Robbers flee Strand petrol station after heist

2012-01-23 18:01

Cape Town - Two men are on the run after robbing a cash-in-transit van at a petrol station in Strand on Monday, Western Cape police said.

Lieutenant Colonel André Traut said the men accosted a security guard who had picked up money from the petrol station's shop.

The guard was returning to the van when they took two moneyboxes from him at gunpoint.

The robbers fled the scene on Broadway Road at about 07:30am in a white Toyota Conquest, with a red mark on the bonnet.

No shots were fired and no one was injured.

  • Gideon - 2012-01-23 18:58

    This is one of many reasons why I've applied for a section 13 firearm licence, and plan to get plenty of training once I have it. One of the best ways in preventing crime is having a well prepared public consisting of citizens willing and able to protect themselves, in conjunction to an effective police force and laws backing you up.

  • Amien - 2012-01-23 19:32

    another one bites the dust every one knows any filling station is flush on a monday morning having the the weekends takings and wolla they got the LOOT every filling station is aware of this....................

      Syd - 2012-01-23 20:06

      What is "WOLLA"???? Don't use French words if you don't know how to spell them or what they mean. The word is "VOILA" and is used to call attention to or express satisfaction with a thing shown or accomplished.

  • Craig - 2012-01-23 19:51

    Check The Guards

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