Robber kills himself in getaway car

2010-06-10 21:09

Johannesburg - A robber shot himself in the head with a stolen .38 Special revolver on Thursday as police closed in on him after a robbery in Benoni.

Warrant Officer Jannie van Aswegen said flying squad police arrested the robber's two accomplices.

He said the three held up a woman and her sleeping four-week-old baby in Rynfield at 10:45.

They forced her to open the safe, taking a .22 rifle and a .38 Special revolver. They then tied her up with shoelaces, took mainly electronic equipment and made their getaway in a blue Volkswagen Jetta.

However, the local CMS security company had been alerted and followed them as they left the scene, contacting the police flying squad for back-up.

In Fairleads, police forced the robbers off the road.


When the car came to a stop, the robber in the front passenger seat took out the stolen gun and shot himself in the head, said Van Aswegen.

"Paramedics arrived to see what they could do. Unfortunately, they couldn't do much. It was a head wound," he said.

ER24 said that when paramedics found the man, he was alive, but in a critical condition.

"They attempted to stabilise him, but due to the severity of his injuries his condition quickly deteriorated," said spokesperson Vanessa Jackson.

Paramedics started cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, but he showed no signs of life and they declared him dead, she said.

"He had sustained what looked to be like a fatal gunshot wound to the side of his head, with another wound on the opposite side."

Van Aswegen said everything stolen in the robbery was recovered inside the Jetta.