Robber threatens Cup tourists

2010-06-19 22:05

Cape Town - A robber threatened to kill a group of US soccer fans in Cape Town for the World Cup when he was caught inside the Camps Bay house they had rented, a court heard on Saturday.

American tourist Steven Davis told the Cape Town World Cup Regional Court that John Mthambo, 31, had a knife and threatened to kill him and his friends when they trapped him inside the house when they returned from a World Cup game on June 18.

Godland Rossouw, who had chauffeured the group on the night, told the court Mthambo told them to "get out (of the house), or I will kill you".

Rossouw initially thought it was a prank when someone called to warn him there was an intruder in the house. He also saw Mthambo with a knife and said Mthambo was wearing a cap belonging to him (Rossouw).

When Rossouw retreated with Davis back into the street, Mthambo again threatened to kill them if they tried to follow him, and ordered them back into the house.

Mthambo was charged with housebreaking with intent to commit robbery, and robbery with aggravating circumstances. He pleaded not guilty to the charges.

State prosecutor Nadada-Gamtolo told the court that Mthambo’s threat to kill was considered an aggravating factor.


Davis arrived in Cape Town on June 14 for the Soccer World Cup and moved into the Camps Bay house with a group of friends.

On the night of the alleged robbery, Davis said they entered the house through the garage, when one of his friends warned that there was an intruder.

Davis said he himself entered the dimly-lit house cautiously and noticed movement.

He looked down from the top of a flight of stairs and saw a man waving a knife at him.

Davis said he feared for his safety and went back into the garage, while the intruder scaled a wall and fled down a street with two laptops.

Davis said he gave chase and shouted to Mthambo to give back the laptops.

Davis said: “I didn’t want to approach him, I just wanted the laptops back.”

The police returned the laptops to Davis the next day.