SA couple freed in Somalia

2012-06-21 11:40

Cape Town - A South African couple taken hostage by Somali pirates have been freed, the department of international relations and co-operation confirmed on Thursday.

The Durban couple, Debbie Calitz and Bruno Pelizzari, had been grabbed by pirates in October 2010 off the Tanzanian coast.

The department did not say if a ransom had been paid for Calitz and Pelizzari but said their release had been the result of a joint effort between South African, Italian and Somali authorities.

More to follow.

  • Gareth - 2012-06-21 11:42

    Great stuff. :-)

      citizen.kane.35 - 2012-06-21 11:57

      Youre right i thought for sure this was not going to be a happy ending, great news!

      hayden.cajee - 2012-06-21 12:07

      @Citizen, my thoughts as well. @John, na im sure you trying to start something for kicks, go back to wanking china.

      martin.britchford.5 - 2012-06-21 12:08


      david.b.mcfarlane - 2012-06-21 12:15

      John, does your mummy know you're playing on her computer?

      ron.wale.3 - 2012-06-21 13:02

      Always some poephol on this forum!

      martin.britchford.5 - 2012-06-21 13:27

      MY wife was taken hostage by somali pirates, they demanded 10 million ransom, they said they are very determined....they really are, i have had 187 missed calls already

  • lebogang.molefo - 2012-06-21 11:43

    Awesome news :)

  • phil.losopher.3 - 2012-06-21 11:45


  • jaco.duplessis2 - 2012-06-21 11:46

    Great - I expected the worst.

  • lynda.schenck - 2012-06-21 11:46

    their families must be ecstatic!fantastic news

  • domniquez - 2012-06-21 11:47

    The family are saying it isn't true??? So what's the story?

      gregory.wellsclifton - 2012-06-21 11:53

      To whom did they say it isn't true?

      domniquez - 2012-06-21 12:00

      They just confirmed it on their facebook page :)

      gregory.wellsclifton - 2012-06-21 12:24

      There has just been an interview with the couple, who have stated their joy at being released after 20 months (print not visual). Now what the heck? What is the link to the FB page please?

      Bruce - 2012-06-21 12:35

      I know the family. Just spoke to a member on the phone. Tears of joy! Apparently they are well and healthy.

  • dariaannabudzinski - 2012-06-21 11:48

    South African Authorities? I think NOT!! Get the facts right people!!

  • lisa.peach.52 - 2012-06-21 11:49

    WOW!!!!!! Such great news!!!

  • gideon.joubert.10 - 2012-06-21 11:50

    Fantastic! About bloody time!

  • Nukki - 2012-06-21 11:50


  • crocky1234 - 2012-06-21 11:50

    Wonderful news :) It's been too long. I wish them all the best.

  • mrp721 - 2012-06-21 11:51

    Nice to have some good news for a change :-)

  • Ryno - 2012-06-21 11:52

    glad that this terrible nightmare is over - blow somailian pirates out of the water then this won't happen

  • Natascha - 2012-06-21 11:56

    Great news. Happy reunion to the families

  • p.leonard.78 - 2012-06-21 11:59

    Just tie a ribbon round the old oak tree!!! That song is playing over in my mind as I tink of them. Tears of joy just trickle down the cheeks of 1000's as we hear this awesome new that they are finally free...

  • vernon - 2012-06-21 12:03

    Tell me poly idiot- Does it hurt to be as thick as you are.

  • pam.geffen - 2012-06-21 12:03

    Wonderful news! Whooo hooo! It has been too long!

  • frans.vanderpoll - 2012-06-21 12:03

    Good news for a change! Just a pity @ssh@les like poloyatonkim make such stupid comments. 'White people putting themselves in danger' - let me tell you, 'white people'- unlike you are adventurous people by nature.

  • serena.johnston.7 - 2012-06-21 12:07

    2John what the f@ck are you on about!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob - 2012-06-21 12:07

    Way cool! This is great news! Hats off to those that secured their release!

  • foxiloxi - 2012-06-21 12:10


  • amy.bullscriven - 2012-06-21 12:22

    This is such great news! glad that they are safe! very exciting!

  • alan.gernet - 2012-06-21 12:25

    Brilliant News!!!

  • Malavi10 - 2012-06-21 12:30


  • Shelley Louise Pelizzari - 2012-06-21 12:41

    thank you for all the support our family is extremely ecstatic they will be home soon and to all those that have helped in all ways our greatest appriation goes out to you all much love the Pelizzari family my son will finally get to meet his gran daddy after 20 months of being held

      Malavi10 - 2012-06-21 12:48

      next time they must wise up and not put themselves in danger. they must cruise to west instead of east!

      chantal.swanepoel.3 - 2012-06-21 12:51

      Sooo Sooooo Happy for you guys!!! Hope everything works out perfectly for you guys!!! You deserve it!!! Enjoy each other!!!

      p.leonard.78 - 2012-06-21 12:55

      Your family trauma has touched the hearts of so many people, I am so releaved and happy to hear the positive news for you guys. I can't begin to imagine the sense of extacy you must have felt when hearing this news for the first time...

  • gillian.sanderson - 2012-06-21 12:54

    Brilliant news indeed!

  • leslie.rabie - 2012-06-21 13:03

    Thats a very very very long time ===== sheeeesh. WELCOME HOME

  • Marc - 2012-06-21 13:05

    This was going to be a nice place for me to come and thank people for helping free my uncle, but I see somewhere someone has turned this into a race issue. May I just say, please grow up immature minds. join the rest of the world in a place where race is not the central focus of your lives.

  • stephen.j.dickson.3 - 2012-06-21 13:38

    Now they're out and free and if there are no more SA citizens left in that hell-hole of a country,then lets bomb the sh.t out of Somalia as payback.Nuke em til they glow and turn into glass.............bottom line.

  • adele.basson2 - 2012-06-22 09:25

    Just comes to show...I was thinking that all hope was lost and see what is happening. Never ever loose hope or faith. My heart goes out to those families and what a happy reunion it's going to be ! Praise God.

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