SA considers raising drinking age to 21

2011-03-10 14:11

Durban - Raising the legal alcohol drinking age to 21 is one of the proposals to be considered at a forthcoming summit on eradicating alcohol and drug abuse from society, Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini said on Thursday.

Her statement follows an inter-ministerial committee on substance abuse meeting on Wednesday ahead of the second Biennial Substance Abuse Summit from March 15 to 17 in Durban.

She said alcohol and drug abuse was breaking up families, killing people and leaving others imprisoned.

"Our government recognises that alcohol and substance abuse constitute a serious threat to health and development. This undermines our ongoing efforts to build safe and healthy communities," she said.

In South Africa there was a connection between alcohol and substance abuse, gender-based violence, criminal activities such as gangsterism, money laundering, human trafficking, foetal alcohol syndrome, serious road carnage and family disintegration.

Alcohol ranked third in the country's burden of disease and disability after unsafe sex and interpersonal violence.

Alcohol was also a factor in 29% of driver injuries and more than 47% of driver deaths.

Dealing with this problem had been prioritised by the government.

Other proposals delegates to the summit intended discussing included limitations on alcohol advertising, reviewing licence fees, linking licence renewal to compliance with laws, harmonising existing liquor legislation and enhancing measures to deal with public drinking and drunk driving.

  • Perfume - 2011-03-10 14:19

    21 has always been the drinking age!!!!!!

      camelthief - 2011-03-10 14:22

      not in this country!

      Liam Groome - 2011-03-10 14:34

      Your parents lied to you!

      kerry garcia - 2011-03-10 15:05

      not in south africa, its always been 18

      paulmandlankosi - 2011-03-10 15:28

      You are lying

      Natand - 2011-03-10 15:35

      Where have u been living, the USA?

      David van Niekerk - 2011-03-10 15:36

      maybe if you having shots of perfume!

      Mellicins - 2011-03-10 15:39

      Shame man....who told you that? You can start drinking whenever you want man!!!

      Other Justin - 2011-03-10 15:42

      LOL!, your parents GOTCHA!

      Homo-Sapien - 2011-03-10 15:45

      @Perfume Are you drunk?

      50something - 2011-03-10 16:41

      We are not talking about your 21st birthday party, thay are rerferring to the legal age for buying liquor

      Nicholas - 2011-03-10 23:10

      So has 12 years and upwards. Just is has been legal once a person turns 18. Think the US has got the legislation right regarding this issue, Get your driver's at 16 but no drinking until 21. I am sure their alcohol related death stats would compare very favourably against ours.

      Netsirk08 - 2011-03-11 16:52

      @Nicholas : The US actually had major problems with alcohol, in fact I think they have a massive underage drinking problem that often leads to the death of those people. People should be able to drink while their parents still have some control, so that we can learn to be responsible. @Perfume: where are you from? The drinking age in South Africa has been 18 for a very long time.

      Perfume - 2011-03-11 20:24

      ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! funny how a tongue in cheek comment can get people in a tizz hmmmmmm the wonders of the my home 21 was the legal age and know my parents did not lie to me!!!!!!!

  • Monkey123 - 2011-03-10 14:20

    Great idea but carefull consideration should be given to the economical ramifications this could have.

      Monkey123 - 2011-03-10 16:02

      @rodneykdc: What you are talking about is substance ABUSE. Too much of anything is a health danger... even salad and water. Alcohol when used in moderation actually holds a lot of health benefits. hardly comparible to drugs. Go and do some research and you will come to the same conclusions. Why destroy a whole economy in the blink of an eye for because of a few people who abuse alcohol. in that case ban mcdonalds, kfc in fact ban all food sales and all liquid sales because SOME people MIGHT abuse it and harm their healt. GET REAL!!!

      green_goblin - 2011-03-11 08:04

      @monkey123.. Don't agree with you on the economical ramification this could have. can only be good for society. Alcohol (generally red wine) can have certain beneficial properties but it equated to 1 glass of wine a day. also your assesment of a "few people" who abuse alcohol is seriously under estimated. People do abuse food etc as you put but in general it only puts their life in danger. Some retard abuses alcohol and puts a number of lives in jeopardy. In essence I would put Alcohol and drugs in the same catagory.

      Hugo - 2011-03-11 12:47

      Mmmm, all those ER trauma professionals who are going to loose their jobs. The empty hospital beds, the tow truck drivers, the road barrier repair men, the funeral homes. Yup, this may put a lot of people out of work.

      Thea Reddy - 2011-03-16 20:19

      Hugo: nah i disagree, you will still have acidents, deaths, medical problems and ca tht need to be toed! the world is not going to stop just because they restrict drinking! LIFE WILL GO ON!!!!

  • tigertank - 2011-03-10 14:22

    I like the idea...but let's be won't change much. It's not hard to get, there's little enforcement, and many parents just don't care. Still, I am in favour all the same. Now let's put drunk drivers behind bars for lengthy stretches, and confiscate their cars. That would be a bill worth passing.

      m.reyneke3 - 2011-03-10 14:32

      Until there is a way to enforce this law, it will not really help anything. However, it might make a large difference in places like universities, where clubs will have to adhere to these rules (police raids happen quite often in Stellenbosch these days, for instance). If this can trickle down to student culture in general, it would be good. Would be nice to fast-forward on this one.

      Mirrorman - 2011-03-11 07:14

      @m.reyneke3. Good luck. Where there is a will, there is a way. Only a change in mentality from the family upwards can sort out the problem. Look at prohibition in the 20s. All you will accomplish is smuggling booze into varsity where students will still get drunk.

      goya - 2011-03-11 17:57

      Agree with Mirrorman. Parents should take responsibility and teach their children.

  • BRONZE - 2011-03-10 14:23

    What's the point? The drinking age has been 18 since forever but still kids as young as 12 drink it everyday with no one monitoring it. Raising it to 21 will help how? How will this be monitored, who will monitor it and what will the REAL penalties be?

      birdman - 2011-03-10 15:22

      I was severely assaulted by 5 drunk 16 year olds outside my home in Winston Park Durban by WHITE KIDS!!! I laid criminal charges against them after they broke a vodka bottle over my head. I was hospitalised - all because of booze taken from dad's pub at home!! Since then I've had all types of pleas from parents to drop the charges. They're the ones that should be charged with child neglect. This happened on a Monday night at 23H30. These charges will ruin these kids' lives if they are convicted - for what? Just like in the USA, raise the "learner drinker" level to 21, and enforce it!

      jikamajika - 2011-03-10 15:26

      Life sentence

      Zinki - 2011-03-10 15:49

      Birdman, I hope you don't drop those charges. Kids, regardless of race, need to learn a valuable lesson. Their parents should learn a valuable lesson too from this. Have you thought what would have happened if they had killed you! They are likely to do it again if they get away with it this time. Don't let these parents talk you out of it.

      johannwerner - 2011-03-10 15:55

      Bird you get responsible drunks and irresponsible drunks. I've been drunk a lot of times and never assaulted anyone. Those kids probably would have assaulted you even if they were sober. What's the point about mentioning their race why didn't you say if they had brown or blonde hair to.

      Flee - 2011-03-10 16:00

      Agree Bronze, Until it can be monitored and enforced correctly it wont hell... like the 12 year old kid who walked into PnP yesterday, bought a pack of smokes and then went outside and dished 1/2 the pack to his little cronies... Sure!!

      Derrick - 2011-03-10 16:06

      @ Birdman: You emphasis white kids like it's such a surprise? My boet has been beaten up a few times by "white kids". Not that i agree with where he hangs out, but that's besides the point. There's trash everywhere.

      tuckbox100 - 2011-03-10 16:32

      @ birdman, I was attacked by a group of guys and hospitalized, who were all well over 21 years of age. I agree, dont drop the charges, what happen to you was wrong and they should be punished, but regardless of color, or age, some people are just violent drunks, increasing the age wont change this

      Mike - 2011-03-10 20:39

      @birdman same thing happened to me, also near Winston Park except these people ranged from 17-21 there were 5 of them. But I think you're missing the point, those kids were 16 - legal age limit 18. The people who hit me were 21+ too, so my point is, they were not even 18 yet and the people attacked me were 21+ and that WOULD be the legal age limit. So it honestly makes no difference.

  • camelthief - 2011-03-10 14:24

    It's good to tackle these problems, but once again, changing the laws is of no use if laws are not enforced. We have a strong constitution and mostly good laws, but we have a government that neither adheres to these laws themselves, nor enforces them. The current drinking age of 18 is not enforced. The drunk driving laws are very poorly enforced. So what's the point of making new laws?

  • jiamalunga - 2011-03-10 14:25

    I drank when I was 16! So how are you going to enforce this law?

      modefan - 2011-03-10 14:28

      same here, hehe

      AGENT - 2011-03-10 14:37

      Hey boet , you were a late starter I see, but hey welcome to the crowd :-)

      jikamajika - 2011-03-10 15:28

      How old are you now jiamalunga? I want to be the first to say goodbye.

      Flee - 2011-03-10 16:04

      I was allowed to "drink" from the age of 10... but in doing so I was taught ti sip, and appreciate a good wine, or sherry... There is nothing wrong with letting a child be educated about alcohol... but this whole Getting snotters at 15 is insane... I waited till I was 16 at least...

      Zion - 2011-03-11 15:40

      If he/she is still playing computer games at 18yrs then they are not mature enough to drink. In fact when one looks at the maturity levels of children of 18yrs old one will observe they are too immature to even go out into the world much less drink in the world. Many a child trying to pass matric will find it easier to empty a bottle or two.

      Wallman - 2011-07-08 14:30

      The average age of the typical gamer is 34, no correlation with "maturity". lol

  • Iblis - 2011-03-10 14:26

    Hands up everybody who waited until they were 18 before they first got drunk? It's not going to make the slightest bit of difference. Except that the cops will have more people to extort bribes from.

      Cameron - 2011-03-10 14:37

      I did.

      GJ - 2011-03-10 15:54

      I only started at 21 and after 8 years I was in treatment for alcoholism. So doesn't really matter when you start.

      Hugh - 2011-03-10 17:36

      one of the fortunate few. "Drink" was never an attraction in any form.

      brown_bread - 2011-03-12 16:32

      Hugh, fortunate?!? It feel so unfortunate that I will have a glass of Duvel later today...will think of you with every gulp :-)

  • S.Soga - 2011-03-10 14:26

    Oh please....when last have you heard of someone getting in trouble for selling alchol to a 16 year old whilst the age limit being 18 years old? i don't ever remember being asked to produce an I.D when i was in my teens.

      jikamajika - 2011-03-10 15:31

      You mean you also started early soga?

      S.Soga - 2011-03-10 15:46

      Uhhm...Uhhmmm...well....quarter-to 18....

      Viparo - 2011-03-10 16:15

      You guys are making me thirsty

  • Irie Fairie - 2011-03-10 14:28

    oh please, some people in this country are way too lazy to check up on underage drinkers. Besides, some places like Tin Roof, Brass bell etc make their money off underage drinkers and under 21's I was able to buy booze from liquor stores at age 12... and from what i hear, It's certainly not working in the USA....

      jikamajika - 2011-03-10 15:35

      Don't lie, you will never carry an empty liquor bottle there before a skido stops besides you and you had to explain.

      Irie Fairie - 2011-03-10 16:21

      @ jikamajika, at 12 we were smart enough to not carry empty bottles around... who does that anyway?

  • Gorilla - 2011-03-10 14:29

    great idea... but I doubt it will help. tell these guys... "...Knives, cigarettes and dagga were some of the items found during a raid at a Pietermaritzburg school on Thursday..." You think they care?

      Zion - 2011-03-11 15:45

      Given the attitude in South Africa that dagga should be legalized and is cool what do you think this bunch of snotheads will tell the social worker or the judge. But your honour my parents sm......

  • mnbain - 2011-03-10 14:29

    I don't need no Nanny State!!!

      Zion - 2011-03-11 15:46

      I am afraid you are in one already: So from that perspective what makes you so special?

  • Monkey123 - 2011-03-10 14:32

    Dont think its about the actual age people start drinking but "TRYING" to enforce a culture of responsible driving. 18 year olds struggle to drive sober... never mind after a few beers. If correctly enforced we should see a decrease in the tragic car accident deaths of young adults.

      goya - 2011-03-11 18:06

      Snotnoses shold not drive. Driving schools should be blamed not alcohol. Changing the law will enforce a culture of driving responsible, teaching younsters to respect others will.

  • David - 2011-03-10 14:32

    Good Idea, but it won't work in this country. 18 year olds are buying the stuff for 15 yr olds, all that will happen is 21 yr olds will do the buying, and it will still get to the teenagers.

  • johannwerner - 2011-03-10 14:33

    you can get alcohol when you are 16 if you know where to go.

      brown_bread - 2011-03-12 16:36

      I overheard some youngsters confessing to be 14 in a bar in cape town 2 weeks ago. My mates and I immediately left for a drink at home.

  • Gallows - 2011-03-10 14:35

    "Our government recognises that alcohol and substance abuse constitute a serious threat to health and development. This undermines our ongoing efforts to build safe and healthy communities" So you're building safe and healthy communities while singing "shoot the boer"... Hmmmmmm...

      jikamajika - 2011-03-10 15:41

      Do you miss that song Gallows?Just listen to Ventersdorp Community Radio in 30minutes I will be playing it.

  • Cameron - 2011-03-10 14:37

    Bravo! Good Idea.

  • Ed Vermaak - 2011-03-10 14:41

    Then why not raise the age for marriage, sex, voting, driver's licence etc.... does not make sense to me. What is reeeeaaaally needed is to get all the lazy fat arsed traffic cops off their butts to police existing laws. Not to introduce yet another law that the ANC wants to write in order to avoid having to police the law they already have (which they can't do very well either).

  • Carolyn - 2011-03-10 14:42

    Why not just ban it alltogether. and if caught then prison, and if in an accident then life in prison. Fines are no good and parole is no good, get hard, Wake up. Alchol Kills, and your friends and family are dying from it right now.

      Jono - 2011-03-10 15:04

      Do yourself a favour before asking for a complete ban on alcohol, is to do a little reading on what prohibition did in the 1920s for the US. Apart from an economical stand point (seeing as though distilleries & breweries had to be closed down, resulting in job losses) but violence, bootlegging & gangs grew at an exceptional rate! So maybe just maybe, think before you relinquish everyone to stupid thoughts!

      ShanMo - 2011-03-10 15:30

      Carolyn.... RIDICULOUS! Been drinking since i was 18 - am a responsible drinker.... but like to get pissed.....OFTEN! Never had a accident, never been violent..... never died from it either! We dont live in a nanny state... and long may that last! No government, or you will tell me when, what and how I should drink.... MY CHOICE!

      Janine - 2011-03-10 17:03

      @ Shanmo - you seem to be quite proud of your drinking. Wonder how long it will take you to realise that you have a problem?

  • Yvette Wiid - 2011-03-10 14:42

    Raising the drinking age will only make more 18 - 20 year olds more eager to drink. . .rebellion is always popular.

  • Chris - 2011-03-10 14:44

    This will not change anything accept that kids now has until 21 to walk and brag about drinking underage – let the children drink if they want too but make sure it’s out of public and under adult supervision (parents job). Rather focus your energy, time and money in the problem areas and where it really matters. For example start by cleaning our streets from all these drunkards falling and begging around. Go to our sport stadiums on big events. Go to our beaches with public holidays. Just get the gov to look at this country the way 90% of people sees it…trust me, anyone can show you were the local shebeen is in his area, where the local brothel is, the local drug house act….but for some reason the police don’t see this OR don’t do anything that really puts an end to it…if they do, next week they are back in operation. Stop making more laws. First vigorously uphold & protect the ones that is currently in place than trying to stop it through another law.

  • Lily - 2011-03-10 14:47

    I agree with Camelthief and Tigertank, the government need to start adhering to the laws in the constitution first and they also need to be trialed and penalised when they break the law. First drunkken driving needs to be dealt with in a more serious manner and like a two to five years sentance or the lincence must be taken away and can only go again for their licence after five years. And has for the corrupt police officials they need to be investigated and charged with misconduct and sentanced on top of being fired, there are plenty of honest hard working people out there that would appreciate it.

  • Rob Gunning - 2011-03-10 14:48

    Excellent idea.

  • Lee Cahill - 2011-03-10 14:48

    Sigh. But you'll still be able to vote, drive a car, get married, pay taxes and join the military at age 18? An adult is an adult is an adult - and if a person has to take on adult responsibilities, then they should qualify to be treated in as an adult in all things. Anyway, as Prohibition proved in the US, making alcohol unavailable doesn't solve anything ...

      stephen scott - 2011-03-10 15:28

      spot on, you can die for your country at 18 but you can't have a beer till your 21, insane.

      Christian Witts - 2011-03-10 15:41

      In South Africa, if you are under 21 years of age, and have not been married before, you will need written consent of both of your parents on form BI-32. If you manage to get married under the age of 21 without consent, your parents can ask to have your marriage dissolved.

      N B - 2011-03-10 17:10

      @ Chritian Witts, you are absolutely wronf there, South Africa has changed its law when it concerns the age adulthood, it changed I think 2years ago to 18. Your whole statement is WRONG!!!!

  • Skepties - 2011-03-10 14:49

    I think the government is missing the point. They are trying to remedy the outcomes, but the root of the problem remains. The general feeling of hopelessness under the youth with no light at the end of the tunnel must be addressed. Furthermore the culture of violence, corruption, nepotism and so forth is bothering every citizen in the country. People with no hope resort to alcohol and drugs to forget, and experience a short-lived period of bliss. And it rubs from the society at large onto the youth, and you can pass as many restrictions as you may, and it will not help a bit. Job creation, keeping people busy in a positive way, giving people some hope in the future of this country will do wonders for the behavious of people.

      Nicholas Alexander Kerr - 2013-03-21 23:21

      Hey Skepties, been trawling through the comments to see if anybody else is actually thinking a little deeper about this and thankfully I found you. Its seems so common for people to fixate on the symptoms of the problems and try and stamp those out rather than actually dig deeper and find the causes. Alcohol abuse and drug abuse are only outer symptoms and only signify much deeper underlying issues which so many people seem to want to ignore. We need to stop creating control parameters and address the real problems causing hopelessness, substance abuse and dysfunctional people etc. Why don't we address why so many people have a deep belief of 'instant gratification' as a means to solve all problems?

  • GT - 2011-03-10 14:53

    I think it is a great idea, but the problem is the 14 year olds will still drink. They are the really problem BTW - Cape Town shabeen hours have made a massive difference to nights in the townships. Crime is DOWN

  • tuckbox100 - 2011-03-10 14:53

    if you look at countries like the US, where the drinking age is 21, at the adhere to it quite strictly, all those college students, who would normally party starting at 18, now only start partying at 21 (not that they dont drink earlier - but going to bars etc). so by the time a South African hits 24/25 years of age, and has his partying days over, the people who only started at 21, still have some years of partying left in them, delaying the age where they become serious about work. I see it all the time here in the US, it seems to slow the maturity levels, not necessarily a good thing. And i would like to see the impact on the economy. How many people between 16 and 21 are goin g to bars and clubs and spending a fortune, it is going to have a solid impact on the revenue stream for SA

      gjfergusson - 2011-03-10 15:44

      I agree totally , I'm only 22 this year and already over going clubbing maybe that's because I started at 16 imagine if I'd only get over it at 28 , hell of a lot worse that way for the comunitys I would think

  • zena-warrior - 2011-03-10 14:54

    do they really think that doing this is going to stop the drinking, it did not help with the cigarettes, rather concentrate on teaching morals and start setting examples themselves, they wanted to change everything and now its coming back to harm them.

  • Chris - 2011-03-10 14:57

    There is no use for raising the age, the reason why teenagers are drinking so badly is because there is limitations put on them, and what is the first rule of a teenager see how many rules you can brake, enforce the existing rules and when those are properly adhered to then see if you can better them, don't introduce new ones no one cares

      stephen scott - 2011-03-10 15:27

      spot on

      Chris - 2011-03-10 15:37

      oi you have my name! :-)

  • werner.coetzer - 2011-03-10 14:58

    Alcohol was also a factor in 29% of driver injuries, that leaves 71% of injuries by sober people... Ban sober driving

      stephen scott - 2011-03-10 15:11


      ShanMo - 2011-03-10 15:31

      Clever Werner! ;-)

      kide504 - 2011-03-11 16:39

      hahaha...good one. strange enough when I had my 1st only accident i was sober. but for all the other times i have drank never had an accident. I just find it weird.

  • gizzy - 2011-03-10 15:03

    And that will achieve what?????

  • stephen scott - 2011-03-10 15:03

    what a stupid idea, what if you die before your 21, you will never have lived,

      Tswanalicius - 2011-03-10 15:15

      Living doesnt mean resorting to alcohol. Besides, check out all da pple who reach 100 years. Da majority dont drink. Dat means a human being can live without alcohol. Its dat kind of statement dat makes pple alcoholics. Trust me u wont die if u dont consume any.

      kide504 - 2011-03-11 16:41

      @Tswanalicius, loosen up chap. get a drink may you will see this from a different perspective

  • agagiano - 2011-03-10 15:04

    Just going going to cause more underage drinking and more business for shebeens!!! Stupid law

  • kerry garcia - 2011-03-10 15:05

    just like the USA wonder if that will help.....when i was younger i used to have wine with my folks at sunday lunch......

  • Greg - 2011-03-10 15:05

    In this country 18 years old has been the age that an individual can get their drivers license and their drinking license. The two just don't go together and this was identified many years ago by America and other countries. This is one of the best ideas that the SA government has come up with recently. I support it 100%.

      agagiano - 2011-03-10 15:07

      and they get drivers at 16 in USA and then the kids that will drink illegaly drive around not very smart!!!!

  • ji - 2011-03-10 15:09

    OH PLEASE , the governmunt has not been able to control the sale of alcohol and drugs to date , what makes them think they will control it in the future , another waste of money by this useless gang of thieves .

  • Stephen - 2011-03-10 15:10

    another law that wont be policed

  • Colin - 2011-03-10 15:10

    Drugs are illegal for all ages. Doesn't exactly stop people using them, does it?

  • Susannomore - 2011-03-10 15:10

    I support this, although I doubt it will make much of a difference. The 18 limit is seldom enforced, so why would this be any different? I think that most of the 18/19 year olds out there are in no way ready for the litres of alcohol they insist on throwing down their throats on a Friday and Saturday night. Hopefully, it will make a small impact though!

  • - 2011-03-10 15:10

    Another fairy tale, all too often these ministers of the ANC dream up scenarios to save the world without much thought. While it would appear to be a wonderful idea, who is going to police this law? SAPS !! Not a chance they cannot cope with the present situation. So please think before you create more unworkable laws.

  • stephen scott - 2011-03-10 15:10

    More unenforceable laws, more illegal trading, more organised crime. Let people decide for them self’s when their ready to start drinking.

  • agagiano - 2011-03-10 15:11

    this is just going to cost the companies that sell alcohol allot of money to change the labels and advertising!

  • Tswanalicius - 2011-03-10 15:12

    Ja, dats good. Even tho i dont think it'll make a big difference. Teenagers drink a lot & i dont think it'll stop dem. Essentially it will b up 2 pple who sell alcohol. There needs to be stricter laws to bar them from selling alcohol to miners.

  • tuckbox100 - 2011-03-10 15:13

    think about this, they want to move the drinking age to 21, but you can get your drivers license at 18, and go to war to die for your country at age 18, but they dont want you to have a beer? it certainly hasnt helped much in the US, majority of alcohol related deaths are kids under 24, because they have been cooped up and then when they can finally drink, all hell breaks loose. tighten the monitoring of it, be more stringent on the sale of it, and tighten up on drunnk drivers, changing it to 21 wont make a different while there are shibeens where anyone can get alcohol at any age

  • PAR - 2011-03-10 15:14

    The problem is that the parents are pissed so they do not care what their children are doing. Often by making something illegal it becomes more attractive. I have a 21 year old son who does not feel the need to drink permanently but between him and his friends they arrange designated drivers or on occassion I have gone out in the early hours to fetch them so that they could drink. Saying No does not help rather teach them to be responsible.

  • njabulo.nxele - 2011-03-10 15:15

    It will make no difference, boys as young as 12 are drinking full time in impoverished areas

      Jono - 2011-03-10 15:26

      You think that they only start young in impoverished areas? Underage drinking is a national problem & it stems from parents not giving a sh@t & from the government not being able to enforce the current legal age of 18!

  • Beam me up - 2011-03-10 15:16

    I see job losses ahead!!!!

  • bosegoos - 2011-03-10 15:18

    I wonder if the ANCYL will approve of this?

  • freddyvdm - 2011-03-10 15:19

    uhh what age is the drug limit mannnn

  • Michael - 2011-03-10 15:22

    By increasing the drinking age to 21 will increase the use of drugs. The USA is a prime example of this. The kids there can't get booze so they buy drugs, and last time i checked dealers don't ask for age. It's as simple as that.

  • Krush - 2011-03-10 15:22

    Okay seriously - i agree, its a nice idea. But you can't even currently keep the under 18's from drinking - how the hell do you want to stop under 21's? If can't enforce the current law quit making new ones - you're wasting space in the media.