'Road rage' - elite cop held

2011-04-24 22:54

Johannesburg - A 29-year-old Johannesburg Central police constable arrested for attempted murder in Limpopo was granted bail on Sunday, police said.

Lieutenant Colonel Mohale Ramatseba said the policeman's lawyer arranged bail with the Malamulele Magistrate's Court on Sunday, and he was granted bail of R1 000.

"The suspect is expected to appear before the Malamulele Magistrate's Court on Tuesday pending further police investigations," he said.

Ramatseba said the constable, who was attached to the tactical response team in Gauteng, was arrested on Friday for allegedly shooting randomly when his car collided with another car at Mavambe village in Malamulele.

"No one was injured during his indiscriminate shooting," he said.

  • johan.klopper1 - 2011-04-24 23:19

    Kan ons vandag ENIGE polisieman vertrou?????????????????

      Michael - 2011-04-25 04:16

      but could anyone trust police then? What's new?

      Dan - 2011-04-25 05:21

      Antwoord eenvoudig - NEE

      Frungy - 2011-04-25 08:57

      I worked with the police for a couple of years doing trauma work and frankly it's a miracle that any of them are sane. Police work in South Africa is more like being on the front lines of a warzone, except soldiers get better pay, equipment and training. I'm not excusing this guy, but the real blame here lies with his superiors, the guys who don't train, pay or equip S.A. cops appropriately for the level of danger they face. And when these guys do break down it's a quick 2 weeks of stress leave and they shove them right back into the front lines... that's nowhere near enough.

      Pencilgraffiti - 2011-04-25 09:29

      Well - our justice system again proves that it doesn't work. If you get caught driving under the influence you'll be lucky to get R1000 bail. I'm not justifying drunken driving but surely taking your gun out, as a police officer, and shooting at another vehicle should carry a slightly heavier penalty. The police force has now become the metro force of the early 2000's where they just do what they want and at the very top is a corrupt- commissioner, minister and president who looks after them.

      fanus.kriel - 2011-04-25 09:42

      Ek dink hy het P.T.S.D. ! Laat hom terug gaan werk toe OF stop sy salaris ! DIS MOS WAT DIE POLISIE WIL HE !

      Bob M - 2011-04-25 13:01

      I have to disagree. There are some very good police who are given a bad name by the actions of some. The problem we have in the world today is that to offen we dont look at the person but lump all in a groupe together. i.e all X are Y where X are white, black, male, female, Christian, Moslem etc. are good, bad, corrupt, dumb, clever etc. One cant generalise when dealing with a groupe there are good and bab in any groupe.

      waine - 2011-04-25 16:38

      Yes, there are many police men and women you can trust. Remember, the camera just moves from one disaster to the next, passing the good work that is also done.

      tryanything - 2011-06-20 13:13

      @ Pencilgrafitti I dont believe anybody looks after our cops least of all the minister.

  • Monica - 2011-04-24 23:29

    How long has he been in the service to get this rank? Obviously he has had little training!

      Fastmama - 2011-04-25 02:31

      Watse Rang.Hy is net n onnosel konstabel. "Elite Tactical Response? Ook nie want hy het aan die eenheid behoort maar geen opleiding ontvang nie. Hy dink hy weet maar ons weet hy kan nie dink nie.

      Looter - 2011-04-25 07:14

      yeah, because its never been what you know and how you apply, but rather who you know and if you apply!

  • Bill - 2011-04-24 23:48

    Imagine if trained police officers from the "tactical response team" who are supposed to keep their cool and a level head under pressure, are crazy...Just what can we expect from the lower ranked officers..? The police are becoming more and more out of control very rapidly!

      Dan - 2011-04-25 05:23

      You should see the Mpumalanga "tactical response team". A bunch of thugs driving around and assaulting anyone along the way. No regard for any law and yes, as stupid as mud.

  • - 2011-04-24 23:57

    How do you get bail on a Sunday??????????

      Dan - 2011-04-25 05:27

      Easy. His father is a minister or knows a minister (the person that arranged the job for him) and he again abused his authority to demand the magistrate to go in to the office and give bail. Same as with Winnie Mandela when pulled over by the cops a couple of months ago. We are all equal in the eyes of the law - some just more equal than others. THe ANC way of doing things.

      Looter - 2011-04-25 07:17

      who ever thumbed down obviously knows how the system works! your only equal to everyone else if you not as well off as some few!

      waine - 2011-04-25 16:39

      You are entitled to bail on a Sunday Gonny! - 2011-04-25 21:29

      Waine - last time i checked if u get arrested over a weekend you have to wait until Monday to get bail. Its a known fact courts do not operate on a weekend - and if you're saying everyone arrested over a weekend has the right to call out a magistrate/judge for bail then thats news to me.

      Sylar_DJ - 2011-04-26 07:59

      Gonny, they don't call out the judge or magistrate, they call out an on duty prosecutor, they have 2 of them on call every weekend. Then the lawyers apply for after hours bail which normally the lawyers charge more for. But yes, you are able to get bail on Sat and Sun if need be, you may just have to wait a few hours for the prosecutor to get to the respective police station as they do rounds

  • White Moer - 2011-04-25 00:16

    I think this cop must have had an accident while trying to shoot the robots!!

      Dan - 2011-04-25 05:27

      Yes and they actually give a nut like that a gun.

      Hux - 2011-04-25 07:06

      Yes. The damn things would not change to green as he approached the lights. Damn lights a reliic of the apartheid era. Obviously a DA plot.

      ALCAB - 2011-04-25 11:29

      Blame it on Apartheid

  • balderdash - 2011-04-25 00:37

    Only R1,000 bail for a random shooting? Come to think of it, why award bail at all?

      Henry - 2011-04-25 11:53

      I hope they took his gun

  • Lihle - 2011-04-25 01:01

    For God's sake what is happening to this country of mine? Why do these animals keep dragging us down to the shi*pits? Where the hell is Cele's leadership? The man at the top is responsible for all this. How did this low life get bail on Sunday? And only a thousand at that?

      kidblack - 2011-04-25 04:52

      because in africa its about who you know, and how smooth you can talk. responsibility, ethics, excellence, and other general concepts of the "colonialists", are indirectly frowned upon. I mean.. what do the colonialists know? they only built the modern world.

      Informant - 2011-04-25 09:07

      The answer is deeper than what you think. It is cultural. I will repeat what I said weeks ago. I am not a racist but I am afraid that blacks cannot manage,plan or recruit or do the necessary actions which promote efficiency.Its all collective decision making. You ask where is Cele's leadership?. He does not know how to do it.Black leaders are elected emotionally even by their own people and not for their intellect.They are put in high positions but do not have the intellect to match the position. The majority follow there so called leaders blindly. With all black government leadership the job is never put first.It will be 17 years now since the change over and what do we have? In Zimbabwe it will be 31 years and and look what has happened. Yes you will blame the whites and the legacy of apartheid. Again the test is the private sector. None can ever make it there.Running a police force should be the same as runnning a business. Its all got to do with management. Yes this is Africa. It is not going to go away.The black people of this country need to learn to be more critical of their leaders!!! It is cultural. This is Africa not Europe.

  • Asterix - 2011-04-25 01:12

    "Elite Cop" My ass

  • Shai-hulud - 2011-04-25 03:28

    Bail was arranged at court on a sunday ... over the easter weekend? Guess some strings are being pulled here. Maybe he is an ANC officials son or something.

      Dan - 2011-04-25 05:29

      we all know that.

      Blip - 2011-04-25 05:51

      That's how he got a posting to this "elite" unit.

      Zion - 2011-04-25 08:30

      I state under correction that a magistrate may be called out over a weekend or public holiday to arrange for the bail and other related tasks.

      wbs777 - 2011-04-25 10:20

      @Zion Only if the person applying for bail can prove "extraordinary circumstances"

      pirate.1970 - 2011-04-25 12:17

      Plz, if you know ziltch about Criminal Law, rather not comment. Bail Applications are not heard after hours...except when the offence falls under Schedule 7 of the Crim Proc Act. In such an event the Publ Pros in consultation with the Inv Off will decide after which it will be confirmed or revoked upon first appearance in Court. Problem starts with the manner of reporting..."arranged with the magistrates' court". There are no specifics.

  • Dan - 2011-04-25 05:20

    Is there something likse an "Elite Cope"? If so, please show him to the country. All we see are incompetent thugs. Half of them also criminals themselves. Another question: Why is it that the policeman's lawyer was able to arranged bail with the Malamulele Magistrate's Court on Sunday? Why couldn't he stay in jaol just like any other citizen? Was a bribe paid again?

      NatSpeaks - 2011-04-25 10:04

      True... bail on a Sunday? My brother had to spend a weekend in jail for REFUSING to give a copy the bribe he wanted in Nelspruit February last year (case made against the Metro and won!). All my brother's basic constitutional rights were denied and this oxygen thief got bail on a Sunday?

  • Boetman - 2011-04-25 05:34

    There is no such thing as an "elite" cop in SA. You get ticket writers, bribe takers, drug runners, friens of drug runners, club-people-to-death cops, etc...........but no elite cops. Plse rephrase heading.

  • Blip - 2011-04-25 05:50

    Give a dumb weakling a gun and/or some authority and it'll go straight to his head and turn him into a Rambo.

      Hux - 2011-04-25 07:09

      The sooner the gun goes to his head the better...Bang!

      croix - 2011-04-25 10:50

      Sharp one, Hux!

  • Long Range - 2011-04-25 06:18

    Its always going to be dangerous when you give a chimpanzee a loaded weapon. Just the same as giving a chimpanzee an entire country to govern! What do you expect?

      Jakkals - 2011-04-25 07:33

      Gelukkig skiet 99% van die weermag en polisie uiters sleg.

  • Chris - 2011-04-25 06:32

    It is clear why this government wanted disarm it's citizens. They best understand what happens when you put guns in the hands of incompetent people who have been trained by deployed cadre's.

  • Hux - 2011-04-25 07:13

    Elite? Must be a foreign word for Arsehole?

  • Jakkals - 2011-04-25 07:29

    'n Ou wit oom van73 moet R10 000 bail betaal want daar word VERMOED dat hy 'n swarte geskiet het.maar 'n swarte kry R1000 bail as hy 'n wit kind in 'n padwoede aanval voor getuies doodskiet

  • Jakkals - 2011-04-25 07:30

    Hoekom word sy wapen nie geberg as hy op vakansie gaan nie? En waar in daai dorpies is 'n kluis om enige wapen veilig te bere.

  • annie.kalahari - 2011-04-25 07:31

    Does the 'elite cop' have a name? He was in court, the court documents are public. Why didn't you publish his name?

  • wbs777 - 2011-04-25 07:48

    There are no more elite units left in the police. In the old days we had the Special Task Force, but even that unit's been taken over by fat women and incompetent fools who can't swim, aim a gun properly etc. etc. I wonder how they fare at skydiving and "vasbyt"...... Or maybe the hard parts are left out of their training. Speaking of bail on a Sunday.. I go to Malumalele from time to time for work, and anyone that knows the area would know that that place is about as good an example of "Africa" as any other. Africa time, African ways, customs etc. It's basically rural, with animals getting slaughtered just off the streets and the meat then sold right there under a tree. So I suppose the magistrate probably comes from the same "kraal" as the so-called elite policeman's parents. They probably bribed him with cattle or booze. Welcome to the African way!!

  • Hopnop - 2011-04-25 08:02


  • Nunya - 2011-04-25 08:07

    You can take it out of the bush...but you can't take the bush out of it.

  • KOP - 2011-04-25 08:10

    So hier en daar. Meer daar as hier. Ek ken 'n paar wat nog kan. Hierdie een grens aan "magsbeheptheid".

  • Father-Time - 2011-04-25 08:19

    You can take them out the bush but youll regret it for the rest of your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zion - 2011-04-25 08:25

    What would be interesting is the statistics relating to police and other security vehicles. I have been stopped and fined for a single element, low beam, that did not work while the police van was driving around with the complete headlamp hanging out on the wires. Where I stay there is a police vehicle storage depot where the smashed and redundant vehicles are parked and it extends in all directions like a huge scrap yard. In my opinion, given the ratio of police and security vehicles to public vehicles the accident rate is much higher for police vehicles.

  • Wayne - 2011-04-25 08:29

    Sounds like another one of those 'local is lekker' moments. This must be how they behave in Mavambe village....cops and villagers alike...

  • Skrappie - 2011-04-25 08:31

    Define "elite"...?

  • Herbert - 2011-04-25 08:34

    Ha ha ha, and when we complain about colleagues not being able to perform under pressure or conduct themselves with a calm demeanour we get told the "African Male" is a species on its own and we must "Respect the traditions of Africa". Well, Rock On!!!

  • obliette - 2011-04-25 08:36

    I read all these comments and think to myself, if this is the attitude of people towards me then why should I put my life on the line for them?

      JunkPunch - 2011-04-25 08:50

      Because it's the career path you chose? Because it's what you get paid to do? They generalise so you chose to do the same? That's like me saying all cops are like the 6 who killed the protester in Ficksburg. You need counselling.

      Nunya - 2011-04-25 08:53

      You poor thing...If you are one of those that goes around shooting at people and that should not be placed in charge of a broom, yes, then weare talking about you. If you are a police officer that does his job like he/she should, then, no, we are not talking about you. Of course we all know who we are talking about here.

      Informant - 2011-04-25 09:28

      If you are a police person you are in the public eye. You get paid with taxpayers money. If you are a government employee this is typical of the attitude that exists today "Why should I bother" just wait for my pay cheque and vote. You serve the people.But you not trained to see this.Why did you choose this job?. Is it because there was nothing else. Accept criticism my friend. Yes if these are the perceptions about your department and you dont like them "MAKE A DIFFERENCE". Yours is a typical selfish attitude.

      NatSpeaks - 2011-04-25 10:17

      Are you saying we should sympathise with said subject of the story above? People are really really angry because this is becoming more and more common and worse... the police appear to get away with literally anything these days. They appear to be more of a curse than the public protector! How dare you play the victim? It is the public who is the victim. If there are brave and good police, then they need to prove it to us and news items like this should not crop up as often as they do. Alas (and unfortunately for you and others), it is a comonality in this country.

      Sizwe - 2011-04-25 14:02

      @Obliette. Wait until they are in a real emergency and they are out-gunned, see if they will be this sarcastic. They may not see it but we need people like you. Not everyone can do what you do and come back home as a sane person, we thank and salute you and your colleagues for the continuous sacrififces you make each day on the job.

      StoneAngel - 2011-04-25 14:58

      Sizwe - From my experience (which is not minimal) I have seen some unbelievable pathetic shooting by police on the shooting range at which I officiate and train. Recently out of 12 there were only 2 who could shoot (both women) One even managed to get the ammunition the wrong way around in the magazine. These are people who walk around all day with a gun on their belts!!. I undoubtedly DO NOT want to be in any 'emergency' with them - out-gunned or not.

  • Barend - 2011-04-25 09:52

    Trigger happy !!!

  • v3 - 2011-04-25 10:06

    "Cop kills girlfriend and self in love tragedy" "Viva McBride" Police "visit" public protector after adverse report "BIG GUNS from the ANC at Malema trial" "Dubula ibhunu (Shoot the Boer)" "With our matches we will liberate..." Police investigating conspiracies and plots within the ANC "Shoot to kill" Police top brass arrested because of departmental faction fighting Mob vigilantism in townships against common criminals (because they don't trust the police or Justice system) Inkwenkwe arrives at trial with blacksuits illegally carrying semi-automatic weapons - police do nothing. "Umshini wam" Violence in KZN between ANC & IFP supporters, in W Cape between ANC & DA supporters A pattern emerges: Police Commissioner/Generalissimo Cele must go. Police minister Nkosinathi Emmanuel "Nathi" Mthethwa must go Whatever the ANC runs it ruins.

  • tryanything - 2011-04-25 12:03

    Love to interview this cop on my studio.

  • LeweNou - 2011-04-25 12:10

    Come on SAPA, give us the cops name and his race!! Are you scared or selective in your reporting? Or both?

  • Jakes - 2011-04-25 12:12

    He is not an elite cop as stated. He is a young undertrained policeman who are given enough equipment to make a special task force member blush. TRT thinks they are the new police force on their own, a unit initiated by the man cele himself (think the raid on catz pajamas nightclub a few weeks ago). The evidence speaks for itself daily in the media, we do not have a competent police force/service anymore.

      Jakkals - 2011-04-25 14:05

      Waar kry 'n onopgeleide 'n vuurwapen vandaan??????

  • Hannah - 2011-04-25 15:03

    Kan jy enigeiets van ons land vertrou?!

  • Stalin - 2011-04-25 16:17

    frankly i think police work is overrated FRUNGY, they hardly in contact with the criminal elements. think of the security guards at the bank, jeweller store, shopping mall, and patroling your neighbourhood, and responding to alarms. but i never here of them losing their minds and shooting people. the police force and enjoy the comfort and support. nah i think its just wrong candidates for wrong jobs.

  • Larro - 2011-04-26 00:23

    R1000 bail? For shooting indiscriminately? SA has gone completely insane. Try this anywhere else in the world and see what happens. People in SA have become numbed by this constant idiocy, so they by and large accept this as 'normal'.

  • Kevin - 2011-04-26 06:17

    **Yawn** old news, cop nearly ran me and my infant son off the road the other day, didnt have his siren on or anything, probably late for 7 de Laan. No one really gives a damn anymore, cops included

  • Jakes - 2011-04-26 07:23

    @Jakkals, I said undertrained, not untrained.

  • James Joubert - 2011-04-26 08:35

    Well what can I say, a police van drove into me & my family, I was arrested and after a lot of kak, I was locked up in a cell the location...busy suing them. (I guess thats the price we have to pay for the past).

  • annie.kalahari - 2011-05-31 10:55

    What is an ┬┤elite┬┤ cop exactly... does he wear diamond studded 9mm handguns on his hip or what...

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