Road deaths: Head-on crashes biggest worry

2011-12-27 22:11

Johannesburg - More than 900 people have been killed on South Africa's roads this month, according to Road Traffic Management Corporation (RMTC) spokesperson Ashref Ismail.

"We are extremely concerned about head-on crashes," he said.

"Out of the 16 major fatal crashes since December 1, 13 were head-ons.

"These are the most devastating because the [victims'] chances of survival are so low."

On Monday, 19 people were killed in a head-on collision between a taxi and car in the northern Free State.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, Transport Minster Sibusiso Ndebele called for the courts to be quicker to confiscate and suspend the driver's licences of motorists found guilty of road traffic violations.

"In conjunction with the ministries of police and justice, as well as the national prosecuting authority, we will continue to ensure that we are more aggressive in dealing with irresponsible drivers," Ndebele said in a statement.

"Drivers arrested for any offence must have their driving licences seized as well as suspended and/or cancelled."

His spokesperson Logan Maistry said the National Road Traffic Act placed a duty in courts to "suspend or disqualify a driving license for a person found guilty of drinking and driving, reckless and negligent driving".

People found to be driving over the speed limit by 30km in urban areas and 40km an hour outside urban areas, also risked having their licenses suspended or disqualified.

A first offence would result in a confiscation for six months, a second for five years and a third or subsequent offence would merit a 10 year cancellation or suspension of a licence, he said.

Ismail said a full set of preliminary figures of road deaths would be issued on Wednesday.

A total of 1 149 people were killed on South Africa's roads between December 1 and December 28 in 2010 and 1 304 deaths were recorded for the same period in 2009.

  • Adam - 2011-12-27 22:19

    I've been passed many time by drivers disregarding solid lines....

      Silvana - 2011-12-28 06:13

      @Timothy. In the Free State you can move into the yellow lane, but it's illegal to travel in the yellow lane in Gauteng. I don't know the rules in the other provinces.

      Mike - 2011-12-28 07:28

      I wonder how many of these head-on collisions were caused by impatience?

      sadilligaf - 2011-12-28 08:05

      @Silvana, we have a NATIONAL road traffic act - the rules are the same in all provinces. Regulation 298A states as follows: 1. Subject to sub regulation (2) and regulation 298 (1) (e), no person shall drive a motor vehicle on the shoulder of a public road. 2. Notwithstanding sub regulation (1), the driver of a motor vehicle may, during the period between sunrise and sunset, drive such motor vehicle on the shoulder of a public road which is designated for one lane of traffic in each direction 1. while such motor vehicle is being overtaken by another vehicle; and 2. if he or she can do so without endangering himself or herself, other traffic, pedestrians or property on such public road; 3. if persons and vehicles upon a public road are clearly discernible at a distance of at least 150 metres. In other words, it is legal in ALL provinces to move into the yellow lines to allow another vehicle to pass safely, PROVIDED it is during daylight hours, on a 2-way road with only one lane in each direction, it can be done SAFELY, and there is adequate visibility to ensure this latter. I'm shocked at how many of the people commenting below, who apparently have drivers licences, are ignorant of the laws of the road!

      sadilligaf - 2011-12-28 08:09

      @ Adam - this is indeed a huge problem. I drive around 7000km a month, and I probably see at least 3-4 really close calls a week. And generally, its not taxis, as alluded to in another thread, its big expensive SUVs and luxury cars mainly - people who should know better!

      WotzisName - 2011-12-28 11:22

      Before the festive season there was a lot of farting in the wind about road blocks and stepped-up traffic policing! I did not see a single road block and saw very few traffic cops around in Cape Town this month, except those raking in parking tickets at crowded beaches to make their Christmas bonuses, yet there were a lot of blatantly drunk and reckless drivers on the roads and I'm not including taxis. I don't get that logic!

      John - 2011-12-30 19:55

      So when are they going to ARREST AND REMOVE the Blue Light Brigade? Friday, 09 of December, cars on the highway from Durban gave way to a political convoy with blue lights. Remembering 1 man killed by the Blue Light Brigade in Durban, and another in Jo'burg, I protested those murders and raised my finger as they drove past. They proceeded to block me and lunge their cars at me, as I swerved, slowed and pulled away. I held strong and steadfast in my protest! My family, however, were badly shaken. It is time that the ANC realizes that they are not above criticism and rejection, and also NOT ABOVE THE LAW! I expected the mentally challenged to zap me back, or even lay misdemeanor charges against me. But the public harassment and bullying shows that these mentals are in a mindset of their own. They need to be banished to Antarctica!

  • Sharkshoot - 2011-12-27 22:23

    I witnessed a taxi today in Hillcrest, KZN, parked blocking one of the lanes on a two lane road....he then pulled up next to me at the stop light, got impatient and calmly proceeded to drive through the red light...without a worry in the world.

      Irene - 2011-12-27 22:25

      Taxi drivers are the scum of the earth.

      greg.groenewald - 2011-12-27 22:30

      Happens all the time here in PMB as well, its the latest, red robots mean nothing to these clowns, they are even doing it right in front of parked patrol cars and the officers just watch.

      Francois - 2011-12-27 22:42

      No Irene, a transport minister who fails to act against them is the scum of the earth. Minister Ndebele, on the intersection of Beyers Naude and Empire (the latter is Perth by then) there is a yellow line indicating no stopping as well as signs. Can you please see to it that all the taxis that are illegally stopping and parking there are confiscated or impounded and that all those drivers have their licenses taken away. Then you move to the intersection of William Nichol and Sandton drive where the taxis don't carry on straight like the yellow line obliges them, but takes a right turn and do the same. Then you can choose (we are after all a democracy), either the M1 or the N1 and have the taxis driving in the emergency lanes impounded and get all of the vehicles travelling less than 40km/h off the road. How long will it take you? I has been more than a year since you knew.

      Sean - 2011-12-28 01:01

      I witness this everyday in Centurion CBD where I live, it is because they rule the roads! The metro cops are not to be seen at all, what is happening to this country? Do families, loved ones, kids have to loose their lives bafore something is done about it. Taxi drivers allways cry that they are targeted when confronted, but they are causing their own hatred by other road users! The government needs to prioritise this concern and start putting their foot down and stop being held on a leash by taxi drivers/owners!!! Innocent people are loosing their lives due to the fact that the government has no b....lls to tackle the problem head on! Let's see what solution the government can come up with, the proof will be in the pudding. I want to see much more patrolling by the metro cops and all road-users that are at fault must be fined! There is no more control in our cities as well as our highways with regards to traffic control. I would rather like to see many metro cops than none at all, I have nothing to hide!

  • Dave - 2011-12-27 22:31

    There is no substitute for stupidity. We have seen the same statistics for the last 20 years. CAUSE, NO LAW ENFORCEMENT.

  • TamaraSays - 2011-12-27 22:34

    It's because these Darwin Aware eligible prize idiots don't have the patience to WAIT until it's safe to overtake. It's the dumbest thing EVER, and you see it all the time.

      TamaraSays - 2011-12-27 22:34

      That would be 'Darwin Award.'

      Rodney - 2011-12-28 02:15

      Drving on the national roads is very dangerous these days ..If this continues there will be no taxi's left .... lol

      TamaraSays - 2011-12-28 03:16

      Taxis, yes, but some of the MOST retarded drivers I ever saw were truck drivers on the N7. And those people with more money than sense who were low flying with their Porsche 4 x 4's. No one is immune to idiocy.

  • Wayne - 2011-12-27 22:35

    Err... does this include the Blue Light brigades who have zero legislated authority to exceed the speed limit... Wake up Sbu... If your damn traffic management was in place to bring reckless driving under control you'd have a whole different picture... oh...and what about innocent until proven guilty ??? Just like you speed limit issue, once again you fail to see the BIG picture... poor driver education due to a plethora of corruption and a basic disregard for road rules... stop treating the symptoms and attend to the bloody cause...!!!

      Bob - 2011-12-27 23:51

      Spot on Wayne...!

  • Alistair Sharp - 2011-12-27 23:06

    Zero tolerance must be put in action not just be a media relations exercise! And with the sorry state of our law(less) enforcement officials, where laziness and bribery and corruption are rife, who says that taking away an offenders licence will stop him or her driving? I know countless people who drive every day without ever having gotten a licence, so this will be another pointless media relations exercise, unless the traffic authorities get serious and actually move their fat asses into their swanky cars and patrol the roads looking for stuff like overtaking on a blind rise, etc, instead of taking the easy way out and sit their fat asses down while pointing radar guns at cars that have been forewarned either by other drivers or by radar detection units.

      Marlene - 2011-12-28 00:07

      Good article Alistait Sharp, but please enlighten me .. what would ZERO Tolerance entail. Have you ever seen a law enforcement official (i believe that's what they are called!) when a car passes you on a solid white line .... not to mention non-presence at hundreds of four way stops and of course robots ? We have all seen this, day in and day out, and not a traffic officer in sight !! We travelled 100kms plus to Pretoria and back in the evening on Christmas day and did not see ONE single solitary "fat ass" ...And this on the main Maputo road !! Eish !!

  • Grant - 2011-12-27 23:10

    "More than 900 people have been killed on South Africa's roads this month, according to Road Traffic Management Corporation (RMTC) spokesperson Ashref Ismail". Ja I wonder how many more - our ANC friends are always covering up facts. Instead of threatening more severe penalties, which face it is just talk, why not just enforce the present laws? Too simple?

  • Xenswim1 - 2011-12-27 23:24

    the inability of sections of the populace to automatically calculate speed and distance falls far short of the norm. For the most part this same section lacks depth perception. Combine those with selfishness and the rust that the othet will get out of the way is fatal.

      Klaus - 2011-12-27 23:42

      You have "Hit the nail on the head"..I fully agree with you! ....?spelling...!

      Shoe - 2011-12-28 02:33

      I was beginning to believe I've seen and heard it all when it comes to dumb comments, until I read yours. What sections of the populace are those you are referring to? And I am asking because an overwhelming majority of fatal road accidents involves male drivers of less than 35 years of age. That gives us two things already: age and gender. Now smart one, were you by any chance thinking Testosterone could be an explanation or all you were just obsessing about was Melanin as usual when thinking about this 'section of the populace' of yours? How disgustingly narrow your thinking is.

      Xenswim1 - 2011-12-28 18:30

      Shame @Shoe, you who cannot read and suffers from a guilt and finger pointng crisis. The great one that finds racism under every bush. Who did you think I was talking about? I wrote "some sections of the populace" Not "One section" of the populace. I am not here to spoon feed you. Go do some reading and discover for yourself.

      Koos - 2011-12-29 08:48

      I fully agree with you.

  • Bob - 2011-12-27 23:49

    Here we go again.....placing emphasis on speed! Yes speed in the hands of an incompetent driver is downright dangerous.. But again, you are not addressing the key issue and that is head on crashes, these are not speed related they are stupidity of driver related. You just do not understand the situation and you do not have the answer to the problem. So you address the issue by nailing soft targets which will not stop the main carnage on our roads today. What is needed is unmarked police vehicles with competent no nonsense police on board with cameras to record and immediately charge moving violations, such as reckless overtaking, swerving across lanes, reversing back up freeway onramps, breaching red traffic lights, making illegal u turns etc etc etc.

      Andre - 2011-12-28 06:07

      The emphasis should be on speed, because ignoring the speed limit is the first indicator that you are ignoring the law of our roads. You cannot ignore one law and the complain because I ignore another. Ignoring the speed limit is the starting point of our lawless society. I agree that law enforcement is placing too much emphasis on speed trapping, but you and I, as road users should stay within all laws of the road, including speed.

      phillip.havenga - 2011-12-28 09:52

      Andre I have to disagree with you, not stopping at stop streets, jumping red robots, not using your indicator, not using 4 way stops properly, ignoring the rules of traffic circles, parking where it clearly says do not park are far more indicative of law breaking and inconsiderate people.

  • Sean - 2011-12-28 01:07

    I'm thinking who actually reads our comments and whether it just leans on deaf ears!?

  • Ruan - 2011-12-28 01:56

    .....confiscating....or suspending a persons' licence- THAT WILL NEVER EVER HAPPEN IN SA !

  • Nugh Tyer - 2011-12-28 02:16

    Visible policing...!!! Almost non existent. Increase that and you will start seeing a reduction in accidents. Introduce a fine system that's integrated with SARS. Think about that...leverage off of the best run government organization it will almost inescapable. Do you honestly think that taking people's drivers licenses away is going to solve your problems when you are dealing with law breakers in the 1st place? They will just simply continue driving without a license and when you catch them what are you going to do next? throw into our overcrowded prisons? And end up spending a day or two in jail. Hit them where it will hurt the most...their pockets.

  • Juan - 2011-12-28 02:24

    It's alcohol that's the biggest problem. I have seen driving in Islamic countries, and in a place like Kabul where virtually no rules on the road are obeyed, if there even are any, they have a fraction of the road deaths that you see in South Africa.

  • Tidima - 2011-12-28 04:20

    Fix the damn roads. The root cause of most of these accidents are due to the state of our roads. Law enforcement alone on drivers will not solve the problem. The government should also be accountable for the death unless they can prove beyond reasonable that the state of our roads is acceptable.

  • Wesley - 2011-12-28 04:44

    Sbu behind the time again. You can takeaway the lisence when the guilty driver is dead, it won't help.

  • Ian - 2011-12-28 05:01

    They can start by applying this to MPs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andre - 2011-12-28 06:03

    On the R25 between Bapsfontein and Kempton Park, head-on collisions has been a problem for years. This is mainly due to drivers completely ignoring the solid barrier line. About a month ago, they reduced the speed limit from 120 to 80. What we now have on that road is cars ravelling at 100 instead of 140, ignoring the barrier line and hitting each other, head on, with slightly less force. People die of 2 instead of 4 fatal injuries. In the past month I have seen numerous speed traps. I have yet to see any law enforcement agency actually enforcing the DO NOT CROSS BARRIER LINE law.

  • Deeteem - 2011-12-28 06:08

    Taking away someones licence is not going to stop this carnage that happens every year much to the dismay of the minister !!

  • Silvana - 2011-12-28 06:08

    According to this report the were only 16 major fatal accidents, yet there were 1149 people killed. That should give you a clue what the problem is. Solution: More control of the taxi industry.

      Francois Du Toit - 2011-12-28 07:57

      I have great sympathy for people who have no other option but to use mini-bus taxis. These taxis have killed more people than apartheid officially did in 40 years.

  • Robin - 2011-12-28 06:16

    There are far too many 'Lucky Packet' licenced drivers on our roads: drivers with absolutely no concept of relative speeds who overtake across barrier lines, on blind corners or approaching blind rises, and who overtake into oncoming traffic with total disregard for the safety of their passengers and other road users. I really don't care a fig when these idiots write themselves off but I do care when they take other innocent lives with them. Our law enforcement is up to maggots and driver training something of a joke.

  • Breinlekkasie - 2011-12-28 06:28

    While the Metro police hides under bushes to make money out of speed tickets they could be addressing this problem. If only they would address this problem.

  • Carlos - 2011-12-28 06:32

    Eh Eh.. Go look at the way people drive on traffic circles, stop wherever they like to offload people, obstruct traffic forcing cars to invade incoming lane, overspeed to catch robots, and to crown it all, how they show you the sign of finger on trigger... Eh eh... confiscation, cancellation what? The "Traffic Officers" are after other "fish"...

  • Kathleen - 2011-12-28 06:40

    With so many unlicensed drivers on the road what steps will be taken to punish those drivers whose licences have been suspended and are caught driving?

  • Pawel - 2011-12-28 06:47

    This is what happens when you buy your license ... Cant drive and kills people... First thing our domestic told us... I know where to buy my license I :)

  • Trevor - 2011-12-28 06:54

    Drive around East London, Bisho...etc...there passing on solid lines blind corners, hills...etc... is the norm.........NOTHING to do with speed, it's all chance because the aveg driver does not even have grade 6 so what do you expect...

  • John - 2011-12-28 07:02

    South Africas traffic department is money driven, instead of a open and honest approach to managing and controlling traffic on our roads it just a fine ( money ) exercise with absolute no interest in the people using the roads on a daily basis.

  • Paul - 2011-12-28 07:20

    It all starts at home ... Traffic law enforcement in the CBD, suburbs, and THEN on main routes (of all types) must be stepped up. Driver concience must kick in to reduce disobedience and risk taking. To suspend or cancel licences at the end of the chain is drastic, and shows a lack of overall control.

  • Elize - 2011-12-28 07:39

    O please!! Suspending / cancelling a driver license won't work. They will just drive without it - as most taxi drivers do in any case.

  • Terrence - 2011-12-28 08:33

    ?h!!?h!! duh ! duh !"!!!! we have to pay for this !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tshepo - 2011-12-28 08:59

    People are just not patient on the our roads. This should be made part of the drivers test curriculum: PATIENCE.

      Grant - 2011-12-28 12:35

      I failed my first test and was told the main reason was that I was over cautious and this would cause frustration to other drivers. So who knows...?

  • Bob - 2011-12-28 11:06

    Nelson Mandela's grandson Zondwa Mandela, was caught driving 92km/h over the 60 km/h speed limit, with a speed of 158km/h in a 60km/h zone in May 2011. Magistrate Hombakazi Thwele withdrew the charge against Zondwa Mandela pending him taking part in a diversion programme! No fine, no license suspended…Just a slap on the wrist This as far as I am concerned sets a precedence for anyone else being caught for speeding. If he can get away with it, so too should other drivers be given this option. Why should everyone else have to suffer the full penalties of the law while these greater than thou individuals walk away free

  • Arnold - 2011-12-28 11:07

    Untill there is a genuine attempt to introduce effective traffic policing, drivers will continue taking risks

  • owamin1 - 2011-12-28 11:29

    Turn all major freeways into dual carriageways. All the horrific accidents happen where there in no island between traffic driving in opposite directions. That's why the N3 is most notorious for head-ons in the Free State stretch. The KZN and Gauteng stretches are much safer. The same goes for the N1 in Free State. Surely the toll fees we pay should buy us the safety of a dual carriageway! People need to remember that not all head-ons are caused by reckless overtaking. Sometimes it's a tyre burst, loss of brakes etc. All of these things become extremely dangerous for anyone else on the road at that point.

  • stalin.rudolf - 2011-12-28 11:36

    sbu ndebele must be reminded that he is not the minister of vehicles, but a minister of transport. built more roads, a freeway must be a real freeway not a tollcollection way, deal with the potholes so that we do not have to swerve into wrong lanes. buid road especially for trucks and buses including taxies not the joke you done in joburg decreasing the size of the roads to accomodate re- ya - via. how many new roads have you constructed with our billions mr big - shot. you sing praises of economic growth when vehicle sales go up, but you never pause to consider where those vehicles will be driven. Jhb to Pretoria used to be a marvel to drive in, Jhb to Durban used to be superb. what have you done. as far as i am concerned if you take my licence i will drive without one. speed does not kill, bad roads and poor infrastucture kill.

      Grant - 2011-12-28 13:06

      I tend to go along with the statement that 'speed kills'. In Indian cities where the roads are very conjested and cars, bicycle, cows etc can only moe at 5km/h there are far fewer deaths.

  • Jannie - 2011-12-28 13:07

    Its simple if we ugrade the n1 the n3 and the n2 and all the major highways to Dual carriage ways then there will be FAR less accidents. THIS IS PROVEN FACT. Just use the intersate system and you will know what i am talking about. the next killer on our roads is intersections along major highways... i mean the kind when vehicles have to cross each others paths,... build on and offramps for all the intersections and then another problem is alleviated. two vehicles occupying the same sapce at the same time, the biggest killer on our roads are the roads themselves. If you prevent vehicels from crossing paths then you have solved the problem. the other major factors include: Drinking and driving, overloading, and unroadworthy vehicles and yes fake drivers licenses

  • Jannie - 2011-12-28 13:12

    just to add:I have been in 17 african countries, they are all different but one common denominator is the road: NO RESPECT FOR THE RULES AND LAWS. UNROADWORTHY VEHICLES now, this is an frican issue, and yes SA has become more like these other african countries when it comes to the attitude of drivers and disregard for rules and laws, so build road that protect people from themselves.

  • han.scheeres - 2011-12-28 13:17

    Policing is only treating the symptom. Step up overall training for drivers. The process if training and qualification, and issue of licenses need to be redesigned in total and implemented. Enhancing the process would also create Jobs which would be an added bonus. In EU, the average Driver licensing cost of a person is +- R30 000, including many hours compulsory training, executed by private companies.

  • spookhuis - 2011-12-28 14:16

    At the end of the day the accident figures have nothing to do the roads, but everything to do with stupidity.

  • Johan - 2011-12-28 14:40

    On Saturday 24 Dec 2011 at +-15:15 near Swellendam (15km direction CT) a Cityliner bus passed another bus on a blind hill,crossing a double solid line while doing so. It would have been another head-on collision if I didn't drive at a slow speed and manage to steer almost off the tarred surface. It was not possible to get the registration number of the bus, but Cityliner management should be able to identify their buses on that route at that time. The traffic authorities & MEC for Transport in the Western Cape should also this bus operator a close examination. On this trip we did not see a single traffic officer or road block on the N2 from Riviersonderend to Mossel Bay or the road to Oudtshoorn.

      Jannie - 2011-12-28 15:31

      a few years back on the N7 between Clanwilliam and Citrusdal, I saw the same, the car coming from the opposite direction, had to swerve and avoid the oncoming bus, it rolled, inside were a young couple and a baby, all seemed ok, but called Netcare 911.

  • Jannie - 2011-12-28 15:32

    just another observation our death toll on the roads as a country is about 16000 a year not so? so why all the upheaval for december, 1100 have died... so the other 14900 died during the other 11 months of the year???

  • wdvilliers - 2011-12-28 15:35

    If a driver of a motorvehicle has been found grossly negligent of the law, take his license and IMPOUND his vehicle. If he gets caught driving any other vehicle after the sentence, impound that vehicle too. Sell it on an auction. Half the taxi's would be of the road within a year.

  • Eric - 2011-12-28 16:28

    The biggest worry is that the traffic "police" are totally invisible except when collecting municipal revenue - where are they when insane lunatics are passing on blind rises, or passing long lines of cars from the back at high speed? Why do you never see them when madmen force their way into streams of traffic? And so on. The REAL problem is that our roads are completely unpoliced wild west areas with not a fuzz ever in sight!!

  • hannesw1 - 2011-12-28 17:13

    Firstly, as a starting point, the RTMC must get rid of all their officers with criminal records, then ban all the irritating, time and man power wasting road blocks that can only detect minor documentation and road worthy offences, use that officers for visible police patrols, then ban useless, monetary camera speed law enforcement, change the driver licence system with a more demanding driver training programme, suspend taxi drivers the moment he makes a single accident and make taxi driver permits more stringent, ban the metro police and re-institute traffic officers (bring back the good old Spietkops with big snorre and balls, and the transport minister and all his crony traffic chiefs with false plates on their Z4's. Then we talk...

  • Darra - 2011-12-29 05:03

    13 of 16 are head on? How many of these 'accidents' invoved 'taxis'? Now please, dont give us Sbu's political speak and platitudes and rhetoric and looking for reasons and excuses and anger and embarrassment! Just give us figures. He's obviously been hopelessly ineffective - Apart from suggesting a reduction in the speed limit! Which was an ill-researched, knee jerk, ill- advised reaction. We do not need to see his face on television making inane comments! GIVE US THE FACTS! The question of course is Does He Have Them? and of course Just how accurate (or honest) are they? My people are DYING for crying out loud. I dont need to know how good the ANC is.

  • Comrade - 2011-12-29 06:19

    the problem isnt drivers - its lazy govement and police force. If they were serious about ending this carnage, they would be out on the roads in unmarked cars, speed traps, road blocks....instead they are taking bribes and govement is on leave eating putupap.

  • Faya - 2011-12-29 10:55

    Impatient drivers cause all the head on collisions and the innocent die....

  • rodney.scholtz - 2011-12-30 09:13

    After more than 21000 hours of dedicated research in human behaviour I have learned that fatigue is the cause of 1 in 4 accidents. I presented this work to the DOT and RAF with my complete work mapped out on how to address fatigue and driver behaviour with an intervention downloadable onto any WMA device including cellular phones. The long and short of it was, both institutions told me they had 'no funding' to drive these campaigns in spite of paying out nearly 50 times more per annum! Add to this the lack of competancy of Rev Vundla, and his PA and it is little wonder that nothing is about to change...Minister Sbu of the DOT is blissfully unaware that there are and have been solutions right under his nose availble for addressing these very serious costly issues draining budgets for three years already. This is the direct result of placing trust in incompetencies of the aforementioned, his so called "back up" team, dragging feet and keeping people out the door with racial undertones and beaurocracy is NOT the way forward. There are talkers and then there are those who walk their talk. After numerous direct attempts to assist the RAF and DOT in this regard I have to conclude that the DOT and RAF are drowning in a sess pool of incompetence and unwillingness to bring about change...yet; these people are being paid hefty salaries of up R6 Million pa to deliver lipservice and threaten public...BTW the RTMC was up for it! but requires the DOT's blessing :-(

  • phillip.havenga - 2011-12-30 13:44

    This doesn't surprise me I travel on average 6000km's a month and I experience at least one case every 3 days of having someone overtake dead on with me, the main culprits that I have encountered have been Taxi's elderly people and SUV drivers.

  • gino.pastorino - 2011-12-30 19:15

    I wonder how many of the accidents involved Taxi's ? And... as far as i am concerned a head on collision is an "on purpose" not an accident...

  • Patty - 2012-01-02 17:49

    Zero tolerance couldn't save my daughter-in-law. She died in a head-on collision on Tuesday. A drunk overtaker left a man a widower and her children motherless.