Rustenburg protest turns violent

2012-05-21 20:02

Johannesburg - A protest in Rustenburg turned violent on Monday when police were pelted with stones and buildings were set alight, North West police said.

Brigadier Thulani Ngubane said the protest began with only 150 protesters on Sunday.

"The number of protesters grew. There were about 3 000 protesters gathering on Monday afternoon," he said.

Protesters barricaded the roads and pelted police with stones.

Ngubane said the cause of the protest was not known as residents refused to engage in any conversation.

"Residents tried to burn down the clinic in the early hours on Monday, luckily police managed to remove the burning tyre placed inside the clinic."

He said eight shops belonging to foreigners had been looted, and that three dirt road scrapers and a caravan had been set alight.

"No arrests have been made yet as police are still trying to maintain the situation as it is still very tense," said Ngubane.

He said the police planned to make arrests as soon as the situation was under control.

"No injuries have yet been reported and there is still a heavy police presence."