SA Nobel Peace summit cancelled - reports

2014-10-01 14:10

Cape Town - The World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Cape Town has been cancelled after more laureates pulled out of the event to protest the government's refusal to grant the Dalai Lama a visa, according to reports.

The Cape Argus reported on Wednesday that sources confirmed the event, which was scheduled to have been held in Cape Town from 13 to 15 October, would no longer go ahead.

Friends of Tibet tweeted that the event had been cancelled "owing to denial of visa by host country" to the Dalai Lama.

The City of Cape Town was scheduled to make an official announcement on Thursday, the Argus reported.

The Hindustan Times reported that a new venue would be announced on Thursday after the conference was pulled from South Africa.

Jody Williams, the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize winner, said she was "proud" to say the protest by a number of female laureates had resulted in the summit being cancelled.

Iranian Nobel peace laureate Shirin Ebadi told a media conference in India she was surprised that Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu had not spoken out against the South African government's move, AFP reported.

It was reported last week that six women Nobel laureates - Iranian lawyer Shirin Ebadi, American activist Jody Williams, Liberian activist Leymah Gbowee, Yemeni journalist Tawakkol Karman, Northern Irish activist Mairead Maguire and a representative of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines - had cancelled their trip after the government refused to issue the Dalai Lama a visa.

According to the Hindustan Times, the summit was meant to have been held in Costa Rica eight years ago, but was also cancelled when the Chinese government put pressure on the government not to give the Dalai Lama a visa.

DA leader Helen Zille tweeted that the news was "tragic".

  • mlindos - 2014-10-01 14:13


      Kris Hand - 2014-10-01 14:26

      ....and this is 'democracy' is it? When a foreign power can influence supposedly-independent Government departments to suit their own political agenda, are the votes cast since 1994 really that significant? This is a spiritual leader, not a terrorist dictator, and for Zuma to haul his corrupt ass to the UN to pretend he is indignant about Palestine when he is entirely in the pocket of communist China despite all of their human rights abuses is frankly laughable. The only thing that's free in South Africa is Nkandla.

      Kawasaki1985 - 2014-10-01 14:30

      I lower my head in shame !! Is this the Rainbow Nation ???? We allow THOUSANDS of illegal Alien's set on robbing and murdering us, yet this Peace Loving Man is denied entry !!!!????!!!!

      Kenny Williams - 2014-10-01 14:31

      mlindos, I hope for you the disgraceful thing is Zuma not giving the Dalai Lama a visa. This is a great stand taken by people who are against a corrupt idiot thinking he can do as he pleases in a so called democratic country. Who the hell is he that he can decide who may visit our country. I wonder how much bribe money he managed to swindle out of the Chinese.

      Ruan Smit - 2014-10-01 14:32

      THE anc AND all its voters/supporters ARE WORTHLESS SCUM!

      A Groovy Trooper - 2014-10-01 14:34

      Glad it was cancelled - this ANC is a pathetic excuse for this country. Everything all those people died for was a complete waste of time! Very sad.. At least the world is waking up to it

      Alecia Calla - 2014-10-01 14:34

      Shocking! Shame on Zuma's ANC government

      A Groovy Trooper - 2014-10-01 14:39

      I wonder when AnthonyfromtheMoon/Lerato/Koos/Jan Scheepers/Stapler-brain is going to come and tell us the DA-NATS are responsible and that the Dalai Lama is a genocidal maniac who he is proud to have kept away. I'm sure by his standards, Peace Laureates all deserve to be necklaced..

      Vikram Moodley - 2014-10-01 14:42

      We are no longer a sovereign state as long as the Chinese tell us what to do. This is indeed an embarrassment of the highest order.

      Jurgen Hartmann - 2014-10-01 14:44

      After the water debacle (still not over) and not paying the teachers, this is just a disgusting, international embarrassment. Have the anc types no personal pride at all? Are they just low class mongrels??? It is good that they cancelled, so as not to embellish the anc with the prestige of their event.

      Andrew Hendrikse - 2014-10-01 14:45

      There was a time when South Africa produced Noble Peace Prize we chase them away!!

      Beatrix Kidd - 2014-10-01 14:46

      Round of applause to the Laureates for standing their ground and showing this pathetic government of ours that enough is enough!

      Pottasium Nitride Oxide Ngongoma - 2014-10-01 14:49

      @kris South Africa was never a diplomacy it's a republic where our Constitution(law) rules but their is little we can do against the current government since the major voted for them

      CommonSense - 2014-10-01 14:55

      Disgraceful but also great news. We need international organisations and countries to start putting pressure of SA for their blatant hypocrisy and incompetence when it comes to international affairs. Now what we need is some foreign action publicly ridiculing our democracy given the Nkandla scandal and refusal by government to enforce the constitution based on public protector findings. We also need the international rugby world to start kicking up a fuss about team selection on racial grounds.

      Ronald Gibson - 2014-10-01 14:56

      SA is only a democracy for the short while it takes the politicians to extract their heads from China's you know what for long enough to take a breath before re-inserting it.

      Paige Turner - 2014-10-01 14:57

      And not a word from Desmond Tutu ... disgraceful

      Andries Hendrik Pretorius - 2014-10-01 15:51

      The ANC Goverment was "made in China"!

      TC - 2014-10-01 15:59

      Well done and thank you laureates for cancelling your trip. At least you can distinguish between right and wrong. The plundering ANC in control of SA is evil to the core. We have to get rid of them!

      SaintBruce Bruce - 2014-10-01 16:13

      Those who organised this Summit must have known that the Dalai Lama is one of the Laureates and would be invited. So bidding for the event based on the past silly games of the South African ANC Government was going to be a huge risk as their hand had already been shown with regards to the Dalai Lama [ they bowed down to their new masters, Red China]. And now the worst case scenario has occurred due to the same games being played by the occupants of the Union Buildings ! Nice idea to promote South Africa and Cape Town- maybe they should just have smuggled the man in and then once Home affairs woke up to his presence, he could get a free flight home ??? Of course , the Dalai Lama is a decent man of peace and represents an oppressed people , just like Nelson Mandela did. Ag shame ANC, China got your tongue?

      WG Morgan - 2014-10-01 16:49

      Why is Tutu silent?

      Buzzbar - 2014-10-01 17:29

      Never mind the forex these guys would have brought here from around the world. There goes the rand even further.... So much for the tourist market....

      Allan Maurice Levitt - 2014-10-01 17:50

      Send all these ethical laureates a banana with love from the banana republic proudly brought to you by the ANC.

      Debbie Ryan - 2014-10-01 20:33

      Just goes to prove zANC do not want peace in this country & choose to turn all away who love peace on earth!! zANC is a disgrace to South Africa & all its people

      Debbie Ryan - 2014-10-01 20:37

      aahhh now makes sense ... Dali Lama probably wouldn't add to the zANC coffers for SA entry to fund next Nkandla upgrade due to zuma's 5th or almost 5th wife! .... Good for you Sir Dali Lama to stand up for our morals as well

  • Annette - 2014-10-01 14:13

    ANC - u better catch a wake up !!!

      John Smith - 2014-10-01 14:31

      I hope they don't invite the delegates from SA to the new venue !!

      A Groovy Trooper - 2014-10-01 14:41

      They're all too busy enjoying Nkandla-sewerage (the new gravy train) showers

      Johan Arno Cilliers - 2014-10-01 15:06

      Good..Now the world can see the ANC was a big fat fake all along.

  • Max Mourinho - 2014-10-01 14:15

    The country is slowly isolating itself from the rest because of greedy!

      Chez Kri - 2014-10-01 14:26

      And Zuma doesn't even bother to respond! You know what, 62% (I think it was) still voted for that @rsehole and his friends. Now they must reap what they sew.

  • Jacques Walker - 2014-10-01 14:17

    Government can't do anything as the Puppet Master ( China) won't allow them.

  • Henno - 2014-10-01 14:18

    Hahaha ... nice one Zuma ...

      KevinKing - 2014-10-01 14:23

      It's not "Zuma", it's "Showerhead"!

      Don Tandy - 2014-10-01 14:33

      Aka knobhead, herd boy, post-turtle, scumbag, snake-eyes, china-doll.

      A Groovy Trooper - 2014-10-01 14:36

      I prefer king butternut-head

      Tenpa Dhargyal Gashi - 2014-10-02 04:11

      Zuma in Tibetan means fake, untrue, or not real. Don't you think it describes the man perfectly?

  • Don Tandy - 2014-10-01 14:20

    It is heartwarming to hear that thinking people in the international arena are waking up to the mindless actions (or lack of) that we have to suffer at the hands of showerhead and his bunch of lying thieves.

      Buzzbar - 2014-10-01 17:33

      Too true Don but thee are 62% of the population who consider thinking to be an apartheid legacy! hence they do not think and vote ANC...

  • Johan H B Booyse - 2014-10-01 14:20

    It has all to do with the trade relationships between SA and China. If SA give in to the demands that he be allowed entrance into SA they would clip the wings of the "golden goose" that funds them... One communist state looking out for another.

  • DerekMain - 2014-10-01 14:21

    Thanks for that all you cANCer voters. Phansi cANCer, phansi!!!

  • Marco Cronje - 2014-10-01 14:21

    THANKS CHINA AND THE ANC, I HATE YOU BOTH!! Im absolutely ashamed to be a South African in this instance.

      A Groovy Trooper - 2014-10-01 14:37

      I was once a very proud South African.. now I avoid all topics about this country

  • Khomotjo Gwangwa - 2014-10-01 14:22

    Thank you SA government and thank you Chinese government. Wait a minute, Chinese are considered black as they follow under BEEE status. So we are doing what our Chinese masters are telling us to do.

  • Pierre du Plessis - 2014-10-01 14:22

    Let organise a World Summit of Corrupt Leaders, we can be associate with this group than Nobel prize winners

      Eric Moneyvalu - 2014-10-01 14:28

      They actually do . They call it BRICS

  • Proudly SA - 2014-10-01 14:22

    This are things that make me an unproud South African. We are free but not free to make our own choices as a country. Thank you China and SA government for ruining it for us. We are keeping ourselves from advancing as a country in the name of other developed countries battles. We should feel like an idiots right now

  • Jacob Showerhead - 2014-10-01 14:23

    Well done ANC. Another major F#*K UP to show the world how backward we are.

  • IanxRhodes - 2014-10-01 14:25

    Does the ANC care? Of course not! They are allies with the Chinese and nothing will ever be allowed to change or challenge that!

  • Alan Robertson - 2014-10-01 14:25

    Tyrants are always eventually defeated...take note china and, sadly, the once great anc.

  • Bongani Nkosi - 2014-10-01 14:26

    I applaud what the laurettes have done, that's good, this South African government is pissing!!!!!!!!!!!!.

      Dee Bone - 2014-10-01 19:10

      We have no government. we are on autopilot. Just a bunch of skelms helping themselves

  • louis.elst - 2014-10-01 14:28

    Great How can a peace loving person who has never promoted violence not be allowed to visit SA And a dishonest dictator and human rights abuser like Mugabe be allowed to enter SA Who is the SA gov supporting ?

  • Bubu Deknat - 2014-10-01 14:28

    Good one! The message is clear, the Laureate's are not as stupid as to duck for any dumbo's xenophobic delusions! Apartheid is back, everyone is slowly but surely turning their backs to the New Improved South Africa! Everything is spiraling down faster and faster. Well done ANC!

  • Hercules Leonardo Giorgino - 2014-10-01 14:29

    Who cares

      A Groovy Trooper - 2014-10-01 14:42

      all south africans who value peace

      Voelgerus Diego - 2014-10-01 14:45

      I do for one Hercules. I love this country and all it's people dearly. If only we could reduce the power these self serving corrupt politicians give themselves.

      Andile Andy Mchunu - 2014-10-01 15:26

      rather let it go Hercules i dont even know these people

  • Maryke Scheepers - 2014-10-01 14:29

    Good the rest of the world is not blind!

  • Marc Moon - 2014-10-01 14:30

    Ha ha ha....

  • Jacqui Daane Van Rensburg - 2014-10-01 14:30

    Good on them. I too was wondering why Tutu remained quiet, but then he is always so busy telling other countries how to run their affairs, he probably forgot about the Dalai lama.

      Wotnext - 2014-10-01 14:41

      @Jacqui Daane Van Rensburg - Lefty activists are like that, they're always busy telling other people how to run their affairs. They're also very good at pretending they had nothing to do with it when their interference ends in disaster.

      pule.ledwaba.3 - 2014-10-01 14:59

      Tutu was da first person to ask our government to give Lama a visa

  • khangwe.ramaano - 2014-10-01 14:31

    Well done Nobel Laureates!!! We solely miss the South Africa of Nelson Mandela, the one that had some moral authority in the world. All we have now is a despicable corrupt government that I am ashamed of.

  • Ruan Smit - 2014-10-01 14:31

    THE anc AND all its voters/supporters ARE WORTHLESS SCUM!

  • Joe Soap - 2014-10-01 14:33

    Zuma must be so proud!!!

      Twolips - 2014-10-01 14:36

      He doesn't care a fig.

      Akhenaten C.T. - 2014-10-01 14:59

      He does not have the time. Theft keeps him busy.

  • Liz Rudy - 2014-10-01 14:36

    Another good story proudly brought to you by the ANC

  • Koos Hendriks - 2014-10-01 14:36


  • Nin Ja Kitty - 2014-10-01 14:42

    Well done for sticking together. This is yet another front page embarrassment that an already embarrassed nation has to endure.

  • Jurgen Hartmann - 2014-10-01 14:42

    After the water debacle (still not over) and not paying the teachers, this is just a disgusting, international embarrassment. Have the anc types no personal pride at all? Are they just low class mongrels???

      Nin Ja Kitty - 2014-10-01 15:01

      One has culture and then one has agriculture!

  • Grant Wykerd - 2014-10-01 14:43

    Well, well, well... but for Giorgino, I'm glad to see that this decision is being well received, although unacceptable that it had to go there, I was wondering why they never united when only 3 Laureates backed out... Budu, you so right, Apartheid has a new face and unfortunately, it's black no longer white... If it was wrong then, why would it be right now if done by the opposite side of the colour spectrum!? More of this is needed to expose the Zanc propaganda that is spreading like poison ij our country and Africa as a whole...

  • marcelleno.trout - 2014-10-01 14:43

    I think it's a sad day too, but I'm sorry Noble Peace Laureates don't pay the bills China does and our economy needs their investment more than we need a Noble Peace Conference...let's not get emotional about the issue it's business nothing personal.

      Gawie Gorrel - 2014-10-01 14:45

      @Marcelleno Problem is, the Chinese will strip us clean and then leave us. No morals there, just self-interest.

      Mohlasedi Setati - 2014-10-01 14:54

      Would you sell your principles and soul to the highest bidder? You are really a huge role model to your children.mandela met with both Gaddafi and Fidel Castro against the USA's wishes and he allowed the Dallai Lama three visits to SA against china's wishes because he would not sell his principles and the country's for anything and the economy continued to thrive then.

  • Anet Swart - 2014-10-01 14:45

    Well done South Africa. And you want investors in this country. You can wave them goodbye.

      Roza Pretorius - 2014-10-01 15:03

      What do they care - The Russians and Chinese with their devious investments will buy our country - Sorry, it is sold already.

  • kc.makhubele - 2014-10-01 14:45

    I am horrified. SA let's have a #peoples uprising and take the power back to the masses. We got freedom only to allow another oppression through the back door!

      Henk Hefer - 2014-10-01 14:54

      You got the right idea. Just be careful who you share your sentiments with. The ANC will nail you for treason.

      Akhenaten C.T. - 2014-10-01 15:03

      The masses voted for the ANC, so they have the power.

      Dee Bone - 2014-10-01 19:18

      The masses are the problem

  • Charissa Kemp - 2014-10-01 14:47

    GOOD! Cant believe after all the moaning about the Europeans colonizing SA they are really willing to sell us out to communist China! Thats the only reason they wont give this man of peace a visa.

  • anke.engelke.35 - 2014-10-01 14:47


  • Hemlock - 2014-10-01 14:48

    Can't say I blame them...all this and more compliments of the ANC!

  • Grant Wykerd - 2014-10-01 14:48

    Trout, it's racist and bias you knob!

  • Bernd Kankowski - 2014-10-01 14:48

    Best news I have heard for a while. Hope the ANC is happy now. Millions lost to the local economy in revenue too. But, with the billions they waste every year they couldn't be bothered. Hopefully they will also boycott other big events

  • Bernard Popz - 2014-10-01 14:48

    Can anyone please clarriFy to me as to why the government is denying Dalai Lama a visa? Is there a beeF between the two? I'm Lost

      Henk Hefer - 2014-10-01 14:51

      Our Chinese masters instructed our Mickey Mouse government not to issue a visa.

      Mbizi Heart - 2014-10-01 15:50

      isn't SA part of the BRICS nations, i forget?

      Margaret Cox - 2014-10-01 15:57

      Bernard - I don't suppose most of the government have ever heard of HH Dalai Lama. But China says no, so that's good enough for them.

      Wullie Mack - 2014-10-01 17:16

      he's a man of peace and the Chinese are not intrested in peace,,

  • Brandon Eric Mitchell - 2014-10-01 14:49

    Incase you forgotten, its the masses that voted for them.

  • Trevor Tiri Chimombe - 2014-10-01 14:50

    They are a useless bunch of old people,good at criticising without adding value,or come up with solution

      Bernard Popz - 2014-10-01 15:19

      Trevor,who r u reFFering to? The ANC or the Laureates?

  • Grant Wykerd - 2014-10-01 14:51

    Popz, where've you been buddy...?

      Bernard Popz - 2014-10-01 15:11

      I been Following the story but I never Found the main reason behind,Grant. What I know is that,is the third time he got denied the visa and on what's grounds I didn't I understand

  • steven.marshal.98 - 2014-10-01 14:52

    The definition of irony...when the same international socialists that were supporting the ANC to fight apartheid now turn their backs on them due to their actions...

  • Grant Wykerd - 2014-10-01 14:52

    Ja, the ANC, ne Trevor, I so agree!

  • Ewald van den Heever - 2014-10-01 14:57

    Good, Positive action in protest. Hopefully this will create some publicity in the worlds eye toward the promises and lack of delivering thereof by the revolutionary government to be free and fair towards people of all creeds and races.

  • Johan Labuschagne - 2014-10-01 14:57


  • Steven Swart - 2014-10-01 14:57

    South Africa becoming the skunk of the world once more.

  • Roza Pretorius - 2014-10-01 14:58

    I am so glad that the world has taken a stand re the refusal of this man's visa - soos hulle in Arfikaans sou se "Die ANC is te diep in Sjina se g*t ingekruip" - I am a dedicated Christian but do admire the DL for being the man of peace that he is.

  • William R Sharp - 2014-10-01 14:58

    Shameful and disgusting, this does our counties image irreparable harm and will have an extremely negative effect on tourism to South Africa as a whole and to Cape Town in particular.

  • Armando Guerra - 2014-10-01 14:59

    no doubt that mantashe would spill verbal diarrhoea trying to clarify the whole "issue". together with showerhead are the spearheads sinking ANC.