Rumours hint at Woolies reasons

2010-10-24 10:05

Johannesburg – A controversial article in a Christian magazine may have been the reason why Woolworths wanted to stop selling religious magazines.

The retailer decided to restock the magazines again after an outcry this week and some have indicated that the real reason for the decision to stop stocking the mags was due to a senior official at Woolies being upset about an article.

Pastor Errol Naidoo commented on the website of the web page of the Christian magazine, Joy!, that he had been reliably informed that this was the reason behind the move.

Other role players also speculated that two articles in this magazine were responsible for giving offence. The articles were about the subject of “Judaizers”.  

Judaizers are Christians who observe certain Jewish customs, like having the Sabbath on the Saturday. The articles, written by a missionary Dr Peter Hammond, described the behaviour of Judaizers as “unchristian”.

Woolworths as well as the editor of Joy! have denied the rumours.

The retailer again referred to the earlier press release in which it was confirmed that low sales were behind the decision.

Erin Georgiou, editor of Joy! said it was nonsense that articles in the magazine were responsible for the decision. “This is just speculation. I don’t believe it.”