures to the parole board, objecting to the possible release on parole of her assailants, it was reported on Monday.

The two men raped her and left her for dead with slit throat and 36 knife wounds in Port Elizabeth 18 years ago, and are among 5 000 prisoners who could benefit from new legislation.

The Independent Online reported in January that the legislation, which came into effect last year, enabled any prisoner sentenced to a life term before 2004 to apply for parole after serving at least 13 years and four months.

This meant that Botha's attackers Frans du Toit and Theuns Kruger could be back on the streets 17 years into their life sentences for her rape and attempted murder.

Volksblad reported that Botha, 45, told a Women's Day function in Bloemfontein at the weekend that she had delivered the petition to the parole board and was waiting to hear what would happen to Du Toit, who is being held in the Grootvlei prison in Bloemfontein, and Kruger, who is in C-Max prison in Pretoria.

Botha has written about her ordeal in a book called I have Life, of which 80 000 copies have been sold.

  • Hemlock - 2012-08-13 10:51

    Keep these filthy pigs locked up forever. They do not deserve a life. They should have been executed 18 years ago. Strength Alison and keep the faith!

      kala.bafazi - 2012-08-13 11:02

      No parole for rapists, murderers or child molesters. No death sentence for them either. A long life of solitary confinement is a fitting sentence.

      BigChiefPlumbPudding - 2012-08-13 11:08

      @ Kala - I agree. With our crime statistics on these types of offences, it should be a 'no-brainer'. NO PAROLE

      jowza1 - 2012-08-13 11:09

      let them rot in jail

      kala.bafazi - 2012-08-13 11:23

      @BigChief - The problem is the people making these suggestions of parole are no brainers

      procold2 - 2012-08-13 13:36

      Rooster i agree, i get sick to my stomach every time i think our tax money must support these people, no lethal injection or a noose, thats to fast but i think something as violent and painful as what this women went thrugh 18 yrs ago.

  • klippies.coke.7 - 2012-08-13 10:53

    If she made the petition more public, she would easily have had 50 000+ signatures. I say let those bastards rot in jail!

      smaged2 - 2012-08-13 11:53

      please log onto to sign her petition

      klippies.coke.7 - 2012-08-13 12:42

      Brilliant! Thank you

      kenneth.roselt - 2012-08-13 13:59

      signed the petition...

  • mofstok - 2012-08-13 11:01

    This makes me angry. She shouldn't need a petition to leave these scumbags rotting in gaol where they belong forever! Rape used to be a capital offence once. It deserves the harshest sentencing possible.

  • joyce.beeton - 2012-08-13 11:03

    They should only be released on condition that they agree to be castrated. This is called "rape prevention" - sure works!!!!

      Hemlock - 2012-08-13 11:09

      Joyce...they should NEVER be released! Even if they are castrated they are still potential time bombs who could still murder and do other dreadful things to their victims that I don't wish to mention here. Just because they have no balls does not make them "safe" amongst the public. They both make my skin crawl!They do not deserve freedom for what they did. They must suffer for the rest of their lives, just as they made Alison suffer.

      Dawn Campbell Gibson - 2012-08-13 11:11

      joyce - if they were just rapists, that may work, BUT they are murderers! they deserve to rot!

      jackie.m.dickson - 2012-08-13 11:21

      I can only accept a castration without anaesthetic or pain killers. And at the end a slip of the knife that slits their throats. No ways can these things come out of jail!! I cant even imagine that they even think about early release!!

  • iceman196 - 2012-08-13 11:05

    Good, These bastards should have been executed , oxygen wasting trash

  • michelle.saralina - 2012-08-13 11:21

    Have faith Alison...they should not be seeing daylight EVER!!!

  • sudika.harkhu - 2012-08-13 11:26

    I remember her saying she had to crawl for help while holding her intestines with one hand, those who did that to her are not humans and even animals are not this brutal. They are demons who are a threat to society. Let them rot or hang them.

  • jenniferjoan.barnsley - 2012-08-13 11:37

    If those two are allowed parole.......Then Justice is just a meaningless word in this country!

  • piet.strydom - 2012-08-13 11:38

    The day the death penalty was abolished, the Star newspaper ran it in the middle of the front page. And circling the announcement was a news article about a muti murder of a child, and another murder case, and if I remember correctly, it was Allison's case.

  • johan.vanheerden.737 - 2012-08-13 11:44

    ag don't worry ouks - they will pull a Shakey and be released on medical grounds

  • bzondikoata - 2012-08-13 11:46

    dear lord those monsters should rot in jail...

  • ari.potah - 2012-08-13 11:46

    Let them out and have a hit team waiting . . .

  • sub_la - 2012-08-13 11:49

    What is wrong with government? Leave the pigs to rot

  • denise.wilshire - 2012-08-13 12:00

    I have long thought that those who rule this country are so far removed from the norms and standards of a decent society. This is yet another demonstration which validates my deduction. Surely one would have to be totally barbaric to allow these criminals back into society? They are heinous murderers without a scrap of respect for human life. Let them rot where they are. As a tax payer I am happy to keep up my contribution. I would have gladly signed that petition.

  • selven.pillay.900 - 2012-08-13 12:34

    I say the governmemt should bring back the death penalty then we wont have overcrowded prisons people like tghis can be sentenced to death.Cant believe what this country is coming to notuions are turning against their own instead of working together to build this beautifull country

  • flysouth - 2012-08-13 12:35

    Of course these animals should never be released - a life sentence must be exactly that - until dead. Meanwhile let us see how the government responds - will they take into account this petition and accede to it's demand that these scum be kept incarcerated, in the same way they have listened to the family of Chris Hani when faced with the demand that Derby-Lewis, a man who is actually busy dying in prison, be released on medical parole? In that case they have acceded to the family's demand that he be kept incarcerated. So let us take note whether these two cases are handled with any justice at all.

  • emilyjane.elson - 2012-08-13 12:37

    WTF. Petty crime criminals shouldn't even be set free as a Leopard doesn't change it's spots but rather them than rapists, murderers etc, regardless of what year they were sentenced!! She could've died and we are probably the only Country I know that releases and doesn't appropriately punish the filth!! The people making these decisions should themselves be locked up for pure stupidity and lack of compassion for human life.. What happens if they go after her?? I'd be very concerned and we should all make sure something like this does not happen to anybody!! Filth! Hope they rot in jail - they deserve to!

  • emilyjane.elson - 2012-08-13 12:42

    I read the book. If you haven't you should. These okes would cry like little girls if what they did to her was done to them.. This non justice system of ours makes my blood boil!! Fu€|<€Rs!!

  • thabojames.mohanoe - 2012-08-13 12:54


  • mzwandileplaatjie.master - 2012-08-13 16:15

    I admire you Ms Botha you just woman of character, I really admire you

  • Johan De Beer - 2012-08-14 02:41

    News24 why don't you find out and publish exactly who (names) in government proposed this legislation. Also, who in parliament voted for this legislation to be passed.

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