Rasuge case: More charges may follow

2012-03-26 22:56

Johannesburg - The confirmation that the human remains discovered at a house in Temba, outside Pretoria, are those of slain police Constable Francis Rasuge, may lead to new charges, the national prosecuting authority said on Monday.

DNA had been analysed by a forensic science laboratory, according to Gauteng police, confirming the remains belonged to Rasuge.

NPA spokesperson Mthunzi Mhaga said now that her remains had been found, any person found to have helped Nkuna dispose of her body or bury her, would be charged with being an accessory after the fact.

"Any decision will be informed by what the police present to us. So we will wait and see," he said.

As it stood, there could be grounds to charge Nkuna with defeating the ends of justice.

"But that would not serve any purpose since he is serving a life sentence," said Mhaga.

Last week, construction workers came across the bones while laying a foundation at the house of her Rasuge's murderer William Nkuna.

The police's K9 unit and the forensic laboratory later uncovered several bones including a skull.

Rasuge went missing on August 27 2004. She was last seen alive with Nkuna outside a hairdressing salon in Temba.

During an interview with Radio 702 at the time, Nkuna claimed that he missed Rasuge and that he was not sure whether she was alive.

Judge Ronald Hendricks sentenced Nkuna, in the Mmabatho Circuit Court sitting in Ga-Rankuwa, to life imprisonment in November 2005 even though her body had not been found.

At the time of Nkuna's trial, widespread appeals were made for him to reveal the whereabouts of Rasuge's remains.

Hundreds of spectators broke into cheers and song when they saw the sentencing on five television screens outside the court.

A few weeks after Nkuna was sentenced, David Cornelius, 35, who purported to be a friend of Nkuna, claimed he knew where Rasuge was buried and led police to a grave.

The body was exhumed, but turned out to be that of an older woman buried long before Rasuge's disappearance.

In 2007, the garage of Nkuna's house was dug up, to no avail, after a sangoma claimed to have had a vision which revealed that Rasuge's remains were buried underneath a garage at a private property.

It was one of more than 100 reports, based on dreams and visions, about the policewoman's whereabouts since she went missing, police said.

Police even used three search dogs at the property, none of which responded positively for human remains.

  • Thato - 2012-03-26 23:59

    Damn, how did he do that?- THREE (3) search dogs at that small property could not find a human body buried at average house foundation deepness???... ya neh!

      Linkie - 2012-03-27 00:27

      he deserve another life sentence on top of that, he's very cruel nd doesn't. belong2 the comunity.

      Gcwabe.KaMavovo - 2012-03-27 08:19

      Th dogs were AA appointees.

  • Florence - 2012-03-27 03:36

    A sangoma: underneath + private property. This was a very straight forward clue. Why was his whole yard not dug up even the inside of his house??? I have so much anger right now!!! Nkuna must pay with his life.

  • Lesego Wesinyana - 2012-03-27 07:11

    I wanna thank the people who find Rasuges remains for their bravery of calling da cops to identify it. This is the other of showing how our police fails us. The next thing instead of informing the family about their finding they went through the media. This is the tym werby William Nkuna have to pay for his crimes. May her soul rest in peace, at last her family have answers to their questions.

  • Marion - 2012-03-27 07:52

    Isn't there some sort of ground penetrating MRI equipment that they use in other countries to 'x-ray' the ground? If so, why don't we have it in SA? I cannot believe they never saw signs of fresh digging / cement etc., on the property at the time she went missing. Sure they would have if they had done their jobs properly instead of relying solely on dogs!

  • irfinlay - 2012-03-27 07:56

    What is the expertise of our police! Surely the first place to dig up should have been the boyfriend's garden!

  • Elias Molomo - 2012-03-27 07:57

    damn!!! if nkuna was nt sentenced how was he going to live with unknown grave . some ppl are cruel

  • Khwezi - 2012-03-27 08:05

    i wonder were was the wife when he buried Rasuge, yah

      Itumeleng - 2012-03-27 09:52

      Clearly she was there! And to add on the insult, she refers to the body as that of a dog! Wow... She has no concious whatsoever and must join her lover in prison for life! I see this as a ritual murder and Rasuge was the sacrifice.

  • Gareth - 2012-03-27 08:49

    My Theory: the body was planted there AFTER the searches were concluded. Not by police, but by the perpetrator or an accomplice. Clever... until now.

  • Ivan - 2012-03-27 09:28

    @Mofamadi: Please use proper written language and not this rubbish. What will your children learn from somebody who is lazy to write properly. Communication is about understanding others and being understood. Finish en klaar!!!

      sandra.j.rennie - 2012-03-27 09:59

      He is speaking African American ! They think it's cool but in actual fact it's pathetic.

  • sibongile.maloba - 2012-03-29 13:05

    God Is Great, even ater so many years. My condolences to the family this must be hard,

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