SA clothing sizes to be standardised

2012-03-06 13:27

Johannesburg - The size of clothing is to be standardised, the SA Bureau of Standards (SABS) said on Tuesday.

Many consumers had had the experience of purchasing a new garment in their usual size - only to discover later that it did not fit properly, SABS standards executive Sadvhir Bissoon said in a statement.

"The new SABS standard will ensure that the guidelines contain garment construction specifications, which covers the process of standardising measurement prior to the preparation of clothing patterns."

The standard was simple and would provide an excellent guideline to manufacturers in the industry.

Bissoon said they were not only focused on implementation of the measurement standard, known as the SANS 8559.

"We are also addressing issues such as the economic development of the country, including job-creation and boosting the growth and development of the clothing industry."

  • TrueTenacity - 2012-03-06 13:33

    Hmmm, it would be so nice to know that from the day this is implemented an XL T-Shirt will be the same size no matter where you get it...

  • Liam - 2012-03-06 13:40

    size XXXL will be henceforth be replaced by the label "Politician".

  • S - 2012-03-06 13:42

    Is this now replacing the previous two standard sizes, i.e. Too Big and Too Small?

  • Andrew - 2012-03-06 13:47

    Well that is a step in the right direction and hopefully will alleviate problems of getting the correct sizes when purchasing clothing. In the past have bought two identical items fron same store, and found the one to be incorrectly sized.

  • richard.hipkin - 2012-03-06 13:50

    "Slim Fit" will be renamed "Anorexic"

  • Johan - 2012-03-06 13:52

    Hi hope it will work. I have noticed that especially the "made in china" clothing varies in size. I never had to fit clothes before the early 2000's as my size usually fit. Nowadays I have to spend hours in the horrible changing rooms, as nothing seem to fit properly. They are either hanging like a tent around my waist or they are squashing my privates. Pants are the biggest problem. How difficult is it to get a size 32 right? I ask you!

  • Nkosana - 2012-03-06 13:54

    Please make sure for the short guys like us 3.5 high that the length is accurate coz we tired of cutting....

      Marion - 2012-03-06 14:10

      Oh yes, please start making different lengths - just like the inside leg for mens pants is often provided give us women different skirt, dress and pants lengths.

  • koo.doyle - 2012-03-06 13:56

    Excellent, about time. I hate being five different sizes for five different stores! A 12, should be a 12 regardless of where you buy it!

  • Garth - 2012-03-06 14:00

    How are the useless, worthless anc going to standardise the sizes in all the countries that they have outsourced SA's manufacturing industry to?

  • nicoleneb - 2012-03-06 14:01

    What will the sizes be called?

      Marion - 2012-03-06 14:11

      Small, medium, large and OMG.

      aj.schooling - 2012-03-06 21:17

      @Marion....your comment was brilliant.

  • Godfrey - 2012-03-06 14:02

    You can be sure that the only interest that the SABS has in clothing sizes is that there must be money in doing it. The SABS is a useless self-serving organisation that is funded by retailers and industry. It pretends to be concerned about consumers but that is a facade. The SABS protects the interests of its paymaster first.

  • Se-a Spencer Ikeremm - 2012-03-06 14:05

    Yeah, it really has been a headache buying clothing. We should not have to to fit everything we buy, a 14 should be a 14 everywhere!

  • abner.malema - 2012-03-06 14:05

    People are getting mad. they just politisize everything.

  • Murechen - 2012-03-06 14:07

    Standardise the sizes but not the quality - makes no sense

  • Marion - 2012-03-06 14:12

    Wish they would go back to 'half' shoe sizes.

      Ronel - 2012-03-06 20:03

      Actually, the half size is for width of foot.

      Pippa - 2012-03-07 06:34

      So with you on that one! Very tired of having to always buy shoes that are either just a bit too big or just a bit too small. And if Woolies can do shoes for a wide fit, why can't they do some for a narrow fit?

  • gennath - 2012-03-06 14:27

    Yippee now xxxxxl will fit me no matter where I shop!

  • Carla - 2012-03-06 14:33

    Would that include pantihose from a certain W-known brand?

  • PhilipV - 2012-03-06 14:35

    Have people not hear of fitting? I have never had this problem. But it's a good thing ...

  • Genesistt - 2012-03-06 14:49

    I only buy South African for the plain and simple reason that I can't fit into the CCC (cheap chinese cr@p). Chinese people are tiny and I'm not so tiny.

  • patrickflynn73 - 2012-03-06 14:54

    Clothing is way over-priced in South Africa and we sometimes find that the quality of a leading retail brand like Truworths can produce the same junk as any other factory shop. I paid over R350 for a pair of pants that lasted 3 months then the fabric tore and freyed. I have pants in my cupboard from over 3 yrs ago from Pep Stores and other independant factory shops that are still as good as the day I bought them!

  • Russell - 2012-03-06 15:21

    Fashion fits change almost monthly. Would love to see a government department police this

      Tony - 2012-03-06 16:51

      Sizes vary from mill to mill.... This going to be funny .... Expecting that sizes are "standardized". The again, whose standard do we use? EN13402 or UKor maybe USAor Australia? The US has two size standards, one forlocal and the other for export ? Ja .... China gives a damn about the SABS hey.... Look at what Woolies did with performance standards, they knewChinese goods were lower quality, so they revised their standards for imports downwards, prices upward, Solved their problem,and you, dear consumer got shafted.

  • Brett - 2012-03-06 15:23

    KFC should be forced to pay a levy to help fund all the XXXXXXXXXL size clothing.

  • Scouter - 2012-03-06 16:42

    Judging by the recent Opening of Parliament fashion parade, I would say this constitutes a 'mission impossible'.

  • Greg - 2012-03-06 17:42

    Its all good standardising sizes but then what differenciates a designer shirt from a Std retail store shirt. Some people prefer shorter tees and other longer ones. Making one size std will not work. Where does the line get drawn when standardising sizes?

  • Jan - 2012-03-06 18:05

    Please two 31's and 4 extra long sleeved 39's. Will collect 2morrow.

      Ronel - 2012-03-06 19:58

      I am 1.55m tall and size is not so much the problem as length! When I buy pants I can cut of at least 20cm of hem which means I lose the shape of pants. I can make shorts of the piece I cut off!Rolled up cuffs are NOT in at the moment!

  • Chaapo - 2012-03-06 20:15

    About time too.

  • Hugh - 2012-03-06 20:22

    What crap until the Chineses came along it was easy to get a garment that fitted. God I hope we follow the EU or UK standards because it will just add to the cofusion. A major problem is that the so called quaility control in most companies no longer have specialist Corsetiers or fitters. As a swimwear manufacturers I am sick and tired of every country having a different method of measure. Cup sizing is the worst.

  • Ian - 2012-03-06 22:45

    And this is going to be a big problem..... very large.

  • Julie - 2012-03-07 01:37

    Standardised? Yes - only two sizes available - too large and too small... :)

  • Phiwo Gasa - 2012-03-07 11:19

    Ha! It wont change the fact that you are obese

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