Report: Herbal libido-booster pills illegal

2010-12-06 09:58

Johannesburg - Four "herbal" medicines meant to treat low libidos apparently contain illegal and potentially dangerous ingredients, Beeld reported on Monday.

The drugs, Bang Bang Strongman, Maximor, Panalt and Staminafit, all contain the active ingredients of the prescription medicines, Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

The so-called herbal medicines are freely available over-the-counter from pharmacists.

Beeld said the drugs could pose health risks to people with blood pressure and heart problems.

The distributors of the medicines all denied the claims made in the report, or said if they were true, it meant their products had been falsified.

Beeld said the test results had been forwarded to the Medicines Control Council, which had not responded by the time of going to print.

The health department told Sapa it would try and respond later in the day.

  • Sip - 2010-12-06 10:39

    I hope these people get some 'stiff' fines.

      Ilse - 2010-12-06 11:13

      haha right on

      Braam - 2011-11-16 06:11

      Sies Lisa kyk hoe bloos ek nou.....

  • JOEL - 2010-12-06 11:10

    The natural health industry's reputation is once again tarnished by the likes of DIS-CHEM who will sell anything to exploit the ignorent, desperate or dishonest. Adverts suggust 'they care' about the consumer when all they care about is 'the bottom line'.

      Valkerie - 2010-12-06 14:21

      Joel, I've never had any issue with this particular health care store. Furthermore, the article describes the manufacturors' comments that their products have been tampered with. Should we not rather wait for the full investigation's fact to come to light before we pass judgement? I can't agree with your comments as you've not provided any motivation on why you would make such a wild claim. May I also "suggust" that you run a spell checker before posting any further comments. Your bad spelling does not lend much to your argument either.

      Braam - 2011-11-16 06:13

      Valkerie jy's n' regte ou pruim....stiff upper lip...prop.....

  • partykarate87 - 2010-12-06 11:55

    What a messy situation for the consumers!!

  • jnrb71 - 2010-12-06 12:07

    In the USA every medicine has to pass stringest tests of the FDA before it will be approved for sale to consumers. It costs sometimes as much as US30 million to run all the tests and then the FDA may still reject it. In South Africa however, an opportunity has to be provided for "traditional medicines" and therefore the latter are not subject to the same tests as scheduled medicines. The whole thing has therefore turned "political". There are a whole bunch of "medicines" and "alternative remedies" on the market which relies on this "loophole". That is why this stuff is for sale to consumers.

      Fossiel - 2010-12-06 12:48

      In the USA herbal products and nutritionals are not controlled, manufacturers/marketers just print an escape clause on their labeling that the product that FDA has not evaluated the claims.

      Valkerie - 2010-12-06 14:24

      Fossiel is right. And our legislation does not stop these types of "medicines" (with or without merit) to enter our country and be sold for every cure under the sun. It seems we have to educate ourselves before taking anything not approved. "Consult your doctor if you're not sure" is possibly the right advice in this case.

  • rramudzuli - 2010-12-06 17:26


  • rramudzuli - 2010-12-06 17:31

    I think this is all part of corrupt marketing. I was using Cialis until i found out that staminafit is cheap and also give more stamina than Cialis. I guess i am not the only one who left cialis, viagra for staminafit and now this expensive libido boost manufacture are feeling the heart, competition is tough now. Guess one will wait for full investigation before deciding. here it is: 2 tablets cialis = R200 8 tablets staminafit = R269

  • preshengovender69 - 2010-12-07 08:01

    I once took it and I got not get it up

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