Rough seas delays MSC Sinfonia

2012-03-05 20:52

Cape Town - The departure of the cruise ship MSC Sinfonia from Durban was delayed for more than 3 hours on Monday due to bad weather and stormy seas.

The office of the Durban harbour master said that the ship was originally set to depart for Port Elizabeth at 14:00, but was only cleared to leave at 17:25.

The inclement weather conditions in Durban means ships are allowed to enter or leave port depending on their risk profile during this time. The delay with the Sinfonia was as a result of safety concerns.

The Sinfonia sails in southern Africa waters for the southern hemisphere summer and is based in Durban.

The SA Weather Service is predicting very rough seas for the KZN coast with wave heights between 4m and 6m.

- Are you on board the MSC Sinfonia? Send us your stories and photos.

  • Kai - 2012-03-06 08:18

    News 24 are scraping the bottom here with this story, ships are delayed all the time by bad weather, tide, crew change delays etc. I remember one time when I was working as a ships agent for Hyundai we had to go looking in the casinos for the ships Capt. as he hadn't returned when the ship was due to sail and that caused a delay, the owners didn't find out and never made the news. 3 hours can be made up very easy on a voyage.

  • Cindy - 2012-03-06 08:38

    Hehehe, there you have it Claudio, NEVER ASSUME things - it clever to rather speak of experiences, rather to listen to stories and to actually re-tell it, makes you wonder if your source where actually really on that cruise ship, hehehe im sorry it's just so funny, as I always tell my students NEVER EVER ASSUME ANYTHING - GET FACTS, AND USE YOUR TWO LEGS TO STAND ON...

  • Jenny - 2012-03-06 19:58

    Claudio , u obviously have friends that don't know what they are talking about. we were on this ship and I can honestly say with a open heart the ship and there staff on land and on sea were wonderful.. i do not have any complaints... You obviously don't know how catle are treated.. so don't comment on things that you have no idea about.. do your self the favour and go on this cruise yourself..

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