Road rage accused granted bail

2014-02-17 14:56

Johannesburg - A man accused of shooting dead a motorcyclist during a road rage confrontation was granted R5 000 bail in the Roodepoort Magistrate's Court on Monday.

Magistrate Denise Smith said murder accused Meekahefele Masooa, 43, presented compelling personal facts and circumstances that warranted that he be released on bail.

"The evidence before the court indicates this is a road rage incident. The accused did not flee the scene but waited for the police to arrive," she said.

The court would still have to test Masooa's facts, she said.

She said Masooa handed his and the deceased's firearm to the police at the scene.

Masooa told the court through an affidavit read by his lawyer that he is married and has four daughters.

The family lives in Centurion and owns a R2.2m house. Masooa, on whom the family depends, is a labour law consultant, the court heard.


He said the deceased, motorcyclist Douglas Pearce, confronted him on the day of the incident.

"He shouted at me, pointed the middle finger at me...I don't know why he did that."

The biker then stopped and pointed a firearm at him.

Masooa said he realised the danger he was in and pulled his gun to defend himself.

"I had no intention to kill him. I realise the seriousness of the offence, but I acted with [within] legal boundaries."

Masooa sat in the dock, dressed in a black suit as he listened to his lawyer, Victor Nkwashu, read his affidavit.

Nkwashu said his client's behaviour at the scene was an indication that he would not flee and avoid standing trial.


He told the court that Masooa suffered a gunshot to the head, but Smith said a medical report before the court did not indicate any gunshot wounds, but only abrasions.

Masooa was previously arrested for pointing a gun at someone, but was never convicted, said prosecutor Sam Campher.

The State had opposed bail due to the seriousness of the offence.

Masooa said he would plead not guilty.

Pearce, 39, was shot dead in the apparent road rage confrontation on Malibongwe Drive on Friday.

The two allegedly got into an argument, pulled off the road and continued their confrontation during which Masooa was injured and the biker shot dead.

The matter was postponed to 25 April.

  • Gay Sarah Morgan - 2014-02-17 14:59

    So what exactly happened?? did he shoot first, did he shoot in self defence?

      RabbleRouser - 2014-02-17 15:02

      Let the court establish the facts. That will all come out in the trial. It is pointless speculating.

      Eugene Fourie - 2014-02-17 15:02

      all will be revealed during the trial we hope..

      Gerrit Goosen - 2014-02-17 15:04

      We will never know, one man is dead.

      Henry Cooper - 2014-02-17 15:07

      @Gay Sarah Morgan: Yip! It was self defence! He was defending himself from the bike-rider when the victim had his back to him, walking away! In serious need of self defence at this very moment in time! Instinct kicked in and his cowardice triumphed!

      Ntukza Mphemba - 2014-02-17 15:12

      I think you know the answer to that question you are just too ignorant of the facts

      Piet Poggenpoel - 2014-02-17 15:12

      Well he was shot from behind, so he was walking away. Can't justify that and just on a more synical note?! wonder if the roles were reversed if bail would be so forthcoming..

      Deon Louw - 2014-02-17 15:19

      Some claims he shot the biker in the back, this is murder if it is true.

      Punungwe - 2014-02-17 15:22

      Lesson to all of us....engage your brain before initiate a road rage incident.

      Mark Hicks - 2014-02-17 15:25

      Call me a conspiracy theorist, but when the accused hands over BOTH weapons used at the scene and claims one was fired in his direction, I just dunno hey, it just seems too convenient! I hope the state path lab tests the motorcyclist's hands for powder residue to check if he actually fired the weapon! I also hope they don't stuff the evidence up. Hopefully there were eye witnesses, surveillance cameras, etc around to show what really happened! I guess the truth will come out when he is on trial in a few years time if they haven't lost the docket again.

      Kruger Vlamgat-Reaper Coetzee - 2014-02-17 15:28

      Something to think about. The bikers hands/gloves were tested, and no gunshot residue was found, so he did not fire any gun. Yet he was found with bullet wounds in his lower back and shoulder. So where did the vehicle drivers' "wounds" come from?

      Margaret Cox - 2014-02-17 15:35

      The car driver wasn't shot - abrasion wounds only. And the biker isn't alive to give his side of the story. And the car driver has been previously accused of pointing a firearm. My heartfelt condolences to Mr Pierce's family.

      ThabangBonang - 2014-02-17 15:51

      Interesting to hear News24 self proclaimed lawyers, jury, investigators, forensic experts, psychics, judges and magistrates. Please continue with your evidence ladies and gentlemen :-)

      Richard Stevens - 2014-02-17 15:58

      Yep, think before initiating a road rage incident. One less motorist/biker on the road driving around with road rage and weapons. Sorry, I'm but not going to lose much sleep over this dead biker. The only tragedy here is that only one of the parties died in the altercation. Hopefully, the motorist will go to jail and rid the roads of another aggressive driver.

      Ahava Shapiro - 2014-02-17 16:09

      A projectile entering a body at the back is a common occurrence in a close combat situation, one cannot jump to conclusions. Let's wait for evidence to be presented to the court from the accused and ballistic expert after they reconstruct the crime scene.

      Ann Murray - 2014-02-17 16:19

      Too many guns around and too many people far too willing to brandish them in all sorts of circumstances. this is absolutely tragic that someone loses their life over a difference of opinion and/or a mistake.

      Pierre Pretorius - 2014-02-18 07:54

      Shot in the back means murder, not self defense. Still, we need to rather wait to hear what court case produces, for proper facts.

      Jim King - 2014-02-18 08:24

      looks like self defense unfor

      Jim King - 2014-02-18 08:26

      @ Henry where you there numbnuts !! .. it was a schuffle and some shots went off ..

      Don Frost - 2014-02-18 08:43

      How do you shoot someone in the back in self defence?

      Phume Hlathini - 2014-02-18 09:14

      what makes sense is, if 2 people pull out guns at each other, one of them is bound to die. a gun is no child`s play. its intimidating. I blame the person that pulled the gun out first. he took it to a whole new level. game changer.

      Mlungisi Botha - 2014-02-18 10:07

      Careful guys with such cases. I'm no lawyer but such cases do not depend solely on the facts of the case but they depend on how clever and experienced the lawyers are. It CAN be a case of self defence when you shoot someone in the back. I'll tell you how and this is what could have happened in this case: These two confront each other, the biker theatens to kill him and mince him and really presents a fearful picture. The biker then says "If I turn around and find you standing there I'll blow your head off and walks away. The motorist is s***t scared of what might happen if this guy turns around as he walks away. He remembers that this this guy had moments earlier actually pulled out his gun and wacked him on the head with it. He then decides to act first rather than land up dead meat and that's how he shot him in the back! I'm not a lwayer and I can cook this story up. Now imagine what a clever and experienced criminal lawyer can come up with.

      Riekie Cloete - 2014-02-18 11:22

      So much angriness in the world today!!!!

      Aveline De Grandpré - 2014-02-19 16:01

      Well. I'd say this guy was acting in self defense. Where as Oscar! Acted in a shoot to kill manner!!!

      Robi Michael Schiffman - 2014-03-01 14:07

      @ Gay Sarah - He shot first. The forensics has proven that Doug never fired his weapon, what he did do was WALK AWAY and get shot in the back

      Kris Franz König - 2014-07-01 22:18

      um clearly no one here has done firearm competency!!!! a person with his back toward you poses no immediate threat on your life. if you shoot someone in the back its murder!!!! same if a person shoots at you then turns and runs... if you shoot at him wound/kill that person from behind you get arrested regardless!!

  • John Smith - 2014-02-17 15:00

    Murder is murder.

      RabbleRouser - 2014-02-17 15:03

      How do you know it was murder?

      Mpatho Magwaza097 - 2014-02-17 15:03

      We don't know if its murder yet, It could well be homicide. Especially if the biker shot first.

      Skye Walker - 2014-02-17 15:06

      Mpatho, if the biker shot first, it would be self-defence and not culpable homicide. Homicide is actually murder.

      Siyanda Peter - 2014-02-17 15:11

      Probably, a mere killing.

      John Smith - 2014-02-17 15:14

      When you own a gun, you take responsibility for using it. Justifying it as road rage - is unacceptable. A life in this country is worth less everyday.

      Siyanda Peter - 2014-02-17 15:20

      John, there is always an emotional trigger that cause fights then killings. Road rage is that trigger in this case.

      Vickers Vermeulen - 2014-02-17 15:22

      @ Mpatho. According to eye witness reports Pearce turned around to walk back to his bike when the shot was fired. The entry wound was in his lower back and a second shot hit him in the arm. Police tested his hands for gun shot residue and found no evidence that his firearm was fired.

      Kruger Vlamgat-Reaper Coetzee - 2014-02-17 15:25

      Vickers I can confirm your report as well. No residue, no gunshot. So why TWO bullets in the biker then? And from the back so to speak...

      Jim King - 2014-02-18 08:41

      In Sa you either get shot or shoot..ill rather end up in court than dead on the streets

      Mlungisi Botha - 2014-02-18 10:14

      Murder is premeditated killing. The worst case scenario for this guy is culpable homicide - spur of the moment killing.

  • marelize.pinto - 2014-02-17 15:01

    Thought so!!!

  • Gerrit Goosen - 2014-02-17 15:03

    The correct story will never never came out, one man is dead.

      ThabangBonang - 2014-02-17 16:01

      Yes. It will never came out.

      Jim King - 2014-02-18 08:42

      The Biker had a chance to walk away but attacked the driver and a struggle ensured and shots were fired

      Lau Ren - 2014-02-18 11:00

      Yip : dead men can't lie

      Philangenkosi Mkhwanazi - 2014-02-18 13:51

      @Gerrit. Stupid Gerrit ! People have been convicted for murder even when the body was not found at the time of the trial. Remember the case of Herman Nkuna and the lady police woman Francis Rasuge.

  • Mac Naidoo - 2014-02-17 15:03

    You should have known better. Should have just laid a charge of assault. Are they going yo toytoy for

  • Henry Cooper - 2014-02-17 15:04

    And the victim was shot in the back, walking away? Am I missing something here?

      moles - 2014-02-17 15:13

      are you sure he was shot from the back or is it what you read from the papers ?Yes you are missing something and its called "FACT"

      Ntukza Mphemba - 2014-02-17 15:13

      Does not matter the biker shot 1st

      Kruger Vlamgat-Reaper Coetzee - 2014-02-17 15:19

      Yes it has been confirmed APART from the papers that the biker was shot in the lower back and in the arm...

      Kruger Vlamgat-Reaper Coetzee - 2014-02-17 15:19

      And even if the biker engaged first, shooting someone in the back is an inexplicable form of murder...

      Eugene Fourie - 2014-02-17 15:36

      How many on here have been in a life or death situation? Easy to explain how I can shoot someone in the back while exchanging gunfire..He drew first..maybe expecting the guy to be unarmed..the other guy drew his weapon and the biker turned and ran for cover..easy to fire a shot or two at an assailant before realizing the guy tucked tail and ran...not saying it happened here..just explaining that it is possible in a heated exchange..

      ThabangBonang - 2014-02-17 16:06

      Order in the court!!! Kruger Vlamgat-Reaper Coetzee you are over ruled. Mr Cooper, please continue with your evidence. Ntu2koNtuli, you are acknowledged as the defence lawyer.

      Henry Cooper - 2014-02-17 16:43

      @ ThabangBonang: From todays Burger Newspaper:Pearce is kort daarna in sy rug geskiet. Hy het op die toneel beswyk. Masooa het in 'n verklaring, wat deur sy prokureur, Victor Nkhwashu, voorgelees is, aangevoer dat hy in selfverdediging opgetree het. And another article, also from the BUrger Newspaper: Pearce het blykbaar omgedraai om terug te loop na sy fiets, maar is glo op 'n kort afstand regs agter aan die onderkant van sy rug sowal as in sy linkerboarm geskiet, het 'n bron op die toneel gesê. But I like your sense of humour!

  • Lena Weppenaar - 2014-02-17 15:04

    Cant wait to c what the investigation finds??? Dead man can't talk? So he can't defend himeself either.. Will keep my thoughts to myself for now ...

  • lollabel - 2014-02-17 15:04

    And what about the biker who had a family as well? R5000 bail lets you see your kids again, no amount of money will let Doug see his family ever again!

      moles - 2014-02-17 15:39

      my point exactly Reuben

      Lucyfire - 2014-02-17 16:12

      he has a four year old daughter. And he was not a bully.

      Brolloks En Bittergal - 2014-02-18 08:05

      Bail is not punishment. It is to ensure that he does not abscond. Jailtime or a fine is punishment.

      Jim King - 2014-02-18 08:49

      they should maybe sell samoosa's house and give it to the deceased family as some sort of payment !! that should be law in Sa you will less unnecessary "accidents"

      Freddie Kruger - 2014-02-18 08:56

      Lauren, no one knows what happened between this childish boys so they still need to find out. its unfortunate that their families had to be affected. They should have thought about their families before they engaged in stupidity

  • lollabel - 2014-02-17 15:04

    And what about the biker who had a family as well? R5000 bail lets you see your kids again, no amount of money will let Doug see his family ever again!

      Leigh-Rose Jenkins - 2014-02-17 15:28

      Then maybe the biker should have brushed the incident off as yet another inconsiderate driver and he'd probably be home with his kid right now...

      Kruger Vlamgat-Reaper Coetzee - 2014-02-17 15:32

      Confronted the POOR guy? Really? Did you just use that word? The biker was shot in the back(confirmed) without having fired off his own gun(also confirmed from gunshot residue tests on his hands)and the car driver is the poor victim....

      feikmc.heither - 2014-02-17 17:51

      He shouldn't have confronted the driver. He's (was) a bully biker! No sympathy from me. He should have left the cager alone, in a split second that bike would have been 10 cars length away and safe. If you don't agree, continue confronting other road users and be a RIP too

      Jonathan Woods - 2014-02-17 20:02

      That freddy is still hearsay. That statement still needs to be proven! And at the moment it could well be just a fabrication by the survivor, who is now known to have a history of wave his gun around in public. We actually all need to calm down, hope that the cops didn't mess up any of the evidence and hope that the truth comes out, which ever way it goes!

  • lollabel - 2014-02-17 15:04

    And what about the biker who had a family as well? R5000 bail lets you see your kids again, no amount of money will let Doug see his family ever again!

      Tanya Yoko - 2014-02-17 15:29

      How can R5000 allow him to see his wife and daughters again when Doug can never see his wife, four year old little girl, his mother, father or brother and friends again. This guy has been arrested once before for pointing his gun at someone and now he shoots a good man who was only going to work and he gets let off with R5000 bail. Welcome to bloody Africa. What a joke of a justice system. Because this guy has a 2.2 million rand house in centurion and a wife and daughters he's now free to go and be with his family while Dougs family and friends have to bury him. I can't believe it.

  • Rimmel Brimmel - 2014-02-17 15:07

    Sorry, while walking away*, not shot in the back.

  • BatongaBoro - 2014-02-17 15:10

    so, in bail terms, the life of a motorcyclist who punches drivers is only worth 0.5% of the life of a Reeva? interesting.

      Siyabonga Biyela - 2014-02-17 15:22

      Reeva was shot in cold blood, unarmed. Seemingly these two were acting like cowboys.

      Inhlanzi Bold - 2014-02-17 15:31 genius, they don't weigh up every person's life to Reeva and determine how much bail should be. It depends on the accused, if he is well off, bail is higher, for this man R5000 is the equivalent of a million for Oscar

      moles - 2014-02-17 15:34

      BatongaBoro is that the best you can come up with ?

      BatongaBoro - 2014-02-17 16:21

      moles, no, yes, maybe, probably. we can't all be as great as you, that is what makes you in yourself so great, so be thankful for lesser beings like me.

  • Bri - 2014-02-17 15:15

    He does not mention the assault on him and if he was so terrified for his life he should have driven off - I know I would. It is also quite clear that he has a history of intimidation with a weapon. if he has been charged once for pulling out his weapon you know he has done way more times than that. At least they can sell the 2.2 million rand house and probably other assets that come to more than that, live like the little people while he sits for murder.

      Rasta Afrika - 2014-02-17 15:35

      2 people have an argument on the road during rush hour. Both are screaming insults at each other and none can hear what the other is saying. Other motorists just notice the commotion and drive by as usual. At the first opportunity, the Biker drives further down the traffic, pulls off the road, parks his bike and awaits the motorist to approach where he is standing. He draws his firearm pointing towards the motorist who pulls over and gets beaten with the butt of a firearm by the biker. The biker, having accomplished what he intended to do, walks off towards his bike. The motorist senses an opportunity to rally and gets his firearm from underneath his seat at gets out of the car, and before the biker takes a shot at him he pulls the trigger, injuring the biker to death. This is cowboy stuff and the one that pulls the trigger first wins the battle. The law of self-defence states that you should use no more force than it is absolutely necessary to bring the situation under control and in this case the other guys with the gun died thus ending the battle. You can't therefore fault any of the 2 guys. Both acted stupidly and one ended dead. The motorist was accused of having pointed a gun at someone before who tried to rob him and was never convicted. He is a father and law abiding citizen just as the dead biker. You really can't take sides on such a stupid unnecessary incident.

      Bri - 2014-02-17 15:40

      So you were there then...?

      moles - 2014-02-17 15:49

      Well put Rasta ,sadly comments on this platform will always be based on race and not facts .

      Bri - 2014-02-18 07:49

      Moles - please point out where I said or even insinuated that this is race related. Get over yourself.

  • Siyanda Peter - 2014-02-17 15:18

    Road rage is dangerous. Interesting thing is, every driver thinks he is right. Keep calm people.

  • mica gogome - 2014-02-17 15:23

    Murder comes with intentio,culpable homicide with negligence,Private defence comes with grounds of justification.

      Jamie Ross - 2014-02-17 15:47

      When you point a gun at someone walking away from you and fire that is premeditated murder. The statement made in court by this lawyer contradicts eye witness statements including his lie that he was shot in the head when medical examiners find no evidence of this.

  • Judith Ramadibane - 2014-02-17 15:25

    Road rage is very serious is South Africa people should start learning from such incidents... swearing.... pointing fingers.. at each other on the roads. Some people behave like its their roads they own it. I see this on a daily basis. The killings wont starts as a small thing then erupts to a serious personal thing. People loose patients, if your late ..your late for work or whatever your chasing. I ignore the people that want to own my feelings on the road and make my day a mess..just drive cautiously, than to loose your life for lousy things.(IGNORE...IGNORE)is the remedy - we have angry people out there!!

  • Paul Blinaux - 2014-02-17 15:29

    If he was shot whilst walking away and there were witnesses to the fact....then the State has seriously screwed up! That is pre-meditated murder!! Suggest you all look at 'Jozirides' to see what's going down on Thegandra Naidoo a Motoring Journalist who stated that .....‘I don’t blame the guy that shot the motorcyclist. They are obnoxious and arrogant. I cannot wait for my day to come when I will open my door and a motorcyclist will fly off his bike and hopefully break his neck!’ See "Jozi Rides | For the love of Motorcycles " When you have arse-holes like Thegandra Naidoo condoning what Meekahefele Masooa it, there's more than one arse-hole around!!

  • Joe Raphiri - 2014-02-17 15:40

    The bottom a life has being loss. Let's change our attitude towards other people in general it didn't have to come to this.

  • Tawizee - 2014-02-17 15:51

    He is a lawyer? He will walk.

  • Marcus Ferguson - 2014-02-17 15:52

    how can you plead self defense when you shot him in the back ??

      Nicky Netsha-nem - 2014-02-17 17:36

      He should not have been shot. Are you saying if he was shot in the head then it would have been acceptable. They were both in the wrong. Guns are meant for law enforcement

  • Marco Maurizio Costa - 2014-02-17 15:53

    "Masooa was previously arrested for pointing a gun at someone, but was never convicted, said prosecutor Sam Campher." ---- But the clown is out again and running around again... until he again points his gun at someone..... Only in africa friends. What if he didnt have a R2.2m? and so what that he does? Does it make him exclusive to the laws for normal plebs like me?

      Lydia Swart - 2014-02-18 10:41

      Money talks. He will most probably only be wrapped over the knuckles.

      Mia Brown - 2014-02-19 10:32

      Rapped, not wrapped, unless you're implying that they're going to wrap his hands in bandages.

  • Thabiso Skhosana - 2014-02-17 15:55

    Is not fair at all what abt de man who lost his life then,he has family also mr judge pls think abt this!!!

  • Glen Wentworth - 2014-02-17 15:59

    I feel for all involved. Wrong or right. If someone gets out of their car or off a bike to confront me in traffic. I will defend myself. No matter what. back turned or not. I'm not going to die or go to hospital for someone who can't conduct themselves properly as an adult.

  • Glen Wentworth - 2014-02-17 16:18

    If the biker had indeed pulled a firearm on the driver, as said in the story. I don't own a firearm. I would have run him over. Pulling a firearm on someone, is intent. I don't know if he's going to use it or not. I'm not going to wait and see either. Biker or not. Truth will come out one way or another.

      Greg Mullen - 2014-02-18 06:07

      Quite right I have been attacked by someone that size and certainly didn't hang around to discuss on his terms the rights and wrongs Why did he get off the bike with a gun and approach the motorist Driving into him or his bike would be necessary because he was armed and had the fast vehicle Do the bikers admirers not think it odd that he approached a motorist with a gun Even if he had been wronged he put himself in the wrong and in danger and in this extreme incident death for his stupidity or bad temper a lesson to all

  • Hluvukani Craig Mabasa - 2014-02-17 16:23

    once you point a firearm and pull the trigger at the direction of person it means he intended to kill such person,regardless of whether he acted on self defence or not,intention was present

  • Carel G Nel - 2014-02-17 16:29

    Labour law consultant vs Man worked as a bodyguard: To me a bodyguard should be able to compress their anger. Anger let someone lose the prospect of reality. I will not judge; the sad side always with road rage, there will be no winners. My advice will be to play small, change your course of direction, preferable to a police station. If the aggressor follow you, you will be less accountable for what happen next. GUNS MAKE PEOPLE FEEL STRONG!!!

  • Norman Sander - 2014-02-17 17:21

    I read all this nonsense and actually despair for my poor country. It is absolutely not ok to shoot anybody, except if there are excellent reasons. Anger is not a is the lack of reason in fact. All the people in the comments inciting violence....take a long hard look at yourselves. People getting killed before their time is not acceptable in any normal society.

      Greg Mullen - 2014-02-18 06:11

      Why did biker approach car with gun that is the reason he is dead

      Lynette de Bruin - 2014-02-18 08:22

      @Greg: Nothing justifies murder! We don't know what happened so dont judge. Lets all start pulling guns. I can tell you, with your mentality there would be alot of murders in Rustenburg, cause, oh boy! We have the worst drivers here.

  • Chantelle Crocker Monaghan - 2014-02-17 18:55

    If he gets off, so should oscar

      Dagga Movement - 2014-02-17 23:04

      Jy moet die crystal meth uitlos die tik tas jou brein aan as jy dink die twee sake is naasten by die selfde. In die geval het altwee 'n wapen gehad. Dalk as Reeva ook 'n geweer gehad het was sy nou hier om haar kant van die storie te vertel. Oscar is 'n vark in my oe.

      Oscar Rooney - 2014-02-18 08:43

      You're crazy if you think that. Reeva was defenseless and in a toilet shot three times through the door. There is no comparison between the two incidents you psycho.

  • Davin Hansen - 2014-02-17 19:35

    this Judge is a absolute joke... out on bail at R5000 for killing someone else... I must just remember the next time I am pissed off and want to kill someone to hang around at the crime scene so I can get off cheap. This legal system is in this country is a joke.

      Marlene Conradie - 2014-02-17 19:36

      Hi davin! Who is the judge!? Hmmmm

      sesom - 2014-02-18 07:40


      Johan Smith - 2014-02-18 08:00

      Marlene Conradie, you sound like a real racist with your comments. From which century are you? It's people like you who make this country a miserable place

  • Bobby Omar - 2014-02-17 20:27

    masooa was previously arrested for pointing a firearm at someone. does that not say something about his character.

      Lynette de Bruin - 2014-02-18 08:26

      Yes, the previous victin is lucky to be alive!

  • Armando Guerra - 2014-02-17 21:14

    "wild west" conflict resolution method.

  • Mageba - 2014-02-17 21:39

    Is there a separate speed limit for motorbikes? I see them zooming past every time ...

  • Mageba - 2014-02-17 21:41

    Is there a separate speed limit for motorbikes? I see them zooming past every time.

      Lynette de Bruin - 2014-02-18 08:28

      Does that give anyone the right to judge? Your comment is irrelevant.

  • Dagga Movement - 2014-02-17 23:00

    What if the injury to motorist's head was self inflicted?

      Bra N'Darkie - 2014-02-18 07:38

      Go smoke while we wait for the ballistics and gun residue tests

  • Angelique Bridger - 2014-02-18 07:05

    He shouldn't have shot the guy in the 1st place! he cant say that he has a wife and 4 children that depend on him, when he took another man away from his family. we shouldn't be carrying around loaded fire arms in the 1st place!

  • Paula Bornman - 2014-02-18 07:15

    Surely there must have been witnesses?? We don't know yet if the motorist is being 100% truthful about the incident... but If the biker really pointed a gun at the motorist - that alone is very traumatising whether the gun was fired or not. Imagine being in a situation where someone points a gun at you - that's like staring death right in the face and not knowing whether the person is really going to shoot or not. Reactions to this will differ, shock and trauma can lead to just about anything. Why threaten or intimidate someone with a firearm if you're not really going to shoot - to prove what? That's blatant bullying, and in my opinion a very serious action. In today's life and society one's first instinct is survival; Guns, violence, death etc. is not a "shocker" anymore - we see, hear and read about it every day - we just don't know what the other person is capable of...

  • Aloma Pretorius - 2014-02-18 07:27

    One gets bail of R5000 for killing a little 4 year old's dad, one gets bail of R1 000 000 for killing his girlfriend??

  • Bamba Rampele - 2014-02-18 07:31

    lets all vote EFF to stop this corruption !!!!

  • Nevin Narraidu - 2014-02-18 07:59

    I have had a biker kick off my side mirror because he couldnt fit his bike in between my lane and opposing cars. I tried to chase him down but he drove off - coward!! I have had others tell me that they have had a similiar situation happen to them Now i will not paint all bikers with the same brush as i was not there to witness the incident and i have witnessed plenty obeying the rules of the road but what i will say is that in the heat of the moment anything is possible! You have a gun pointed at you what do you do - REACT! If one bloke is faster than the other guy then guess what the slower guy looses. Its a pity a life had to be lost - and my condolences to his family, but ask yourself - if you were armed and IF it happened as stated - we may have reacted the same

      Hayley Griesel - 2014-02-18 08:21

      I agree Bikers need to realise that some times the road is narrow and the car is wide. Therefor there is no place for the car to make ace for them to come through. Not being able to get through does not give them the right to damage our cars!

      Garth Spengler - 2014-02-18 08:29

      Its because you drive in the middle of the road trying to lane split in your 4x4, not indicating, that's why he took off your mirror.

      Nevin Narraidu - 2014-02-18 10:04

      Not actually Garth he was well behind me and i indicated as the driver behind me gave me way, so clearly someone knew i was turning ;)and i drive a Kia Koup 2 door - not exactly the same size as a 4x4. The biker was just being arrogant. But again i will say that we cant paint all bikers with the same brush

      Garth Spengler - 2014-02-18 11:50

      Okay so you saw the biker coming but still decided to pull in front of him because you have a car and he must stop so you can do your lane change in the traffic. If you saw the biker coming won't you wait for him to pass and then do your lane change?

      Rimmel Brimmel - 2014-02-18 13:48

      garth.spengler - the biker still doesn't have the right to kick his mirror and then drive away like a coward. I have a bike myself, that behaviour is bs.

  • Refiloe Thelma Shikwambana - 2014-02-18 08:25

    2.2 mil house. so he bought the judge as well.bloody country

  • John Khulubuse Hill - 2014-02-18 08:34

    guns don't serve any good purpose in society

  • Freddie Kruger - 2014-02-18 08:45

    both guys are idiots...people will drive you badly on the road but to pull off and confront doesn't make you a better their families are going through hell because of two childish brats...

      Hayley Griesel - 2014-02-18 09:04

      I agree. When in a road rage situation, don't confront the other party. As soon as you see him getting out of his car check that your doors are locked and your windows up! Then drive off as soon as possible.

  • Fathima Shamir Khan - 2014-02-18 08:56

    How can u claim self defence when u shoot a person in the back . Well I hope this will get as much attention as Oscan and Reeva case

  • Glen Wentworth - 2014-02-18 08:57

    @ Piet. What did I say. You put words in my mouth that I didn't say, then insult me. You childish pratt. Kiss, my a*#. I will protect myself with words too, against unstable immature little idiots like you.

  • Phae Rayden - 2014-02-18 09:00

    Police need to investigate if Doug suffered from roid rage rather than road rage? He looks pretty dodgy, and bodyguards aren't exactly searchers of peace and harmony.

  • Hippi van der Berg - 2014-02-18 09:03

    All checks and balances are done prior to obtaining a gun license to see if you are fit to carry a firearm. More people die because of idiotic drivers, than gunshot victims. Should the same not be done before obtaining a license to drive? Bikers do lane splitting, we are allowed to, cagers get moerig because bikers do not have to stand in a line, thus, they become agitated and look for any kinda "gap" to move quicker, sometimes to the detriment of fellow road users. Both the biker and the cager is at fault here! The biker for loosing his cool and wanting to get physical, the cager for his actions leading to the death of the biker. Racism would always be part of South Africa and that is clouding peoples judgement. This was a "situation" that got totally out of hand and could have been handled differently by both parties and not black and white! My condolences to the biker's family for loosing a integral part of their family. My thoughts go out to the "cagers" family, as there is a mother and 4 daughters also going through a battle.

      Nkululeko Holicsta Madi - 2014-02-18 09:20

      Well said Hippi van der Berg, I admire your thoughts on this. Citizens like who don't even carry guns are always indanger when comes to road rage, inwhich i fear the most. Situations like this has 50/50 chance because both parties have drawn their weapons. What I do not get is: how did the accused got injured?

  • Rohin Jadin - 2014-02-18 09:05

    You draw a weapon, know there will be consequences.

  • Murray Campbell - 2014-02-18 09:17

    R5000.. pretty light.

  • Shumani Rasiluma - 2014-02-18 10:37

    it was self defense... These motorbike drivers have become very aggressive on the roads.I mean they barely spend time in traffic and yet drive like taxi drivers.

  • Vee Velele Nkosi - 2014-02-18 11:21

    Idiots. It is so much easier to walk away

      Nhlanhla Simamane - 2014-02-18 11:35

      I was there and what happened is the Biker approached the guy holding a pistil and the black dude was driving a white Corolla. The biker then throws a fist at the corolla guy that's where head injuries came from .