Rustenburg residents demand mine jobs

2012-10-03 17:17

Johannesburg - A shop and a mine lapa were set alight in a protest involving about 500 residents of the Delela informal settlement in Rustenburg, North West police said on Wednesday.

Brigadier Thulani Ngubane said residents barricaded the streets with burning tyres and pelted police vehicles with stones near the Thembela hostel on Tuesday night.

Two people were arrested and charged with public violence.

It was believed residents were protesting against mines in the area not employing local residents.

Ngubane said calm had returned to the area and police were on the scene.

A case of arson was being investigated.

The two people arrested were expected to appear in the Rustenburg Magistrate's Court on Thursday.

  • Stephen Matthew - 2012-10-03 17:26

    demand! demand!!

      george.slade.161 - 2012-10-03 17:34

      It is the African way : No doubt the 12.5 is part of the demund . I demund they get an Education --then sell their Skills --Useless Mamparas!

  • Devin.F.1991 - 2012-10-03 17:37

    The sense of self-entitlement that pervades South African labour is astonishing. The truck drivers want more money and protest violently about it without thinking that they're just plain lucky to have jobs in a country where 12.5 million people don't, and the unemployed demand jobs for free without working towards them or creating their own. ANC government - take a long, hard look at the mess you've created by promising people the world for a vote, and the rest of the world - take careful note of what democracy coupled with an uneducated population leads to.

      george.slade.161 - 2012-10-03 17:45

      Whilst the Nats got it wrong , one begins to understand some of their logic --Certainly giving uneducated clowns the vote , will solve nothing --it will in fact destroy RSA .

      Devin.F.1991 - 2012-10-03 17:56

      The one-man-one-vote system is fundementally flawed in that it assumes the voting population know and understand what and who they're voting for - something that does not exist in South Africa, or many nations for that matter. Ian Smith and his Rhodesian government hit the spot in this regard: anyone could vote, provided they met a certain minimum criteria for education. This is the system that needs to be implemented. But more so than that, South Africa is in DESPERATE need of an education overhaul, because as it stands right now, the next two generations are going to be paying a heavy price for the apathy of the current one.

  • sharon.erwin.96 - 2012-10-03 17:50

    I can fully understand why it is the shop and lapa's fault that these people don't have work. It all makes perfect sense..... Damn that lobotomy I had last week!!!

  • irene.buthelezi.1 - 2012-10-03 17:53

    You must geeeeeeeve!

  • heathway.master - 2012-10-03 17:56

    I have finally come to realise that the masses generally have the mind of a child. Their main drivers in life are envy and greed, and now, entitlement added. They will be unbelievably excited at their new bicycle and will ride it all day all over the veld. Should the kid next door however get a bike with a bell and a front light, then their bike will suddenly become not good enough, and they will scream, sulk, stamp their feet until they get a bell and a light. If the next door kid now gets a fancy leather seat, then their bike once again will not be considered good enough. and they will scream, sulk, and stamp their feet until they get a shiny new leather saddle. i.e. whatever they presently have, no matter how it may be improved, they always will want more and better. The latest attitude is that if the boss can drive a nice car and get a higher salary than them, this is discriminating, as they do the work to give him these things. They of course want to work in an environment where the tea girl, gardener, and car washer, all get the same salary and perks as the boss. After all they are black and have been oppressed for 300 years. We are consultants dependent on mine work, which has all but dried up. Management are already looking at mass retrenchment. Good luck strikers as you drive the country’s economy into the dust. May you live a life of continuing prosperity, excesses and luxury, as your education, skills and management ability so clearly warrant.

  • rayno.grever - 2012-10-03 17:59

    Useless tossers. Get up, study, work!!!

  • bobby.boon.18 - 2012-10-03 18:02

    Typical AFRICAN mentality TOIY TOIY

  • danny.levin.351 - 2012-10-03 18:24

    How Dumb can anyone be to think that by acting violently they will convince anyone to employ them?

  • irene.buthelezi.1 - 2012-10-03 18:53

    I wonder if any of these imbeciles even thought to start their own business, or do something for themselves, instead of demand, demand, demand. Slaves and victims of their own mentality.

  • devon.riley.52 - 2012-10-03 19:19

    Good lord now they think it is their right to demand jobs. What's next LOL

  • Mandy Casey - 2012-10-03 19:21

    Brilliant strategy, step one raise minimum wage to R12500, step 2 demand jobs for all. Nice

  • Mike Peach - 2012-10-03 19:50

    This country must snap now damn its taking too long.

  • logical007 - 2012-10-03 19:59

    Open fire on the whole friggin' lot!!!! Enough now!! Truckers miners next will be teachers then nurses!!!! Re-educate and re-employ!!! There are many unemployed EDUCATED qualified people READY TO DO THESE JOBS!!!!!

  • Zahir - 2012-10-03 20:16

    They have no prior work experience formal training but won't accept wages less than 17k

  • aj.oosthuizen.7 - 2012-10-03 22:39

    We need someone with a iron fist to shake this country god, is that not what a president is for? Grow a pair Zuma and fix this unnecessary striking!

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